Eft ran down the hallway. Instead of turning he ran straight. His vision allowed him to see ahead, but only a little ways. Running he thanked the gods his light step spell was still running, preventing him from triggering any traps on the floor.

Immediately he regretted not turning, a blue bolt of lightning flew by him on the left. The flash of light shocked Eft and caused him to stumble, he managed to turn it into a roll. Stopping face down, he turned and looked behind him, blackness from the edges of his darkvision was all he could see. Reacting by instinct he threw up a portal between him and where the lightning bolt came. The other end he pointed back towards her.

CRACK! A bolt of lightning flew through the air towards Eft. Hitting the edge of the portal, the bolt forked, one scorching Eft’s left ear, the other entering the portal and shooting down the hallway.

“Ahh!” Eft screamed in pain. As his left ear is incinerated. Standing up, he resumed running. Thirty paces further he felt the stone slap on the bottom of his feet. Stumbling but able to keep himself from falling, Eft pushed himself to run faster. Coming up to a junction, he went left. Twenty feet further and his right knee gave out.

Stumbling to the ground Eft crawled close to the wall and pulled a little bit of power. Twelve Eft’s ran down the different hallways. Three even ran back the way he had come, the others split up between the three possible ways.

“What!” The lady’s words echo’d down the hallway. Eft sighed as the voice sounded further away than he had thought she would be. Eft rubbed his knee for a moment, but a lightning bolt flashing down the hallway, encouraged him to get standing again. Moving at a walk, he hobbled, using the wall for balance.

Click! Eft froze as his foot pressed a tile down further than the floor. Diving backwards, Eft held his breath as he waited for the trap. A loud thunk and the sound of grinding stone answered him.

A large boulder about ten feet around rolled into his vision. The gap between the boulder and the corner of the floor and wall wasn’t big enough for him to squeeze in.

Pulling in as much power as possible and using a reserve item, he created a large portal between him and the ball. The tear in reality filled the whole hallway as he didn’t know how little he could make it and have it still accept the boulder. Placing the exit behind the boulder, Eft got up and went the other way.

Heading back the way he came, Eft tried to move like a mindless mirror image. Slowly he came up behind Lady Leatha who was trying to throw lightning bolts at a fleeing Eft image. Stopping, Eft quickly relocated the exit portal to behind Lady Leatha. A trickle of something wet dribbled from his nose.

Blue light flashed and black shadows swamped the tunnel as the boulder appeared and stopped in the hallway. Eft couldn’t see Leatha, but the glow of power streamed in the space between the boulder and the corners. Eft closed his rips in reality, then hobbled quickly back down the hallway the boulder came from.

Out of the corner of his eye, Eft spotted a stone tile a little lower than the others. Jumping over it he walked as fast as he could. An explosion behind him caused him to stumble and he fell to the floor. Words of power echo’ed from back down the hallway. Lying on the stone floor, Eft could see a tripwire ten feet ahead. A thin strand of string about six inches above the floor.

Pushing the noise and commotion behind out into a little box, Eft crawled up to the wire. The mechanism went into the wall, and the stonework was fitted tightly around it. Moving his hands along the wall he stood up and felt for a hidden latch. Three feet up there was a loose stone. Using a nail he was able to pull it out and behind the stonework was some glass vials of pale liquid.

Mentally he criticised the design, the reset and reload mechanism should be behind the wall. Allowing access from the same area as the trap meant you could easily disarm it. His long goblin fingers was able to remove the vial from the tight space. Trap disarmed and vial in hand Eft went deeper down the hallway. This time moving carefully, testing every couple of steps and lifting his feet straight up and down, rather than dragging them.

A section of wall to the side of Eft looked like it had been patched. Feeling around Eft found another stone that wasn’t secure and pried it off. Nestled inside the wall was a lever. Pulling off his belt, Eft tied it on the lever. Moved as far as the belt would left him be, then pulled the lever and ran a few feet away.

The grinding sound of stone upon stone caused Eft to cringe. A portion of the wall slide away revealing a small well lit room. Eft creeped up to it slowly and peeked in. Wood paneling all around, as he poked his head in, there was a section of the wall with some buttons on it. Eft darted into the small room and studied the buttons.

* Ground

* Level 1

* Level 2

* Level 3

* Mines

Placing a hand over his mouth to cover a sudden laugh, Eft wondered if Leatha was that stupid, to put easy transportation within her own dungeon. Pressing the Ground button, he mulled the idea and wondered if it would increase productivity at Mortis Operandi.

A wooden door closed off the hallway and Eft started moving upwards. Echo’s of the stone wall moving back into position followed him. After a minute the wooden door opened, the stone door lagged a little behind it. A sliver of light and the smell of fresh air pulled Eft out of the room as soon as he could squeeze through the opening.

Running as fast as his lefts could carry him, the goblin ran towards the entrance. Occasionally he darted left and right, because he’d heard too many tales of things letting something almost escape before blasting it from behind. Glancing behind him to make sure the coast was clear, he didn’t see anything back there. His darkvision didn’t extend very far.

Finding himself standing on the side of the mountain, Eft breathed in and almost cheered. He hobbled away from the entrance, towards the teleportation space he knew.

Thirty feet away from the space, Utul appeared. Eft couldn’t stop himself from cheering.

“Utul, quick we must leave,” Eft shouted at the ogre. Utul looked towards Eft and smiled.

“Glad I found you.” Utul said and the ogre took a few steps forward.

“Quick, she is after me.” Eft said reaching a hand out to touch Utul once he was close.

The Ogre smiled and Eft’s world went dark.


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