The Strongest Job... Gardener?



Release schedule and sponsored chapters


Ok guys after coming back I was surprised by how many people actually paid attention to that which made me really happy.

so to keep the story going evenly I have decide to do it like this.

> every week I will post 5 chapters
> they will be released during the week since the weekends are hell for me
> if I miss one you can expect a double (or how many are need) release on Friday
> at the end of each chapter I will let you know who many are left for the week

Now if you have noticed, I have a donation button allow me to tell you I will be doing sponsored chapters
> for every $20 I receive I will add a sponsored chapter into the cue
> I can do up to 2 a week, and they will be released on the weekends
> just like with regular chapters I will let you know who many there will be

Also, I'm not asking you to donate, but it would totally be cool if you did

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