The Leveling God

The Leveling God

by Lging117

William is one of the most powerful person in the world. He could matched up a god.

One day when he was slaughtering his way into the demons army. The seven demon kings and four divine beast ambushed him. This lead him to fight eleven godlike beings on his own. He fought the demon king and divine beast until his last breath. In the end William managed to kill three demon king and one divine beast before he died.

But when he thought he was dead, he found himself travel back in the time when he was in his teens. 

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It's okay so far. The story is written like your typical Asian light novel which ignores such Minor details as grammar, sentence structure and quotations to indicate when someone is speaking out loud. I'm also interested in more about the world where the story takes place. The MC seems to have a smartphone or access to modern technology but for some reason when he has a choice to choose a weapon you goes and chooses a sword. Also he's able to just pop in and out of this mysterious woods to Hunt beast. If he's living in a city big enough to house the academy then wouldn't dangerous areas such as the woods be cleared out prevent pedestrians/civilians from endangerment? I'm not trying to be nitpicky about this I'm just saying that it needs work.