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When Chris opened his eyes, he was sitting in a soft, comfortable chair in the middle of a small clearing. At the edge of the clearing was a sea of trees in every direction. In front of him was a small white wooden table with two cups of tea and a pitcher of steaming water on it. Across from Chris sitting in a chair just like his was a person completely clothed in gray.

“it has been some time as it not, my champion?”

After greeting the Goddess of Harmony, Fate took a sip of her tea. Chris being equally relaxed smiled and like her took a sip of his drink.

“Yes, it has, hmm, this is good tea.”

“I’m glad you like it, but don’t you seem to calm for someone that just died?”

“Haha, we both know that it is not my time yet!”

Chris laughed as he took another sip from his cup. Fate stifled a laugh of her own, before setting down her own cup.

“You really have changed since we first met.”

Chris shrugged his shoulders.

“A lot has happened since then has it not?”

“This is true.” The goddess said as she leaned back. Even though Chris couldn’t see passed her veil he could tell Fate’s expression was mixed.

“what will you do from now on. After that fight, I’m sure the world has taken notice of you.”

To Fate’s question, Chris rubbed his chin leaking a childish smile.

“I plan to build a kingdom of my own.”

Fate shifted her body to lean forward slightly in interest.

“Hoho, a kingdom exciting. I thought you were the type that didn’t like to be chained down.”

Suddenly Chris’ eyes darkened as he remembered everything up to where he was now. Ginmer though an enemy was much like him in some ways and that taught him a few essential things. If he fought alone, he actually couldn’t protect anyone the entire incident where Mia was capture was enough evidence. He also needed a home, a safe place. That is something a kingdom could provide. Chris planned to use this kingdom to gather strength to protect his loved ones as well as for a few other goals, but for now, they were only ideas on the drawing board. He also realized that while staying with Burdock was fine, he didn’t want to burden him any longer. Besides a free plot of land just opened up why not take it?

“Hmph, every man must sacrifice something for those he loves besides I do plan to have a family might as well leave them something grand in the future.” Chris snorted while he eyed Fate.

Again she laughed, “you truly are an interesting man never have I met someone like you. You have so much power yet you aren’t blinded by it, you have the heart of a savage beast yet the mind of a king, not only that you have the amazing ability to never truly be at a disadvantage no matter the enemy. Truly an interesting man, hahaha!”

Chris smiled wryly, “why thank you, though I have thought of myself a monster among demons for quite some time.”

Suddenly Titania appeared behind Chris floating over his right shoulder. Her arm crossed and her face showed her irritation, still she was polite as she spoke.

“Are you done with him Goddess of Harmony? I still need to complete the other agreement between him and I.”

Fate nodded, “yes, I am finished… Oh, I almost forgot, I did say kill Ginmer would be a quest for me so I need to give you a reward.”

Fate raised her hand and a ball of light gathered. The light twisted and condensed until it became the size of a tennis ball. It then changed to be made of a mysterious metal that reminded Chris of mercury. The metal shifted and swirled like it was alive and occasionally a flicker of golden light came from tiny pockets like the metal was simply a case for something within.

Handing the ball to Chris, Fate took a more serious tone as she explained what it was.

“this is the core of a Seraph the highest ranking angel in the god lands where I reside. Its power easily exceeds that of the SSS ranks in Mithos. Though it has no actual power in its current form, I feel you will find a use for it.”

Chris looked at the Seraph Core with puzzlement. Beside him, Titania hovered her mouth open if it was possible it would have extended all the way to the floor.

“Goddess of Harmony are you sure you should give such a thing to a human. even if a Seraph is nothing more than a high classed servant and this core is dead, it is still from an existence that transcends mortals!”

Seeing Titania’s panic, Fate shook her head.

“It's okay, as it is it’s impossible to resurrect the creature it once was and absorbing it is something no mortal over even demigod from that world can handle so in a sense it is a useless object. However I believe that this man will find a good use for it.”

Fate said while waving her hand signaling for them to leave.

Titania still looking worried raised her hand grabbing Chris shoulder.

Just before the two vanished Chris’ lips moved. When they were gone Fate sat where she was for a moment before softly laughing.

“That boy, to think he as grow so much that he would actually thank me. hmmm, still it seems that he realized that his journey had only just begun.”


“ris… y… ok!”

Chris could hear a voice, it was distant and he couldn’t really make it out for a moment, but then.


When Chris opened his eyes, he saw Mia, Pazuzu, and Ron huddled around him. When they saw, he had regained consciousness they cheered for joy and swarmed him. Even though he had been revived, Chris still hurt in plenty of places, from what he could tell Ginmer’s magic drastically slowed his regenerative skills. Gram came to his rescue and forced the others back.

“All right give the master some space he only just came back from the dead.”

“MASTER!!!” sadly Gram couldn’t stop the towering mountain of meat and muscles from reaching Chris. Behemoth scoop Chris up and gave him a bear hug that would snap most people in half with tears and snot streaming down his face. If it wasn’t for the fact Chris’ body was already inhumanly strong, he might have died again. Unfortunately, he couldn’t even move as Behemoth crushed what little life he had in him until a roar of anger and bloodlust came from behind them.


Everyone turned to look at Yami. The black katana was releasing a cold killer intent as it pointed its tip towards Chris.

“you should have died, I took your life force as payment there should have been no way you could have lived, so how are you alive!?”

Taking the opportunity Chris slipped out of Behemoth’s death hug of love and after filling his lungs with air smirked.

“Well let’s just say a little fairy helped me.” Chris sneered as he glanced towards Titania.

Titania changed from floating on her side to an upright position while rolling her eyes.

“You see the master before making a contract with you, he made two bets with me. The first bet was that he could kill that demon Gummer or whatever in five minutes which he did. The second thing was that before the day ended, he would die, if he did, I would revive him if he didn’t I would get his life force as well as the Five Element Core. The one thing was he couldn’t die by his own hands, so I thought it was strange, but it seemed that he is shrewder and more cunning than I imagined.”

“What!” Yami roared. It had taken the lives of many both enemies of its contracts and the contracts lives themselves, but it had never been tricked like this. Really the sword had never met such a being that so odd before, to be able to come back from the dead that was something that was considered impossible.

Chris merely shrugged, “I just got lucky as it was a hunch.”

Yami was about to explode with rage. He had been outsmarted just because Chris had a hunch, in other words, he had only guess. Really if he was wrong and Yami didn’t make a contract with his life as the price Chris would have lost everything. He would have either have been forced to be killed by Ginmer, but then Chris wouldn’t be able to revive Mia. However, if he won then Yami would have taken whatever the other thing was and he still would have died thanks to the bet he had with Titania.

What no one knew was that Chris had based his hunch over a conversation he, Ron, and Gram had in the Land of Souls. Chris once asked about why they took the forms of weapons initially, in which they stated it was a curse of sorts that sealed their true strength. After that, they started talking about how the two got the curse which was placed upon them by the gods for destroying an entire civilization several thousand years ago. After that, Chris had asked them about cursed weapons.

So he had some idea that Yami was one of those cursed weapons and guess that it would try to make a type of contract as it had.

Before Yami could say any more, Chris smiled. It was a calm smile, but it wasn’t kind instead it was like a spider that had snared a fly.

“ya know Yami our contract never actually ended.”

“What do you…”

“You can still feel it right?”


Chris’ calm smile suddenly became a twisted grin as he answered.

“Well, you see when your aura and my Overlord’s Aura Armor fused, I left a little but strong ‘connect’ between us. In other words, without you knowing became one of my lords, be happy!”

Yami was speechless. Outplayed, it had been thoroughly outplayed by this creature that hadn’t even lived for a century. Depressed Yami gave up it could tell from the seal Chris had sneakily formed onto him wouldn’t allow him to attack Chris and if necessary Chris could force him to follow any order he gave.

With a hollowed sigh a sheath formed out of the dark aura that surrounded the sword and Yami lazily flew over to Chris. Chris grabbed the sword out of the air and placed it on his hip.

“Good boy,” Chris said while happily tapping the butt of Yami’s handle. While Chris was amusing over how he had gained two significant victories in one day, he suddenly flinched and turned to stare at the corner of the destroyed basement.

Someone was over there though it was weak he could feel traces of life. Thinking it was an enemy Chris ordered Ron and Gram to go investigate. The two stealthily made their way over to where Chris directed. Almost instantly Ron came back, seeming confused.

“What is it?”

“well, it seems that there was a secret wall that had collapsed… inside is a woman chained down.”

With Chris being helped by Ron they group made their way over. Moving passed the rubble that was once the hidden entrance, they saw a woman wearing a beautiful pale blue dress. Chris instantly notice that though she was alive, her eyes were dead. Something else also struck him, the woman face, light brown hair and golden eyes made her look like an older version of Mia!

Instantly he remembers what Ostan said before that…

“Mom!” Mia shouted in surprise.

Yes, Mia and Ostan’s mother had disappeared after meeting Ginmer many years ago. Chris looked at the woman she didn’t seem malnourished or abused. However, seeing her eyes Chris guessed that something dark had taken place with her at the center.

“Mom it’s me Mia come on say something!” Mia gently shook her mother confused. Chris grit his teeth after so long Mia finally was reunited with her mother, but she had been reduced to a living doll.

Turning to Gram, he asked if there was any way to help her. Gram nodded and slowly spoke, “for the most part she is fine though her mental state is broken and the other is…”

Worried Chris pressed for an answer “is what?”

Gram sighed, “she seems to have another life within her.”

Instantly realized what that meant Chris felt less pity for Ginmer.

“Wait is there anything you can do for her! Please save my mother!” Mia begged even to the point she ran over and grabbed Gram’s clothes.

At that moment, Ron spoke up.

“The thing about the child can be solved easily, however recovering her mental state will take time.”

Mia’s eyes widened, tears started to form. Ron placed a hand on her head with a grin.

“Hey hey, I didn’t say it was impossible right?”


“Yeah, she will be okay in a few months to a year though after that it’s up to her.”

Everyone understood what Ron meant, recovering from her doll-like state was possible, but the trauma from the event was another thing.

At that moment, noises were echoing from the hole in the ceiling of the main chamber.

Chris’ eyes furrowed.

“what is that?”

“Bwahahaha, looks like they have become restless waiting for you!” Behemoth roared with laughter. Chris looked at him in confusion.

“Who is waiting?”

“Isn't it obvious!?”

Behemoth and Pazuzu lead Chris to the gated entrance to what was once the castle grounds while Gram and Ron stayed with Mia and her mother. To Chris’ shock people filled the streets, windows, balconies, and any other place that would allow them a better view to see the three standing at the gates.

“Hey, look is that him!?”

“Yeah I saw him before, that’s the guy that controlled that weird monster that killed those men in black at the front gate!”

“Wow, he actually won, to awesome!”

Cheers and words of awe came from the mass of people. Chris smiled then suddenly he leaped up onto the top of the wall. Taking a deep breath, Chris shouted so that everyone could hear him.

“Hear me People of Adamas! Earl Ginmer, your oppresser is dead! You are now free!”

Again roars came from the crowd. Chris waited for the noise to die before he spoke again.

“Listen well, I have a dream. NO! A goal! That goal is to create a kingdom where one can eat his fill and not worry how he will live the next day! With my power, I can change the dry and infertile soil into miles of farmland. With my men, I can create a place that is safe!

With my help, you can become strong and proud! You will no long live in fear or feel hunger. You shall prosper, and know that under my banner you will have a home where you will not worry if your family is safe!

People of Adamas, I, Chris Gelvon at this moment claim this city as my capital of the kingdom I will create and its name is…”

Chris paused, he didn’t actually have a name. Trying not to look like a fool he thought and made several split consciences to create a proper name.

Suddenly it's struck him as he looked at the city that was covered in vegetation like a forest. Turning around he gazed up at the massive tree that seemed to touch the heavens and grinned broadly.

“This kingdom, no, this emperor will be known as –“

He inhaled deeply before roaring, “- SILVA IMPERIUM!”


OK that’s the end of this arc

Next, up Chris will be building up his new home and face enemies that are on a much larger scale

Stay tone for more brute action, snake-like cunning manipulation, and plenty of Chris’ mischief as the emperor!


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