A Mouse in the Circuitry - A Kammi Kettu Story

by Katie-the-Angel-Witch

Original HIATUS Action Comedy Contemporary Female Lead Gender Bender Slice of Life Super Heroes

Someone has to make gadgets for all the would be heroes, and that someone might as well be Bridget, a relatively popular tech youtuber turned genius mouse girl during the Emergence. How did her early days go, and how different was it in Europe compared to the states? Well, read to find out.

Set in QuietValerie's amazing Kammi-verse setting

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Think the Kammi stories are gloomy? Read this!

There is a stereotype that all the stories in the Kammi saga are just bundles of misery. But then, out of the blue, here comes Katie. There is just so much joy here. Maybe because it's written from a European perspective and not from America. Haha. 

I love what Katie is doing with Twitter updates in universe. It lends the story a level of novelty but doesn't get too cutesy with it. 

So far there's really only one main character. She does seem a little overpowered but fuck it. I want a hypercompetent trans girl tech genius. Trans folx deserve a fun upbeat character in a world of shittiness. I'm just looking forward to her making more tech and maybe some enemies. 

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A worthy addition to the Kammiverse

A mouse in the circuitry manages to perfectly tie itself into the source material, while reamining much more bright and hopeful than the rest o the stories.

Set in Europe rather than the rustbelt American city of Penrith, a Mouse in the Circuity is about a trans popular tech youtuber who finds herself transformed into a savant of technology Mouse-girl.

Bridget navigates her new gifts, being queer and an Emerged in an world unfriendly to both, being dangerously desirable to those who wish to make use of her talents, and the responsibilities her position brings.

I wholeheartedly recommend this heartwarming story.

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Okay, honestly I am terrible at writing out my thoughts and can't judge style for shit, but here goes nothing.

Now, does the story have a lot on the subject of a trans person. Yes it does. SO what? The main characters are trans. The subject kinda comes up, and I love how the characters deal with it in the Emergence.

Want me to talk about plot, style, etc? Look at the stars. Nuff said.

A really great addition highlighting other powers and how people are dealing with them. Provides a nice slice of life in a semi dark universe, though I can sense a dose of reality getting ready to smack us in the face in the distance.

Really just a great heart warming read.

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What can I say that hasnt been said before. Katie manages to write a Kammi-Kettu story that fills you with warm fuzzies all over. Full of lovable characters in an almost slice of life setting, this installment to the universe gives a well earned break from the harsher realities our favorite emerge go through

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Most stories of the kammiverse share a similar element: a very rough start for their characters. This one in comparison is a kinder take from the get go, where characters get to do cool things, give hugs to one another, be nerds, while bigotry gets handily punished.

That is not to say the characters don't live the bestest life ever with nothing going wrong to speak of, but that they get to bounce back as easily as everyone should be allowed to, with no extra obstacle put in their way because of their queerness. In a way, this story deliberately refuses to other us, and shows us a side of the world where being trans and gay informs who you are, but not how people get to act around you.

Kara Null
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A fun and fresh take on the Kammiverse.

This story is a lot of fun. You never know what type of shinaniganry Bridget will get up to next. It's really a breath of fresh air to have such an upbeat character in the Kammiverse.

Spoiler: Spoiler


That's a great moment and I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

Luna Foxfire
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The Genius Mouse-girl, And Her Kindness Touched Me

Overall this is one of the few, Lighthearted and sweet story that is not too dark in the Kammiverse!

The style is good, and I love the part of the reference to where you live that you have put in your story. It is really fun to read, heartwarming and a little bit educational.

The Story, the More we learn about Bridget family and past.... the more we want to cry or commit murder... Luckily, We have a Cute and adorable shark girl and a fox fluffy dragon robot, so we have our anger slowly die in their cuteness <3

The grammar is very good, I didn't see typo or errors for the moments!

The character... All have memory, past, feeling, and dreams... They are all so Alive then seeing them in real life would be like meeting an acquaintance that you know from a long time... They are so much alive that it made me cry when I see them suffer and be in pain. They are truly lovely and incredible!

Overall it is a great story thanks, Kathie!

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mouse girl making super stuff either just because or for heroes

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I love the cute lil mouse and her growing family of misfits. She is totally starting a commune of abused people. Keep on rockin' lil mouse girl.

Katie's writing is always great, from superhero school to this one. I can feel the emotion in her words. She also takes my lore policing very well hehe. Keep going Katie you rock!

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Very Cheesy, on a number of levels!

One of the Kammiverse stories, Mouse in the Circuitry takes a different perspective from the general Kammiverse stories in a number of ways. Whether it be the different geographic location, the more positive tone in the writing, or the fact that the protagonist was already transitioning pre Emergence. It is a cute slice of life that brings up family and how it is what we make of it. The only reason I take off half a star is that I have difficulty with the lack of an overall plot. It is a lovely and enjoyable read, but it can be random.