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They wore no visible scars but what hid beneath the facade of perfection was a retched sight that would churn the bellies of any sane person.

It made me smile once more at the creativity and cruelty of humanity.

"Can you see them?" i asked. And no one uttered a word back. I turned around to examine my priceless pieces.








And the lady at their front, Alwyn.

Of course there were millions more of them along the eons but resurrecting the whole lot of them would be boring.

After all, they were nothing but lines and circles programmed inside the data of computers. It was much more fun to search and play with new ones.

But this 8 were the best among them all and seven of them had shared the first meaningful century of my life. Alwyn may have been the odd one out but she was also the toughest amongst them all.

I took pride in my select picks for a few breaths before i continued.

"How long have you waited within those boxes of reality?"

"Too long, darling." Alwyn whispered. I was happy by her performance. With the eons that flashed by after i left, this one was unflinching even at the heartless passage of time.

She held the reins of power and slaughtered all the dissidents against my name. Alwyn did not forget that i may be gone for a time but that may be only temporary.

She had believed that possibility to the end. That I might return in victorious conquest even if the tides were against me. And she was right in her trust. A worthy queen indeed.

"Come to me. Alwyn." i offered a hand out and she hesitated not this time around. She reached for it until our palms clasped. With my eyes unto her, i gently raised her chin up.

Her face was divine but more than that, it was her firm dao heart that moved me. An inch later and our lips touched. It was a chaste one. A prelude for more.

But what was more significant was what this simple act meant. The Queen has returned and together, we shall mount the apex of this reality.

A note from Immovable87

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