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Chapter 58: The Morale of the People


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That night that Chris’ comrades arrived at Yggdrasil Chris stood on the balcony of his room. The balcony was a branch of the massive tree that curved up sharply and flattened creating a semicircle area of roughly 10 meters. Leaning on the railing that was made of smaller branches woven together to look like a guard rail Chris stared down at his city. Many large flowers that produced light hung like street lamps allow one to walk at night without getting lost in the dark.

Even in the evening people worked to rebuild the damage. Though he could actually see the people moving around, with Overlord System, he was linked with the Great Tree that’s roots were spread throughout the city and beyond the gates. Among the people, 3-meter tall humanoid giants moved either carrying heavy objects or using their muscle for tasks that not even ten men could do.

These giants have modified Bulwark minions that he had tasked to help the citizens build. They had a wide variety of uses such as a light healing skill to provide first aid and being able to change their shapes to either reach higher heights or if necessary quickly extend to becomes shields if some dangerous accurses.

Though Chris had created buildings for his citizens to live in, they were only temporary and after discussing with the representatives of the people they wanted to rebuild their homes. Because of this, Chris had sent a messenger to Burdock requesting materials to build using the money in the treasury that to Chris’ luck was quite abundant.

With the problem of money, not much of an issue Chris did internally sigh in relief. However, that was only one of the troubles on his mind. Food wasn’t an issue, but other supplies would be. Even though he would have Burdock supporting him, the man was omnipotent. He would need to set up trade routes that were safe and that led to another problem.

Currently, his empire only had his capital city as its territory and he didn’t necessarily expand at the moment. The reason being that his current power was limited and he didn’t want to poke at too many beasts for fear of being swarmed.

Sighing Chris decide to speak with Clows tomorrow as he was usually the one that could help in this situation.


Though he spoke softly, a layer of ice covered his words that seemed to freeze the every space around him. Instantly a woman dressed in ninja-like garbs appeared behind him and kneeled.

“My master, what do you require of me!?”

Turning around Chris wore a calm smile that didn’t match his icy tone. Looking at her for a moment Chris then turned as if losing interest and walked to the left side of the balcony with his hands behind his back.

“I have two tasks for you. The first is to expand the Shadow Corp as I want them to be my eyes and ears. While training and increasing your numbers, I also want you to plant your members in every key city to find any information that might prove useful. The second thing I want to be done is infiltrate every noble family that is in what was once Ginmer’s territory and know where they stand with Ginmer’s death and me taking over Adamas. If any are hostile, do not kill them. Instead, I only want to know who they are. Understood?”


Hearing her quickly reply Chris smiled at her loyalty. Just as he was about to dismiss the ninja and held inside to sleep, he thought of something. He turned to look at the still kneeling woman.

“Also, find anything you can on the 1st princess and her ‘Guardian’ I wish to know if they have any secrets or weaknesses that need to see the light of day.”

Chris’ words were filled with malice and a deep chill that even made Jenny, who had already carried out dozens of terrible and sometimes incredibly cruel acts shiver. It wasn’t because she was against what her master asked her or the blood lust behind his words. It was a kind of intuition that she gained in her line of work.

Jenny already knew Chris was a cruel individual as well as a schemer which was a dangerous combination. Her intuition told her that whatever thoughts were currently running through Chris’ head that his targets should start praying to whatever god they believe in.

With a nod, Jenny vanished without a sound leaving Chris still standing on the balcony. Turning his head to look in the direct of Invictus a twisted smile grew on his face. He already knew about what Sawa had planned since he not only had many archivers moving through the capital and castle, but he also had his unknowing puppets the ‘Heroes’ as a unique set of eyes.

Chris chuckled as he mocked those that thought they were so smart. Not once had they had the upper hand with him, why did they think that plan they created would work at all. Well in hindsight if he didn’t know what they were actually planning he might have fallen for it, maybe.

Still Chris would much rather not have to do the information gather himself since that would allow him to focus on other things.

Well, it will be fun to play along for a time! Chris continued to chuckle as he walked back into his bedroom where three bodies had already warmed his bed.


Three days later in a large room sat Chris on a throne that looked like it was made from a tree stump. Gnarled roots and vines had twisted together to form the back and arm rests while the seat cushion was made of soft woven grass. Even on the arm rests leaves grew to add a little comfort. Chris was currently wearing what he called his royal outfit which was a dark green battle mage robe and black cloak. The robe had silvery armor that covered his chest and back. The cloak was made of raven feathers that were neatly woven together onto a layer of the thick hide of a high ranking monster which when added with his battle robe gave him savage, but at the same time regal look. This outfit was designed and made by Gram and Ron combat purposes as it had a few enchantments on it as well as to make Chris look the part.

Other than him several others were in the room. To Chris’ right was Clows who he had dubbed his first advisor and financial manager while on his left was Norm Colfer, who was in charge of foreign and diplomatic matters.

After the rebellion Norm had shown that he was more than willing to help Chris in any matter he needed. The reason for this was because Chris had personally gone to the hospital that Nana was with Ron and Gram to remove the curse placed on her as well as heal any injuries or disease she had. As a result, Chris had gained Norm’s gratitude and immense loyalty. This proved very useful to Chris as Norm was a bridge between him and the nobles of the area, not to mention him have suched a forked tongue made him perfect for his current duties.

The others who were currently standing in front of Chris at the bottom of a set of steps was the representatives of the people lead by a man named Gross Regen. Gross was in his late fifties with short cut salt and pepper hair and a well-built frame. Within the community, he was selected to be their chief representative as he was one of the head merchants in the city so he knew quite a bit about the working of Yggdrasil. Another reason was his family had lived there for generations so their influence was profound with many connections. Though his family wasn’t a noble one, it could be said to have the voice of the people within it.

At that moment, the large double doors to the throne room opened and Helina walked in flanked by four men in black suits of armor that had helmets that resembled wolves. Chris had put Helina in charge of training the troops of Yggdrasil along with any men from the former army that could be trusted enough to provide assistance. At the same time because of the harsh training the Black Wolf Mercenaries had gone through under Chris’ watch made them a step above the ordinary soldier. Chris appointed them as the royal guards since they were not only relatively strong on average, but could be considered the most trusted men under Chris’ control at the moment. So he ordered them to watch the palace as well as guard his comrades he worried about such as Claira and Sara.

Though the two had received a boost in power the fact remains unlike Helina, who could be ruthless and kill her opponent without hesitation the two elves Chris feared were to kind hearted. So in the case of assassination they were given bodyguards though in extreme emergencies there was another defensive measure, the World Tree Array.

This was a defensive system governed by Chris and Titania, which literally made the entire city into a weapon. Anywhere within the city minions could be summoned and even the various vegetation that grew within its walls could attack. Though there are a few other secrets to it, Chris doubted he would have to use them for a while.

When Helina walked in she did a quick bow and apologized for being late before walking up to stand beside Chris next to Clows. The four Black Wolves stood off to the side just close enough in case of danger. However, they knew that in the entire city the safest spot was right beside their emperor.

With a wave of his hand, Chris created a set similar to his own throne for Helina to sit in before speaking.

“Good now that everyone his here let us begin the first council meeting!”

Though Chris words were spoken in a friendly tone, it still had a dominating effect on the people around him especial the ones that hadn’t know him before he became their emperor. Chris glanced at Clows signaling him to begin. With a nod, Clows looked towards Gross and asked for his report.

Gross produced a scroll from his sleeve and began to read what he had gathered. He indicated that the lands outside the city were already becoming fertile and that farmers could soon start planting crops as the window for cultivating the land as well as sowing the ground was still in the window of acceptable time. From what he could tell the rebuilding of the city, for the most part, was going smoothly except for the places that required more metalworking to be properly reinforced like the guard posts and barrier generation stations. The amount of food and supplies for living though low were manageable.

The real problem was medicine. Everyone nodded in agreement. Since Ginmer didn’t care about his people he had a fair amount of medical items stashed for himself, but the hospitals and care centers lacked all but the most basic of medical supplies. If it wasn’t for the fact Norm was useful to Ginmer his daughter would probably have died long ago to the curse that was placed on her as she wouldn’t have received proper care.

Chris inwardly sighed as he thought he would be burdening Burdock with an extensive list of things he needed.

Finally, Gross brought out a matter that drew Chris’ concern more than the others. The people's moral though significantly improve from when Chris first arrived had greatly improved still was somewhat weak. It was evident when Gross brought up the issue as the others with him didn’t deny it in the slightest.

Though some especial Helina wanted to say they need to tough through it didn’t directly say anything since moral whether with soldier or citizens was important and she knew that. At this time when they were still in the rebuilding process and only just started out time was crucial.

It was then that one of the younger men with dirty brown hair that was near Gross asked to speak. Chris eyed the man, he wasn’t much older than him and had a rather lanky appearance obviously he wasn’t a fighter. Still there was a sparkle of wisdom in his eyes so Chris nodded and the young man somewhat nervous explained his idea.

“Well, I, um think it would be a good idea to hold a festival or celebration of sorts.”

He paused to look at Chris, who had leaned forward slightly in interest. “Go on,” Chris said with the same commanding voice as before, but this time, there was a hint of curiosity in his eyes. The young man gaining some confidences seeing Chris’ attitude spoke in a clearer manner.

“The thing I noticed was that we haven’t held any form of celebration for our freedom and your rise to the throne my Lord, so I think it would take some of the weight off people and help them let go of the past a little easier if we do something fun as a way to say all the darkness of the past has ended, and we are starting anew!”

Around him, people began to whisper some of their disapprovals. Clows frowned, now wasn’t the time to be having fun, not with enemies on all sides. They need to rebuild and strengthen themselves quickly. Even Helina agreed with her brother, though she wanted to relax a little with Chris she also knew the danger they were currently in.

Chris, however, grinned broadly and laughed heartily.

“Yes, that’s right we have worked for two weeks straight, why not have a little play time!?”

Everyone stared at their ruler with confused looks. Ignoring their gazes, he stood sweeping his gaze over the crowd below and the ones beside him.

“While we do need to hurry in many matters if we overwork ourselves and the people it will only cause problems later. Morale is an important thing; we can’t overlook that. Not to mention this could be an excellent way to invite the nobles of the area to have a friendly chatter about the future.” Chris grinned as he spoke to his subjects.

Seeing that their ruler had agreed, and his argument was sound, no one said anything in disagreement. Clows noted it might actually be a good plan to use the festival as a cover to speak with the nobles of Ginmer’s former territory. After all, if they could gain even a fourth of the nobles support than it would be a huge boon for them.

And so a festival that would be call The World Tree Festival would be held in two weeks.

It should be noted that after the meeting Chris told Clows a few ideas he had for fun, in which Clows who was the financial manager shed silent tears as he agreed to carry them out.


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