“That Brat!” Aldear roared as he slammed his fist onto the oval table in the meeting room creating a series of cracks.

It had two weeks since Chris announced Adamas as his capital city for his empire and even renamed it Yggdrasil because of the gargantuan tree in the center of the city. In that time, all the high ranking officials of Invictus, as well as many nobles, were worried for many different reasons.

“Relax Guard Captain, you're still in the presence of your King.”

Aldear turned his gaze to Sawa, who warned him and snorted forcefully calming himself. Across from Aldear, Gervine had his fingers woven together using them as a rest for his forehead while he was deep in thought.

Currently, King Ross, General Lorn, his advisor Sawa, Capital Guard Captain Aldear, and the Leader of the Magic Corp Gervine were once again sitting around the oval table discussing what to do.

With Chris claiming Adamas for his own that put Invictus at a colossal risk. Not only was the fortress city their first line of defense against the demons it also was their strongest. The fortress city was built to buy time for reinforcements to arrive and repel the demons advance, however now it if Chris allows the demons to simple pass then the outcome would be the death of millions before the demons are stopped. Or and even worse Chris could add the demons. Just thinking about it caused each man a headache.

King Ross turned to his longtime friend and advisor with desperation in his eyes and asked, “Sawa what do you think we should do, at this rate even if he doesn’t ally himself with the demons countless problems could still quickly arise.”

It was true, even if the demons didn’t invade there were the problems of the nobles that were under Ginmer’s authority. There was an even rumor of the Magical Alliance moving to form a type of agreement though there wasn’t any solid evidence of that yet.

Pinching his brow Sawa became to speak in a somewhat irritated manner.

“that first I would have recommended to try and retake the city since not only was the barrier that protected the city down because they generators were destroyed during the revolt, but Chris’ forces should still be weak after the intense battle.”

Suddenly Lorn’s eyes sharpened.

“Was? do mean to say that the barrier is repaired? Impossible!”

Sawa nodded and everyone sucked in a cold breath. The barrier generators were created long ago and as time passed other than how to maintain them most didn’t know how they worked. Only a select few would be able to repair the generators but doing that in only two weeks should have been impossible.

Unfortunately for them, they didn’t know that under Chris’ command were the Ron and Gram, who both had the Item God job. With their knowledge and expertise even though the barrier wasn’t at full power, it, at least, was operational.

After a moment, Sawa continued his face darkened as he spoke.

“Sadly that is only one problem. While the barrier is up it's not at full power so if he had sent an army with one of the higher ranking commanders or even a few dragon knights, it might have been possible. However, with Burdock backing him, we can’t move so carelessly. Not only that but it because if we start fighting the demons might try to take advantage of that.”

Everyone nodded, right now wasn’t the time to fight not when they had no plan.

Gervine stared at Sawa with curious eyes, out of the all them men that the table only he would be able to understand Sawa’s scholar like thinking process.

“Sawa, knowing you, you didn’t call us here without a plan. So what is it?”

Sawa smiled as he returned Gervine’s stare.

“We will send 3rd Princess Rosalina as an ambassador to try and form an alliance with the new Emperor, no matter the cost.”

As he spoke Sawa glanced at King Ross with some nervousness, after all, it was his daughter that Sawa was planning to us. Ross notice Sawa’s gaze gave a short nodded which made Sawa relieved. Still there was one more part to his plan which he knew would be much harder to persuade the others into accepting.

“I also think we should send the 1st princess and her Guardian as a way to pressure as well as guide the 3rd princess!”


At the same time, the higher ranks of Invictus were discussing Sawa’s plan a convoy of carriages were approaching Yggdrasil. Inside the carriage was Claira, Sara, Helina, Clows, and Ostan as well as Black Wolf mercenaries. A few days after Chris had defeated Ginmer and declared the creation of Silva Imperium as well as making Adamas his capital city Yggdrasil Jenny informed the others that it was safe to travel there.

Though Burdock had to stay behind to take care of a few things he was only three days behind the rest of them. Burdock was not only excited to congratulate Chris, but his expert business sense was screaming at him to hurry over and strike a deal or two with Chris.

“Wow, it looks like a forest swallowed the city” Claira exclaimed as she along with rest saw Yggdrasil come into view. The city indeed looked like it had been overtaken by nature though at the same time it didn’t look old or abandoned, but full of activity and vigor.

On the walls, thick vines grew with several types of flowers growing. At the top of the wall trees and bushes became a provided cover for the guards that walked atop the wall with the trees creating shade from the hot sun. The gate itself was made of thick logs that were wrapped in vines and had sharp branches growing outward. On either side of the gate stood two wooden dragon statues that were really Wyverns in disguise.

Most people would think that all this was just a pretty sight, but what they didn’t expect is that the moment a hostile force came, the entire wall would come alive.

When the convoy of carriages reached the gate, the first carriage stopped in front of a small guard post with four soldiers inside. Just by looking at their armor and stances they were properly trained, but they did have experience in combat.

These four men were actually adventurers that had enlisted in the army after the revolt. It was made known that there were many benefits by enlisting such as proper wages and even some useful supplies were given to the soldiers like food and medicine. With how it was like living in Adamas before, the majority of able men signed up. Even adventurers chose to join the army since being an adventurer was an unstable job especially since the guild hasn’t been rebuilt yet.

The carriage driver handed some paperwork to one of the soldiers. Up to that moment, they were somewhat relaxed but after the soldier skimmed the paperwork he straightened and took a serious as well as a polite attitude as he told the driver to wait for a moment.

He then disappeared inside the guard post where there was some shouting then a moment later the gate split in two and the soldier reappeared saying they could pass.

To everyone surprise, as the carriages passed they saw that the guards were bowing to them and paid extra attention when they saw the three girls’ carriage passed even going as far as to knee.

“what do you think that was about?” Helina asked the others within confusion.

Thinking for a moment, the threes’ brows furrowed. It was concluded that since Chris was the emperor they were paying their respects since they were his lovers. However, how did they know that nothing like that should have been mentioned in the paperwork?

Suddenly the carriage stopped. Frowning Helina stepped out of the carriage to asked what was happening. A mass of people had surrounded the carriages. They were cheering and shouting with eyes filled with admiration and deep respect.

“What is going on!?”

“I don’t know, but this always happens when I leave the Great Tree.”

To her question, a calm sigh came from behind her. Helina turned around but only saw the inside of the carriage with Sara and Claira inside.

“hahaha, look up!”

Shifting her gaze upwards Helina as well as the two others who by now had come out saw a man with dark red hair that had been cut short and slightly messy in roguelike light armor and a rather extravagant cloak. He was leisurely sitting on top of the carriage they were riding with one leg tucked in and one swing lazily. He was leaned forward with his chin resting on his palm while the other was resting on his leg. A large calm grin was plastered on his face as his purple eyes were fixed on the three with a mix of amusement and joy.

The three seeing the one they worried over for days they each couldn’t contain themselves and shouted out to him. Chris leaped down and soundlessly landed and watched as the three rushed to him. Suddenly he felt a sharp killer intent and tried to dodge, but it was too late.

Helina at point black swung her fist into Chris’ gut with terrifying force. Helina being a physical fighter unlike Chris obviously had quite a bit of power behind her attack adding on that Chris was caught completely off guard and that he noted that her strength had defiantly increased by a few levels he felt a wave of pain.

Still the current Chris wouldn’t go down with a strike at that level, still it hurt quite a bit. As his face twitch from the pain, he looked at Helina, who had tears in her eyes. Her anger was apparent and by the way Claira and Sara were also looking at him they weren’t any less angry.




“Bu- “


Under the wrathful gazes of the three, he sat obediently. To Chris, it was evident that they had been scared and worried for the past few weeks so he played along to let them vent their emotions.

“You know you really are a reckless idiot. We heard everything already from Jenny about the final fight and how you died. Honestly, I can’t believe you would go that far what would happen if something when wrong. Greedy, arrogance, reckless, and –“

Helina kept lecturing Chris for five straight minutes with Claira and Sara chiming in every so often. As Chris was being lectured many of the men put on sympathetic looks especially the ones that were married. While the women nodded and some even giving the girls thumbs up.

At the end, when the three had released all their pent of negative emotions they broke into tears and clung to Chris. Sighing he embraced all of them and consoled them repeating that he was alright and that there was nothing to worry about.

As they four had their heartfelt reunion, everyone around smiled.

“The emperor sure is lucky to have three girls that care about him that much.”

“Yeah well, the taller one is kind of scary.”

“Still elves…”

“Who cares if our Savior doesn’t have a problem with them why should we?”

“Yeah, and besides I just feel jealous I mean each one of them is top level beauties.”

As the men continued to talk, their conversations become more focused on how beautiful the three clinging to Chris. At the same time, many of them women released their own deadly pressure mostly at the men they were with at the same time the younger women were filled with envy.

After a while, Chris loaded Claira, Sara, and Helina back into their carriage and they all headed to what he called the Great Tree Palace.


Was the reaction of everyone as they entered the towering tree. Inside really was like a palace with chandeliers made of hanging glowing flowers, elegant carvings of different images like paints in the floor and on the walls, and various colorful plants that acted as decoration.

Chris ordered some servants to help unload the luggage while the rest were brought to a large dining room with a table filled with food. Those who had traveled ate ravenously inhaling the food that seemed to be the best thing they ever tasted.

While everyone was eating the doors to the hall, burst open and Mia rushed in instantly spotting Ostan.


She jumped into his arms and both became emotional. When Mia mentioned that their mother was alive, Ostan looked towards Chris, who nodded. Without another word the two left.

The meal went peacefully with everyone catching up with each other. Even though they were apart for only a short time, a lot seemed to have happened on both sides. Apparently Ostan and the other three that helped Chris forcefully merge with his soul had gained a massive power boost. All three girls had been bumped up into the High Realm of S rank which was astounding.

At the same time, it would seem that many nobles were planning on visiting Chris however they had no connect with him so they had come to Burdock to try to make him a middle man. Apparently the reason he was going to be late is because of the long list of people he to organize before he came.

With dinner done and everyone exhausted from their journey they quickly bathed then went to sleep. That night Chris finally had the comfort they felt with sleeping with his three women after what seemed like forever.

As he drifted off to sleep he felt the warmth of the others and lightly sighed while thinking, they it really is best to have others help warm your bed.

Little did he know that soon he would have a few unexpected guests. Whether it was good or bad it would depend on how he chose to handle them.


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