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by Andar

Original HIATUS Fantasy Short Story Dungeon Grimdark High Fantasy LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai

This is NOT a story, but it is linked to two stories I'm writing about the Sphere.

I will be publishing some independent short stories that do not fit into either main story here, as well as documentation about the sphere's system and its rules.

Every chapter here will either be marked as "system" for system documentation or "story" for one-shots and other short stories. There might be doubles in so far as that a story here might be the same as an interlude placed in one of the main stories, and perhaps I might add other types of chapters here later.

The two main stories of the Sphere are:

The General Core (Dungeon, SFW)

Shaleen the Wanderer (Adventurer, NSFW)


Updates will be irregular and focusing on system descriptions first (due to the fact that I need to repair several mistakes I made with the system in the first chapters of the General's story). Short stories will be added when I have ideas that don't fit into the existing two main stories.


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