Tre woke up buried in blankets. After a brief moment of panic, he was able to calm down and removed the blanket. Once he could see, he realized he was in goblin form. With an effort of will, he shifted back into the human form. Reaching down and under the bed, he grabbed a waterskin. Taking a deep draught he recorked it and placed it back under the bed.

The edges of the curtains looked dark, so Tre pulled out the scrying mirror and activated it.

Co’Naan snored on a wooden floor in front of the door. Primore slept in a large bed with Rovi at the foot of it. Guydalf sat on a large pillow in a meditation pose. The window was nearby enough Tre could see it was another hour before dawn. The vision did not go much further so he still couldn’t see what town they were in.

Guydalf twitched a little, then he opened his eyes. His gaze fell upon the bag near Co’Naan. Tre held his breath as the wizard tensed and when Guydalf cast his spell the scrying ended. Tre cursed and quickly destroyed the mirror. Changing himself back into goblin form, he ran to the storeroom and started throwing things around.

Tre cursed in goblin several times and tried to make it seem like he was robbing the place. Grabbing a small chest that he knew contained nothing, Tre threw it at a window. The glass shattered as the little box sailed through. Tre climbed out the window, taking care to not cut himself.

“Monster!” yelled the baker who had opened his shop early to start cooking. The rotund man pointed in Tre’s direct.

Tre grabbed the little chest and ran off away from the baker. Dodging into an alley he scrambled up the side of a building. Glancing down to make sure no one was watching him, he hoped up to the roof and hid on a balcony.

“Where was the monster?” a stern voice called out near where the baker was.

“I saw a little green creature break the Hammersmiths window and run that way!” the baker said.

What seemed like a dozen footsteps echoed between the two buildings as they marched towards Tre’s location. The footsteps stopped halfway in the alley.

“Probably ran for the gates,” a voice said.

“It’s just a goblin sir, shouldn’t we worry about…” a higher pitched voice said.

“No, it could be a scout for the necromancer. You three go to the west gate. You two go to the sewer gate and check it. The rest of you, come with me, we got to tell the Captain.”

Footsteps hurried off in different directions. Tre counted to thirty before looking over the side, the guards were gone. Climbing down as quickly as possible, he dropped the last ten feet to the dirt. Again making sure there was no one watching, he changed into human form. Slowly he walked out of the alley and towards his shop. Tucking the little chest into a bag of holding, he cried out once the broken window came into view.

“My shop! I’ve been robbed!” Tre said as he ran towards the front door. A guard standing nearby the entrance turned to look at Tre.

“Sir, we are in the process of apprehending the culprit.” The guard said stepping towards Tre.

“Was it the undead?” Tre said stopping and then taking half a step backward.

“Nay, Jim the baker said it was a little green monster, like a goblin.” The guard said, he waved a hand towards the baker who was standing in the door of his shop. When Tre looked at Jim the baker, the man gave a little wave then went back into his shop.

“Oh thank Marcanous, I’ve been worried about the necromancer or undead,” Tre said and he sighed. Putting a smile on his face he stepped towards the guard. “Can I go in to see what was taken?”

The guard nodded his head and stepped aside. Tre unlocked the door and stepped in, it looked like it had a few minutes ago when he had thrown things around. As he examined his own handiwork he let out a few curse words. Once he got to the storeroom he started to laugh. He maintained the laugh as he walked back outside.

“You gone sir?” the guard said looking at Tre.

“Of all the things taken,” Tre said still giggling. He paused a moment and held up a finger. The guard almost started to tap a foot. “Sorry, the only thing the creature took was a small chest, previously it held the money I was going to give young Frederic for an apprenticeship in Centralia.”

The guard still looked at Tre with a single raised eyebrow and started tapping his right foot.

“I gave the boy the money when they left three days ago,” Tre said plastering the biggest smile on his face. “The only thing left in there was some spare coppers I had found sweeping one day.”

The guard finally smiled and gave a little laugh.

“Stupid goblins,” the guard said.

Tre maintained the smile but clenched his teeth a little. Patting the guard on the shoulder, a little harder than a friendly pat should be.

“Watch the door for a moment, I’m going to go thank Jim,” Tre said and without waiting for an answer he headed towards the baker. The door to the shop was closed and there wasn’t a sign saying if he was open or closed on display.

Tre opened the door a crack and called in, “Jim you open?”

“Aye, come on in,” Jim called out from back in the kitchen.

Smells of freshly baked bread saturated the air. Sweet rolls, spiced bread, and cinnamon coated twists assaulted his nose.

“I just wanted to thank you,” Tre said to a little pyramid of loaves of bread.

“I’m sure you’d do the same for me,” Jim called out from under a counter. The baker stood up and smiled at Tre, bits of flour coating his mustache.

“Well while I’m here I might as well get something to eat.” Tre said. Setting a couple of gold coins on the counter he overpaid for some sweet rolls and walked out before Jim could give him change. The guard was still standing in front of Armour-Us. Tre handed the guard a sweet roll when he got closer.

“No thank you,” the guard said shaking his head. “Captain thinks it leads to special treatment.”

“More for me,” Tre said as he stuffed a roll into his mouth. “Cauummph I urrmmumph,” he said.

The guard furrowed his brow and shook his head. Tre quickly chewed the delicious roll and swallowed.

“Can I clean up in there or do we have to wait for them to catch the creature?” Tre said and upon him using the word creature his stomach tightened up. Unable to stop it, a look of discomfort and disgust passed over Tre’s face.

“Don’t eat them so quickly,” the guard said nodding towards the little bag of rolls Tre carried. “You can clean up, track the approximate damage done so we know what to charge the monster with once we catch it.”

Tre nodded and headed into his shop. He left the door open so the guard could hear him as he cleaned up. Mentally he prepared a list of curse words and insults he could hurl as he cleaned. As he cleaned Tre tried thinking of ways to get in touch with Utul or Eft.

If the adventuring group was going to be back soon, he was going to need some help.


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