The Strongest Job... Gardener?

by EsperReal

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Romance Harem
Chris Gelvon, a bullied and abused high schooler finds himself in another world without knowing how he got there.

With a dark pasted he travels forward through combat, revenge, love, and sorrow. On his journey, he will gain friends and enemies alike. He will topple nations, ancient evils, transcended beings, and maybe even the gods themselves.

Will he fulfill his desires or will he die trying? No one truly knows unless they read this epic of the man with the strongest job.

And that job is… a Gardener?

Note: This is my first Story so be prepared that the first ten or so chapters suck, but from what my followers comments is that it gets better after that.


Just saying i have no idea where this story is going. How the story moves is based on how i feel at the moment.
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Overlord of the Forest

Word Count (13)
Top List #2000
5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Revolve to change ago
chapter 2 the rescue request ago
chapter 3 boss fight (1/2) ago
Chapter 4 boss fight (2/2) ago
Chapter 5 The Goddess, New Skill, and the Beast's Trial ago
Chapter 6 Feeling, the truth, and foolish bandits ago
Chapter 7: Tears at night ago
Chapter 8 A fitting weapon ago
Chapter 9: The first quest of Fate ago
Chapter 10: A New Body and A Princess Reward ago
Chapter 11: The Past Of Two Snowflakes ago
chapter 12: The Heroes Arrival ago
Chapter 13: Forest Monster VS Sword Princess ago
Chapter 14: Damaged Soul ago
Chapter 15: Five Elemental Core ago
Chapter 16: Guiding Soul Stone ago
Chapter 17: Mind Corrupting Fungus Tribal Chief ago
Chapter 18: Calm before the Storm part 1 ago
Chapter 19: Calm before the Storm part 2 ago
Chapter 20: Tyrannical Power ago
Chapter 21: level 2 ago
Chapter 22: A Painful Past ago
Chapter 23: Memories not Forgotten ago
Chapter 24: Recruitment Plan ago
Chapter 25: A Moonlit Kiss ago
Chapter 26: Over Eating ago
Chapter 27: While the Monster Sleeps I ago
Chapter 28: While the Monster Sleeps II ago
Chapter 29: While the Monster Sleeps III ago
Chapter 30: The Monster Sleeps No More ago
Chapter 31: One Sided Slaughter ago
Chapter 32: Extermination and Subjugation ago
Chapter 33: Chris the Evil King? ago
Chapter 34: Chris vs Aldear ago
Chapter 35: An Overlord's Dominance ago
Chapter 36: Revenge With Benefits ago
Chapter 37: A New Nuisance ago
Chapter 38: Assassination Attempt ago
Chapter 39: Party Crasher ago
Chapter 40: A New Master ago
Chapter 41: Fate's Warning ago
Chapter 42: First Day: MVP ago
Chapter 43: The Chances of Success is 20% ago
Chapter 44: Power Unsealed ago
Chapter 45: Minions, Minions, and More Minions ago
Chapter 46: Skill and Demonstrations ago
Chapter 47: Can A Hero Change? ago
Chapter 48: The Power Of The Oppressed ago
Chapter 49: Overwhelming Power ago
Chapter 50: The Begin of the End ago
Chapter 51: A Wonderful Gift from an Enemy ago
Chapter 52: Making A Bet ago
Chapter 53: Price For Power ago
Chapter 54: A Happy Ending? ago
Chapter 55: Tears ago
Release schedule and sponsored chapters ago
Chapter 56: The Birth of An Empire ago
Chapter 57: Reunion ago
Chapter 58: The Morale of the People ago
Chapter 59: Run Away Emperor ago
Chapter 60: The World Tree Festival Begins ago
Chapter 61: The Players Begin To Gather ago
Not A Chapter ago
Chapter 62: Cunning And Shameless ago
Chapter 63: The Arrival of the Princesses ago
Chapter 64: Not A Snake, But A Spider ago
Quick announcement! ago
Chapter 65: Showing Growth I (Non PRed) ago
Chapter 66: Showing Growth II (Non PRed) ago
Not a chapter but... ago
Chapter 67: Let the match begin! ago

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A great read if you're able to bypass some grammar issues

Overall, i find the story to be quite charming. Though some people think its too unrealistic, but why not? its a Fantasy fiction novel, so why can't it be unrealistic? I find that to be the interesting part about it. Thought sometimes it might be over the top, I enjoyed it. I guess the only major flaw I could find about this novel is just the grammatical aspect of things, but if you can bypass it and not be affected by it, it should be all good. Keep up the good work, I'm definitely enjoying this story.

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Awesome Story <3 | Great MC

To Author : Thanks a bunch for the Warning at the start where you asked us to read atleast 10 chapters before putting the review and here i am at 62nd chapter xD 


i will just say this what an Entertaining Story , dont know why when i started reading this i felt this story is just the way i like it 


PS: Thanks for taking the initiative on taking on proof Reading although it didnt bother me that much 

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Your Grammar..............

Too many grammar mistakes and please correct them cuz they degrade quality….Still readable….Lets see how story unfolds…and story doesnot have deepness.MC thinking is too absurd like 180 degree change without any explanation.

PLs update ur novell.....

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To be completely honest...

 Though the star review might seem a little harsh I can honestly say I am enjoying the story.  I’ve read a lot of stories on rr and sometimes one just needs a good old overpowered MC getting his way. Initially I was a little disappointed at the fast progression of the character but the part***spoiler*** where he looses the five elemental core made me hopeful that this won’t just be a short story where the MC suddenly becomes OP,  beats up some bad guys,  makes a harem and bam story over. This story has potential and I would love to read a few more arcs so try to slow the character progression and maybe build up some personalities.  We know about the MC’s background, so maybe a chapter solely as a back story of the side characters past.  Maybe show the struggles of Claira and Sara after the death of thier parents. Basically don’t move from one major plot setting to the next without a little bit of filler content.  And in all honesty I like this story not because of an intricate plot or amazing character personality [No offence] ,  I like it because Chris is an OP mc who is a Badass and who does what he wants and gets what he wants so don’t change that.  

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Its a good story. But one bug problem is the grammar mistakes... its amazing how someone can make so many errors while writting.

I like the mc being ruthless but i think its a little overboard to kill a complete family. At least spare the innocent.

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One of my favourite stories

I don t have to say much…tooo good of a Story(even if english isn t my First language i Can say that the grammar and style could be improved). I only hope that Mia will be part of the harem and the girls continue to improve as much as Chris so that the heroines will always be. “Usefull” for the main plot.

  • Overall Score

i admit the grammar is horrible in this story but the pull of seeing a MC actually use his power and not give a shit what other ppl think is totally worth the extra reading effort


now all we need is some good story's with a evil MC not all these op dark hero's or anti hero's letting themselves be held by the balls by there women.


keep up the good work author

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I like the story, it is very entertaining and fun to read and reminds me of arifureta. If you like good action fights, op mc with sexy harem than this is for you. Mc has power similar to druid and can control  plants and plant minions, also he later gets some powers of some other elements. I personally really enjoy reading this and I think if you like arifureta you will like this too.

  • Overall Score

really like the story

it need some editing but it still really good story. talk about payback. i really like how this story have really develop.

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Please read till ch. 10+ before you up vote or down vote lmfao

Alright, so this nov your first beginner chapters I'd say around 15 ish or so are terrible character wise, a lot is rushed and the beginning romance is forced to oblivion. Thought after the cringe worthy forced start up you continuously give good scenes and time for personalities to spread after the fact so it equals out in the end, not going to say its good to do that, but its not terrible either its just that if the beginning is so bad it turns readers away at the start and they instantly start assuming.


Your style is good so no complaint there but there is always room for improvement (not that I know what it is but since this isnt a professional novel Im guessing there is some, somewhere lol)


Story: rought start but good landing lol


Grammar: By far your weak link you throughout the entire novel say things like: And he could even see the top because it poke through the clouds. Implying that he CAN SEE THE FUCKING TOP, but then you go right ahead and say because it was through the clouds: implying HE CANT SEE IT which is it? 

Another probable you have: Killer intent isnt Killing intent like no one in all these reviews has said anything about this but killer intent is just bad grammar structure its not killer its killing can't believe no one would clue you in on this this late in the game jesus.

There are also a few other grammar points you mess up similiarly to the two i said above but at the moment I cant think of them cause I just woke up lol so that'll be it for me


Overall: Rough draft, but can me patched up to shine as brightly as any diamond if the proper effort is put into it. 3.5/5