"BOINK!" The mortals all jumped and flew above us in their cool gadgets. It was very ironic because i, together with my lovely sisters and bitches, all chose to walk on the grounds that held our weight.

Kiera and Stephany had wanted to buy one when they went shopping together with my cunts.

And indeed, they brought along the thing called booster that would enable anyone to soar into the skies and move in dazzling speed. It may seem flashy but there was no substance in the craft.

Just a toy created with little minds and no more. My beloved siblings all wanted to wear them to school but i prohibited them from doing so.

I knew for a fact that they'll drag me into it and the repercussions was something i did not want them to see.

Because if i saw a flying ant hindering my path in the sky, then they would be turned to irrelevant mists before taking another breath in my presence.

Thus, i decided to save the expected hassle in using those tin cans crafted by tin brains.

We walked towards the assembly of buildings in front of us while the rest of the populace still lingered on the air like puppets swaying upon unseen hands.

They laid bewildered on my warship that brought them both terror and amazement.

"Take care, okay? Let's meet up by lunch." i said to my cute sisters.

"We'll wait for you, brother!"

"Bye!" the two bade their farewells and passed to the gates before us.

It was unguarded yet when Kiera and Stephany stood directly in front of the manless structure, a bright light shone and shrouded them both. They vanished within a half breath thereafter.

I smiled at the puny tricks of humans. I gazed above and huge archaic letters encircled the constellation of skyscrapers.

"Alexis Blight University." It made me recall the brave woman whom I’ve met in the past.

She was still free and unconstrained amongst the embrace of the starry cosmos. But an insignificant character like her was not worth my time in pursuing.

After all, i have already someone better replace her place to serve my purpose.

"If even a speck of dust lands on the skin of my family, then you need not return yourself because I will drag you by your pussy hairs myself." I instructed to the shady guises of my two servants.

They took an immaterial form and were mere specters on this beautiful day.


"BOINK!" Lucia and Lorelei only nodded then disappeared after my words.

I knew that Lucia will serve true to her task because her mind, soul, and body was controlled under my will. But Lorelei was another case entirely. I was deliberately lax in my influence upon her person.

Giving her a chance to make a blunder so that, same as her counterpart, she might also suffer every second of her life in the hellish abyss of my creation.

A life filled with torment was certainly more fun to look at than mindless obedient fucks continuously searching for a way to lick my feet clean.

"Why do we need to do this, husband?" my first conquest, Mellisa asked. I look behind me and witnessed two groups of bitches. Tamara and Noemi was alienated from the majority. Understandable.

I nodded once while i mused. In comparison to the likes of Alwyn and the rest, the two had not yet proven anything.

It would take years and even eons for them to be fully accepted into the fold of my harem. A great scene indeed. Competition between women was always a delicious treat whenever i see one.

"Don't you want to study again for two more decades or so, Mellisa?" i replied yet not truly answering her question. What i wanted was to be with my family once again.

To relive that wonderful experience of having them near me. At least for a time. I knew that when they marry and had kids in the future, then everything will never be the same again.

Just like what happened in the past. Sigh! I shook my head to forget the echoes of yesterday.

"We're late." i said and took a few steps towards the countless doors of the building.

"FLASH!" my vision blurred then cleared a second after to let me perceive the numerous eyes that observed intently in my direction.

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