Less than one hour later the adventuring group entered Tre’s shop. The big warrior first, then the rest. Tre was even able to catch the smaller one Rovi slip in. Looking up at the group, Tre closed the cash box and locked it, holding the key tight in his hand.

“Greetings travelers, how may I help you?” Tre said.

“My name is Co’Naan,” the big man said. He paused and looked at his friends, Tre, and Frederic the young assistant. “I apologize but we overheard you at the Inn and are actually looking for some ogres.”

“Oh,” Tre said and took a step backward. “I did not realize I would be overheard, but that is good. I do not wish to leave the shop unattended, and can’t leave Frederic here all along all day.”

“Do you have a map of where the camp is?” Co’Naan said.

“Even better,” Tre said and produced a little small metal box from a pocket. “I had this made to track down the owner, and this points towards the man’s most prized possession.” Tre set the box on the counter and pressed the side of it. A little green arrow lit up on the box, pointing towards the Ogre cave.

Co’Naan and Rovi reached for it but paused before they bumped into each other.

“How much?” Rovi asked.

“Just bring me back the owners necklace, it is worth little, but Frederic would treasure it always,” Tre said. Frederic started blinking his eyes quickly in an attempt to stop tears. Tre placed a hand on Frederic’s shoulder.

“We will do what we can,” Co’Naan said. The big man picked up the box and placed it carefully in a pocket. The adventuring group barely made attempts to look at the merchandise being sold before leaving. Tre was certain Rovi had stolen some gauntlets but didn’t see it happen. The items in the front of the shop were minor magically enchanted so he didn’t worry too much.

After the group left, Tre excused himself saying he had a pressing appointment. He stepped out of the shop and went to the little house he had also purchased. The two-story building was small, about twenty feet by twenty feet. After unlocking the three locks on the door, Tre stepped in and relocked the door from inside. He then checked the window to make sure the curtain was blocking all view and also locked.

Glancing around, he slowly examined the furniture; A small three tier shelf, a small table with two chairs, and a stuffed chair off to the side. He headed to the stuffed chair and sat down. Slowly he sank into the chair as he tried to relax. Once he was in place Tre shifted back into her Goblin form. In the goblin form, she had longer, thinner fingers, that she used to dig into space between the seat of the chair and arm.

Reaching past the cloth stuffing her fingers dug until they grasped onto a little metal square. Pulling it up, she smiled at the little steel mirror but quickly frowned once she saw her reflecting. Angling it away from her, she then spoke the command word. “Visio”

The little square mirror glowed and hummed faintly. An image appeared hovering over the item. A miniature version of the metal box she had given the adventurers appeared. Part of it was covered by a massive hand. The metal square vibrated and a faint sound also emerged.

“Glad it is still morning, don’t know if we can afford another night at the Two Copper Inn.” The familiar voice of Rovi said.

“Yeah, for 6 gold a night, I expect a kings bed,” Co’Naan said.

Gretta set the item on her lap and shifted back into Tre. He glanced at the door to make sure again the bar was set, before placing both hands in the air above the image. Bringing them in closer, the box in the image shrank but more appeared around it. Tre slowly zoomed out until he could see the group and ten feet around them. In the center barely visible at this size, the tiny box Co’Naan was holding.

The group followed the arrow on the box exactly. Co’Naan almost running into the wall of the city before stopping. They turned and went along the wall until they came across a gate. One of the guards called out to them.

“Be careful, it is dangerous out there,” The guard said. Getting nothing but silence from the group, he continued, “We lock up at dusk. With or without you.”

The figure in blue stepped towards the guards and bowed, “Dear sirs, I will endeavor to be within the gates before dusk. I do not wish to sleep on the ground.”

One of the guards smiled and the other thumped him in the shoulder.

“Do not mock us, we know the dangers here better than anyone else.” The first guard said. The other guard stood rubbing his shoulder.

The group headed in the direction of the Ogre camp. Checking the device every few minutes they slogged through the woods. Gretta knew the trip would take them at least an hour, so she stopped watching to get some work done. Carefully placed the item back in the chair, she changed back into Tre.

Walking over to the north wall, Tre started patting the wood with his hands. Within a few pat’s he grasped something invisible hanging from the wall. Lifting it slowly, his hands disappearing occasionally as the object covered them. Once he was satisfied he wrapped himself with the invisible cloak and disappeared from sight.

Tre removed the cloak and wrapped it up into a ball that he stuffed into a pouch. Walking swiftly to the door he unlocked it, stepped outside, relocked the door. Walking around the building he found an empty alley that he ducked in. Glancing around and verifying no one was watching, he quickly pulled out the cloak and wrapped it around himself.

Moving with care and avoiding bumping into anyone, Tre crossed the small city with ease. It was early enough most people were still getting ready for the day, and the carts were easy enough to work around. Soon he was in the area of town he needed, the Administration district. The doors to the Justice Center had been opened at dawn. Only the occasional person wandered in and out.

Slowly walking around it, Tre noted the other two entrances besides the front. The side and rear were closed and locked. Reaching into a pouch he pulled out a small bottle, held it away from himself, and with arms visible uncorked it and poured some of the smoke on the rear entrance door. He blew gently downward to get some smoke under the door.

After a minute he recorked the bottle and hide it back in place. Carefully to not let any of the smoke touch him or the invisible cloak. Glancing around to verify he was still not being watched, even invisible, Tre moved to the corner of the building. Another building was a few feet nearby, almost impossible for a normal person to pass between.

Tre anchored himself with his feet on one building and his back against the other. Slowly he inched his way up the side until he got to the roof of the Justice Center. Once on top, again he glanced around to make sure no one was watching him. Slowly walking along the edge and taking care to not make any noise, he got to the front of the building.

From there he could see the guards and the street below. Sitting himself down he reached in a pocket to find a rock he bought from Nauften Wondrous Objects. Reaching back he threw the rock as far as he could then pulled out the smoke bottle.

Across the street and towards the gates the rock flew. A few seconds passed before it landed. Once it landed a loud piercing screech erupted from the stone. The osculating screech was loud even to Tre who was a hundred feet away. The guards clamped their hands on their ears. Wagons and people in the street immediately looked in the direction of the noise.

Quickly removing the cork from the bottle, Tre poured smoke down the front of the two-story building. The smoke slowly drifted downwards and had gotten halfway before the screeching stopped. Tre recorded the bottle and waved it in the air to make sure no residual smoke was clinging to it. The bottle went back into a pouch.

One of the guards went over to where the stone landed, but it was consumed from the magical effect. He kicked around the dirt. The guard even bent down and scooped up some of the dirt into a glass vial. Tre felt a small wave of fear and briefly prayed there would be nothing to link back to him.


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