With an ear shattering boom the winged snake made of black ice fell engulfing Chris creating an explosion that shook the entire arena and sent quakes down below to the city. Shards of ice and sparks of flames burst outwards forcing Sara to use what little mana she had left to erect a barrier of ice with Claira’s support through Element Unity.

When everything settled the three peaked out from behind the barrier and saw that the arena was devastated. Random places were either scorched black or had a layer of frost on them. The arena ground filled with cracks and dug up in layers in the center from the force of the impact. The pillar that supported the canopy of the stadium were severely damagedd and looked like they could give way at any moment. Even the audience seats were not spared, if people had been actually watching the match, countless would have died.

The three took this in not believe they had caused this level of destruction but shocked them, even more, was what was in the center of the arena.

Standing in the center was Chris. Though he still stood tall his arrogant smirk was gone, his breath ragged, his body battered and bruised, but was most notable was that his left arm was mangled and twisted with blood dripping from it making a horrible sight to behold. At the last second he had covered his arm in his [Overlord’s Aura Armor] an improved version of his {Overlord’s Battle Armor]. The skill had protected his arm with a thin layer of black vines that emitted a dark green aura that significantly boost his natural defense. However, even that defense that was raised in haste was broken through not to mention the roots that had been defending him.

Claira as the healer was the first to move out of habit towards Chris with a worried almost frantic expression. Seeing her approach with completely flustered Chris chuckled and said, “I’m fine, see?”

Before their eyes Chris’ arm that looked like a dog had used it for a chew toy restored itself in seconds. The sound of bones breaking and melding together could be heard along with the nauseating sound of fleshing being ripped and twisted.

The threes hearts dropped seeing that Chris’ injury healed so quickly. Though they were glad that he wasn’t really harmed that also meant that they most likely didn’t pass his test.

With the feeling of defeat, Helina sighed which was immediately met with words of confusion.

“What with your attitudes, you did well, no better, much better than I expected!”

The three looked at Chris would was smiling filled with praise and even pride. Claira felt like it was a dream, they had worked so hard to gain Chris’ approval, was it really the end, had they succeeded?

In a daze, she asked, “then we…”

“You passed of course, and with flying colors too!” Chris exclaimed with a roar of laughter. Naturally, they passed as Chris had set a limit on himself that they need to overcome to pass his test. In truth, the fact that he had to use his [Overlord’s Aura Armor] was beyond that limit, so he couldn’t say anything but praise to them.

The first one to breakdown was the youngest, Sara. Tears started to flow as she finally lost strength in her legs. Although she was the quietest of the three, she felt just as many emotions as the other two. Always struggling, training, enduring just to be recognized by Chris. She just like Helina and Claira didn’t want to be a burden to him, but more so she wanted to stand beside him for both her sake and his. Even though she was young Sara was after all a woman, she didn’t want to feel inferior to the man she loved. Though she had given up on being as strong as Chris, she wasn’t going to be seen as weak and a burden to him.

To the side, Helina was grinning with moistened eyes and Claira, who was holding a hand in front of her mouth while hiccuping doing her best to hold back the torrent of tears.

Truthfully they didn’t think they would actually win, and the feeling had amplified after experiencing Chris’ overwhelming dominating pressure from fighting him. He hadn’t even gone on the offensive or shown any killer intent when they fought, and yet he still had been far more challenging than they had ever imagined.

Yet still, they had succeeded that was what was important.


Later that day Chris sat at his desk with Clows and Norm on the other side. While he wanted to stay with the girls all day to celebrate their growth, he was after all an emperor, it was not often he had such luxuries. Even while sitting with his two advisors he was planning of a way to escape once again.

The reason only Clows and Norm were there instead of all the different department heads like usual was because of how many different departments and groups were being made at once it was too much for all the heads to meet at once so it was decided that Clows would simply report the important matters while dealing with the smaller difficulties himself.

Clows who had been reading from his long list paused to cough and take a drink of tea so he could clear his dry throat. With his throat once again wet he continued, “from the experimental facility they report that the Elixir Fruit and the Night Cross Bush are both showing acceptable results, but the Chill Tree isn’t, instead of cooling the room it instead completely freezes it.”

Chris nodded, a week back Chris decide to create a facility that he could produce different plants with various effects. With these, Chris intended to sell them to quickly raise money for his still-growing empire. The Elixir Fruit was actually something he decided to make by being inspired by RPGs back on earth. Just like the in an RPG the Elixir Fruit was a wonder drug that would be able to cure illnesses, any negative status effects, as well as heal wounds, and even help regenerate lost limbs.

With this fruit alone he probably could become the wealthiest man alive. However, Chris had decided to sell it at an extremely high price and only on rare occasions and instead give it to his soldiers as an all-purpose healing potion which would boost the life expectancy of his soldiers by a little.

What he did plant to sell was the Night Cross bush. The bush’s leaves contained a very deadly poison that worked slowly killing the target after a few days. What made it so dangerous was that it was untraceable, odorless, colorless, tasteless, and to add to it, the poison would actually mimic the victim’s mana so it couldn’t even be traced magically. Chris, however, knew the way to cure it as well how to detect it, which is why he made it take a few days to take effect to that if someone tried to use it on someone he cared for it was possible for him to save them.

He planned to sell this on the black market as a deadly poison to assassins and other similar to them. From what Jenny had told him, any professional killer would pay large sums of money to be able to get their hands on this seemingly perfect poison.

The last one mentioned the Chill Tree was actually something Chris was creating for personal use. The tree was going to act as an air conditioner. Since using magic to cool the palace in the summer would be too wasteful. At the same time Chris had ideas to recreate various commodities from Earth like carbonated drinks and upon request of many of the girls, he knew things like skin care produces.

After going over various other things like how the first set of crops was going and negotiate with some of the nobles from the earlier party was going, Clows and Norm excused themselves to get back to the busy jobs leaving Chris to look over his seemingly endless stack of paperwork.

Only around ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. With a sigh, guessing it was Clows wanting to nag him able something Chris said, “you may enter.”

What surprised him was a soldier entered. Immediately he saluted and said, “your majesty, the 3rd princess of Invictus, Rosalina wishes to speak with you!”

Chris sighed, he didn’t want to deal with her at the moment with all his paperwork. With some irritation, he was about to tell the guard to have her leave when an then a thought entered his mind.

“Let her in, I could use a break,” Chris said with a calm smile. With a nodded the guard went to the entrance of the door and with respect motioned that she could enter.

Leaning back in his chair Chris asked somewhat mockingly, “So, what do I own the pleasure Princess Rosalina?”

Rosalina stood straight with a steer expression doing her best not to be intimidated by Chris’ nature dominating aura. Silently heaving a sigh to calm herself Rosalina looked directly at Chris and said, “Your majesty, I ask that you forgive my sister, and we forget the earlier incident so that we can move onto speaking about a way for peace between my kingdom and yours.”

Chris' eyes narrowed piercing through Rosalina the cold fire within make her tremble slightly. Slowly the calm smile on Chris’ face faded and drew back into a beast like sneer.

“Arrogance, naivety, and childish that is what I could describe your words as! YOU come to my kingdom, YOU burst into and interrupt my party, YOUR sister not only insults my guests but my wives as well, not only that but attacks ME and MY WIVES and you ask for ME to forget the matter!” Chris said with anger.

Suddenly he was in front, because of their height between them being a little less than a foot in different Chris towered over her adding an extra effect as he stared down at her with obvious rage before continuing.

“Do you understand I am already being lenient by not executing all of you for attacking the royal family!? Now you dare to stand before me and ask for me to forget the matter without so much as an apology from that bitch of a sister of yours! If you want me to forgive what happen then have your sister come before me, kneel, and beg for forgiveness!”

Rosalina felt so small in front of Chris not only physically, but mentally as well. She knew that Chris could be considered a madman and might even kill her and her sister.

What made her the most worried was that she knew her sister wouldn’t apologize much less kneel to anyone.

A cold sweat started to form on her brow, she realized that at the moment she might be in danger. Rosalina bit her lip thinking quickly. Chris seeing this inwardly chuckled and decided to push her over the edge.

“let me tell you, princess, from your sister's actions I now have a reason to go to war with your kingdom and don’t think I will hesitate to do so!” He growled while his face came closer to her’s.

Rosalina stopped, in her mind she wondered if Chris would actually start a war. Wasn’t his empire still barely established wouldn’t it be foolish to start a war now?

Then she remembered what kind of man Chris was and that he didn’t need an army as he could make one as he pleased. Still would he really, the chances of that might be high. Rosalina began to panic, could her coming to speak to Chris actually be the thing that would spark a war between him and her kingdom!?

Chris almost could keep his angry expression from turning into one of mocking laughter. Thanks to his experiences and time he had spent in Mythos his mental age far exceed his physical age. One of the key factors was when he was within the odd chamber under Little Ammy’s that made it seem like he was there for decades or even longer. Because of that, his mind was able to mature without his body aging. Though it centered mostly around combat once he began to experience more of the world the effects of his mind aging started to show.

For him to spin circles around Rosalina who though had lived roughly the same amount of time as hi, was child’s play.

Dropping his false anger, turning around Chris heaved a sigh.

“Princess Rosalina, do you care for the people of Invictus?”

Rosalina stood unmoving thinking of what to say when Chris’ tired voice brought her back to reality. Even though she was suddenly questioned Rosalina didn’t hesitate to reply, “of course, a ruler must care for his or her subjects. Even though I am just a princess that doesn’t mean I can neglect that philosophy, I will do what I can to help my people.”

A faint smile appeared on Chris’ lips, he was starting to like this girl. To him, the nobles of Invictus didn’t care for its people so he assumed that the royal family didn’t either. While Princess Marigold gave off that feeling as well as the 1st princes, he felt Rosalina was different which further increased his respect for her.

Turning back, Chris grinned wide and said with a casual tone, “I couldn’t agree more, a ruler must care for his people, or his land will fall apart!”

Looking out the window, Chris’ eyes became distant, and he remained silent for a moment. Turning his gaze from the window he once again looking at Rosalina and he said, “for now just know that I have no intentions of starting a war, the dual tomorrow will settle the anger I have towards your sister.”

Rosalina’s eyes widened. She suddenly bowed, “Thank you, your majesty, I will remember your benevolence.”

Though Chris wasn't really being benevolent like Rosalina said, she understood that in a he was since he didn’t harm them immediately or pursue war. Not to mention his words just know made her see him in a different light if ever so slightly.

Bowing again Rosalina excused herself leaving happy with the outcome. Though she didn’t stop the dual like she wanted, at the very least Rosalina now knew that the matter wouldn’t escalate any further with could be the best outcome in the current situation.

Chris sat back down behind his desk and stared out the window, a frown on his face.

“The fool, of course, I will not start a war just yet. Right now I’m stuck between three powers if I start a war without proper strength even if I can crush one the other two won’t miss the chance to either destroy or take over. For now, I have to wait until the World Tree Array is completed and ‘that’ shows some results.”


Chris trained off as an idea started to form in his head. A cold yet calm smile formed as the idea began to become clearer. After a moment, Chris waved his hand, and an Archiver appeared in his hand.

From the little floating ball, a beam of green light show out and hit the desk quickly forming into the image of Norm sitting at his desk. Norm quickly notice the image of Chris that had materialized before him and stood.

Without hesitation, Norm asked, “is there something you need your majesty?”

Nodding slowly Chris said, “Yes, arrange for a meeting with the magical alliance representatives within the hour, I have an important matter to discuss with them… also, I want you and Clows to be there as well.”

“understood, I will make arrangement immediately.” Norm said with a bow.


The next day at noon, the sun beat down on the unprotected top of the World Tree. Luckily the arena was covered by a canopy of leaves allowing only enough natural light to seep through to make the entire arena clearly visible, at the same time kept the insides cool.

The seats were packed with people both young and old, all chattering as they waited for the match to start.

Within a booth similar to a baseball stadium sat two men. One was Ron and the other…

“welcome every, I Glen Fairchild, The Commander of the Wall, it is an honor to be your announcer and host for this major event! Along with me is Lord Ron as my co-commenter.”

“Kekekeke, yes, good to be here Glen.”

Glen then swiped up his mic and stood while shouted, “Alright, before we begin, allow me to explain the rules of the dual. Each side will have a “king” that they must defend if one’s king is either defeated or captured the team loses. The King is limited to only support type skills and must at their “throne” unless attack in which they can defend themselves. Another way for a team to lose if all the soldiers are defeated making it impossible to capture the opponent's king, making for a victory by default.”

Pausing for a moment, Glen let the rules sink in to the crowd before roaring again with enthusiasm.

“Now then let’s introduces the two teams!”

From the hallway on one side of the combat stage Marigold walked out with Roe, a man in red colored light armor, and to the surprise of many people Rosalina.

As the group walked up onto the grass covered combat stage Glen’s voice vibrated through the Coliseum.

“Allow me to introduce the losing... *cough* the away team coming from Invictus lead by Rosalina, the 3rd princess of Invictus!”

It was evident by his intro that he really didn’t care to put much effort into as he quickly skimmed over their intro. The crowd, however, was ever enthused as their booing was full of vigor.

The crowd hurled various insults and mockery at the team of four to the point that everyone but Rosalina trembled with anger.

Not being about to take the harsh words of the audience Marigold shouted with rage, “Silence you filth if you have something to say come down and say it to my face, if you can’t then stay up in the stands like the cowards you are!”

For a moment everyone was quiet, Rosalina sighed and placed a hand over her face. She could understand why the crowd was so harsh. Although it only happened yesterday, the knew of what happened at the party had spread. The people of Yggdrasil revered Claira and Sara as saints for their hard work in healing the daily lives of the citizens, and her sister had attacked them. It doesn’t matter the reason all they cared about was that Marigold was an enemy that attacked two of their empires queens and even had the audacity to demand that Chris returned the land he had saved to Invictus.

Not to mention the years of suffering the people had endured and the fact that no one from the capital whether it was nobles or someone from royal family offered to help or do something about their mistreatment there obviously could only be hate and resentment within them.

From the other side of the arena, a mocking voice echoed filling the Coliseum.

“My my, just like yesterday such a short temper. As a princess, shouldn’t you act more dignified?”

Marigold whipped around to see that Chris had walked onto the stage with Helina on his right and the two elf sister on his left.

Marigold’s eyes were like daggers that pierced towards Claira, who had insulted her. Claira being confronted with such a malicious gaze simply continued to make a warm smile and laugh gentle.

Marigold opened her mouth to say something. However Glen’s voice drowned out whatever she had tried to say.

“And there they are! The brutally majestic Emperor himself, Chris Gelvon!”

The crowd once again erupted into a frenzy, but not one filled with boos and mockery, but cheers and joy!

“Along with him is the 1st Queen of Silva Imperium, known as the Warm Winter, her smile will heal any wounded heart, but don’t be fooled one wrong move and you will become an ice sculpture, Claira Gelvon!”

Claira waved to the million plus people with a gentle smile. Glen suddenly felt a shiver and realized that Claira was looking in his direction. She hadn’t like the second half of her introduce, and Glen suddenly realized that. Ron noticing Claira’s gaze placed his hand on Glen’s shoulder.

Glen looked over at Ron to see he had on a wry smile.

“Good luck.” to Glen it sounded like had said farewell to an old friend making his fear intensify several times.

Doing his best to calm himself, Glen continued his introductions of the other two, though with more caution.

“Nnnnnext! We have the 2nd Queen of Silva Imperium, the Merciless Blizzard, Sara Gelvon! Now boys, just because she’s smaller than the other two don’t –“

Before he could finish a spear of black ice that was as thin as a finger shot past Glen. The icicle lounged itself in the wall just behind him. the Icicle had just been close enough to graze Glen’s cheek. Without even looking he could feel a slight trickle of blood begin to flow.

Glen with a depressed look turned to Ron and said, “can you do the next one, I feel if I do death will be the last thing I need to worry about.”

“Sure,” said Ron with a wry smile.

Taking up his mic Ron shouted, “Now for last, but not least, the Third Queen of Silva Imperium! She is known by many names; the Queen of Wolves, the Sword Princess, the Raging Beast of Battle, the Tavern Destroyer, the-“


Helina having heard one of her more embarrassing nicknames through a fireball the size of a football at Ron. Luckily Ron was prepared for this as shown with the gleam in his eyes.

“HOOOOOO! Ultimate Defensive Move! Glen Barrier!” Ron shouted while grabbing the poor man next to him and raising him to block the incoming fireball.

In shock Glen only had time to say one thing with a dumbfound expression before he met his fiery end.

“What?... GAAAAAAH!”

Glen roared in pain as the fireball smashed into him coating him in flames. Ron immediately dropped Glen and a bucket of water materialised in his hands. Ron casual poured the water onto Glens squirming figure putting out the fire.


Ron watched Glen for a moment. Suddenly Glen opened one eye and with what little strength he had motioned Ron to come closer. Ron bent down to heard the man’s words.


“What? who are you going to do anything to me?” Ron said with a mischievous smile.

Glen forced a smile with his cracked and said, “Round 2!”



Ron not understanding what Glen meant stood up only to be hit by another fireball.


Down on the stage Chris had his head held in one hand while he questioned himself on why he let those to be the announcers.

Heaving a sigh, he looked at the team on the opposite side with a tire smile.

“Shall we begin?”


Was the response from Rosalina as she and the rest got into formation.

Chris frowned, Rosalina wasn’t in the back as he had suspected, but the man in light armor.

Chris feeling something was wrong checked to person’s status that bothered him.

Status Page
Name: Rosalina V InvictusRace: Human
Lv: 247EXP: 3964 / 4000000
Age: 17Gender: Female
Job: Priestess of TerraCombative Rank: A

3rd Princess of Invictus, Youngest Genius, One loved by the Earth,

HP 55000 / 55000MP 105000 / 105000
Str: 23500Agi: 13050
Def: 19200Magic: 34020
Luck: 120Charm: 310

Earth ShiftRank: 60
Weight of the WorldRank: 54
Terra TeethRank: 75
Ten Thousand Stone FangsRank: 58

Chris had never seen Rosalina as a combatant so he had never had checked her status before. While she didn’t seem like much of a threat since she was only an A rank, but that’s what made him nervous. Why would Marigold let her fight when she wasn’t even an S rank?

‘Could it be that Rosalina forced her?... No Marigold wouldn’t yield to her no matter what. So that means that Rosalina is their trump card.”

As he continued to speculate Glen had managed to recover enough to pick up his mic once more.

“Now…let me…start this before I…pass out.”

Inhaling deeply Glen shouted, “Let the match begin!”


Next time:

How will Rosalina effect the battle!?

Will Claira, Sara, and Helina obtain victory or taste defeat!?

Will Glen be alright from his burns!?

find out next time!


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