The targets that she had hit were unfazed. Their cheeks hadn't even reddened by the trivial touch. It would funny indeed if that would happen because Alwyn was a mere mortal at this moment.

No amount of physical force could damage the hardened visage of my captured Immortal Saints. I looked at her as she did the same to me.

My queen was aware enough that as she was now, i won't accept her caress. Not in the slightest bit. I abhorred weakness more than anything else.

And i had made sure that everyone around me knew of that unassailable truth from the very start of their service.

"Why the sour mood? All of you." i ranged my eyes to the rest of my bitches and smiled openly at their hesitation.

Though every single one of them were mortal ants right now, where no one had the scales tipped towards their favor, yet each of these cunts were mindful enough to give way to their past queen.

The time that Alwyn had stepped upon their heads was both hard and long. An experience that cannot be forgotten just with a mere wish and an ambitious thought.

"Come." I said and proceeded to walk deeper inside this ephemeral domain. The bitches followed me save Lucia and Lorelei.

They stilled there as guardians to the four that has yet to awaken in their dreamless slumber. We arrived at a larger expanse of the building where there were men and women stored like animals.

They were living inside cages and though they appeared pleasing to the eyes, but they looked at us akin to soulless creatures. Emptied out of hope and sorrow.

They existed and that was the only fact of the matter. I reckoned that these were the ones who were abused to sate the lust of the recent inhabitants of this hellhole.

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