Thank you to all who read, and especially those that have provided comments and feedback at various steps. I placed this book on Amazon partially because I love creating a physical object I can store on my bookshelf, other parts being getting a few dollars to help pay for editing software, stock photo's, and the occasional beer.

The first book in the series is still on Amazon. , and I plan on writing some short stories/Novella's that will continue the adventures until I can get a good plot for the 3rd book.

In the meantime if you like my writing or am curious as to the current work in progress, its a bit more LitRPG than GameLit/Fantasy. Check it out, any comments or thoughts about the story as it is written is useful.

Thank you all who read, to those that are just now learning about this book, I'm sorry, At some point I may stop doing Kindle Unlimited on these books and bring them back, but that'll be at least 3-6months.


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About the author


Bio: Life long gamer and geek, after decades of RPG's, decided to start telling his own tales. Ones where the players can't derail.

I love fantasy and sci-fi. Have for decades, from the first time I read Dragons of Autumn Twilight to Stormlight archive, the worlds created have entrapped me. Now after years of attempting to complete a story, I've finished a few and am working on a new ones.

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