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Chapter 64: Not A Snake, But A Spider


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Time stopped for the ballroom. After seeing what happened to the Elf Representative earlier, the nobles and even the people from the Magical Alliance expected a battle to begin. What made them more worried than before was the fact that Roe was an SS rank and he had nine other S ranks with him. If a fight broke out now, the destruction wouldn’t be small.

Chris, who was still in the middle of the parted crowd, glanced at the people of the Magical Alliance. His eyes rested on two of the guards. One from each of the two parties that were still in the room after the elven escorts left with their prince. These two guards met eyes with Chris for less than a second, but they had faces full of surprise. Chris knew these two were the actual escorts, after all, who would send princesses and princes into enemy territory with an escort of slightly above average strength?

Returning his gaze to the annoyances in front of him, Chris’ calm smile curled upwards into a smirk while thinking ‘Guess it’s time to have some fun, entertain me well ladies.’

When Chris stood in front of the nobles that had attended the party Chris chuckled and said, “You know, jokes like that aren’t too funny since they might be taken seriously.”

“I am serious now what will you do? Answer!” Marigold shot back with anger. Chris’ eyes widened pretending to be surprised before bursting into laughter. He bellowed loudly while Marigold and her escorts slowly grew even more furious. Only Rosalina kept calm. She had expected Chris to act this way. The trouble came more from her sister who was unreasonable, unlike Chris.

“You bastard! How dare you to laugh? Show some respect!” Roe stepped forward ready to fight. Normally he wouldn’t be so quick to use violence, but normally his princess won’t be treated with such disrespect.

Chris suddenly stopped laughing. His icy stare pierced Roe, but surprisingly he didn’t even flinch, outwardly anyway. Chris inwardly praised his willpower and decided to be a little more serious. With a relaxed expression, he responded “Show some respect? I show respect when one deserves it. You come into MY city, barge into MY party, insult MY guests, and you think you have the right to demand the land that YOU agreed to give me? Your arrogance knows no bounds. Didn’t your mother teach you to greet the host at the very least? *Sigh* That is what I can’t stand about your type. No manners and no respect yet you demand manners and respect from others. So childish.” Chris sounded as if he was scolding a child which made Roe’s face go red and caused some of the nobles to snicker.

Marigold, who was thoroughly enraged, glared with such fury, people thought fire would shoot from her eyes. Being scolded by not only someone she looked down upon but who is also younger than her was too much. She was a princess of one of the most powerful kingdoms and she was being scolded by this young man. Unacceptable!

Marigold forced herself to remain calm and said through grinding teeth, “We did say you could have this land. However, it was merely to replace the Earl. It is not yours to use free as you were supposed to become a vassal to Invictus like Ginmer not break off.”

Sara, who couldn't take anymore, stepped out, her face grim and icy. Striding forward she stood beside Chris and took a lecturing pose.

“That was not what I remember. You are only twisting words for your own gain. It seems that the royal family is just all talk with lies and deceit. Why must you be so foolish and simple minded as to resort to such obvious lies.”

While Sara was speaking Claira had taken to Chris’ other side and added “Don’t think just because you have power you can act with such arrogance. Humph. Typical human royalty trash through and through.”

That was the last straw. Marigold, who found magical races disgusting couldn’t tolerate being insulted by Sara and Claira in the slightest. Just as Claira had finished a ball of fire was only a few feet from her face. A massive explosion shook the room as the fireball detonated on impact.

Marigold had confidences that even with Chris’ abilities, at such a close range, not even he could block such an attack. Brimming with confidences she signaled her men to be ready to fight. As the smoke cleared, Marigold’s expression soured and then changed to horror.

Chris stood exactly where he had been before, however behind him was a wall of roots and a Bulwark stood in front of both Claira and Sara each with their shields raised with only some slight burn marks as damage. Everyone watched the burn marks instantly vanished as they regenerated.

Even Roe was shocked, but that was because he had seen what had happened just before the fireball exploded. In that split second Chris had created the two Bulwarks and at the same time, the wall of roots had appeared. However, none of that was what Roe was concerned about. What caused him to be somewhat fearful was that Chris himself didn’t defend at all! Chris had only stood there with a smirk which made Roe think he was crazy, but when the smoke cleared he was completely unharmed!

Though Roe could do the same, he knew Chris was a caster type. Even if he was an SS rank, a caster types attack, even if it was from an S rank, should have at least caused substantial damage. Roe understood that Chris was much more dangerous than he thought.

Roe sadly didn’t get the luxury to ponder on that as Chris was moving forward with murderous eyes. Roe attempted to run to his princess’ side but was stopped when chains suddenly wrapped around him from nowhere. He fell to the floor and looked up to see Ron and Gram starting down at him.

Roe struggled to get free and shouted, “Princesses! Both of you run! Men, defend them with our lives!” Ron cackled and knelt down to say “Kekeke. Don’t move shield boy. The master is too busy killing your princess to deal with you. As for your men…”

Ron directed his eyes back and when Roe followed his face paled. Jenny and a few men in black were standing in the center of his men who had fallen to the floor with a pool of blood forming around them in a circle. Those were his best men and they had been taken out without even a sound.

Roe trembled. He had completely underestimated Chris and had let his guard down enough to allow himself be captured so easily. To him Chris seemed like a scheming snake with words as his greatest weapon, but he was really a spider, waiting for his prey to slip up and become ensnared before finishing them. With him being the only SS rank in the room other than himself Roe had been a little relaxed, but even if Chris was just a snake he should have known that his confidence must have come from something unseen.

Marigold was dumbfounded. Chris had far exceeded her wildest expectations. Now she was going to be killed. She could feel it. The pressure Chris released was monstrous. It weighed down on her, making her legs tremble. With each step, Chris took forward Marigold took a step back. She thought of apologizing or attempting to run, but she understood neither of those choices would save her. Suddenly Chris’ cold voice came.

“Move aside or you will die as well.”

Marigold stared. In front of her Rosalina stood with her arms spread. She shook her head while being so scared she couldn’t even speak. Still, she held her ground, unmoving while resisting the monster in front of her.

Chris’ eyes bore holes into Rosalina as he said, “Unlike your sister you haven’t done anything to warrant my anger so I will say it again. Move aside Princess Rosalina!”

“No! I will not let you harm my sister! if you want to kill her then you must kill me first!” She shouted without hesitation. Chris cursed inwardly. He still had many uses for Rosalina. He couldn’t kill her now even if he wanted to! If she didn’t have any more uses he would have killed her already!

Still somewhere in his heart Chris respected Rosalina. To be able to stand up to him to defend her sister is something that requires tremendous courage and willpower. It somewhat reminded him of himself, though he had always had to power to protect his loved ones except for a few times. He inwardly sighed not showing it on his face and thought ‘Well, everything is still going according to the plan, more or less, so why not test her resolve.’

Without worrying Chris thrust his spear towards Rosalina with it stopping only a few centimeters from her left eye. A shockwave of wind burst from behind her from the force of Chris’ sudden strike, still she hadn’t even flinched which gained another level of respect from Chris.

With a snort, Chris retracted his spear and pierced it into the ground. Like a worm, it burrowed back into the floor, merging with it as if it was never there. Chris’ eyes softened for only a second before regaining their coldness.

Looking into Rosalina’s eyes he said, “If you wish me to spare you and your sister how about we make a deal?”

“What kind of deal?” Rosalina said without hesitation. A cruel smile appeared on Chris’ face as he saw the fish take the bait.

Spreading his arms wide, Chris said “Since your sister seems to like violence let’s do this. Tomorrow we will have a battle! The rules will be simple. Each side will have a leader that cannot attack unless attacked first and must remain in the back. The leader is limited to support and debuff skills while three other people fight. Of course, I will be the leader on my side as for my team…”

Chris swept his hand back pointing at Claira, Sara and Helina. “I think my wives also want to deal out some punishment for the trouble you have caused. Especial these two whom your sister just attacked.”

“That’s right. I’m more than happy to help as it’s an empress’s job to help her emperor deal with trouble makers. Hohoho!” Claira said calmly with a gentle laugh. She had a warm smile on her face that spoke of friendliness and love, but to everyone else right now it was the smile of a demon whose laugh sent shivers down their spines.

Sara remained silent, but her bloodlust spoke for her. Helina cracked her knuckles, completely destroying the beautiful lady image she had just a moment ago and said “Ready anytime.”

Chris chuckled and said “There you have it. I will see to it that those knights are properly healed so you have more options to choose from since unlike your side I believe fairness is important and taking advantage of other’s misfortunes is wrong!”

The nobles, not knowing Chris’ true nature, bought what he said at face value and applauded his action of mercy and fairness. On the other hand, the ones who knew him could only sigh or put on a wry smile. Rosalina might also have been deceived if she had not known what Chris was truly like, but because she was aware of what kind of man he was, could only exhale with exhaustion.

Then Rosalina realized something and said, “Wait. Those knights are –“

“Quite alive. I was just adding effect. After all. It’s easier to manipulate someone in a chaotic mental state.” Chris replied before she could finish.

Behind Marigold was frozen in place. She had been completely played. This duel he had set up was what he was going for the entire time. He had provoked her, using her short temper and hatred for magical races in order to easily control her.

Marigold cursed under her breath, but quickly regained her composure and glared at Chris. Looking him directly into his eyes, Marigold didn’t falter, but Chris could see the traces of fear and anxiety in them. Chris met her gaze with a calm smile, he had accomplished his goals for this first encounter: Have them accept the duel, plant fear in their hearts and have them in his debt for not killing them when he obviously could and showing mercy. Just like with the elf prince this kind of trap was too easy to perform.

“Now then for the terms of the duel. The winner can demand three things from the losing side. Does that sound agreeable?” Chris exclaimed with a calm smile.

‘Agreeable my ass! He knows we have no choice at this point! He’s just being greedy!’ Rosalina thought to herself, but didn’t disagree and nodded her head.

With the deal struck Chris ended the party and the two ambassadors as well as the people from Invictus went to their provided rooms. That night, Chris stared out into the distance with a frown.

“Those damn demons are slower than I thought. Its good that I managed to buy some time…” He paused for a moment before his frown changed into a sinister smile “Well this might be a good thing since it gives those three a chance to test their new jobs in real combat. Hahaha. If you think they will be easy to beat because I am not directly fighting and you have that captain of yours then be ready to cry oh foolish princess MAR-I-GOLD. Hahahahahahaha!”

Chris continued to laugh as he watched three figures sparring in an enclosed area hidden from the others that was filled with raging golden flames, black ice and pure white snow, as well as three beautiful beasts fighting elegantly as well as savagely.


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