The Strongest Job... Gardener?



Chapter 65: Showing Growth I (Non PRed)


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In Chris’ study, Chris sat at his desk on the other side was Claira, Sara, and Helina, only a few hours after the declaration of the match with Marigold.

With a frown Chris looked at each woman respectively before saying, “absolutely not!” his harsh rejection made the three flinch. The reason the three women were standing in front of Chris was because they ask that he would stand back in the fight with Marigold and her men.

Obviously Chris rejected the idea instantly. How could he allow himself to sit back while the three held most dear fight? It was unthinkable for him, even if he couldn't directly compete in the match Chris was more than capable of protecting them with means of support. It wasn’t a matter of vain pride or honor that he wouldn’t let them fight alone it was purely his protective heart that would not allow the three in front of him to fight without his support.

However, the three women specially Helina wouldn’t back down. Each one of them had been training for the past month and wanted to show that they weren’t helpless. To them even if they were the main fighting force with Chris supporting them it wouldn’t feel like they would be showing how far they had come.

The four locked eyes and a silent battle took place. If someone were watching this confrontation, they would say they could practically see the deadly bolts of electricity flying around them. Chris was someone that did back down normally, however maybe it was because of the relationship between them that he sighed and paused deep in thought.

Finally, Chris said with a sigh, “Fine, if you can prove yourselves I will no longer argue.” Even though his words reflected his irritation, the girls didn’t care and glanced at each other with smiles.


In a hidden arena, Chris had created the four stood. The arena, the Grand Tree Coliseum as he had named it, was hidden from the rest of the world atop the world tree. Ironically this would be where the match tomorrow would take place.

The arena was built in a large circular form with the center field spanning 300 meters and the overall structure being a little over 350 meters. Around the arena’s field row upon row of seats like a baseball stadium were made of twisted roots with moss as cushions. In total, the number of seats was in the millions one could only imagine how loud the arena would be if the place was packed. With the structure itself being made of wood that woven and twisted it looked like something out of a fairytale, like some sort of magical coliseum.

The arena’s field itself was covered in extremely short grass as to give it a natural feeling when the combatants moved. In the field somewhat near the center, Chris stood on one side, his eyes fixed on the trio opposing him.

The three each had their battle attire. Helina had a set of crimson armor that had blood red feathers coming from the shoulder pads and her waist forming a skirt. One would think that because she is the leader of the Black Wolves that she would have armor based on a wolf like her men, however, Helina’s helmet looked like a fiery bird that covered her face. By her side was a long sword that had spread wings for its guard and a few feather at the pommel. Her armor and sword gave off an elegant, but fierce aura along with her red fiery hair gave her a unique appearance

Like Helina’s outfit Sara’s equipment gave off a rather aggressive appearance. She wore a dark blue robe that looked to made of beautifully glittering scales. She had a pair of shoulder pads that were in the shape of the upper half of a snake’s head. in her hand was a staff that was was made to look like a pair of snakes that had spiraled together and split at the top to have their heads facing the opposite way. In the each of their mouths were dark blue almost black crystal like stones. With her robe being nearly skin tight showing her curved figure gave her a sinister yet seductive look.

Unlike the other two Claira didn’t wear something that looked fit for battle. Claira instead wore a fluttering white dress that had slits on the side for easy movement. Unlike Sara and Helina, Claira didn’t have a weapon, but a pair of silvery bracelets that had bells attached to them so that whenever she moved they let out a faint jingling sound. All this combined with her already gentle, happy appearance made her looked like an enchanting snow fairy that could never be touch for fear of tainting it.

Chris inwardly sighed, he had asked Ron and Gram to make them new equipment that suited them, but he didn’t think they would make things that made the three stand out so much. One elegant but fierce, one seductive but sinister, and one that was enchanting but untouchable. Each one held their own form of beauty which the two brothers seemed to have grasped when making their equipment.

Currently, the three were discussing battle plans while Chris, on the other hand, was observing their status pages.

Status Page
Name: Helina GelvonRace: Human
Lv: 425EXP: 40284 / 500290093
Age: 25Gender: Female
Job: True Fire EmpressCombative Rank: S (Late Realm [3rd stage])

Sword Princess, Youngest Prodigy, Leader of the Black Wolves, Exiled Royal, True Flame Phoenix Queen, 3rd Empress of Silva Imperium

HP 304900 / 304900MP 19200 / 19200
Str: 89050Agi: 93500
Def: 46000Magic: 65700
Luck: 240Charm: 320

True Fire Sword BurstRank: 125
Storm of the Fire BirdsRank: 112
Phoenix DanceRank: 112
True Fire FeathersRank: 103
True Flame Full BurstRank: 109
Ascension of True FireRank: 128
Elemental UnityRank: 140

Status Page
Name: Claira GelvonRace: Snowflake Elf
Lv: 410EXP: 24328 / 480483093
Age: 22Gender: Female
Job: Soft Snow EmpressCombative Rank: S (Late Realm [1st Stage])

1st Princess of the Snowflakes, Warm Winter, Lover of the Forest Monster, Soft Snow Butterfly Monarch, 1st Empress of Silva Imperium,

HP 90500 / 90500MP 245000 / 245000
Str: 34500Agi: 47245
Def: 20043Magic: 604335
Luck: 310Charm: 330

Gentle Winter BreezeRank: 103
Soft Snow StormRank: 100
Enchanting ColdRank: 102
Soft Snow WingsRank: 96
Infinite WhiteRank: 106
Soft Snow MetamorphosisRank: 112
Elemental UnityRank: 154

Status Page
Name: Sara GelvonRace: Snowflake Elf
Lv: 410EXP: 24328 / 480483093
Age: 19Gender: Female
Job: Black Frost EmpressCombative Rank: S (Late Realm [1st Stage])

2nd Princess of the Snowflakes, Merciless Billiard, Lover of the Forest Monster, Ruler of Frozen Snakes, 2nd Empress of Silva Imperium

HP 67000 / 67000MP 450000 / 450000
Str: 20200Agi: 32055
Def: 10030Magic: 539000
Luck: 290Charm: 310

Frozen FangsRank: 115
Frost SerpentRank: 108
Icicle Scale StormRank: 101
Cold CoilingRank: 112
Frozen End OrochiRank: 112
Final Frost Royal RequiemRank: 112
Elemental UnityRank: 154

Chris stopped, until now he had never checked their status pages because how busy he was with other matters. Not only had they reached late realm, but even their jobs had changed! What he couldn’t understand was how, though it was possible only under rare conditions and luck could a job change. What’s more is the skill they all share, Elemental Unity. Even when he tried to analyze it all he got was a brief description saying “this skill allows the user to unify their power with others that possess the Elemental Unity skill.”

What did unify their power mean? While he did completely understand Chris hypothesized that it magnified their elemental abilities, but something told him it was more than that.

Shaking his head Chris called out to the three.

“Alright the match will be simple, we will fight, and if you manage to push me far enough then it's your win, understand?”

The three nodded and took battle stances in a triangular formation with Helina in the front and the sister elves in the back. Each one wore a serious expression the tension between could easily be seen, each one ready to battle to prove themselves.

Inwardly, they thought Chris was taking light of them which caused them to feel somewhat annoyed especially the prideful and hot-tempered Helina.

“Ok let show this condescending bastard that he can’t look down his wives!” Helina shouted which got to shouts of approval from behind her.

With a faint smile that couldn’t be seen by the girls Chris calmly said, “come at me, let's see how much you’ve improved.”

Along with his words Chris activated his skill Pressure of the Forest. Instantly Claira and Sara were nearly immobilized from the dense intimidating pressure that exploded from Chris like a torrent of water holding them in place. They finally understood why all his enemies until know showed fear in front of him, Chris was just too overbearing!

Helina, however, didn’t hesitation pushed off the ground dashing forward at top speed. She was familiar with this sensation since she sparred with Chris countless times in the past.

In less than two seconds she was in front of Chris swinging her sword cloaked in golden raging flames down with a furious battle cry. Seeing the flaming blade approach his face with deadly force Chris snorted condescendingly. A root as thick as a man’s arm burst from this back to meet the burning blade.

A loud boom resounded as the two powerful force collided sending a shockwave out nearly blowing Claira and Sara off their feet. However, that shockwave woke them up from the fearful daze. Shaking their heads the two prepared to chant each being surround by magic circles that glowed brightly.

Chris eyed the two and clicked his tongue. From his back, another root shot out intending to strike at Helina, who was still locked with his first root. Reacting instantly Helina activated Pheonix Dance, which made golden flames erupt from her body increasing her speed and power allowing her to dodge the oncoming root by rotating her body to the side.

Chris' eyes narrowed and the root which had missed curved aiming for her back. Helina sensed the incoming danger, but instead of dodging to the side she ducked forward under the root that blocked her path and stabbed upward aiming at Chris’ chest.

With Helina’s flaming sword tip coming at him threating to impale his chest, Chris didn’t even flinch. From the first root that was directly behind Helina, small roots emerged and shot towards her back. Snorting Helina dropped her sword and dove rolled to the side out of the roots way.

She ended up behind Chris’ right side in a kneeling position. Quickly turning around she raised her hand and the sword that had fallen to the ground transformed into a streak of golden flames that surged towards her. Helina caught the streak of fire and it reformed into her sword

Chris not moving to even turn around raised his hand and snapped his fingers. From the ground, four trees emerged that transformed into three-meter tall Bulwarks wielding halberds and shields. Just as the four knights like minions were about to charge Helina Claira used Gentle Winter Breeze, and a cold wind swept passed Chris and wrapping around the Bulwarks. When the cold wind surrounding them, a thin layer of ice started to form on their bodies slowing their movements until they stopped completely and shattered.

At the same time above Sara tens of black ice spears had formed.

“Frozen Fangs!” Sara shouted and flicked her hand forward signaling for the icy spears to surge forward toward Chris. Like rain the spears of ice came down with the entent to turn Chris into a porpupine. At the same time Helina had used True Fire Feathers which created tens of fire balls that rushed towards Chris’ back.

A shower of black Ice from the front and swarm of fire balls from the back, they weren’t making it easy for Chris to defend. Stretching out his hands two roots came from this hands, they quickly split and expanded outwards creating to umbrella like shields.

Another shockwave came as the two elemental attacks meet Chris’ defense.

“that had to have done something, right?” Sara said with hopefully. Sadly as the smoke and dust that was kicked up cleared Chris’ icily calm voice came, “is that all?”

The three girls flinched as they saw that Chris was unaffected not only that he stilled hadn’t even moved from his original location. Each one of them showed shocked expressions, how could he have received no damage? It was now that they understood why all enemies Chris faced had the same expression they were currently wearing.

Overwhelming control of the battle that was Chris strength, they knew that, but none of them expect him to be so powerful! Among them, Helina was the only one that had spared with Chris almost daily before he had fought with Ginmer. Since then his power had increased several times widening the gap from before severely.

Before Chris was indeed overwhelming, but now his abilities were ridiculous especially to Claira and Sara, who have never sparred with Chris and only had seen his strength from the sidelines.

The trio now fully understood the odds they faced. Before they had subconsciously thought this was going to be much easier because of their relationship with Chris causing them to underestimate him!

Exactly Chris was impressed by how fast they had grown. A couple months ago just by summoning some minions would have brought the same result as now. However, that last attack had actually made him defend himself seriously. Although the three girls didn’t see it, Chris had raised a barrier of roots that absorbed the damage then disappeared instantly.

Combined Helina, Claira, and Sara’s strength wasn’t merrily at the S rank.

Still it wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy Chris. Sweeping his gaze over the trio, he said with a faint smile.

“if that all you have? then –“

“We're not done yet!” Helina roared raising her sword. On the tip flames appeared surging upwards. The flames formed a ball that was 2 meters in diameter that started to quickly change from gold to a pure white. When the ball of fire had turned completely white, it began to expand.

At the same time, Sara had started to chant. The mana they released for their spells was so abundant that one could see specks of blue mana coming from them lightly swirling around them as the air around them grew colder by the second.

Chris looked at the two sides with a grin and thought ‘with the power they are collecting they might actually be able to do something, but…’

Around Chris countless bramble vines emerged from the ground weaving together into a cage of bramble that was covered in purple flowers. From the flowers petals fell but didn’t fall to the ground instead they started to gentle float around the cage like they were living creatures. This was one of Chris’ skills that was created by merging Fortress of Bramble and Rasor Petal Barrier, Blooming Razor Bramble Stronghold. Its defensive strength exceeded the abilities of the other two skills combined making it impossible for anyone under SS rank in the late realm to get through and that was only if they were an offensive type.

Finally, after a half a minute the two were ready to attack.

Over Helina’s head was a ball of white flames that was around 15 meters in diameter. It swirled slowly changing shape into a massive phoenix! While around Sara a snake with eight heads made of pure black ice had formed.

Glancing at each attack, Chris again grinned and said with a chuckle, “True Fire Full Burst Pheonix and Frozen End Orochi, huh! Both look pretty strong, let's see what you’ve got!”

Helina smirked and shouted with confidence, “Fine, but don’t regret it!”

“We will show you just how far we’ve come!” Sara passionately cried with a grim expression.

In unison the two attacks launched with the screech of a Phoenix and the hissing roar of eight snakes. As the attacks got closer the petals that had been lazily floating around the cage of bramble that protected Chris suddenly moved revolving around the dome creating another layer of defense.

The two attacks smashed into the petals being ripped to shreds by the razor sharp petals. Helina grit her teeth and let out another battle cry pouring more mana into her attack. The Phoenix responded with a screech and started to once again grow in size increasing the pressure on the barrier of spinning petals.

On the other side the eight snakeheads were breathing streams of icy wind onto the wall of swirling petals, it seemed to be slightly more effective than Helina’s attack most likely because Sara had more mana to use than Helina. Sadly the eight snakeheads’ attacks were making it through. Taking a deep breath and exhaling Sara also pushed as much mana into her attack causing the size of the icy streams to double in size.

Finally, they broke passed the wall of petals and started to attack the cage of bramble. ‘Alright, just a little more!’ They both thought seeing that they finally made progress. However, both saw that Chris didn’t looked worried at all.

With a sigh, he said, “I had hoped for more… I guess we should end this.”

“I completely agree!”

Chris’ eyes shifted to Claira, who had her eyes closed. Slowly her eyes opened and a large smile formed on her face. Suddenly a powerful surge of mana came from Claira that even made Chris raise his eyebrows in surprise.

Claira looked at Chris with an ominous glint in her eyes along with a smiling face and said, “now that I’m ready, so like you said let's end this!”

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