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Fyn MâCoryn is a student at the University of All-Saints, in the holy city of Nim Máel. His quest: to become a paragon of his kind, and to fulfill the unknowing legacy his father left behind. However noble that goal is, the road ahead is not easy. For conquering the grief that the world has wrought on mortal-kind, is the true test of a man's heart.


Julia Rosewright is a mage-prodigy and an apprentice to the mysterious Cryptkeeper; a man known throughout the magian world as one of the greatest necromancers to ever live. Her quest: to become the greatest mage of her generation. However strong her will is, the road ahead is not easy. For challenging the title of greatness, often means to walk alone, and to place one's life above all others.


And so, upon the back of those events which thrust their fates together, Fyn and Julia will forge their destinies, or perish in the flesh of their own unmaking.



ARC I: Blood War

(part of a multi-series story)


The Godsblood: an artifact said to possess such omnipotent power that it may rival the seven heavens and hells of the earth. Each generation, on the eve of a certain winter's Bloodmoon, bears wittness to the greatest trial in magical-combat ever recorded, to discover whom among them is worthy of such power. On that day, all will answer the summons in an attempt to make their mark, and to fight for a place in the fabled Blood War.


At the precipice of fate, where those who would call themselves worthy gather once more, the Bloodmoon rises; the war begins...


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First, despite the title and cover picture, this is not the story of an edgelord necromancer taking over the world.

It's actually a very interesting and vivid story with well fleshed out characters. The plot is only setting the stage so far, but I'm already hooked.

Chapters alternate POV between the 2 main characters: idealistic boy in the school of healing and jaded girl in the school of necromancy(?)(the school seems described as just the study of corpses, but what else are you gonna do with magic and dead bodies, ya know?). That's right, they both attend a magic University and are acquaintances since they're both prefects of their respective schools. Both kids are likable, even with their drastically different viewpoints.

In the background for this is the looming Bloodwar, a mad fight/scramble for some powerful artifact. It appears that both our MCs will end up thrust into the conflict as pawns of different factions.

I'm very intrigued to see how this goes. 


Only giving it a 4.5 since we're just getting started, but this can easily become a 5 star story.