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Chapter 63: The Arrival of the Princesses

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Having made it to the gates of Yggdrasil, a man riding a golden Rip Claw rode up to the guard post. He wore a suit of armor, fashioned to resemble a golden dragon. This man was the captain of Princess Marigold’s dragon knights, Roe Victon. Roe was in his late thirties. With rough but charming looks that matched well with his sharp blue eyes and short cut black hair giving him the look of a great hero or roguish prince.

When he reached the guard post the man, sitting in the window to check people wanting to enter, stiffened.

“We have come to have an audience with your emperor! Please let us through!” Roe said with a friendly but at the same time commanding tone. The soldier twitched and scowled but didn’t retort and walked off. Roe could hear some words coming from the back, from the sound of it they weren’t good ones. After a moment, the guard came back with a grim expression and the gate opened.

The guard looked at the Roe and said curtly “You may enter.” “Thank you!” Roe replied respectfully, the guard only nodded in response.

Roe went back to the set of carriages and lead the group through the gates. When the carriage carrying the princesses passed the guard nearly spat in their direction but restrained himself since it would only get him into trouble.

“it would seem that we are not that welcome here.” Rosalina frowned as she looked out the window. The city was quiet but not because the streets were empty. The citizens were actually lining the sides of the road, glaring at the knights and carriages that passed. They whispered various harsh words like ‘why are those bastards here?’ or ‘hasn’t Invictus caused us enough grief?’

Though Ginmer was the one that caused their pain and suffering, he was still a vassal to Invictus who did nothing to stop him. To them, they were no different that the man that plagued them for so long.

Suddenly a rock was thrown from the crowd and struck the carriage carrying the princesses. “Get out of our home you bastards!” a young man that couldn’t even have been eighteen shouted with bloodshot eyes of rage. Instantly the knights reacted shouting, dismounting, and were about to jump into the crowd to seize the young man when Roe’s thunderous roar halted them.

“You fools, who said for you to act!”

“But Captain!”

“Enough! If we cause problems even if they were the ones to start it, it will only bring us trouble!”

Roe managed to calm down his men just in time before something irreversible happened. Unfortunately, when the people heard Roe and his men weren’t going to retaliate they began to bombard them with curses and insults that made even Roe start to lose his cool.

Moving through the streets being assaulted with all kinds of slander the knights became more and more hot-blooded. They were itching to beat the people throwing harsh words at them and were waiting for a reason.

Finally, Marigold herself couldn’t take it anymore and stuck out her head.

“Silence you peasants! Do you know who you are cursing, continue your words and you will not be let off easy!” She shouted thinking that would quiet them. Normally it would, after all, she was a princess of a powerful nation, so who would dare to continue knowing that they may even die?

However, the people of Yggdrasil had been fed up with such things long ago. They would not be silenced. It even had the opposite effect, causing some of the men to grab weapons in their search for blood. The crowd entered the streets encircling the Knights.

Roe realized that the situation had just reached a point that no matter what, it would end poorly for them. With a few gestures he quietly ordered his men to prepare for battle. Just as the first man was taking a step from the crowd, a voice broke through the roars and shouts of violence.

“That is quite enough! You are proud people of Silva Imperium do not degrade yourselves to mongrels!”

From the crowd, Norm appeared with ten Black Wolf Royal Guards at his back. The citizens seeing Norm, one of the emperor’s inner circle, instantly ceased their violent behaviors and out of respect backed off to the roadsides. To them, Norm’s words were the words of their emperor whom they revered to extremes. Not wanting to disappoint or bring disrespect to him the mass of people sobered up.

Norm walked forward and made a polite bow.

“Forgive them, they have already suffered greatly and were only just set free. Seeing a foreign power and the same one who caused their pain, it would be difficult to suppress their emotions, yes?”

Captain Roe eyed Norm and couldn’t help but take note of him for his shrewdness.

“And you are?” Roe asked shortly

In the face of Roe’s rude words Norm being true to his position held his cool and politely replied: “I am Norm Colfer, head of Foreign and Diplomatic affairs.”

Roe stopped, seeing that this man was most likely one of their biggest obstacles he straightened slightly and sternly, but with more of a respectful tone than just a moment ago.

“Still for these people to act in such a way towards the princesses, don’t think your emperor won’t hear about this,” Roe said coldly. Inwardly Norm chuckled. So what if he says something? It’s not like Chris would care. In fact. It was more likely that he would twist it into his advantage.

“Fufufu, make the complaint if you desire, but let us not waste any more time here. The party has already started and you are the last on the guest list.” Norm chuckled as he led the group towards the Great Tree Palace. Behind him, Roe started to have a bad feeling. They had come unannounced, but it seems that Norm was expecting them. How is that possible? They had taken a few secret routes to caught Yggdrasil by surprise. Suddenly Roe realized that the guard at the gates hadn’t shown much of a reaction to them either.

It was then that Roe remembered what he overheard Princess Rosalina telling Princess Marigold before they reached Yggdrasil. Expect the Emperor to already know what you were planning.


A half an hour later Princess Marigold, Princess Rosalina, Captain Roe, and ten of his strongest men walked through the halls making their way to the ballroom where the party was being held. As for the other knights they were shown to their rooms where they will be staying while they were in Yggdrasil. At the same time, Roe wanted them to monitor the princesses’ rooms to make sure no one tried to steal anything or plant anything dangerous inside their rooms.

“Now welcoming 1st Princess of Invictus, Marigold Invictus and 3rd Princess of Invictus Rosalina Invictus!”

Reaching the large double doors to the ballroom, they slowly swung open while someone announced their arrival. Marigold walked in with her head held high and a condescending look on her face as she swept her eyes across the party guests.

By now Gill had been escorted to the hospital to treat his wounded shoulder and the party had regained its merry mood though it should be noted that the nobles were somewhat more cautious. The guest all turned their attention to the two princesses and the knights escorting them with nervous looks. Marigold was famous for her straight forward arrogant nature, after seeing what happened to the ‘prince of the elves’ Gill, they feared that another fight might break out. By the looks of the knights behind the two princesses, the next one would be more dangerous for spectators like them.

What made things worse was that the nobles didn’t exactly know where Chris stood in his feelings for Invictus. Was he an enemy or an ally? That was the question once again running through their minds with sweet starting to run along their backs.

“Welcome to my capital Princess Marigold and it is good to see you again Princess Rosalina!” a calm, well-mannered voice came from the mass of people which parted for Chris to appear walking slowly with his arms spread in greeting.

Marigold instantly sized up Chris as he did the same to her. Chris was somewhat surprised. Marigold was not like the other royalty he had met so far. She and her job might be a little annoying.

Status Page
Name: Marigold InvictusRace: Human
Lv: 325EXP: 57909 / 23600000
Age: 28Gender: Female
Job: Grand Flame MageCombative Rank: S (Middle Realm [2nd Stage])

Flaming Monarch, Lady of Cruel Fire, Prideful Lioness, Slayer of the Retched, Aggressive Strategist, Controller of the Evil Fire

HP 100300 / 100300MP 224050 / 224050
Str: 13840Agi: 11045
Def: 8570Magic: 408203
Luck: 250Charm: 230

Blazing BeastRank: 205
Volcanic VolleyRank: 198
Wall of MagmaRank: 174
Storm of Blazing EndRank: 157
Requiem of Fire and AshRank:139
Evil Fire ReleaseRank: 120

Evil Fire? Sounds weird and troublesome. I doubt that it will be much against me, but this might throw the plan off course a little if she acts as I suspect. Chris mused to himself as his eyes trailed over the Knights behind the two princesses. Each one of them was an S rank, but none were noteworthy in Chris’ eyes. However, the Knight Captain Roe did catch Chris’ attention, making him careful study his status page.

Status Page
Name: Roe VictonRace: Human
Lv: 810EXP: 57909 / 23600000
Age: 37Gender: Male
Job: Aura GuardianCombative Rank: SS (Late Realm [3rd Stage])

Shield Master, Defender of the Hot Blood Princess, Gentle Hearted Man, One Man Fortress

HP 3049030 / 3049030MP 120300 / 120300
Str: 130900Agi: 109080
Def: 450040Magic: 100354
Luck: 100Charm: 300

Aura ShieldRank: 370
Aura BarrierRank: 332
Counter DefenseRank: 365
Pain is GainRank: 388
Reverse GuardRank: 334
Full Surge Aura ShieldRank: 310

To Chris, his Job seemed very normal which he found odd. Only abnormal people could reach that level. Chris guessed it had to do with an absurd amount of honing his skills as they were such high ranks. Chris made a mental note that he should boost the analyzing abilities on his Archivers. As of right now they could see power levels, but nothing specific. Sadly, for a defensive type like Roe power levels didn’t really give a proper gauge on his abilities, but in hindsight Chris hadn’t run into anyone with a defensive job at his level.

Lucky it was still within the safe margin for his schemes so it didn’t really matter.

Marigold frowned, “Not only are your people disrespectful, but you also allow such vermin here!” she said with venom in her words as she looked over at the Ambassadors of the Magical Alliance and their escorts. Veins appeared in both Princess Ren and Prince Brom’s foreheads.

“What was that you savage woman!” Prince Brow roared, but Princess Ren stopped him with her hand. She smiled coldly at Marigold and said, “How rude. Though we have never met, you call us vermin. Now I can see the rumors of you scaring away all your suitors were true. After all, with a vulgar mouth and harsh personality no wonder no man wants you.”

Marigold’s face turned bright red with rage and embarrassment. It was true. Many men had left her because of her temper. Even when she tried to keep calm it would always slip out. To her this was a landmine that shouldn’t be touched as it was something that caused her to despair since unlike her other two sisters she didn’t have a beautiful body or gentle charm.

At that moment Roe stepped forward his face twisted by rage, “How dare you speak that way to the princess, you beast woman!”

The escorts finally snapped with the racial slur that Roe had shouted and drew their weapons. Even if they couldn’t win in a fight against Roe and his men, they still couldn’t sit back and watch when such words were directed at their princess.

“Enough!” To everyone’s surprise Rosalina who had been silent the entire time acted as a mediator to stop the battle before it happened. Ren also signaled for her side to step down. If Roe and his men attacked first then Chris would be forced to help as they were causing trouble in his territory, however if her side still showed hostility, after Rosalina forced Roe to back down, the situation would reverse.

The two sides glared at each other before backing off returning to their original positions. It was obvious that both sides were still ready to fight as their hands were still at their weapons.

Chris, feeling irritated, decided to move the game along. With his usual calm smile, Chris turned back to the two princesses and asked “So what is your business here if I may ask.”

Rosalina was about to speak.

However, Marigold spoke first with a harsh, condescending tone “It’s a simple matter. We have come to ask you to either become a vassal of Invictus or step down from your throne and hand back our land.”


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