Chris entered the room that held the Arc Soul Stone. Though the castle above had been destroyed the roots of the tree he created guarded the crystal against the rubble and debris that fell.

As Chris approached his face had paled to nearly being white and he was breathing heavily. He no longer was covered in his Overlord’s Aura Armor and was once again wearing the black mage robes he had no before. It was evident from his staggering that he was using what remain of his strength to move forward.

Chris looked to his side at the pitch black Katana that floated in the air.

“Give me a little time to finish with the rock then I will complete the contract,” Chris grunted with effort. The sword remained silent giving a soundless approval. With his time confirmed, Chris straightened himself and glared at the Arc Soul Stone.

“Looks like win your little bet,” Chris said with a smirk. In response, the crystal pulsed once and a ripple appeared on its surface. From the ripple, a young girl started to appear like she was coming from another dimension. She looked to be in her mid-teens with snow white hair, pale skin, and gentle facial features she was beautiful. Along with her lack of curves and shorter stature, she was obviously the dangerous existence known as a loli.

Chris himself didn’t have such a preference as he like a woman with more curves, however even he had to admit she was beautiful.

When she had fully exited the crystal, she was wearing a white kimono and her hair became tied into a ponytail that near reach her whole body length. The girl never touched the ground but floated in the air just above it. She opened her eyes to reveal to enchanting sapphires.

She was like a fairy from a children’s story.

Looking at Chris, she frowned and turned half way then waved her hand at the crystal. Mia, who was still inside, suddenly lurched forward and her limp body was dragged out of the crystal and floated until she descended into Chris’ arms.

With a long sigh the ‘fairy’ said, “Yes, yes, I lost as such the girl will be revived and I will be your humble servant from now on… please take good care of me… master.” Her words were laced with sarcasm and irritation causing Chris to show an amused smile.

Ignoring Chris, the fairy quickly flew over and touched Mia’s forehead. The fairy’s hand glowed and the light streamed over Mia’s body.

As the light continued to envelop Mia Chris looked up, “what do I call you by the way?”

The fairy shook her head and responded, “I do not have a proper name since no one has ever considered me a living being.”



“Titania, the queen of fairies. To me that is what you look like so the name fits.”

“That’s… ok.”

Titania looked at Chris with nervous eyes, then whispered, “Thank you”

“what was that?”

Chris didn’t hear what she said and asked her, but she quickly looked down and concentrated on Mia.


Just after the battle between Chris and Ginmer ended.

Gram looked from afar his eyes fixed towards the towering tree that had appeared not even three minutes ago.

Beside him, Ron smirked and snickered, “hehe, looks like the master won after all!”

“Of course, he would how could you doubt him!” Pazuzu said pridefully. Ron shot a glance at her, “Weren't you the one we had to restrain so you didn’t rush in like an idiot?”

Being confronted with her actions Pazuzu could only sputter and look down on the ground with her face dyed red.

“bwahahahaha, so what we all wanted to and besides we won right!?” Behemoth bellowed in excitement and continued, “now let’s tell these guys behind us the good news then go find the master, what do ya say!?”


“Your majesty, your majesty we have gotten an update on the human Ginmer.”

In a dark room, a man with dark blue skin and a horn protruding from his forehead burst in. Sitting on a throne made of what looked like blackened bones was a woman. Though one could not make out her appearance too well because of the lack of light one could, at least, tell she had a voluptuous body judging from what was ‘revealed’.

The woman stirred slightly and spoke with coldness, “report what you know!”

The man trembled at the baneful aura the swept over the room with just her words alone. Still he dared not to stand still like an idiot and went to one knee.

“from the report it said that the human Ginmer was killed by an unknown entity!”

“unknown entity? Was it not a human?”

The man shook his head.

“We thought that at first, but we discovered that his mana is not relate to humans or any creature we’ve seen before, he is as such labeled an unknown entity!”

The woman shifted again and spoke again this time however it lacked the coldness from before and instead had an amused tone.

“interesting, keep an eye on this being, he may be useful in the future.”

To her if he could defeat Ginmer, who with the Black Mana Vault should have been a step away from being an SSS rank than whatever defeated him must have been quite powerful.

Exiting her thoughts, the woman looked down at the man.

“Do you have a name for this being?”

The man stopped for a moment to search his memories. Remembering from the report he nodded.

“I believe his name was Chris Gelvon, my lady.”

The woman suddenly burst into laughter. After a few minutes see finally calmed down and waved her hand.

“excellent, if there is nothing else you can go.”

“Yes, your majesty!”

Though the man was confused by the woman’s sudden burst of laughter, he stood bowed once more then quickly left. When the door completely shut the woman let out a sigh.

“to think I spent so much time on that man, ugh… well at the very least someone interesting appeared.”

She glances over into the shadows with her lips forming a wicked.

“by the way wasn’t that the name of the man you kept screaming at one point, maybe this unknown his him! are by chance curious?”

There was no response, so the woman pouted then quickly smiled mischievously.

“Well, its doesn’t really matter since if he gets in my way, you will kill him anyway right, Lucy?”

Finally, from the shadows, a woman stepped out and knelt lowering her head, then replied, her voice emotionless.

“Yes, if you command so My Lady, Demon Empress Roxana.”


After a few minutes, Titania removed her hand and straightened herself, then nodded with satisfaction at her completed work.

With a childish and somewhat arrogant smile she said, “there her life force has been returned to her, she will wake up momentarily.”

Sticking out her flat chest, Titania looked like a child that wanted to be praised. While thanking her Chris patted her head, surprisingly she showed a face of joy.

Even though she is some old being, she seems more like a child though Chris as he continued to rub her head.

Suddenly Yami’s voice echoed in his mind, “your times up master.” At that moment moved. Chris’ eyes narrowed. With a sorrowful expression he nodded.

“Got it.”

Mia’s eyes slowly opened, the first thing she saw was Chris’ face looking worriedly at her.

“are you ok?” he asked his voice hoarsely. Mia not fully awake missed the oddness of his voice and only nodded her reply.

“Good, then… I’m… satis… fied.” His words came slow as a gentle smile form through what seemed like a great effort.

Mia finally realized that Chris sounded weird and that his face had turned pure white. Quickly sitting up she held his shoulders and shouted, “What’s wrong? Chris what happened.”

However, there was no response, Chris’ body swayed limply with her shaking him. At first she though he had passed out, but his eyes which had dulled remained open.

“Contract complete… sleep well my master.”

Mia looked up to see the black katana floating beside them. Her body trembled, though she guessed what Yami had meant by its words, she didn’t want to believe it. She didn’t dare to ask for a single sliver of hope remained.

To her Chris could never die, he always had a plan, always a way, never truly losing.

Suddenly a hand touched her shoulder and Mia whipped around to see Titania.

“this man.” Titania began but stopped then shook her head before continuing.

“my master he gave his life to save you and the people of this city. In the end, he really is shameless!”

Mia’s eyes seemed to freeze looking at Titania unmoving, unwavering. Finally, she could no longer hold back her tears. She wailed without restraint brings Chris body close to her. Cradling him and looking at his face tears continuously dropped down.

“You idiot! How could you die smiling!? After everything after all your gloating, your arrogance, your ‘I’m always right’ attitude your just going to die like that! You really are a damn fool!!!!”

Mia continued to cry while berating Chris with insults.

At that moment, a savage wind appeared and Pazuzu along with the three other lords appeared. Seeing Mia holding Chris’ body their faces paled. Pazuzu began to move forward to check if there was still some life left within her master, but Gram stopped her by raising an arm.

“Why are you stopping me!” Pazuzu shouted nearly ripping off his arm to advance.

“that girl… let her have her time, the master gave his life to save her the least we can do is let her cry for him.”

He answered without looking back his words came filled with sorrow. Pazuzu looked at Chris then Mia, her eyes began to glisten so she covered her face and knelt down.

“That bastard of a master to die in a woman’s arms instead of the battlefield…”

Though Behemoth spoke with sarcasm, no one said anything as they knew how he actually felt.

Each one of the lords had been recruited while in the Land of Souls by Chris and through hardships as well as many victories their bonds had grown. Even if Behemoth didn’t show it he was internally a disaster.

It was at this moment a gentle voice swept through the room. It was quiet, but for some reason, everyone could hear it loud and clear.

“You don’t have to cry over him you know?”

Instantly everyone directed hateful gazes at Titania, who was casually floating lazily as if she was lying on a sofa.

“What was that you bitch!”

Behemoth is not being able to contain himself roared in anger. Titanic’s lips formed an amused smiled completely losing that childlike innocence she had a moment ago.

“like I said there is no reason to cry more my master, after all, he his shameless and quite shrewd. Even going as far as to play beings like Yami and me for fools.”


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