Null un Voided

by DrMonotone

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological LitRPG Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Post Apocalyptic Secret Identity Strong Lead Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Mark Telod hated. This wasn't your normal petty grievance. No this was something no sane person should hold within themselves. Hatred should be released, but Mark? No Mark contains his anger. His hatred can be traced as far back as his own childhood, and oh does he loathe humanity. Now he's given a chance to finally express himself…. So how will humanity deal with the calamities presented before them? Will they overcome them, and rise as one united force? Or will they crumble and fuel Mark’s ever burning hatred…..

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  • Overall Score

very interesting start

seems like this will be one in which the mc will be truly villainous, didnt see that to often before. Grammar and flow till now seem good as off now.

Looking forward to it :)

  • Overall Score

A cathartic dose of madness

So far, the protagonist seems like a wild card thrown in by a bored god. Unlike in Dungeon Seeker, for example, he is not the one suffering from it. He is the suffering. I will eagerly await our very own madness incarnate's adventures. Definitely worth the read.

  • Overall Score

Four stars because of the poor, poor spear. Such a disappointment, such a waste! So unsatisfactory with what occurred, so contrived, it was!

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  • Style Score
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Enjoyable Insanity of a Villianous MC

The author has captured the viewpoint of a psychologically insane MC very well, of him wanting to making humanity as a whole suffer because of his sheer hatred of them, yet being smart enough to restrain himself while civilization had bound him.

He has been suffering for long , only wanting release of his emotions, to be free to do what he wants and rampage. He is given the chance, when suddenly a higher being gives him a early chance to change. Then the world as a whole changes, and he is free to do as he wants, without the reality of civilization limiting him, so he sets on a bloody path of slaughter, of carnage, of death. Yet even he is willing to reason, because going on such a path without planning leads to only failure.

Good grammar, no actual typo's or spelling errors spotted so far, so the author has done a lot of work making sure the grammar is great.

Great pacing for the story so far, it is easy to read and flows well. So far the story has been enjoyable, though theres a lot of 'edge', also there are parts where the insanity of the MC really does show.


So be warned, do not start reading this if you dont like 'edgy MC' or reading about someone insane, he does get really extreme with his actions, so they can be a major turnoff.

The author has made a great story, with no limits on the actions of the MC at all. And the MC himself is the greatest thing the author has written in this story, and the main reason to read this story.

This is a great read, and i do recommend you to read this, those who like crazy Villains will really like this.

Thomas Renard
  • Overall Score

Fun to read and while it's a little fast paced it's still coherent and consistent. Tho be warned it's not for the weak paladin or the champions of justice xd

  • Overall Score

Antihero, but truly done well

Unique and truly inspired. Taking a darker turn to a traditional theme on this site.

This story is for you if you crave a TRUE antihero

Though, following the movements of the MC and friends has become rather difficult. They seem to transition rapidly from place to place with little warning.

  • Overall Score

Actually worth reading, you should give it a try.

This is my first review, so I apologize if I keep going off track, but I can’t help myself. Anyway, in this review, I will give you the six most important aspects that made me read 30 chapters in one sitting, and I hope they are enough to convince you to at least give this story a try.   

Aspect #1: The exposition is short and goes straight to the point, unlike other stories on this site, you don't have to read five to ten chapters to finally become familiar with the protagonist and the setting.

Aspect #2: The author provides us with a rarely seen balance between a calculating protagonist and a completely batshit crazy one; this means that the protagonist doesn't just go around killing people like a five year old over indulging in candy, he actually thinks about any possible impacts or repercussions before acting (as seen in the gymnasium and the settlement) while at the same time, the author makes sure to remind us every now and then that our lovely mc's mental stability is as abundant as oxygen in space by either, letting us have a peek at his inner thoughts, or having him interact with his loyal companions, Scott and Jessy. This particular aspect may not seem that important to other readers, but I like to think that the aforementioned balance is harder to achieve than it seems.

Aspect #3: The protagonist actually has a brain, and he is not afraid of using it, and unlike 75% of the male main characters on this site, this brain lies in his cranial cavity, not in his glans. (As seen in chapter 7 and chapter 23)

Aspect #4: Not only is the protagonist not afraid of shedding and abandoning his humanity to ascend to a greater form, he even despises and hates humanity with every single fiber of his being down to the last protein.

Aspect #5: The drive that pushes the mc down this bloody and gory road is actually justified, and it's not because he is some half-assed emo kid, not because he has some greater vision/plan that oh so conveniently requires the pseudo-extinction of humanity, but it's because he was abused and tortured by his own kin so much, that the only tether between him and reality was twisted into a sense of hate so powerful and intense, it drove him insane.

Aspect #6: Despite the mc being a twisted parody of a human being, despite him being an abomination lurking under a human disguise that is slowly but surely falling apart, he can still feel affection towards other beings (chapter 18 and chapter 30), and for me, that is one of the key points that marks the difference between an actual character with a personality of their own, and a soulless killing machine that exists solely for entertaining readers with mindless slaughters and emo style brooding.

So long story short, this novel is amazing and refreshing in more ways than one, and I absolutely admire and respect the author for creating what can only be defined as a masterpiece in the making.