“Boulder!” Rovi said as he ran down a dark hallway. The stone corridor sloped downwards and the halfling ran towards the light of his friends.

Co’Naan, the tall muscled person stood closest, at the edge of the light. He took a step towards Rovi and squinted in the darkness. In a smooth motion, he pulled out his sword.

“Boulder!” Rovi yelled. He easily leaped over a tripwire in the dark tunnel.

The area Tre could see followed Rovi. The tunnel dropped down four feet near Co’Naan. Behind Rovi rolled a massive boulder that filled the ten-foot wide tunnel. It rolled over the tripwire Rovi had deftly avoided. Spears thrust out of the wall and scraped off the backside of the boulder. Tre smiled to himself as the spears retracted and the wire went taunt again.

“I’ll stop it,” Co’Naan said stepping to the side so Rovi could run by him.

“Just run to the T-Section,” Rovi said as he ran by the warrior. Co’Naan paused briefly then as the light of the group started to move away, he turned and ran after Rovi.

The group ran back forty feet to a T section. Without a word, they all took the left path. The boulder followed along until it got to the four-foot drop. The rock fell and crashed with a thunderous sound upon the floor. It started to move but the floor collapsed under it. Leaving a large ten-foot hole.

“Dammit! If you would have let me stop it.” Co’Naan said, then he turned and punched a wall. When his gauntleted right hand hit the wall it glowed a little. A fist-sized hole about an inch deep was left on the wall.

“Did you see the size of that thing? It would have flattened you.” Rovi said.

“Guys, guys, guys,” The blue covered man stepped between the tall warrior and little halfling. “Caution is always a good policy.”

“Guydalf is right,” the white-robed figure stepped closer. “I can heal broken bones but I cannot heal death.”

“Alright, alright, I’m sorry,” Co’Naan said raising his hands' palms up. “What do we do about the pit?”

The group walked over next to the hole. With a flick of his wrist, Guydalf produced a coin out of a hidden pocket. A sharp arcane word caused the coin to glow brighter than a torch. He dropped the coin down the hole.

All four members of the party looked down the hole and watched the coin tumble. It disappeared from Tre’s scry spell before it disappeared from the sight of the group. They watched it fall for a few seconds before one of them looked away.

“I don’t have enough flying spells, nor can I summon a bridge,” Guydalf said patting his blue robes.

“Co’Naan could throw me with a rope,” Rovi said.

“Who knows if there are ogres waiting over there for us,” Co’Naan said as he slowly started pulling out some rope. “I’m sure I could jump it.”

The white cloaked member of the party ignored the planning and just walked up to the wall on the side. He reached over and touched the stone gently. Closing his eyes, he whispered a prayer to his god. The stone pulled back from his hand.

Waving his right hand as if pushing against sand, he manipulated the stone wall into creating a walkway around the hole and up to the tunnel above. Only two feet wide and four feet tall, the tunnel and stairs solidified back into stone.

“Primore, how long have you been able to do that?” Guydalf said.

“Past month, I just never prepared it. We always seem to need healing more.” Primore said.

Guydalf looked down the hole and whistled.

“Yeah, that would have required quite a bit of healing,” Guydalf said as he turned to look at Primore and pat him on the shoulder. “Good thinking, do you have any more of those?”

“Only prayed for one. I worship Tulanri the goddess of healing, not Ferros.” Primore said gesturing to the image of hands pressed together over his left breast.

“Yeah, yeah, still we should look into getting a wand or preparing more of those. It is pretty handy. You probably could have stopped the boulder.”

“Yeah, I have to touch the object for several heartbeats before it takes effect.”

“Oh well, let's move,” Guydalf said turning towards Co’Naan and Rovi. “Rovi you take lead, Co’Naan you forty feet behind him. Primore and I will bring up the rear.”

Rovi moved over to Guydalf and handed him a small box with a green arrow on it. Briefly, they looked at each other and a short nod from Rovi before the halfling ran up the new walkway and down the tunnel.

“Fuck, I can’t even see him,” Co’Naan said looking down the tunnel. He slowly moved over to the walkway and crouched down as the shaping spell didn’t go up very high. He moved slowly up and to the tunnel. He stopped a few feet from the edge of the light on Guydalf. “How will I know how far up he is?”

“Just count to ten then walk slowly,” Guydalf said. He turned to Primore and said, “let's work on figuring out the limits of the prayer. Perhaps it can be exploited.”

“I’ll start,” Primore was interrupted by a cry of pain.

“FUCK!” Co’Naan said ahead in the tunnel.

Guydalf and Primore hurried towards the warrior and found him bleeding. Some were from several spears poking out of his torso. A few holes were freely bleeding from where the spears hadn’t stayed in. Rovi appeared out of the darkness and ran towards them.

“I marked the trap, why did you walk into it?” Rovi said.

“I,” Co’Naan tried to speak but words turned into pain. He reached up and pulled a broken spear that was sticking in his right shoulder. It came out with little trouble. Primore walked up and lay a hand on the larger man. A brief prayer to his god and some of the wounds started closing.

“Sorry, I marked it with the glitter dust,” Rovi said looking at Co’Naan’s feet. The larger man finished pulling out the spears that remained, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. Tre wondered what they meant by glitter dust and tried scanning what he could see for a clue. Stone surrounded the group, but to the side, a small cord shimmered a little in the light.

“I must have missed it. It was my fault, now go find us some ogres to kill.” Co’Naan said.

Rovi ran up to Co’Naan and hugged his leg that was about as round as the halfling. With the speed and energy only possessed by children or insane folks, he ran into the darkness.

“You gonna be ok?” Guydalf said looking at Co’Naan.

“Yeah, was more surprise. The healing helped. I’ll keep better watch for trap markers.” Co’Naan said.

The group followed the tunnels and when they came to a fork Tre could faintly see something shiny on the wall. Co’Naan stopped and waited for Guydalf and Primore to get closer. The big warrior pointed at the shiny markings on the wall. Guydalf moved his light up and down, the flickering on the markings clearly identified an arrow pointing to the right.

Co’Naan headed in the direction of the arrow. Primore placed a hand on Guydalf’s shoulder to hold him back.

“I’m sensing powerful evil down the left,” Primore said.

“You think we should go that way first?” Guydalf said.

“Yeah, the scent is more recent and powerful,” Primore said.

“Co’Naan, call Rovi back, we going the other way,” Guydalf said. The warrior wasn’t too far away so his acknowledgment was easily heard.

“Rovi, Rovi, return to base,” Co’Naan said softly. The big man stood waiting at the edge of darkness for a minute before Rovi appeared.

“I found a room with 4 sleeping, one on guard. We can,” Rovi said.

“Primore senses stronger evil the other way. Don’t want it attacking from behind if the call out an alarm.” Guydalf interrupted the halfling.

“Just give me a few minutes,” Rovi said. Guydalf shook his head and the halflings head went low again. “There’s nothing that way but a stone wall and some fresh dirt. They must have recently sealed it.”

“Co’Naan, do you still have that maul?” Guydalf said.

“Aye,” Co’Naan said as he sheathed his sword and pulled off his backpack. He opened the top and set it on the ground. “Rovi if you could remove it.”

Rovi walked up to the backpack and pulled out a large three-foot hammer. The head was almost as big as the halflings head. The weight of it made him stumble a little as he pulled it out of the backpack.

Once the head was outside of the bag, Co’Naan bent down and grabbed the shaft. The weapon grew until it was six feet long. The head is now almost as big as the halfling. Setting it down with the handle pointed upwards, Co’Naan tied his backpack closed and put it on.

“Excellent, I now need you to go knock on a wall and make a door,” Guydalf said pointing down the left hallway.

“About twenty feet down,” Rovi said. The little halfling rubbed his muscles as the shrunken down version of the maul weighed as much as he.

Co’Naan charged down the tunnel giving an animal roar. He grew larger in size and his muscles bulged. If the tunnel hadn’t been carved for ogres, he would have had to duck. With a roar, he swung the maul against the stone wall. A loud crunch and crash followed.

“Ogres!” Co’Naan yelled as the ogres yelled, “Intruders!”

The massive maul lay inside a hole in the stone wall between them. Three inches of stone kept Co’Naan from crushing the skulls of the large brutes. From behind two muscled ogres, a slightly slimmer built ogre was chanting arcane words. Guydalf yelled the words every adventure learned to fear.



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