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“Damn, bored~” Chris sighed as he sat at his desk signing papers. Though Chris knew that being an emperor wasn’t all that fun, he didn’t expect that he would be trapped inside for hours every day. It was still around noon and through the window, he could see the sun was shining down brilliantly through one of the patches in the Great Tree’s thick canopy that he had made for such a purpose.

“I understand that you are bored, but this work must be done if the festival is to go smoothly.” Clows said in a lecturing tone as he straightened a tower of papers.

Chris looked over at the still towering mountain of papers and scrolls and groaned. He knew this was Clows revenge for making so many requests about the festival. Chris steeled himself to continue working since this was for everyone else not just him. Thinking about how much fun it would be afterwards along with the thoughts of his friends’ smiles gave him the resolve to continue.

For around ten minutes…

Chris glanced over at Clows, who had his back turned. Slowly he got up and as quietly as possible made his way to the door. Just as he was about to grasp the handle, a hand fell on his shoulder with a tight grip.

“Your majesty were are you going?” Clows stern voice came from behind Chris. Chris started to sweet as he turned around to see Clows’ smiling face. Chris trembled for a moment as he thought though Clows was smiling his eyes were not at all.

Somebody help me, it’s a demon!!!


“UGH! Finally, I’m done!!!” Chris stretched while shouting with joy.

“That’s great, now then here is today's paperwork.”

Clows dropped another huge stack of papers on Chris’ desk with a sinister smile on his face. Chris stared at the new mountain that he must conquer with a blank expression. Moving his hopeless eyes to Clows Chris couldn’t stop himself from asking.



Chris sighed and took the first document from the pile and began to read. Suddenly he stopped and frowned. Clows seeing Chris’ expression became concerned and moved around the desk.

“Clows look at this, is this correct?”

Chris handed Clows the paper with solemn words. Clows adjusted his glasses and began reading the paper. The document was for ordering some ingredients for some dishes at would be served at the party with the nobles after the festival. After a moment, Clows found nothing wrong with the document.

“Yes, everything is cor-“

When Clows looked up from the paper to where Chris was sitting, he found an empty space. Tricked, he had been fooled by such an old one at that. Clows was expressionless for a moment before a dark aura started to leak from him. from outside the room people that passed by could hear a horribly twisted laugh.

“You’ve done it how you bastard!”

As Chris made his escape, mighty roar escaped the room and seemed to shake the entire palace.


“Hey you sure it was ok to leave Clows with all that work?” Claira asked with a sympatric smile. Current Chris and Claira were walking around the city checking on various things that involved the festival. They were sampling food, testing out games, and looking at the different toys and rewards.

In other words, a date.

“Nope!” Chris said completely straight faced, he knew that he his ears would most likely fall off later from Clows lecturing, but it was too late to go back so he might as well enjoy himself to the fullest.

Claira sighed and placed a hand on her face trying to hide her laughter from seeing Chris’ lack of remorse. She silently prayed for Clows’ sanity as they continued to walk down the street.

Many people looked at the two with wonder and respect as if they were seeing to heavenly beings walking on mortal land. Chris had not only brought them out of their darkest hour but continued to help them in many ways. The people of Yggdrasil understood the amount of time and effort Chris had put in within the last month and they could only be grateful.

“Hmm, Lady Claira is so lucky!”

“Yes, not only does she have the Emperor’s affection, but is so beautiful as well!”

“Not to mention has such beautiful magic!”

A group of woman was huddled together chattering as Chris and Claira passed. Claira blushed and clung tighter to Chris wrapping her arms around his arm and somewhat burying her face into his arm trying to hide her embarrassment.

Chris started to laugh until Claira pinched his waist.

“What’s so funny, hmm?” Claira asked with eyes flared with annoyance. Chris ignoring the slight pain, looked down at her and grinned wide.

“What can’t I be happy and pride that my woman is being praised, besides that reaction is cute,” Chris said with a matter-of-factly tone. Claira face changed from a dark pink to a deep red. She made a weird face not known what to said so she buried her face deeper into his arm.


Seeing Claira being so embarrassed Chris started to laugh again. He really did enjoy tease her like this, but there was another reason behind his smile. Chris was overjoyed that the people of Yggdrasil had accepted Claira and Sara, even though they were elves. Just thinking of the incident in Feldon made his blood boil.

Suddenly a humored voice came from behind them.

“Having funny, your majesty?”

“Yeah, having a break everyone once in a while is great!”

Because how happy he was Chris responded without thinking while turning to see who was talking to him. Suddenly he froze because the one who was standing behind him with a sinister smile was Clows.

“that’s great, now how about he go back to the palace and finish that paperwork along with a few other things I forgot to mention before.”

Clows’ word were laced with poison that even a small child could pick up on causing Chris to go into a panic. He knew that if he were successfully captured, then it would be the end of him, he would never see the world outside of his study!

Thinking quickly Chris pointed behind Clows and shouted in surprise.

“look out behind you!”

Because of Chris’ sudden outburst, Clows didn’t think as he turned around ready to dodge whatever was coming at him. However, there was nothing behind him. Trembling Clows looked back to see Chris and Claira had vanished. Veins appeared on Clows forehead as he roared in rage and charged off to once again locate his irresponsible ruler.

As the people saw Clows run many of them pitied him.


On the other side of the city a flash of golden light appeared and quickly vanished. Were the light once was Chris and Claira stood.

“Warn me if you’re going to do that!” Claira shouted pale faced.

With the entire city being a massive tree allowed Chris to use his Tree Walk skill anywhere allow for a smooth change of location at any time. Although no one really liked traveling that way since only Chris felt fine while with other, it felt like a roller-coaster that suddenly went 100 mph. As such Claira was about to vomit the food, they had eaten recently.

Using some healing magic to soothe her turning stomach, she glared at Chris. Smiling apologetically, he patted her back to help her feel at ease.

“You know, maybe you should go back and finish your work.” Claira scolded him while slowly regaining control over her lunch. Indeed Chris knew she was right. However, he was annoyed that his work never ended. Sure he was childish, but he didn’t care at the moment.

He never had any free time and he wanted to spend some quality time with each of the girls since he rarely did before.

Looking at Claira sadly Chris sighed, “are you not having fun?”


Claira was taken aback by his sudden question. He was shrugging off his work to spend time with her knowing that and seeing his sad puppy eyes struck at her heart. She cursed that she was so softhearted. Thinking for a moment, Claira gave up.

“Alright, but just for a little longer, then please go back and continue working.”

Instantly Chris smiled like an innocent child and nodded vigorously.

“Great, then let’s go!”

Before Claira could respond Chris had grabbed her and began leading her away. Seeing how Chris recovered so fast only then did Claira realized she had been tricked.


“Wow, it’s really the emperor!”

After walking around the city for a little while, Claira asked to take a break. So the two stopped and sat on a bench. At that time, a group of children saw them.

“So cool!”

“The elf lady is super pretty!”

They all looked to be around ten and eleven. Chris noticed that they had worn out clothes and looked a little thin. It was then he remembered there was an orphanage in the area that he had created when he became aware that there were many kids on the streets after losing their parents for different reasons.

Thinking for a moment, Chris smiled and raised his hand. From the ground, a thick root grew and bloomed into at small tree. The tree branches extend and fruit started to grow. Chris picked a fruit that looked like an apple and tossed it to a boy that was shorter than the rest. The boy clumsily fumbled with the fruit before dropping it.

See the fruit drop on the ground the children suddenly looked at Chris in fear. Before if someone gave them food it wasn’t usually of good intentions. Either they would demand that the children return the favor of giving them food or even to go as far as to abuse them claiming that they stole the food.

These incidents most of the time involved nobles that wanted to entertain themselves by seeing the kids terrified faces. So it was ingrained in them that if someone gave them food, it would lead to danger. Although they understood food provided to them at the orphanage was all right, anything else still triggered their fear.

What's more, it was the emperor himself that had given the boy the fruit and he had dropped it! All the children were trembling in fear, this was the emperor the man that controlled the entire city. Though they heard he was a kind person and had even built the orphanage where they stayed himself it was only nature that they were still afraid.

Chris looked at the boy who was shaking so much you could hear his teeth chattering. Suddenly the boy bent down and picked up the fruit that now had some dirt on it and was about to bit into it. Obviously, this was the only thing he could think of. Not accept the food would only make things worse in his mind so he decided to eat the fruit in the chance it might lessen his punishment.

Just as he was about to bite into the fruit, Chris hand grabbed his wrist. He looked up at the towering giant nearly fainting from fear. When he finally looked Chris in the eyes he didn’t see anger or twisted enjoyment, but concern.

Chris bent down to where the two were eye level and said, “that one is dirty so have this one instead.”

Chris place a new apple-like fruit in the boy’s hand. The boy stared dumbly at the new fruuuit then at Chris, who was grinning from ear to ear.

With tears in his eyes, the boy ate the apple furiously like it was his last meal.

“Hey, slow down or you’ll choke,” Claira said from afar with a soft laugh.

After the boy was done, he smiled with a big childish grin.

“Thank you, your mach- majesty!”

Seeing that their friend had gotten food, the other looked at Chris with hope filled eyes that shined like stars. With a hearty laugh Chris gave the others fruits as well. Claira came over hand hugged him from behind and whispered.

“seeing that you really do look like you would make a great father.”

Claira thinking she could catch Chris by surprise and for once he would be embarrassed. However, hearing the word ‘father’ Chris’ expression immediately darkened. Claira stiffened for a moment and was about to say something, but a sense of danger came from behind.

Before she realized it Chris had grabbed her and they had moved onto a rooftop. Where they had just been standing there was a tangle of roots that had formed a cage.

“Hold still master~ otherwise I can’t catch you~.”

“How the hell did Clows rope you into this!?”

Chris exclaimed when he saw Titania floating not far from where the cage of roots was along with Clows. Chris cursed under his breath. He had given Titania control of the World Tree Array since it was a burden for him to always be managing it. Though Chris could take control of the system when needed, however in a situation where Titania was against him like this it would take concentration. In that time of concentration Clows would undoubtably capture him.

He noted to fix that issue later as he glared at the traitor below him.

Titania pointed at him and pouted, “I’ve been working just as much as you and here you are on a break. GRRR, unfair! So I’m going to drag you back and force you to finish!”

Beside her Clows didn’t say a thing, his anger was so apparent that Chris swore he saw a demon version of himself floating behind him.

Chris looked at the two then at Claira. With a wry smile, he leapt down with Claira in his arms. After gently putting her down he walked over to Clows and patted his shoulder.

“No, I thinking I’m going to go willingly. *sigh* I’ve had my fun.”

Clows noticed the sadness in his friend’s voice and showed hesitation. Suddenly Chris frowned and an expression of horror surfaced.

“Clows look out behind you!”

“Oh, no I’m not going to – ACK!”

Clows thinking Chris was just acting again didn’t look back. Sadly a carriage at that moment was passing by them and a wooden plant that was protruding from the side smacked the back of his head.

“Hey come back here bastard!”

“Hahahahahahaha, no way! I’m free!”

When Clows picked himself up, Chris was leaping from building to building with Titania madly chasing after him.

Looking down Clows heaved a deep sigh, “Why me!”


Ok what did you think this was my first real attempt at write a fluffy chapter.

please tell me what you think as long as its contructive.


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