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Chapter 60: The World Tree Festival Begins


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Deep under the Great Tree was its core. That core was actually Titania’s crystal which Chris had linked to the tree to allow Titania full access to the World Tree Array. Through the array Titania could slowly siphon life force from the surroundings and increase her power at the same time nourish the Great Tree.

Around the core was hollow creating a room that was big enough to fit two football fields side by side with a ceiling that reached 40 meters high. In this room equipment, tables covered in papers, and fist-sized crystals in contains were everywhere making it look like a fantasy version of a mad scientist lab.

In this ‘lab’ dozens of bodies moved. Although other than three of them the rest were a minion Chris had designed that he called Mad Assistant. These minions were meant to assist the man that lived in this room and monitor him. If necessary, their combat abilities were by no means little as a countermeasure in case the patients go out of control.

The man that resides in this room is the former member of the Five Beast that was under Ginmer, Doctor Bernor.

“hmhmhmhm, I must really thank you, your majesty! Not only did you spare me and help me recover my hounds, you gave me a beautiful new workspace and even gave me such precious items as research material! Yahohohohoho!” Bernor chirped as he danced around.

After the fight with Ginmer, Chris discover the doctor stuck under some rubble. After Chris offered to support the good doctor in his research in return for a few favors, Bernor happily agreed. Just as Chris hoped he was the doctor was someone that was loyal only to his research making him easy to control.

“Doctor how is your progress?”

“Yahohohoho! Everything is progressing better than I expected. Right now might research has been taken to a new level! I even predict that in roughly three months the prototypes will be ready to test!”

Chris stared at the three large containers filled with green liquid that was like jelly. Each container had a different object in it. On the left was the black orb that Ginmer called the Black Mana Vault. On the right was the Seraph’s core and in the center was what was left Ginmer’s body.

Suddenly Titania appeared above the two.

“Hmph, that is part because I am helping with the conversion and corrections in the fusion process, be grateful!”

Strike a pose that looked like a child about to threw a tantrum Chris snorted a laugh and patted her head. Titania had been helping Bernor understand the Black Mana Vault and the Seraph’s core while Gram and Ron had been constructing components for Bernor’s inventions and equipment. If it wasn’t for them, it might have taken Bernor years to make just one month of progress.

“Yes, good work.”

“Don’t treat me like a child! I’m hundreds of times older than you, show some respect!”

Titania in a high pitched shout pushed Chris’ hand away and pouted. That’s exactly as a child would act, he thought trying not to laugh.

Chris then discovered something and his expression darkened.

Sensing something was amiss with her master’s mood Titania tilted her head cutely and asked if something was wrong.

Chris coldly smiled and replied, “nothing worth worrying about. It’s just that a few new pieces have added themselves to my board.”

He laughed which sent shivers down the other two’s spine. Turning Chris walked over to a nearby table and picked up a jar that looked like a miniature version of the containers hold Ginmer and the two treasures. Inside the green gel of the jar was a small amount of red and what looked like a seed.

“Titania what is the status on the World Tree Array?” he asked not taking his eyes off the jar as icy voice smoothly trailed out like a snake.

Titania expression became serious and closed her eyes for a moment before replying.

“12%, why?” Titania asked confused at the sudden question

“Hmm, that is probably enough.”

“for what? H-Hey, wait!”

Chris didn’t reply and vanished in a burst of golden light. Titania fumed with anger and was about to chase after Chris when the three containers began to tremble. The whole room began to shake and the World Tree’s core began to pulse with a rainbow of lights. As the pulse accelerated in pace veins of the same light, spread from the top and bottom of the core and made their way to the three containers.

The containers greedily sucked up the light and the gel inside shift like it was live. After a moment, the gel shined so brightly that Bernor had to look away. Titania, who was merely a projection from the core, wasn’t affected by the light show. However, she cried and squirmed as the light moved as the feeling of something crawling under her skin overwhelmed her.

Finally, the light from the three containers traveled down and spread back into the veins of light. However, the light didn’t return to the core but spread through the room. It was then on the walls tens of thousands of lights flickered. These lights were smaller containers and in each one was a small red ball that was shaped like an oval seed. The seeds shook and seemed to draw in the light making them shake even more violently.

Titania and Bernor looked around the room feeling accomplished. This is what they had been working so hard on. Titania exhaled and smiled wryly, she knew Chris was playing with something incredibly dangerous. If something went wrong, the entire world could be destroyed.

Glancing at the Seraph’s core Titania could help but speak with anxiety.

“We really are creating something monstrous.”

“Yes, but isn’t that the best part! Yahohohohoho!”


Three days later the day of the festival finally came. Burdock who had arrived only two days before immediately went to work preparing many things and had them delivered as quickly as possible just making it in time.

The streets were lined with stalls selling tons of different foods and toys while there were game booths and other attractions like riding a monster called a Rip Claw. Rip Claws looked a lot like velociraptors with feathers growing from their forearms, down their necks, and covering their tails. Apparently kids like to ride them like one of those horse riding merry go rounds Chris saw on earth.

One of the major events was, of course, a tournament that Chris had set up with the grand prize being 500 gold coins. While that didn’t seem like much to commoners, that was more than they could spend in their lifetime if they spent it normally.

While it looked like it was just for the tournament was meant to find talent for his military. In the rebellion, quite a few good fighters died not to mention most of the nobles which held more power than the average soldier was executed when they would side with Chris. Of course, after they were torture for any relevant information that might be handy in the future.

For the sake of finding talent and adding drama to the show Chris created eight flowing arenas. They were made of thick roots that had been twisted together forming a platform and then floated using what looked like giant dandelions that grew under them. These fluffy plants actually stored significant amounts of natural helium making them like massive balloons. Above each platform was an Archiver that was linked to several sight crystals that hovered below each arena a dozen feet above the ground.

Finally, the festival was about to start, but before it could, the emperor had to make his speak. Chris stepped onto a balcony overlooking the central plaza. To make sure everyone could not only hear but see him all the sight stone that would be used for the tournament were showing him standing on the balcony.

Seeing their savior and emperor the people cheers, some even went as far as to wave large pieces of cloth attached to long poles making makeshift flags. On the flags was a tree that was shaped like a shield with two swords crossed over it and eight leafy wings growing from behind. This was the symbol Chris had designed for his empire with each part having a meaning.

The shield was him that protected the people, the swords were his soldiers that would destroy the Empire’s enemies, and the wings had two meanings. One was a freedom the other was that Silva Imperium would never be beneath anyone and instead swore above them. He had put a lot of thought into that symbol for its represent what he hoped his empire would become.

Chris raised his hand to quiet the people. When everyone became silent, Chris spoke with power and authority.

“People of Yggdrasil, the darkness of the past is gone and you are free!”

Chris paused for a moment and closed his eyes before continuing with even more ferocity.

“However! This is only the beginning! To grow this empire will face many hardships and battles! But will you who have finally been freed back down!? Will you allow someone take that freedom away!? I for one will fight to the end until my body refuse to move until death grabs me!

This Empire will live long and we will prosper! This I swear as your emperor!”

Again cheers erupted from the crowd. Eventually, the people began to chant “long live Silva Imperium! Long live Emperor Gelvon!” until the entire city trembled and even beyond its walls.

“Then let us have are fun and celebrate the birth of our future! Let the World Tree Festival begin!”

Even through the sounds of the roaring crowd Chris’ voice penetrated through and was heard by everyone.


The city was now alive with music and laughter. Children ran through the streets and men drained their mugs while bellowing with merriment.

While the festival was in full swing Chris, Clows, and Norm were in Chris’ study discussing the future. The current topic was how to win over the nobles that would be coming tomorrow for the party that would be held that evening.

“I think having Lord Sennel showing his support of us would be a huge swaying factor.” Norm said while tapping the armrest of his chair. Though he knew this meet was crucial for their next step Norm wanted to finish because his daughter Nana was waiting for him to go to the festival together.

Thanks to Chris, Nana had made a full recovery in only a week and had finally been released from the hospital. As such she constantly wanted to go places and experience new things since for four years she had been stuck in a single room with only a window to know what the outside world looked like.

“Right, have my father there would influence them since not only would they become our allies, but also gain favor with a powerhouse like the Supplier of Thoughts.”

Chris, who had been listening until now while leaning back in his chair, opened his mouth.

“that may be so, but we need to give them a reason to possibly become enemies with Invictus.”

Chris words through cold water onto the two other men. Clows looked at Chris and hmphed.

“if you are bringing that up do you have a plan to do that?”

Chris sat up, his expression was wicked, but his words were spoken innocently.

“Don’t I always?”

The two men glance at each other. An unseen war was being had. Even though Norm had only known Chris for a month, he already knew that his plans and ideas though genius were 98% of the time dangerous and based on how he could manipulate others.

This kind of planning though had yet to fail still caused both men their anxiety to shoot through the roof. Neither of them wanted to actually ask since that would mean that they would be forced to support it as long as it wasn’t foolish.

Giving in Clows asked the question slightly worried, “so what is your plan.”

With a smile that could not do evil, Chris replied, “why a demonstration of our power of course!”

Clows and Norm looked at each other again. While that was a good way to win over people since if they knew that Silva Imperium had proper strength to back its words than they wouldn’t need to worry the repercussion as much. However, they still were hesitant since the next question was even more dangerous than the last.

This time, it was Norm’s turn. Cursing Clows under his breath Norm put on his best smile he could muster and lit the fuse to a bomb that may or may not blow.

“and how do you plan to do that, my liege?”

Chris again smiled sinisterly.

“well, I have something in mind.”

Just then a soldier came in breathing heavily. He kneeled and waited to be allowed to speak. Clows gave him permission and the soldier delivered his news.

“Our majesty, three representatives of the Magical Alliance is at the gates requesting permission to speak with you!”


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