The Strongest Job... Gardener?

by EsperReal

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Romance Harem
Chris Gelvon, a bullied and abused high schooler finds himself in another world without knowing how he got there.

With a dark pasted he travels forward through combat, revenge, love, and sorrow. On his journey, he will gain friends and enemies alike. He will topple nations, ancient evils, transcended beings, and maybe even the gods themselves.

Will he fulfill his desires or will he die trying? No one truly knows unless they read this epic of the man with the strongest job.

And that job is… a Gardener?

Note: This is my first Story so be prepared that the first ten or so chapters suck, but from what my followers comments is that it gets better after that.


Just saying i have no idea where this story is going. How the story moves is based on how i feel at the moment.
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Overlord of the Forest

Word Count (13)
Top List #2000
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Revolve to change ago
chapter 2 the rescue request ago
chapter 3 boss fight (1/2) ago
Chapter 4 boss fight (2/2) ago
Chapter 5 The Goddess, New Skill, and the Beast's Trial ago
Chapter 6 Feeling, the truth, and foolish bandits ago
Chapter 7: Tears at night ago
Chapter 8 A fitting weapon ago
Chapter 9: The first quest of Fate ago
Chapter 10: A New Body and A Princess Reward ago
Chapter 11: The Past Of Two Snowflakes ago
chapter 12: The Heroes Arrival ago
Chapter 13: Forest Monster VS Sword Princess ago
Chapter 14: Damaged Soul ago
Chapter 15: Five Elemental Core ago
Chapter 16: Guiding Soul Stone ago
Chapter 17: Mind Corrupting Fungus Tribal Chief ago
Chapter 18: Calm before the Storm part 1 ago
Chapter 19: Calm before the Storm part 2 ago
Chapter 20: Tyrannical Power ago
Chapter 21: level 2 ago
Chapter 22: A Painful Past ago
Chapter 23: Memories not Forgotten ago
Chapter 24: Recruitment Plan ago
Chapter 25: A Moonlit Kiss ago
Chapter 26: Over Eating ago
Chapter 27: While the Monster Sleeps I ago
Chapter 28: While the Monster Sleeps II ago
Chapter 29: While the Monster Sleeps III ago
Chapter 30: The Monster Sleeps No More ago
Chapter 31: One Sided Slaughter ago
Chapter 32: Extermination and Subjugation ago
Chapter 33: Chris the Evil King? ago
Chapter 34: Chris vs Aldear ago
Chapter 35: An Overlord's Dominance ago
Chapter 36: Revenge With Benefits ago
Chapter 37: A New Nuisance ago
Chapter 38: Assassination Attempt ago
Chapter 39: Party Crasher ago
Chapter 40: A New Master ago
Chapter 41: Fate's Warning ago
Chapter 42: First Day: MVP ago
Chapter 43: The Chances of Success is 20% ago
Chapter 44: Power Unsealed ago
Chapter 45: Minions, Minions, and More Minions ago
Chapter 46: Skill and Demonstrations ago
Chapter 47: Can A Hero Change? ago
Chapter 48: The Power Of The Oppressed ago
Chapter 49: Overwhelming Power ago
Chapter 50: The Begin of the End ago
Chapter 51: A Wonderful Gift from an Enemy ago
Chapter 52: Making A Bet ago
Chapter 53: Price For Power ago
Chapter 54: A Happy Ending? ago
Chapter 55: Tears ago
Release schedule and sponsored chapters ago
Chapter 56: The Birth of An Empire ago
Chapter 57: Reunion ago
Chapter 58: The Morale of the People ago
Chapter 59: Run Away Emperor ago
Chapter 60: The World Tree Festival Begins ago
Chapter 61: The Players Begin To Gather ago
Not A Chapter ago
Chapter 62: Cunning And Shameless ago
Chapter 63: The Arrival of the Princesses ago
Chapter 64: Not A Snake, But A Spider ago
Quick announcement! ago
Chapter 65: Showing Growth I (Non PRed) ago
Chapter 66: Showing Growth II (Non PRed) ago
Not a chapter but... ago
Chapter 67: Let the match begin! ago

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 This only got a half star because of the interesting idea but other than that it SUCKS!

1. Any kind of story that has leveling any is meant to have the reader along for the ride showing the struggling at 1-10 than the power spike each new skill means something because it makes fighting easier and after watching the mc struggle it just adds to it. I love litrpg and you have just SPIT on it .

2. Character is bullied but now he is a badass ….um what? this is stupid i mean there is no way someone who has been bullied by so many people EVEN ADULTS would have a attitude like that and not so quickly. However now that i think on it you are just bad with characters because girl gets raped and basically says she cant believe hes not looking ….. again wtf am i reading and the final nail in the coffin a bullied fat boy not looking at the opposite sex that usual scorn him? either he is gay , religious or have someone else in his heart but he doesn’t. So dont read hurts your eyes and makes you brain scream from stupidity. 


Interesting Idea, but done terribly

Style: Is Ok, readable but. damn


Story: The Idea for the story is Interestingly Good, but holy Shit, i can't even describe how wrong it is done, it's just so unrealistic.


Grammar: (Severely in need of Proper Work Improvement )


Character: Characters is shallow, No emotion at all, feels like robot, not very realistic.


Overall : Story has a lot of potential but the execution is terrible, i suggest Redo your chapters and get a proofreader to fix your mistakes, although it is a fiction, make at least the action,to interaction to events to be realisticaly(don't know if there such word) possible, unless otherwise magic or some shit is involve/

I saw that you are asking for some Donations, So yeah i strictly encourage you to fix the mistakes, after all you're asking for money, so might as well ask for our money's worth.


@rokutora grammar is the basic building blocks of a story, so wtf are you talking about? also the ratings this fiction receiving is just right, stop being biased just because you like it, everyone here is looking at it professionally after not just some random fan, who just biasly rate it high just for the lulz.


Where is the gardener?

I'm still looking for the gardener that was supposed to be de MC...


Some who reads Google translated chapters

According to one review your grammar or spelling improves over time, if that's true I highly recommend you to go and fix  the early chapters. It was really hard for me to follow the story cause of those mistakes. A good proofreader/editor will make this problem go away.  Also I was able to somehow read until chapter 4, it felt like reading slightly better version of Google translate, and as many pointed out, character development seems to be skipping a lot. The changes are way too fast, from ignoring or outright being aggressive to omfg I can't let them die  =-= hopefully you take these review seriously and get the chapters edited, as for the story, it's yours and you can take the critical reviews in a positive manner or outright ignore it.


good idea, really bad grammar

i tried, really tried but by chapter 3 i tossed this aside.

first, way too fast paced, he knows way too much since the beginning, the MC, by your description is a looser, but behaves like a bad-ass. and this is just the tip…

second, bad grammar  i mean MOTHER OF ORTHOGRAPHY  i tried to read but it distract me too much.


but the story is good in the sense of his skills, its plant v/s zombies but new and interesting.


The story is pretty creative. The concept of plants as one of the MC’s main skills (very similar to Plants vs. Zombie by the way lol) and have him get leveled up physically too is an interesting idea. Although, I can’t say there are tremendous amount of grammatical errors. The errors tend to break the flow of the story and is very distracting. However, ignoring the grammar errors, the story is pretty good.


I hope that when you reach a certain point, you will take the time to edit the chapters so that it will easier for future readers to read.


tempo and style are broken

Interesting idea, but too hard to read.  The first few chapters feel like I am reading an outline instead of a story.  Yes, that gets around the scenes of clueless discovery and boring power grinds, but it breaks the story feel.  I had to stop reading because of lack of structure.

The Cactus

Great Potential.. but failed

 Honestly, I liked the first few chapters and I think that this author is very creative. However, I came to hate the MC as he shows no backlash of trust issues from his old life's bullying and was very.. dull?  it might have just been me, and if you like a nice, op MC, than go ahead.


Just not my cup of tea (I-its not like I want anything from you, b-but it's Tazo Zen if you are interested...b-b-BAKA)


good novel keep up the good work

overall its good but it would help if you describe stuff in chapter 1 like who bullied him, if he was close to anyone like his family friends e.t.c, you could also describe a bit about him like what he likes what he does that kind of stuff tho overall its a great story keep it up


if there is a chance could he be a dark kind of hero/demon lord kind of guy with a harem of girls that would be cool, there are not a lot of good one out there and this is promising novel and its very interesting to read  


The author said "The MC won't have a change of heart"

Thats a complete lie, this turned from a interesting novel to a cliche superhero harem novel

The characters have no real personalities, they feel fake.

Rape causes a lot of trauma, if you were raped constantly by a monster you would be mindbroken, slightly insane, or various other mental effects.

But these characters simply brush it off and joke?If this was real life they would not only be mind broken, but they would be called sluts by the towns folk and either constantly harrased or even killed.

Thats how real 'fantasy' worlds work.They are cruel and have a primtive way of thinking.