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 A peaceful, weak little village with no issues stands separated and undiscovered from the rest of the world, the villagers living their lives fulfilled. That is, until the outer world finally catches on to them, and all the inhabitants are forced to be slaves. Aeollus, a child who also originates from the village, expects to live the rest of his life in slavery. However, things don't end up as simple as that. 

Later on, he experiences a battle of high standards, and is inspired by it.

Through some future events, he ends up breaking out of slavery. He proceeds to roam the world in search of strength, and to thoroughly understand and gain it. He will face many challenges while roaming the world, and the majority of them will need him to surpass his limits. Will he truly be able to set a new legend in this world, or will he fall like the majority and become a forgotten person? 

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Table of Contents
48 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1- Arrival ago
Chapter 2: Struggle Begins ago
Chapter 3: Realization ago
Chapter 4: Decisive Battle ago
Chapter 5: Digging in ago
Chapter 6: The future ago
Chapter 7: Evolution through combat ago
Chapter 8: The Awakening ago
Chapter 9: Elites ago
Chapter 10: Grand Escape ago
Chapter 11: Roam The World ago
Chapter 12: True beginning ago
Chapter 13: Replacement Arm ago
Chapter 14: Spiraling down ago
Chapter 15: Welcome to Hell! ago
Chapter 16: Training begins ago
Chapter 17: Weapon of Choice ago
Chapter 18: two years, new me! ago
Chapter 19: Revenge ago
Chapter 20: New System ago
Chapter 21: Tournament ago
Chapter 22: Conquest ago
Chapter 23: Building a Soldier ago
Chapter 24: Learning from Experience ago
Chapter 25: Preparations ago
Chapter 26: Undead formation ago
Chapter 27: Battle of Destruction ago
Chapter 28: Misery ago
Chapter 29: Mysteries Afoot ago
Chapter 30: Beginning of a revolt ago
Chapter 31: Beginning of the raid ago
Chapter 32: Fate of Antegria ago
Chapter 33: Declaration ago
Chapter 34: Enemy invasion begins ago
Chapter 35: Toronto's anger ago
Chapter 36: Finalizing results ago
Chapter 37: Fated Meeting & Rivalry ago
Chapter 38: The plan begins ago
Chapter 39: Overtaking Pangaea ago
Chapter 40: Approaching demise of Pangaea ago
Chapter 41: Fate of Pangaea ago
Chapter 42: Aeolus' strongest opponent ago
Chapter 43: Captured ago
Chapter 44: Ally in beliefs ago
Chapter 45: Getting out ago
Chapter 46: Interrogation ago
Chapter 47: Actually getting out ago
My mistake ago

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