The Strongest Job... Gardener?

by EsperReal

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Romance Harem
Chris Gelvon, a bullied and abused high schooler finds himself in another world without knowing how he got there.

With a dark pasted he travels forward through combat, revenge, love, and sorrow. On his journey, he will gain friends and enemies alike. He will topple nations, ancient evils, transcended beings, and maybe even the gods themselves.

Will he fulfill his desires or will he die trying? No one truly knows unless they read this epic of the man with the strongest job.

And that job is… a Gardener?

Note: This is my first Story so be prepared that the first ten or so chapters suck, but from what my followers comments is that it gets better after that.


Just saying i have no idea where this story is going. How the story moves is based on how i feel at the moment.
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Overlord of the Forest

Word Count (13)
Top List #2000
5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Revolve to change ago
chapter 2 the rescue request ago
chapter 3 boss fight (1/2) ago
Chapter 4 boss fight (2/2) ago
Chapter 5 The Goddess, New Skill, and the Beast's Trial ago
Chapter 6 Feeling, the truth, and foolish bandits ago
Chapter 7: Tears at night ago
Chapter 8 A fitting weapon ago
Chapter 9: The first quest of Fate ago
Chapter 10: A New Body and A Princess Reward ago
Chapter 11: The Past Of Two Snowflakes ago
chapter 12: The Heroes Arrival ago
Chapter 13: Forest Monster VS Sword Princess ago
Chapter 14: Damaged Soul ago
Chapter 15: Five Elemental Core ago
Chapter 16: Guiding Soul Stone ago
Chapter 17: Mind Corrupting Fungus Tribal Chief ago
Chapter 18: Calm before the Storm part 1 ago
Chapter 19: Calm before the Storm part 2 ago
Chapter 20: Tyrannical Power ago
Chapter 21: level 2 ago
Chapter 22: A Painful Past ago
Chapter 23: Memories not Forgotten ago
Chapter 24: Recruitment Plan ago
Chapter 25: A Moonlit Kiss ago
Chapter 26: Over Eating ago
Chapter 27: While the Monster Sleeps I ago
Chapter 28: While the Monster Sleeps II ago
Chapter 29: While the Monster Sleeps III ago
Chapter 30: The Monster Sleeps No More ago
Chapter 31: One Sided Slaughter ago
Chapter 32: Extermination and Subjugation ago
Chapter 33: Chris the Evil King? ago
Chapter 34: Chris vs Aldear ago
Chapter 35: An Overlord's Dominance ago
Chapter 36: Revenge With Benefits ago
Chapter 37: A New Nuisance ago
Chapter 38: Assassination Attempt ago
Chapter 39: Party Crasher ago
Chapter 40: A New Master ago
Chapter 41: Fate's Warning ago
Chapter 42: First Day: MVP ago
Chapter 43: The Chances of Success is 20% ago
Chapter 44: Power Unsealed ago
Chapter 45: Minions, Minions, and More Minions ago
Chapter 46: Skill and Demonstrations ago
Chapter 47: Can A Hero Change? ago
Chapter 48: The Power Of The Oppressed ago
Chapter 49: Overwhelming Power ago
Chapter 50: The Begin of the End ago
Chapter 51: A Wonderful Gift from an Enemy ago
Chapter 52: Making A Bet ago
Chapter 53: Price For Power ago
Chapter 54: A Happy Ending? ago
Chapter 55: Tears ago
Release schedule and sponsored chapters ago
Chapter 56: The Birth of An Empire ago
Chapter 57: Reunion ago
Chapter 58: The Morale of the People ago
Chapter 59: Run Away Emperor ago
Chapter 60: The World Tree Festival Begins ago
Chapter 61: The Players Begin To Gather ago
Not A Chapter ago
Chapter 62: Cunning And Shameless ago
Chapter 63: The Arrival of the Princesses ago
Chapter 64: Not A Snake, But A Spider ago
Quick announcement! ago
Chapter 65: Showing Growth I (Non PRed) ago
Chapter 66: Showing Growth II (Non PRed) ago
Not a chapter but... ago
Chapter 67: Let the match begin! ago

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Missing a few key things

I really can't describe how badly the author needs to rewrite this story. The idea is awesome. The execution is absolutely terrible. The author is absolutely the "write what comes up as you go" type and then he did a grammar pass afterwords. Thats it, and it shows. Hope he starts the story over one day. This needs to be expanded to be about 250 chapters with what he has here, and the OP turned down just a tad. Its a great idea though.

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This is a horribly schewed review as this was my first novel and on the site and i love it to death even there are short comings to it. This novel and a lot of novels I read truthfully may not be the most put together pieces of entertainment but what they are is entertainment. But also the idea that is simply being put across which I wont say to much about but simply that nature is still the mother of all. I simply love this novel as my first read on the sit and the idea being conveyed through the story so give a go if your willing. ^^_^^

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This may contain spoiler so read at your own risk.



Style is good but meh... you could do better.

The grammar is horrible some time word aren't even here or other times they are remplaced by similar sounding word with a different meaning. Good luck trying to follow the story.

The story is good. Just kidding are you *ucking serious autor? The *uck with this, The mc, a bullied student with a weight problem get sent to another world where magic exist and get the class (or job whatever you want) of Battle Gardener, that's cool a change to all the copie paste. He lvl up and all then he save a group of villager who escaped their village because od a herd of gobelins so he go killing spree all the gobelins because a the request the villager made. At the end he save all the women being raped and all, then 2 women that begin to talk to him and all that's here that we know his personnality, YEAH chap 3. So he is without emotion and trust since hes has been bullied all his life and all. Then while batling trhe boss with the 2 women he get saved by a spell, lol save each party of your member when you can is the primary objective of a party, and then POOOOOOOOOOF he is not like that anymore he fall in love and all. 

That's where I quit. *Ucking autor forcing the mc actions and all. So good story turned shitty. Wath the hell man, I was happy to finaly having found a book to read and you fucking ruin my mood.


(So for the orthograph I'm writing this in a state of rage)

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This is currently lost potential one of my favorites dropped into the abyss. Where have you gone mighty Gardener, though I consider this a super- light novel it was highly entertaining. Possible golden child here was for some unknown reason (though haven't looked at all comments so it might be actually ;p) abandoned I'm pretty sure this is a crime or it should be. Not to accuse, I know life happens, but I looked forward to these releases and I'm sure many others did to...... This was a Great Story in the making and the author was imaginative and Original even if it's over (plz come back) I'm glad I read it to its current point. (there is now a hole that will never be filled ((maybe))why do I get so attached) My thanks to you Esperreal I'm forever a fan.

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I don't see why other's are complaining about the story, he said it himself that he has no idea what he is going to do with it. By the way it's good for passing time.

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Storys like this with authors like you are the reasons i feel i should quit going on rrl


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I'm looking for a story like this one and can't find it I've read like 6 chapters of it starts out the same I think he's in the forest he can grow and control plant monsters but his monsters also have exp levels and he doesn't meet human's at least as far as I read at like the 6th chapter he fights a boss monster and like transforms into a monster hI'm self to kill him any ideas what this story is guys

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ffuck.. i couldnt continue reading.. the mc made me PUKE

the first time i saw this fiction.. ive only managed to read up to chapter 4..  coz i dont like the mc so much that i cant tolerate his existince. so i dropped it.. after reading few more other novels... i happened to se it on top weekly fiction list so i was shocked.. i couldnt believe so many people would liked this fiction.. so i tried again.. hoping that i can enjoy it.. but i just cant.. for the same reason i just cant tolerate the to read the mc.. this kind of mc is what pissed off the most.. a hypocrite bullied and coward mc that really disgust me... so i QUIT!

  • Overall Score

I mean what's with the main character going and being an ass to a goddess. Is he an idiot or something?

  • Overall Score

A good novel with the cliche “teleported to another world,” but I love them!
Needs work though, as some things are very unrealistic and have problems with grammar…