The Summon

by Monitor

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The 18-year old Jonathan from modern earth was summoned as a familiar by an aspiring common born sorceress. First, they must survive the Royal School of Magic in the Kingdom of Theron with the help of unlikely allies they find in some of the teachers in this noble dominated society. Together they will have to master difficult challenges, learn to trust each other and survive the many adventures that lie in their future.

Inspired, at least in the beginning by an unfamiliar summon, a fiction I cannot find anymore. It was here on Royalroad.

I will try to release one chapter every 4 days, but this schedule could change. What I will do is communicate any changes in this, at least if I am able to. After one week of no updates, I will post a status update for certain.

I will finish this book, or at least give it a somewhat satisfactory ending. But I will try, together with you, to make it as successful a journey as I am able to.

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You have a great story, but so far it feels a bit too full of information dumps. Not to say that is a bad thing. However, it would not be a bad thing to spread out your study chapters a little. The premise itself though is interesting. 

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Focus on the process.

Great idea. Keep focused on the process. Iron out the wrinkles. Good luck on surviving trending!