The Summon

by Monitor

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The 18-year old Jonathan from modern earth was summoned as a familiar by an aspiring common born sorceress. First, they must survive the Royal School of Magic in the Kingdom of Theron with the help of unlikely allies they find in some of the teachers in this noble dominated society. Together they will have to master difficult challenges, learn to trust each other and survive the many adventures that lie in their future.

Inspired, at least in the beginning by an unfamiliar summon, a fiction I cannot find anymore. It was here on Royalroad.

I will try to release one chapter every 4 days, but this schedule could change. What I will do is communicate any changes in this, at least if I am able to. After one week of no updates, I will post a status update for certain.

I will finish this book, or at least give it a somewhat satisfactory ending. But I will try, together with you, to make it as successful a journey as I am able to.


You are forbidden from profiting or copying this work of fiction in any way

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue 1 Jonathan ago
Prologue 2 Elise ago
Chapter 1 - Waking up ago
Chapter 2 - The Spell ago
Chapter 3 - The next Day ago
Chapter 4 - Breakfast and Magic ago
Chapter 5 - Gardening and Plans ago
Chapter 6 - Talk with Elise ago
Chapter 7 -Meeting the King ago
Chapter 8 - First Lesson ago
Chapter 9 - Alchemy ago
Chapter 10 - Affinity Test ago
Chapter 11 - Political Nightmares and Plants ago
Chapter 12 - Light Show ago
Chapter 13 - Getting Outside ago
Chapter 14 - Evolution ago
Chapter 15 - Heinrich Tablos ago
Chapter 16 - Maps ago
Chapter 17 - A fascinating Discovery ago
Chapter 18 - Strange Happenings ago
Chapter 19 - Back Home ago
Chapter 20 - An Invitation from the King ago
Chapter 21 - Introductions and Paper ago
Chapter 22 - The School and another Miscellaneous Situation ago
Chapter 23 - Musings on the New World ago
Chapter 24 – Preparations ago
Chapter 25 - Hopefully Paper ago
Chapter 26 - Paper ago
Chapter 27 - An Audience with the King ago
Chapter 28 - Decision ago
Chapter 29 – A Dog Alone ago
Chapter 30 – Printing Press Mistakes Found ago
Chapter 31 - Printing Press ago
Chapter 32 – The King has a Good Idea ago
Chapter 33 - Guiding Magic ago
Chapter 34 - The Most Useless Useful Ability ago
Chapter 35 - Magic ago
Chapter 36 - Answers ago
Chapter 37 - An Ancient Awakens ago
Chapter 38 – Recovery ago
Chapter 39 - We have not done that ago
Chapter 40 - Understanding Jonathans Anger ago
Chapter 41 - A Question of Trust ago
Chapter 42 - A Necessary Answer ago
Chapter 43 - A Ritual ago
Update ago
Chapter 44 - A mysterious Force ago
Chapter 45 - Tablos's Warning ago
Notice ago
Chapter 46 - Stupid People are Stupid ago
Chapter 47 - Bullies ago

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  • Overall Score

You have a great story, but so far it feels a bit too full of information dumps. Not to say that is a bad thing. However, it would not be a bad thing to spread out your study chapters a little. The premise itself though is interesting. 

  • Overall Score

First attempt at writing and it shows

Overall this is basically a version of the summoned as a familiar story. Only this time the summoner isn't a noble, but a commoner. So far so interesting.

It's just that the story is rather information dumpy and conversation is very stilted. Like okay, you make a story about a boy being summoned, but in chapter 2 you have a teacher interlude where you basically explain all the riddles the boy and his summoner would have to discover.

It's unusual to say for a webnovel (since they usually go too far into the other direction), but it's generally better to "show" things in character than to have other characters "tell" them. This doesn't mean you need to write 5 chapters every time there's a dinner, but it's generally better for the story to let characters discover things themselves then just telling the readers via interlude.

Overall a decent first attempt at writing, and probably good for people who're fans of the genre, but a bit too rough for general appeal.

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OK premise, poor execution. Very hard to read as the dialogue is very unnatural and feels robotic, way too much information dump without any kind of character building, and the list goes on. I read through to chater 26 and I just couldn't keep reading this, strong need for proof reading and overall redesign of the characterization.

As a suggestion to the author, don't try to force a story along a path, have the story naturally unfold as the characters explore it. The main thought behind any action in the story should be "what would X character do and why?" rather than just "X does this"

  • Overall Score

Why is this female lead tagged?

Perhaps I’m blind but Jonathan seems to be the MC? Maybe I didn’t read far enough but while the female lead called my attention, the male lead disappointed me.

Grammar could use a little work as could word usage “he grabbed his head in pain. He cried out in pain...” just sounds off to me.

  • Overall Score

30 chapters and the only thing that happened is him crafting papers... no magic, no character building... if it keep going this way nothing will happen