If you have not read the first story, Mortis Operandi - New Hire I recommend it. This book is written so prior knowledge is not needed, but it will help regarding some complex ideas. The story revolves around a fantasy world that was created as a game. Players would enter the world and conquer dungeons and explore the depths of the below.

However it is a special server being that it's settings made it so when a player dies, they cannot come back to the world. In this world Players could become God's or run companies that rival kingdoms, but they can also fall. This story wont include the viewpoint of any player and focuses on the trials and tribulations of those who have to deal with the world the players created. 


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About the author


Bio: Life long gamer and geek, after decades of RPG's, decided to start telling his own tales. Ones where the players can't derail.

I love fantasy and sci-fi. Have for decades, from the first time I read Dragons of Autumn Twilight to Stormlight archive, the worlds created have entrapped me. Now after years of attempting to complete a story, I've finished a few and am working on a new ones.

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