Gretta drank a potion that enhanced her beauty. She stood in an alley currently in the form of a human woman. Young, blond, and with the shapeshifting amulet the right amount of assets. A few days had passed since Eft had asked her to include the adventuring group. In different forms, she had watched which barmaids the ‘guys’ had responded to.

Taking a deep breath and arranging her ‘equipment’, Gretta ran into the tavern.

“Help, help, evil has infected my town of Woodale,” Gretta said as she ran in. She stepped towards the target group and tried to make seductive eye contact with each. “Ogre magi are corrupting the city folk.”

A blast of black lighting burst through the open doorway of the tavern. Striking Gretta in the back. She screamed in real pain as her body jerked and life was drained. A hand of force appeared and grabbed her by the feet before quickly dragging her outside. Two ogres stood in front of the tavern and as soon as Gretta was close by, the other ogre cast a teleport spell. They disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.

Gretta and the ogres appeared on the outskirts of Woodale. With a command word from Gretta, they quickly floated up into the sky. Once they reached a thousand feet or so, another teleport spell transported them into a large inn room. The only light from the window which overlooked the entrance of the tavern Gretta had just been dragged from. Gretta moved towards the window and peered from the side.

A group of three stood outside where the ogres had teleported from. Several other individuals wandered around looking for tracks, but the group of four stood right on the spot. One of them appeared to be looking at something in the air. The other three were keeping watch around.

Gretta opened the window a crack and pressed her ear to it. Her left ear grew warm as the magic in it activated.

“I don’t know her, any of you recognize her?” a tall muscled figure in black said.

“Na, but she looked like she knew us. It felt like she was talking to me.” The figure who was looking at the air in the teleport spot. He was wearing a dark blue robe that sparkled.

“She must have been looking for me,” the tall muscled figure in black said.

“Not everyone is interested in you.”

“Maybe it is a quest? One of divine providence?” A figure in white said. The figure swiped a finger through the air then tasted it. “Evil, we must go to Woodale.”

“But we still need 200 more goblin ears.” A short figure that appeared out of nothing said. Suddenly the group was five.

“I’m sure there will be enough evil there to satisfy your blood-lust Rovi.” The figure in white said while looking at the short figure who suddenly had a dagger in each hand.

“I’m sure your god approves of us killing all goblins we come across,” Rovi said as his hands and daggers disappeared in his cloak.

“I know not the mind of my…” the figure in white started to say but was interrupted.

“I can teleport us to where they went. Prepare for battle.” The sparkly blue figure said.

In a practiced motion, the group of four joined hands with the tall figure setting a hand on the blue figures back. The spell was cast and the group disappeared.

Gretta turned towards the ogres sitting in the room. The smile on her face was visible even in the dark. She shifted her form back to the human male she had been wearing.

“Utul, will our guests find the present?”

“Yesh, I deposited the body where you said. Poured smoke on it too.” One of the ogres said.

“Excellent, can you transport me back there?”

“Not tonight must rest first,” Utul said. The ogre carefully laid back on the floor and closed his eyes.

Gretta sighed and quickly tried to think of people she knew who could teleport her. After a few minutes of thinking and coming up with no one, aside from Mortis Operandi, who she wasn’t supposed to contact. Gretta instead decided to pass the time by scrying on the area the adventuring group teleported to.

It took Gretta a few minutes to spot the group. They had moved quickly and were already at Woodale once she located them. In the quiet of the slumbering town, she was able to hear them while keeping the scrying focus away.

“The Ogres seemed to have disappeared after teleporting.” Blue robe said.

“Either the tracks I found were fake or somehow we lost the trail,” Rovi said appearing from a shadow nearby.

“I seem to recall this area was once the center of a powerful ogre clan. Could it be they were not truly extinguished?” the white figure said.

“We can either keep looking or get a room for the night.” Blue robe said.

“Let's go back to the teleport spot and start from there. Perhaps we missed something.” The tall figure in black said. A yawn from both the blue robe and Rovi answered before anything else. The figure glared at the two yawns. “I’ll go by myself, you guys get rooms.”

“Never split the party,” the tall figure in black said.

“Fine, let's get a room, and get an early start on tomorrow,” Rovi said causally flipping a dagger in one hand.

The group started heading towards the night district. Pausing at the first few inn’s to see if rooms were available. Gretta smiled when she saw they ended up at the Two Copper Inn, the most expensive place in Woodale. Stopping her spell, she settled down for sleep, tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

Gretta woke up a few hours later once the ogres awoke. The large creatures were not quiet in their yawns, stretching, and clearing out their nasal passages. After changing her from back to a human male, Gretta had to instruct the ogres to clean up any large balls of snot left on the walls. She then stepped out to get breakfast for herself and Utul.

The ogres were very happy when Gretta returned with some chunks of meat on sticks. Once they were done Gretta scryed on a secondary location nearby Woodale to teleport to. It was a few hours walk away from the town so no-one will see the ogres. After verifying the coast was clear, Utul transported them to the location.

Suddenly Gretta was surrounded by Ogres. She stifled a yelp as she immediately recognized Toogu, the fifteen-foot-tall ogre leaned against a sword just as tall. The massive ogre gave a slight bow.

“Stupid ones in a day or two,” Utul said to Toogu. The taller ogre nodded and smiled.

“I give you corpses in two days then,” Toogu said, then lifted the sword and started walking towards the ogre camp. A group of slightly smaller but still rather large ogres stood around a fire eating some cooked animal.

“You ok if Toogu and his men die?” Gretta said in a low tone once the bigger ogre was a way away.

“She,” Utul gave emphasis on the word, “cousin, also if ogre can’t kill little pink thing, they not worthy of being an ogre,” Utul said. “If she succeeds, I’ll take her as mate.”

Gretta nodded, the sentiment was similar among non-educated goblin tribes. Which made it difficult for integration, once you knew how to read and think, it was difficult to go back. Civilized Goblin tribes tended to exist in human cities, hiding in the slums or underground. As much as she hated most humans, they did know how to live.

Turning away from the ogres, Gretta started jogging towards the town. Still, in human form, she forced herself to think of himself as a human male. Tre easily strode through the woods, the longer legs allowing him to lope through the terrain.

Tre arrived at the city in an hour. The gates were open and he strolled through them without hassle. One of the guards even recognized him and waved. Most people in Woodale knew Treagt the new semi-wealthy owner of the new armor shop, Armour-Us. Once he arrived at the shop, he smiled as it was already open. The assistant was a good kid who followed instructions. Stepping in he smiled at the young lad.

“I’m going to get breakfast, you want anything?” Tre said.

“Aye, some bread and cheese if not too much trouble.” The young man said from behind the counter. Tre quickly left and headed towards the Two Copper Inn. The joke was the rooms were so expensive all you would have left was two copper. Walking in, Tre easily spotted the group eating at a table.

Ignoring the group, Tre walked up to the Innkeeper.

“Treagt, hows my favorite armorer?” the Innkeeper said.

“Tired, I think I found a clue to what happened to the old owner,” Tre said.

“Everyone already knows, ogres dragged him out and killed him in the middle of the night.” the Innkeeper said.

“Well yeah, but I mean why.” Tre leaned in closer and lowered his voice but not too much. “He found a camp of theirs.” The innkeeper’s eyes widened.

“Did you tell the city guard?” the Innkeeper said.

Tre beckoned the Innkeeper even closer, then lowering his voice a little more but enough so it could carry he said.

“I think there is treasure there, I just need some muscle to get it.”

The innkeeper's eyes darted to the side towards where the adventuring group was sitting. He smiled at Tre.

“I wish you the best of luck, but I doubt your good fortune is why you stopped by.”

Tre put his order in and was soon walking out of the Inn with a little bag of food. He didn’t even need to look behind him, he was certain a little shadowed figure was following him.

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