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Chapter 61: The Players Begin To Gather


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“Those Damn vermin, trying to take in stolen land!”

In a carriage surround by fully armored knights riding on the backs of Rip Claws that were twice the size that they should be the 1st princess of Invictus, Marigold cursed when a scout informed her that the Magical Alliance’s ambassadors had made it to Yggdrasil before her.

Marigold was a tall, slender woman, with golden hair that curled making it look like she had a golden cloud going down her back. Mix with her golden eyes, sharp facial features as well as the lack of sex appeal like Rosalina, and her short temper has given her the nickname, the Golden Demon.

Across from her, Rosalina sat somewhat worried.

“Sister calm down, it doesn’t matter if they got their first, that man is calculating he won’t accept their offer lightly.”

Marigold raised her an eyebrow and fixed a cold questioning look on her little sister.

“You seem to have a good impression of this man, could it be you hold feelings for him?”

Rosalina instantly blushed and waved her hands while denying her sister, “No no no you have it all wrong, it’s just I know that much about him.”

Marigold continued to stare at her sister while letting out an ‘hmm’. Rosalina looked down not wanting to meet her sister’s eyes. Even she didn’t know what she felt towards Chris. Sometimes she hated him, other she felt admiration, and sometimes…

Not wanting to think about it anymore Rosalina shook her head and looked back up at her sister who had a faint warm smile. Marigold loved Rosalina very much to the point that she was overprotective at sometimes especial when it came to men. Still it made her laugh seeing her sister act so innocent.

However, that didn’t mean she would let Rosalina go so easily. The objective is to either turn Silva Imperium into a vessel kingdom or take it back by force. For that Marigold had brought her strongest knights. Though they only came to fifty, the weakest of them was an A rank of the middle realm while the strongest were her four dragon knights who were each SS ranked.

She had kept them hidden and nurtured their growth in secret wait for an opportunity like this. If she could retake the land that Chris had claimed or made them into a vessel kingdom under her command then with her dragon knights and her current territory, she would disrupt the power difference in the war for succession. Especial with her brother Qin having failed several times in a row, now was the time to take as risk!

Suddenly a knight came up beside the carriage and bowed.

“My lady I have an urgent report.”

Marigold turned and waved a hand signaling him to speak. Coughing once the man gave his report.

“We have discovered that a vast horde of mid-ranking demons lead by a high ranking demon is approaching Yggdrasil!”


Chris smirked and placed a hand on his chin pretending to be in thought.

“that’s fine take them to the waiting room and tell them I will receive the shortly.”

The soldier saluted then left in a hurry.

Clows and Norm fixed Chris looks of suspicion. Clows had a hint of annoyance in his eyes unlike Norm because he knew Chris all too well. It was evident that Chris knew that the representative was coming and did say anything. He could only sigh in his exhaustion of dealing with his secretive emperor.

“How long have you know?”

“Hmm, I’d say around two weeks.”

Both men stiffened. Two weeks? That would mean that he knew around the time they started planning the festival. Suddenly Clows remembered something that Chris had spoken about it being an opportunity to invite the nobles around the area. Did that mean this was all his plan and he wasn’t just talking about the festival?

Again Clows could help but admire Chris for being so cunning. However, the problem was how was he planning to use them, if it were only an ambassador they wouldn’t have that much strength. Not only that but fighting with them could cause the sparks of war to ignite a fire. No that couldn’t be his plan right? There had to be more to it.

“So what do you plan to do with them?”

Chris looked at Clows with a sinister grin.

“Be patient Clows, the game can’t begin until all the players have gathered.”

Chris then stood and strode over to the window to look out into the night. Turning his calm smile looked like that of a demon’s as his back was bathed in moonlight.

“But I might as well tell you who the players are.”


In a medium sized room, three people sat in the chairs provided. Behind them were a few dozen soldiers on high alert. In each of the chairs was someone of a different race and each a representative of the Magical Alliance. Why there were three representatives is easy to understand. Though the Magical Alliance is an organization, it still has factions that struggle for power in the shadows. As such each faction set someone to monitor the others as well as not let them get ahead.

Although Silva Imperium had just been born it was at a key location, not to mention the rumors surrounding it made people believe that there would be value in recruiting them to their side early. By nurturing the empire, they could potentially have a great tool later.

As such the three representatives was a young elven man. He had greenish gold hair and could easily be identified as a pretty boy. He was Gill Windwalker, the 1st son of the Windwalker Elf Clan’s chief Yagmer Windwalker.

Across from him was the dwarf Brom Heavyhammer, the 1st prince of the dwarven kingdom, Mountain Forge. Though he was only 3 feet tall, his muscles could be clearly seen through his leather jacket showing what raw power they held. His bronze color skin and well-groomed black beard made him look like a classic dwarf from any movie.

The last one sitting in between the two was a girl looking in her late teens with a model like face, golden cat-like eyes, and rosy red lips. Her white hair with black streaks reached her waist and her well-proportioned body added to her enchanting appearance. This girl who gave off the feeling of being cool and elegant was Ren Bloodclaw, the 2nd princess of the Tiger Clan.

Her cat ears that grew from the top of her head twitched as she heard someone approaching. Ten Black Wolf Guards entered with Helina in the lead. See scanned the others in the room and smiled.

“Please come this way, my husband will see you now.”

Helina felt a little uneasy with calling Chris her husband, but in Mithos things like marriage ceremonies were uncommon as it required much time and effort which most people even nobles couldn’t afford with much of their time going into making ends meat.

Although Chris did promise each of the girls when things had settled down, they would have proper weddings. As proof Helina had a golden ring on her left ring finger. To Helina, the gesture alone was enough, but he had only just told them a few days ago so it was still somewhat awkward presenting herself as his wife.

Gill looked Helina up and down while licking his lips.

“But to think that the Empress is so young and beautiful, his majesty is quite fortunate!” Gill said while chuckling. Helina felt his disgusting gaze but didn’t show her emotions. Instead, she glanced back with a faint smile.

On either side, the Black Wolf Guards release a faint blood lust while thinking, ‘How dare he flirt with his majesty’s woman! If he weren't a guest, he would be dead already.’ In response, the escorts around Gill tighten their formation preparing just in case a fight broke out.

However, before either side made a move, Helina’s enchanting voice came.

“Yes, I fell in love with him seeing his charm and intelligence.”

Suddenly her eyes focused on Gill with a deep coldness and her smile broadened slightly as she continued.

“not to mention he killed a few power and influential men without caring who they were just to keep me from falling into some else’s hands.”

Gill stiffened for a moment catching the hidden meaning in her words. He was somewhat surprised that Helina would turn so cold as well as the guards’ apparent hostility. He was at the same level of a prince within the Magical Alliance. There weren’t many that would be so openly hostile to him. Not only was he an ambassador to a much more powerful nation, but he was also the son of one of the high-ranking council members.

To the side, Brom chuckled while Ren’s face cramped stifling a giggle. Gill’s face burned as he felt the humiliation. However, it was his fault for acting on his lust. Inwardly kicking himself, he regained his composure just as they stood in front of doors. By then Gill felt some anger, but he knew if he screwed this up because of his own person wants his father would not be lenient.

Walking into the throne room, the three ambassadors saw Chris sitting on his throne his head resting on his right fist looking somewhat bored. Clows and Norm stood at his right and left as usually, but this time, Pazuzu cloaked figure stood just behind Norm. There were dozens of guards standing in rows on either side of the long walkway ready to step in for any reason. On the thick pillars that supported the roof were glowing flowers that cast light just as good as any torch.

As soon as the three ambassador and their escorts entered the room a pressure gripped them. It made it harder to breath and even made them feel a hint of fear. However, each of the Ren and her colleges all came from prestigious backgrounds so they recovered quickly unlike their escorts. Still they hesitated because they knew what this pressure came from.

Natural overwhelm authority, something a true ruler possessed! Ren only knew of a few people that could release such an aura. One of those people being her father, so she was able to tolerate the weight that was pressing down on her.

Chris saw that not only Ren but the other two had somewhat recovered and snorted. Well if they couldn’t handle something on this level these three wouldn’t even be worth talking to.

Helina made her way to Chris side and sat down in her chair and whispered into his ear. Chris’ eyes suddenly shifted to Gill and a coldness that could freeze hell over pinned the elf in place. Sweat started to form on Gill’s back as he remained unmoving. He felt that Chris stare alone could kill him if he moved unnecessarily.

At the same time, the other two felt just how strong Chris was. They had heard that the emperor of Silva Imperium was powerful, but what they felt wasn’t just strength, but a dominating force. They could only imagine how hard Gill was trying not to fall on his knees.

Raking his eyes over the other two Chris already was forming the script that would direct this scene. He already did plenty of research and spying on each of the different races and factions.

The one that Gill belong to was the largest and was led by his father. Chris knowing the history the Windwalker Clan had with Claira and Sara Snowflake Clan would rather destroy the faction than side with it, but now wasn’t the time for that. From what he knew the insectoids, merfolks, and elements sided with the elves while the beastmen and dragonewts were allies.

What had surprised Chris was that though the dwarves stood by themselves, they weren’t any less powerful than the other two factions. The reason being that they were a necessary existence. The dwarves just like in any fantasy novel produced the best weapons and tools. So the other factions wouldn’t move against them and because of their stubborn nature the dwarves wouldn’t bow to others.

So in this meeting the dwarves had the most to gain, but the least to lose. On the other hand, Gill’s faction had the most to lose. Though they were the largest faction the combined power of the beastmen and dragonewts who had the backing of the dragon king could go toe to toe with them. With the dwarves standing solidly placed and Ren’s faction also having a powerful backer, Gill’s faction was the most unstable.

With a humph Chris turned his attention to Ren and smirked.

“It's been a while girly, you seem to have grown up a little since we met.”

Chris’ words took Ren by surprise, she didn’t remember meeting someone like the Emperor before. He said it wasn’t long ago, but she would have defiantly remembered meeting a man of his strength.

Seeing the princess confused Chris burst into laughter and spoke with words coated in mockery, “Hahahahahaha, its hasn’t even been a year since I saved you from those bandits and you already forget the man you owe! Such coldness, but that should be expected, hahahaha!”

Chris’ words suddenly made Ren think of a young man that she met six or seven months ago. Surely he had red hair, good looks, and tall stature just like the man before him. However, he was only an A rank back then, it wouldn’t be possible for him to reach this level of power in such a short amount of time!

However, she couldn’t deny that once she took a closer look he did resemble the man at that time, and his arrogant attitude though changed was still somewhat the same.

Thinking of something she sharpened her gaze and said, “if you really are him then where were we at the time and where was I going, I did tell you after all!”

“That’s simple we were in the mountains near Feldon and you were going to Invictus to watch the summoning of the heroes if I remember correctly.”

Ren stopped, it really was him. The man who didn’t even give his name that was overflowing with arrogance and coldness no matter how polite she was. Completely shocked she then sighed. if he really was the emperor than she had a slight advantage over, as owing someone, a favor might birth the chance of them owing one in kind.

“yes that is correct, I’m impressed by how much you have changed.”

“things happen,” Chris said nonchalantly as if him gaining such power in an unbelievable amount of time was only natural. Ren’s face twitched, she really wasn’t good with these type of people who act so arrogant and eccentric.

Chris now thinking the formalities were finished leaned back and casted a sidelong look at Norm. He coughed and stepped forward while adjusting his glasses.

“Now let us get down to business. May I ask why the Magical Alliance has sent you three?”

Gill having steadied himself after Chris’ cold assault had ended showed a business man smile and bowed.

“the reason we are here is to ask if his Majesty would like to join the Magical Alliance.”

“and what do you offer us?”

Seeing his chance Brom made his move first.

“We dwarves can off you the finest magic weapons, armor, and tools, not only that but we have recently finished complete a few new weapons of war as well as something other things that might interest you.”

“We beastmen are masters of combat and are will to train your soldiers and the dragonewts and dragons that live in the nearby mountains are will to assist at a moment’s notice.”

Though Chris didn’t show it, he was overjoyed! Though he already knew what they were going to offer, it was still excellent to hear. Dwarven weapons were second to none and not even he knew what these new things they had created were. As for what Ren offered was just as promising. While Helina had trained the Black Wolves herself, she was no military trainer. Having someone who was well versed in training soldier would make a huge difference and having dragons in his back pocket didn’t sound bad either.

Chris was pleased that they, at least, knew to place cards that would benefit a new nation.

Norm looked at Gill with an expecting gaze. The elf didn’t seem worried in the slightest as he gave his offers.

“My father offers to share the wealth of the elves and give you 100 tons of spirit stones, the merfolks who are masters of medicine will share their knowledge, the elementals are will to set up an array that will gather lesser elements that will increase the magic in the land allowing various benefits and the insectoids offer to send you many different trainable insect type monsters and people to train handlers”

The other two stood slack jawed. What they offer would help strengthen Chris’ empire quickly, but Gill not only offer a quick power up but a long-term boon. Spirit stones were valuable since they had countless uses from being able to replenish mana to be used in medicine and weapon creation. Medical knowledge would not only help in war but in peace times too. Having lands with high amounts of mana did have many benefits like increasing the grounds fertility, allowing minerals to grow fast, in greater numbers, and even improve the health of those that lived on the land. But what Chris was most interested in was the insect type monsters. Not only would they be useful in war, but also allow some of this men to become more versatile as not only could the insects be used for war but also, assassinations, spying, medical, and much more.

Gill really was pulling out all the stops. However, Chris knew his side was desperate. Now it was time to add a little pressure.

Chris, who had his eyes closed while listening to the three, make their offers opened one eye and looked at Ren and Brom. His gaze seemed to say, “the elf’s offer sounds the best, can you offer anything better?”

The two stiffened and cursed Gill under their breath. They would have to contact their respected sides to see if there was anything more they could offer. Chris guessed what they were thinking and stood.

“Well these are all wonderful things you are offering me, but it is late. We will continue this talk at a later date. Seeing how you three are already here why not stay for the party tomorrow, I plan to make it quite… rememberable.”

The three gave each other cold looks and sparks flew. Bowing slightly Ren spoke for them.

“Thank you, your majesty, for your hospitality, we will take you up on your offer.”

Nodding Chris left with Helina at his side and asked perplexed.

“is it really alright to act so indifferent towards them? The things they offered were all quite useful.”

Chris chuckled, an evil smile shown on his face, while watching the two princesses and their escorts approach through his Archivers as well as the mass of demons making their way through the mountains.

Grabbing her waist Chris pulled her closer and said, “No, it's okay, right now I can’t show any sign of being swayed. At least not until the two other teams arrive.” Guesses she wouldn’t be able to get any information out of Chris she leaned into him as they made their way to their bedroom.


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