Tales of krendreon

by BookheartDaoist

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead GameLit Gender Bender Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Adrian Chen, your average student studying abroad, fell asleep in biology class and is transported to another world, one where levels, job classes, monsters, gods, goddesses and a game system exists! But there is just one slight problem. Adrian :"Why am I a teenage girl? And why the hell am I a slave about to be auctioned off?"

Author: ¯\_(?)_/¯

This story is just something that came across my mind during classes, I have a few chapters planned, and I may or may not continue it. But neverless hope you guys enjoy reading it.

The art is temperary, and will change into a much better one if I decide to continue with the story

Updat:New art done by an amazing artist! (Ance.art) As the story progresses, I will get more comissioned drawings of characters and things like that ;D

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It's pretty good, please keep up the good work

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Interested to read more!

Interested to read more! Keep it up!

Initially the story has played with common tropes in this genre, as the author finds their feet. I am definetly interested in seeing where the new direction in recent chapters goes.

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Where is my corkscrew!?

So after reading half a prologue I decided to look for corkscrew to relieve my bleeding eyes. This "novel" has pretty much the worst formatting I have ever seen. Also dots and comas are used interchangeably. Multiple sentences start with lowercase, what as you may guess, doesn't help. Also ' and " are often confused.


If this novel ever gets released in this form, I'm afraid the author may get sued for causing blindness.


After prologue formatting gets a bit better, but grammar is still pretty much non-existent. Doubt there is a single paragraph without error (providing there are no 1 sentence paragraphs, they may not contain any!)