The Ms. Megaton Man™ Maxi-Series

by Don Simpson

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Drama Satire Female Lead School Life Secret Identity Strong Lead Super Heroes

When studious Clarissa James began her sophomore year at Arbor State University, she never expected to befriend the former See-Thru Girl, or for Megaheroes and Megavillains from Megatropolis to turn her quiet college campus upside down. But when Clarissa discovers she has her own megapowers, Megaton Man, Yarn Man, and Kozmik Kat must help Ms. Megaton Man uncover her origin secrets and fulfill her destiny as America's newest Nuclear-Powered Hero!

Based on the satirical comic book and graphic novel series Megaton Man and Bizarre Heroes, cartoonist-creator Don Simpson explores the unfolding Megaverse with all the wry humor and turgid pulp-action that made the original stories cult favorites. Written in engaging young-adult prose, these never-before-told stories are narrated in the sardonic, first-person voice of a strong African-American female.

Mature themes include sexual relationships, drug use, and some strong language.

New chapter every Tuesday 10:00 am EST US (15:00 UTC).

All characters, character names, likenesses, words and pictures are ™ and © Don Simpson 2019, all rights reserved.

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Don Simpson

Don Simpson

Group Leader (II)
Word Count (12)
1st Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
#1: I Meet Stella Starlight ago
#2: Need to Know ago
#3: Me and Sue Caza ago
#4: Spring Break ago
#5: Calling Occupants (of Interplanetary Craft) ago
#6: Civilian Trent ago
#7: The Mysterious Preston Percy ago
#8: A Night at the Hospital, a Day in the Funny Papers ago
#9: The Dean's List, Again ago
#10: The Local Section ago
#11: The Ivy-Covered Halls of Higher Learning ago
#12: Kozmik Kat’s Trick-or-Treat ago
#13: Late to the Party from Mars ago
#14: Thanks for the Use of the Safe Room ago
#15: Yarn Man’s Hippie Crash Pad ago
#16: Ms. Megaton Man Breaks Out! ago
#17: Body by Nuke ago
#18: Origin Secrets ago
#19: Megatonic University ago
#20: Campy Coverless Comic Books ago
#21: Daddy Issues ago
#22: Dr. Joe's Lab ago
#23: Dining Room Diagrams ago
#24: Start Spreading the News ago
#25: The Devastation Chamber ago
#26: The Hole on Fifth Avenue ago
#27: A Side Trip to New Jersey ago
#28: Everything But the Kitchen Sink ago
#29: Megaton vs. Meltdown ago
#30: Miscegenation Man ago
#31: Man, Woman ago
#32: Notes from Underground ago
#33: Arbor State Extension ago
#34: You’re Not the Boss of Me ago
#35: Giving Nuke a Tumble ago
#36: Sex and the Single Megahero ago
#37: The First Holistic-Humanist Congregation of Cass City ago
#38: My Appointment with Pammy (or, Meeting Jointly) ago
#39: North Cass Ditty in the City ago
#40: Topmost Secret Priority ago
#41: The Thirteenth Scientist ago
#42: The Theoretical Unraveling of the Kitchen Sinkverse ago
#43: The Arms of Krupp ago
#44: The Saucer in the Back Yard ago
#45: Reality’s Leftovers ago
#46: Will the Real Mervyn Goldfarb Please Stand Up? ago
#47: Dana Dorman, Two Doors Down ago
#48: Donna Blank, District Defender ago
#49: Enter: The Phantom Jungle Girl! ago
#50: Telling Tall Tales Along the Ann Arbor Trail ago
#51: B-50, the Hybrid Man ago
#52: Big, Blue, Bulky Guy! ago
#53: I Got the Senior Thesis Blues ago
#54 Devil’s Night in Detroit ago
#55: Sex and the Motor City ago
#56: Ms. Megaton is Skank ago
#57: The Revelation from Missouri ago
#58: Megahero-Free Zone ago
#59: Mona Lisa Outer Drive ago
#60: Spotting a Roof-Runner ago

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