Chameleon: My Real Face

by Piokilek

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Romance Magic Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Slice of Life Strategy Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

The novel features mature content so enter at your own risk. I would also appreciate trying the novel before reading reviews as they are mostly false. It doesnt take much to try reading the novel. ;)


What would you do if you were to suddenly receive the gift of shapeshifting, the power to change your physique and facial features at will? 

Would you enhance your appearance to become beautiful or handsome? 

Or maybe change into someone famous and impersonate that person? 

Well, twenty-two-year-old Li Wuxing, an ex-officer of the legendary mercenary group Seven Stars Special Forces, was put in front of such a situation. 

His first goal? Escaping from a high-security prison. 

Second goal? Destroying the people who ruined his life and bright future. 

Third goal? Get himself a loving partner, the girl of his dreams, and settle down happily. 

Follow Li Wuxing as he takes back what he deserves.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Chameleon ago
Chapter 2 - Seven Stars Special Force ago
Chapter 3 - Long Qing's Lies ago
Chapter 4 - Good Morning, Chief Warden ago
Chapter 5 - Badu Island Secret - part 1 ago
Chapter 6 - Badu Island Secret - part 2 ago
Chapter 7 - Badu Island Secret - part 3 ago
Chapter 8 - Ethernum ago
Chapter 9 - Shots Fired - part 1 ago
Chapter 10 - Shots Fired - part 2 ago
Chapter 11 - Emergency Treatment ago
Chapter 12 - Miss Guan ago
Chapter 13 - Mysterious Background ago
Chapter 14 - Who Are You...? ago
Chapter 15 - Guan Dongmei ago
Chapter 16 - Exposed ago
Chapter 17 - Playful Fighting ago
Chapter 18 - Dominance ago
Chapter 19 - Bath ago
Chapter 20 - New Invention ago
Chapter 21 - Prove it (*) ago
Chapter 22 - Mysterious Guan Family ago
Chapter 23 - Exploration ago
Chapter 24 - Armoury ago
Chapter 25 - Success? ago
Chapter 26 - Interrogation ago
Chapter 27 - Kiss? (*) ago
Chapter 28 - Pleasing Argument ago
Chapter 29 - Mixed Feelings ago
Chapter 30 - Dongmei's Confessions ago
Chapter 31 - Goodnight Teasing ago
Chapter 32 - Trapped With No Escape (*) ago
Chapter 33 - Walking On The Edge (*) ago
Chapter 34 - I Can Teach You (*) ago
Chapter 35 - Mission (*) ago
Chapter 36 - It Is My Time To Tease You (*) ago
Chapter 37 - Decision ago
Chapter 38 - Double Pleasure (**) ago
Chapter 39 - Tattoo (*) ago
Chapter 40 - Caught Red Handed? ago
Chapter 41 - Wear This ago
Chapter 42 - Seal ago
Chapter 43 - Rumour ago
Chapter 44 - Boyfriend ago
Chapter 45 - Sneaking Out ago
Chapter 46 - Adventurous ago
Chapter 47 - Black Panther ago
Chapter 48 - Future Plans (*) ago

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  • Overall Score

The entire fiction feels kind of off.

I only got up to chapter 5 before seeing enough painful flaws to not want to continue. The characters don't act like real people, they are just kind of off. In the first few chapters when the story was being set up, I kept on seeing little things that made me think "thats stupid" or "that wouldn't have happened like that".

I would not recomend this story. From what I have read, it is just bad.

  • Overall Score

A revenge story turned into...

I kind of liked the setting. A good revenge story with an interesting twist is always welcome. It helped that the setting has some similarities with Count of Monte Cristo, which I recommend for everyone. The few characters we spend any time with aren't bad, though I would prefer it if they stayed a bit more consistent. That's not really the issue though. The problem is pacing. I expected our MC to be out of prison by chapter 10 at latest, yet he's still there as of chap 39 and the last 25 chapters are just foreplay. Now good foreplay is important, but over 20 chapters of it? In a supposed revenge story? I think the author may have lost the original thread at some point and changed genres into smut sans the actual sex part. Now I have nothing against good smut, but then it should be billed as such. Even in smut stories though, over 20 chapters of grab-ass is a bit...


I'd like to point out that the writing itself is not too bad.

  • Overall Score

started good, turned into bad adult fiction

honestly, it started interesting, for, like, 2 chapters, then he meets a chick and it becomes a porn story at the level of a pizza-guy calling at the door.

not a very high level, imho.

  • Overall Score

Yeah this novel blows

Anyone with a sliver of a brain can easily see this is pure fantasy as laws don't matter for shit and everyone's motivations align just to play the author's power fap fantasy. I dropped it at 10 chapters because I couldn't see what sort of fantasy the author thinks jail is (I won't mention the chameleon power). One star at best.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I like where it's going

First of all i'm french and i don't speak english very well... And also it's my first review... 

I'm not very good at talking about style or grammar (as long they are not horrible)

So, for the story, the idea of having a man trying to get out of the prison is a good idea that i havn't seen somewhere else and the world building is ok. I just hope that the story is more than just getting revenge... (We will see about the romance part but currently it's look good) 

And for the character, i don't really like him, he's just a badass character too confident in himself who is better than evryone else. But some sides characters give good hope.

For the first antagonist, he is just the cliché of the arrogant and stupid brat with a powerful father. At least he knows when he is confronted to more powerful people.


I recommend you to try it, the story really has some really good idea and apart for the antagonist it's seems ok

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Great novel so far. I really recommend it.

Wow, this novel turned out to be better than I expected. I initially thought this was bad due to reviews but I'm glad this story is not like that. I almost missed out on a great novel. A story worth reading for sure. Please give it a try and don't listen to the reviewers before trying out for yourself. I especially like the female lead who has a really nice personality, so please author make sure you make her MC wife! Also, the style is just to my liking and the romance is brilliant as well. Overall 5 stars for that piece. 

Author, please don't drop the novel and continue your regular updates. 

  • Overall Score

Looking forward to future updates

The blurb of the story got me hooked and the contents inside the book didn't disappoint me. It will be interesting to see Li Wuxing take revenge on the people who were responsible for putting him in prison. Giving it a full 5-star rating because the book deserves it! It's the kind of plot I haven't read before so will be rooting for it ^_~

  • Overall Score

Something New and Different to Read

such an excellent work... just reading synopsis made me feel that it is totally my cup of tea ... I always read few slelected novels as I never get much time to read but m gonna read this one for sure as only few chapters in the start made me hooked to it... just waiting to read more of it.. ready to witness Li Wuxing's journey to take back what he deserves.. all the best :)

  • Overall Score

Stumble into this web and find this novel hella good. The character, the world building and such all of them are good. Definitely worth my 5 stars read this and I'll never regret it

Prescilla M.
  • Overall Score

Quality Writing and Plot

  • Writing Quality : Superb. I am not the best in grammar but so far, I did not see any grammar mistakes like spelling and tenses. Except when the prison number was wrong? I forgot the chapter.. Lol. 
  • Stability of Updates : 5 Star for me.
  • Story Development : I like where it's going so another 5 star.
  • Character Design : Alright the ML wanted revenge and i love that but I hate harem so I truly hope that he does not resort to harem... Still its 5 stars
  • World Background: no complain whatsoever.

Good Job Pio!