Good news everyone, I will be back soon!!!

First off I apologize for continuously disappearing and thank you for persisting so long.

So, I will start posting in the next two weeks (June 16th) after a take care of a few things.

Also, I'm ending the sponsored thing. however I have one more sponsored chapter i never did and because of the long wait, I will make the next chapter three times longer than usual.

anyway, going to make a WordPress, easier for me to post and more professional.

as for fixes with early chapters, i just want to finish the story then rework everything at once. reason being that every time i try to rewrite it i fall into a slump and stop writing which is very dangerous.

so expect me back in a couple of weeks.

thank you for reading my story, love you all.

sincerely, Esperreal, the only one that can tell Chris what to do.

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