The world burned, flames filled Tre’s vision and he stopped the vision. Cursing at the instinctive response, he grasped the polished surface and willed the item to restart.

Chaos surrounded Guydalf as he patted burning parts of his robe. Falling back in the tunnel away from the hole in the wall, he quickly cast a fire protection spell. The hole in the wall had been broken open to allow the ogres entry to the tunnel with the group.

The wounds on Guydalf, Rovi, and Co’Naan started healing. Pink skin appeared under charred flesh, pushing burnt skin off. Over the sounds of ogres and cries of pain, Primore’s voice rose in crescendo.

Co’Naan swung his massive maul, the tip of the weapon scratched the roof of the tunnel. With a grunt and bits of stone chips, the warrior slammed it into an ogre’s shoulder. The ogre’s battle cry turned into one of pain as the maul pulverized his right shoulder. The hammer in the ogres right hand dropped to the ground.

Leaving the head of the maul on the Ogre, Co’Naan straightened up and swung a fist upwards into the ogre's chin. The mail gauntlet caught the side of the creatures chin and removed the top layer of skin. The ogre staggered backward into the other one behind it, causing it to swing it’s flail to the side to avoid hitting a friend.

One of the ogres still stood in the room on the outskirt of the spell. Tre grinned as he saw the ogre start to cast another spell. His motions repeating the ones he had just completed a few seconds ago. Guydalf’s eyes widened when he caught a view of the tall ogre casting.

Guydalf rubbed a ring on his left hand. The blue metal glowed more brightly each time he rubbed it. After the fifth he said, “Freeze,” and a blue wall appeared between Co’Naan and the ogres.

An instant later a little red ball flew out from the ogres' outstretched hands and wide eyes. The ball slowly grew in size until the fireball was the size of a large melon. Once it hit the blue barrier it exploded into flame. The barrier shook and shimmered but held. Ogre’s screamed and burned as the fireball filled their half of the tunnel and washed over the caster.

Guydalf waved his hand and the barrier disappeared. Co’Naan picked up his maul that smoked from cooked flesh stuck to it. With a roar, he swung it again at an ogre who was bent over trying to extinguish the flames on his clothing and hair. The thunk of the maul into the creature’s head silenced its voice.

The other ogre in the tunnel roared through its own pain. Swinging a massive ax at Co’Naan, it attacked with no care for defense. Co’Naan backed up and used the long handle of the maul to parry a few of the strikes. The creature swung with two hands at Co’Naan’s face and as the warrior brought up his weapon to block, the ogre dropped one hand down.

Sparks flew as the blade of the axe skidded off the long metal handle. The ogre’s left hand had dropped down, however. He punched under the weapon. A large ogre fist slammed into Co’Naan’s stomach. Joining both of hands together the ogre grabbed around the maul and pulled the warrior close.

Co’Naan pulled off balance but kept his grip on the weapon. The ogre pulled him closer and shifted putting it’s left shoulder against Co’Naan’s chest. Pulling tight against the maul the ogre pulled and threw Co’Naan over its shoulder.

Co’Naan yelped in surprise as he flew. Still hanging onto his weapon, he collapsed on the rubble, still holding his massive weapon. Looking upwards he saw the ogre mage, fifteen feet tall, a little burnt, but grinning at him. Guydalf worked furiously on a spell but the incantation kept going as he gathered power.

The spell casting ogre’s hands started glowing. Like a switch being turned off, the hands ceased glowing and dropped to the ogres' side. The smile turned into one of shock as the ogre slumped to the ground. His eyes wide and blinking furiously as he started to cry out. Once it hit the ground a large cut at the base of the skull bled freely. Standing next to the ogre mage stood Rovi, the halfling grinning as he offered a hand to Co’Naan.

“Thank you,” Co’Naan said. He took the halfling’s hand to help himself sit up but stood on his own. Remembering there was still one more the warrior turned around with an arm raised to block an attack. Rovi turned back to the big ogre and stabbed it in an eye as it blinked at him.

“Stone!” Guydalf yelled and pointed his finger. A single grey line of power shot out and hit the remaining ogre. The huge creature had it’s sword up, ready to slice Co’Naan in half when the beam hit.

A small patch of grey started growing on the ogre. It’s back muscles ceased working, the creature’s yell went horse, the arm slowed as it came downwards. The creature froze in place with its sword a few inches above Co’Naan’s raised arm. Grey stone covering every inch of the skin.

Co’Naan’s fist flew into the Ogre’s face. The gauntlet glowed as it connected with the creature. The head cracked and chips flew off like it was made of stone. The warrior quickly grabbed his maul from the ground and swung it two-handed over his head, into the creature's chest. When the ogre didn’t fall even after the loud crack of stone breaking, Co’Naan swung again. The stone statue fell backward as the middle broke apart.

Guydalf, sweat dripping from his face had his eyes closed and both hands outstretched. His arms trembled and glowed faintly as he maintained the spell.

“Done,” Rovi said.

Guydalf sighed with relief and opened his eyes. His trembling hands lowered as the spell was ended. Slowly the stone statue of an ogre returned to its normal flesh and bone state. Blood, organs, and other fluids held inside the abdomen spewed out onto the floor. The creature uttered a cry of pain and flailed about.

Co’Naan kicked the still standing legs and hips over. Blood pooled on the floor as the flailed more, swinging its fists wildly.

“Can you shut it up?” Primore said looking at Guydalf. The wizard sighed and shook his head, his hands still trembled a little. Primore looked at Co’Naan and Rovi. “The more noise it makes the more likely people will investigate.”

Co’Naan swung his maul down, the ogre managed to avoid it hitting it in the head. The weapon scraped off the stone. The warrior picked up his massive weapon again and swung, this time aiming for the chest. The ogre couldn’t move out of the way and feebly tried to block it with an arm. The heavy weapon crushed the hand and buried itself into the ogre's chest.

That blow knocked the air out of the dying creature, the next and one after that ended it’s suffering. Co’Naan lifted the bloodied weapon and grinned.

“Can you do that stone thing again, I have an idea for the next one,” Co’Naan said.

“No, that was it for today,” Guydalf said.

“Remember the Kobold on a stick?” Co’Naan said.

Tre guessed the wizard must have, as the shade of green he turned was almost goblin. He turned off the scrying device when the wizard turned to the side to vomit. After seeing Toogu die he knew the group would make quick work of the remaining clan.


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