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“Wait, what?” I shouted.

“The Demon King is requesting for you to take up the position as the General of the North,” the dragon repeated once again.

“But why?”

“Must I repeat myself again?” the dragon seemingly sighed. “The power you use is definitely not one of good, it’s one of evil. Add in the fact that you don’t hesitate to kill humans and you having the ability to take over kingdoms, you’d be perfect for the position. You’ve already taken over the Northern Kingdom in a way which was the initial goal for the General of the North anyways.”

“And if I refuse?” I asked mockingly.

“Then we have no choice but to eliminate you and the rest of the North like we initially planned.”

If I joined the Demon King’s army right now, I’d be betraying humanity. But it’s not like humanity has done anything for me either, so it really doesn’t matter what I do. The only thing that might happen is that Chiyian would become furious that I broke our agreement, but all I have to do is kill him and the problem is gone right?

“I can see from your expression that you’re having some evil thoughts right now. Killing somebody without hesitation? See, I told you you were perfect for the role,” the red dragon pointed out.

“I have one question first. Which general are you and what would happen if I decided to kill you?”

“I’m the General of the East, and there’s no way you’d be able to kill me,” scolded he General of the East. “We may acknowledge your strength but don’t get cocky human. You’re still a human that we can erase from this planet anytime we want.”

“Not very polite huh?” I said. “So how would I benefit from joining the Demon King’s army?”

I didn’t choose a side in this world, I didn’t need to. After being transported into this world, I hadn’t made a single friend or had a single person help me. But I was harmed by a goblin as well so that’s a negative for the monster side too. Speaking of that, that reminds me of my revival ability. Does it still work or did it disappear along with that wish I made? It would make sense if the system wanted to balance out the wishes even a little bit. Having this power and being immortal is just too impossible to comprehend. The power balance of this world would be altered severely if that were the case, so I should stay alert in order to not end up dying.

“Anything you want, we’d grant if it’s a reasonable request,” communicated the General with its thoughts. At this point, I was so close that I could feel the heat from the dragon's breath on my face. Didn’t want me trying to escape after learning so much information huh.

“What if I asked to be granted even more strength?” I was basically limited in power right now even though my strength seemed bottomless. Before my wish was granted, I had infinite possibilities to grow, but now there’s no way for me to do that. I can’t train or seek new techniques, they’d be useless to me anyways. What I need is something to enhance me through otherworldly means such as an extremely rare skill or something like that. Who knows, maybe my system would react to a major event such as me becoming a General of the Demon King’s army or possibly killing the Demon King and his followers. That would be a big enough accomplishment right?

“There are certainly ways to enhance you, but only if his Majesty approves of it. We can’t let you going and rebelling just cause you’ve gotten a little tad bit stronger.”

A reasonable deal, and I think I may as well just accept it. You could think of this as extending my revenge if you wanted to describe it. Also, I really wonder if I might get stronger or recieve a new skill and MP when I get enhanced by that demon—there’s no other way than to try. So it’s finally time for me to betray humanity, it’s not like we were on good terms before either anyways.

“Ok, I accept the request, General of the East,” I declared.

“That’s good, but we need you to prove that you’re capable of killing humans without a second thought,” the red dragon said as it pointed its head towards the people on the ground. “First, kill all the humans down there without mercy. And make it quick so we can get going.”

Darn, another complicated task to accomplish just to be able to join the monsters side. I need to remind myself that these people have caused more harm than good to me, so I can prepare myself mentally for this slaughter.

Fwooooh, choooo

After inhaling and exhaling, I finally moved forward with the request. Time to kill some nasty humans, although I might regret not taking in a sidekick, but oh well. I can always get another one if the need arises. Let’s just make this quick and painless, it’s easier for both me and the knights down there. So I summoned a Chaos Ball the size of a pick up truck as the dragon watched me to the side, and casually tossed it down towards the citizens. Sickening screams were let out down below, but I couldn’t stand them because they were hurting my ear drums.

“Let’s go dragon, take me to your base to meet this Demon King for me to recieve my power enhancing gift,” I said.

“Very well, That was a nice performance so I'll tolerate your behaviour this once. I have to say it again, but you are practically a perfectl fit for this role. We’d hate to lose you if you happened to go against us in any way,” the dragon said telepathically.

I didn’t utter any more words for the rest of the trip. Finally when we arrived after hours of continuous flying and countless luscious, green forests that we passed, what I saw wasn’t a structure of any kind, it was a giant red portal hidden in a cave. I suppose that this portal would take me to the demon realm or something similar, which was probably where the Demon King and his army resided. When the red dragon confirmed it, I innerdly thanked my knowledge of light novels and the such for helping me throughout my travels in this world.

“This is one of four gates designed for the Generals of his majesty’s army. As you may have guessed, this one was used by the General of the North and his portion of the army to reach the human realm,” the General of the East explained.

I nodded in response, and immediately after my response—the gate opened. The dragon explained that upon becoming a General, you would gain access to all the portals through a secret method that only the Demon King can use. I was confused by this though, because there wasn’t any secret techniques or anything like that that was involved in opening the portal for use. I simply saw a strand of chaos coming off of the dragon’s body and enter a key like hole on the surface of the red gate. And that was what caused it to allow beings to enter, but I’m going to stay silent about that. Since I didn’t know if the Generals knew that this “method” was simply attaching chaos to someone and commanding it to do something, but this experience provided me with some very important insight.

I wasn’t the only being in this world that could use and manipulate chaos energy.

The Demon king could use it too, but to what degree. I didn’t know, but this was the closest I ever was to catching on a hint to upgrade my stats and system further. I had definitely made the correct choice to come here was what I thought as I pictured myself patting myself on the back. You could say that luck was finally on my side for once and that pleased me ever so slightly.

“Come on, we’re entering the Demon Realm now,” the dragon informed.

I still didn’t know what to make of this thing. It was for sure loyal to that king, but is it a threat to me? It’s power level is no doubt not at the level of mine, but I wonder if I could befriend this being and make it a possible ally for the future. In order for that to happen, I’ll have to make sure to harm the Demon King. Although there’s a good chance I’ll need to take some action against that demon, I can always try to make it seem like I had nothing to do with it. I had those thoughts as I stepped through the portal located in that damp, rocky cave and was finally transported to the Demon Realm.

The place was sure a sight to see. Classic hell like terrain, you have the dark red ground and sky, sulfuric air that would instantly kill any normal person, sharp, black rocks that protrude from the ground everywhere, and don’t forget the monsters spread across the terrain. They filled my entire vision when I looked around. Some dragon-like monsters flying in the sky which I would assume were wyverns, trolls, orcs and all those land type monsters roaming around. Those low level monsters were to be expected, but what I didn’t expect were the dragons and one eyed creatures. Dragons not as big and menacing as the general next to me and cyclops that stood at a height of over dozens of feet.

“Don’t worry, these small fry won’t attack with me next to you although they might be irritated by the scent of a human…” the gian, red dragon said, but then trailed off. “Wait, why do you not have the distinct scent of someone from the human species? What are you if not human?!”

It seems like the general got agitated when I didn’t seem like a human. Would someone with the level of power I possessed be human? No, they would seem like a god to all others, but the title of god didn’t seem like it was the correct description of me. I still didn’t know what I had become, but it was definitely not something as holy and pure as a god. This chaos power I possess is something a devil would have, not a god. At least I’ve narrowed down my choices, but as of now when I have no info whatsoever, I shouldn't dwelling on this.

“I don’t know,” I said inconspicuously. “But I’m definitely not human, comrade.” I made sure to emphasize being an ally since it might become dangerous if this monster started doubting me due to my scent and eventually lead to suspicion.

The dragon snorted in response, but it seemed like it didn’t care that much since it just started flying into the air once again telling me to follow. It was about time we started heading towards the Demon King's castle. The roars and sounds of aggression from the monsters everywhere were a tiny bit agitating, so I kept my guard up even though the General of the East reassured me over and over. Due to this, I made a mental note that once I officially became a general, I’d make sure to teach those small fry who’s boss with some old fashioned punishment.

Suddenly, a giant castle made of a pitch black material came into view. It was… huge. Picture Mt. Everest cut in half and its cliffs replaced with falls of lava, mountain peaks replaced with black goblets filled with blazing hot fire, and cave openings as colossal crimson red doors guarded by monsters dressed in bloody armour. It was a new and interesting sight to see after staying in the human realm where everything was supposed to be grand and majestic. Only after seeing the castle did I come to realize how horrifying and cruel this realm actually was.

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