Gu Jiao and Li Jun stayed for a few more minutes in there place. Gu Jiao was already getting embarrassed in there position, many onlookers keep giving them glances. It was embarrassing enough but Li Jun still won't let go until she insisted that she would get mad and would really not pay attention to him if he didn't let go.


Li Jun was dissatisfied, he just able to completely calm himself and was starting to enjoy her warmth when she demand to be let go.


Looking around Li Jun gave a menacing glare to the people that kept on looking at them. This people don't know what's good for them kept on irritating me with their glances look they even disturb me and Gu Jiao's intimate moment. Tsk! When he set back his attention to his beloved sister, he saw a red face Gu Jiao, this sister of his really has a thin face people just merely gave them glances and she was already this red, but this kind of appearance looks really cute and lovely.


Gu Jiao stood up and dragged her brother to find the other two and continue their sightseeing.


Li Jun was traumatized awhile back so now he won't let go of Gu Jiao's little hand as if afraid that she would reject his touch again. No matter how Gu Jiao struggle or find reason for her hand to be let go, Li Jun won't bulge.


They continued their sightseeing with the two of them holding hands. Li Qiang who was envious when he saw them holding hands, also hold Gu Jiao's other hand. The three of them look like a small family of three.


People around them were dazzled this three people looks so beautiful, they are all like an immortal dazzling and shining in board daylight.


Wang Fang tail his tail behind his leg and run like a dog who was about to be butcher. He cowardly went home to sooth his weakened heart. He was truly frightened on what happen. Hope that the issue would just let go and would never be brought up ever in this life. He would bury this incident to his grave never to be brought to his good old friend, Li Jun's ears. His slip of the tongue about the girlfriend thing really was like a taboo now in his life! No! It's definitely a taboo. Even if its really or not the reason behind Gu Jiao behavior awhile ago, he won't gamble to alk about Li Jun's ex-girlfriend in front of Gu Jiao. He still like to live a life, he don't want to waste this little pitiful life he had because of his stupidity lah... And that's conclude Wang Fang running away from the trouble he cause... ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ


The three didn't pay any heed to Wang Fang anymore and just let him leave, he looks like he was having constipation when he gave his farewell, Gu Jiao pitied him she taught that he had eaten something bad to look like that, he was so pale and was sweating a lot and was restless, maybe he just really need to go home to comfortably let it all out... ರ_ರ


The three just resume their journey at the zoo.


Gu Jiao was a little uncomfortable Li Jun had kept a leash on her or it is the other way around? She didn't know if she was being leash or the one who was holding the leash?


See her big brother was like a lost dog when she tried to free her hands. She was even hallucinating a dog ear that are dropped from sadness.


Seeing that lost look on him didn't seat well on Gu Jiao's conscience, did she over react that time, she was just surprised with her discovery, and did a voluntary response... Buhuhu... Who should she blame if her brother become a dog now that would not stop following her, how would she be able to guard her heart if his like this.... Unfair! So unfair!!! (πーπ)



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