The wings on Chris’ back moved once and he shot into the air.

Bursting out of the cloud of dust and smoke that covered the ground in the city Chris stopped Ginmer still engaged in a battle of death with his Colossal Emperors. With a snap of his fingers, his minions stopped their actions and retreated. At the same time, the entire city shook. From below Chris, a massive tree burst from the ground destroying what was left of the castle that had already been reduced to mostly rubble.

Ginmer turned to stare at Chris, seeing his appearance he smiled mockingly.

“So a fallen angel has come to kill the demon, huh?”

In response, Chris softly laughed, “hahaha, you have it wrong I am no angel of any kind nor a demon or human, I am simply… a monster!”

Without saying another word Chris turned and vanished. Though Chris had moved with terrifying speed Ginmer could still see that he had moved to the top of the towering tree that had stopped growing. Looking up the tree must have grown thousands of meters tall as it reached beyond the clouds not allowing Ginmer to see the top.

Just like Chris Ginmer vanished speeding towards the top of the tree. When he reached the top, he was surprised that it was flat and had what looked like a miniature forest at the top. Branches that acted like trees were scattered allowing one to see clearly across the top that seemed to spread for at least a mile.

Ginmer landed in the center, close to 30 meters away Chris stood his expression calm with his eyes closed. Though he appeared calm inside of him was a sea of roaring emotions that were usually suppressed. Now however Chris didn’t feel the need to suppress them or let them control him.

Chris' eyes opened lazily and he spread out one arm to his side, “Do you like the battlefield I created for our last dance?”

Ginmer felt somewhat irritated by Chris’ casual tone, but he didn’t show it and put on a lofty façade.

“Hmph, it’s fitting that a plant boy like you will die here among nature like this!”

Chris slowly closed his eyes and let out a sigh before saying, “it seems that there is nothing more to say.” For some reason, his words sound sad which surprised Ginmer. However, he agreed words no longer need to be exchanged.

Both stood in silence for a moment. Again a spear of blue flames formed in Ginmer’s hand. The wind gently blew and the sun shone down lighting the forest making the scene looked like a painting.

Suddenly the two shot forward and darkness met bright flames. In less than a second a hundred blows were exchanged before they separated. Raising his hand Ginmer fire a bolt of lightning at Chris’ retreating figure. Chris’ calm expression didn’t change in the slightest seeing the lightning roaring towards him like an arrow aim at his heart.

Reaching out he touched a nearby tree and flickered with golden light before disappearing into the tree. Ginmer turned swing his sword to block Chris’ surprise attack from behind. Ginmer attempted to counterattack with javelin like icicles, but Chris had already vanished.

In a moment of panic, Ginmer moved to the left just in time to avoid Chris, who came down to pierce the ground with his sword. Seeing an opportunity, Ginmer lunged at Chris his flaming spear aimed at his opponent’s chest.

Not falling behind Chris put strength into his arms and the blade that was embedded in the ground cut through like it was paper. Again the two weapons met causing an explosion of energy to shake everything around them.

With their weapons locked the two stared at each other. One might expect them to have stern faces as they were fighting to the death. However, both were smiling. They both wished to fight strong enemies so how couldn’t they be happy at this moment?

Time Remaining: 45 seconds

This is taking too long! Chris thought as he yet again clashed with Ginmer. Though he wanted to savor this fight, he knew he couldn’t.

Jumping back Chris raised Yami. The black katana’s blade burst into pale blue flames. At the same time, roots and vines erupted from the forest and attempted to restrain Ginmer.

With a furious roar, flames burst from Ginmer’s body burning the vegetation that tried to capture him to ash. When the smoke and ash started to clear Ginmer’s face paled.

Floating in the sky Chris had Yami raised in one hand. The blade silently burned with white and blue flames. Ginmer, however, wasn’t worried about the sword itself but what was above it.

Floating above the time of the sword’s tip was thousands of head size orbs of fire.

“Ginmer, allow me to ask you something. If I am a mage why do I have a sword?”

Ginmer stared dumbfounded which caused Chris’ calm smile to become more savage.

“The answer is that Yami doesn’t give someone power in the form of its blade, but in the idea, the wielder deems as power. In other words, this sword is only for show what power I really received was purely –“

Chris swung his sword as he roared, “- Skill Amplification!”

With his words, the storm of fire fell on Ginmer like a rain storm. Ginmer brought both his hands forward and the spear of flames condensed into a ball. The single sphere of fire multiplied and rushed to meet the rain storm of fire that descended from the sky.

Ginmer was forced to use all his concentration to fend off the seemingly endless bombardment of white and blue flames. Because of this, he didn’t notice Chris had disappeared. By the time he did it was too late, Chris was beside him. In his hand was a Toxic Blast ready to dissolve Ginmer’s head.

Though he tried to dodge, Ginmer realized that he had been caught by roots that tangled around his feet. Seeing that he couldn’t avoid the attack, Ginmer moved one of his hands to reach for Chris’ face. Chris leaped back to avoid the hand. Though he missed his chance to attack it didn’t matter since his goal had been achieved.

Without Ginmer entirely focused on warding off Chris’ Wisp of the Deep Forest the firestorm broke through his defenses. Ginmer screamed in pain as he was burned alive. When the flames stopped roaring Ginmer stood covered in burns. His skin was charred, his hair gone, even his lips were burned off truly a gruesome sight. Still even in that state he was still alive.

Time Remaining: 10 seconds

Ginmer looked up in the sky to see Chris looking at him. He let out a weak laugh, Ginmer knew he had lost. Still his eyes didn’t lose resolve if he were going to die he would take his enemy with him.

Mustering his remaining strength, Ginmer created a spear of blue fire that was several times bigger than the others.

With a tired, dry voice, Ginmer looked at Chris and said a single word, “Come!”

Chris shot down from the sky with Yami covered in all three enchantments making it radiate dazzling like. At the same time, the spear of flames was released charging through the air like a dragon wanting to devour its prey.

When the two forces collide, the spear didn’t even last a second and was simply cut through like its wasn’t even their to begin with.

Time Remaining: 9 seconds

Chris accelerated even further become a blur. Instantly he was in front of Ginmer, his blade thrusted forward and plunged into his foe’s chest. There was the sound of glass breaking as the Black Mana Vault that was embedded in Ginmer’s chest was pierced and cracked.

Time Remaining: 8 second

“What the hell is that face for!?” Ginmer spat in anger at Chris who wore a sad expression yet again. Chris locked eyes with Ginmer, something in Chris’ eyes made Ginmer flinch, “because it really is sad… you lost the one you love and in your path to try and bring her back you became this.”

What Ginmer saw was understanding

Ginmer stopped, then his face darkened.

“What does it matter to you?”

“Because if I was in your place, I might walk the same path,” Chris said with a wry smile as if it was a bad joke. Tears suddenly formed in Ginmer’s eyes, he had lost Nirvana do to his own carelessness and had done everything to revive her. He had used his allies and betrayed his friends all for her. Still, he knew that if she were brought back, she would hate him and mourn of the souls that were lost to resurrect her, but he didn’t care! He only wanted to see her, to hold her, to say ‘I love you’ one last time. in the end he had become obsessed and lost his way just like Chris had said.

Ginmer looked at Chris with eyes of an elder passing knowledge to his grandchild.

“haha, I see it, you are the same as me, you hold those close to you with a ferocity that would scare a dragon away.”

Ginmer paused for a moment as he remembered the women he loved. His eyes fixed on Chris though they were slowly dimming they didn’t lack an ounce of power as he spoke.

“Protect them, but do not forget you can’t do everything yourself that was the mistake I made. Have allies you can trust, use them to fill the gaps in your defenses, please listen to this old man’s advice and don’t follow in my footsteps.”

Chris only nodded without a word. His expression solemn, he could feel the waves of sorrow and regret coming off Ginmer.

Ginmer sighed and cracked a gentle, relaxed smile. He looked up at the sky and laughed, “Nirvana it has been over three hundred years since you died… I think I’ve made you wait long enough!”

Slowly Ginmer body lost the last of his strength and he slumped to the ground. Chris lay him on his back with his arms crossed over his chest. Moving his hand Chris close the man’s eyes and to his surprise, Ginmer’s body rapidly aged quickly becoming an old husk of a man.

Time Remaining: 1 second [Halted]

Chris looked at the corpse a hint of sorrow shown in his eyes. Even though he had been an enemy, during the second time Chris touched the Arc Soul Stone he saw Ginmer’s memories, thoughts, and his desire to hold his beloved once again. Chris realized in many ways they were similar. Ginmer had been powerful and did anything to protect Nirvana, even if what he did was morally wrong. Still, in the end, he had angered someone he couldn’t afore to offend. When he was about to be kill Nirvana had offered her life in exchange for Ginmer’s

After that, anyone could have guessed the rest that led up to this moment.

Though he had felt pity and empathy for him in the end, Chris didn’t hold back in the slightest. He had people he had to protect and one he had to save, so even though it hurt his heart, Chris hadn’t faltered.

Suddenly a woman’s voice echoed in his mind interrupting his thoughts with the words, “thank you!”

Chris quickly looked up and his eyes widened. A woman that could only be described as beautiful was before he stand over Ginmer’s body. She had curly golden hair that draped over her chest and back while framed a perfect face without the slightest flaw. Though she wasn’t as curved as Helina or Claira, she had an elegance that wouldn’t lose to them in any way.

An angel that is what he thought at first. Still he was confused, why was she thanking him?

Guess his thoughts the angel said, “in the end you saved his heart that had long been corrupted, for that I thank you.” Chris then received another shock. Standing beside the angel like existence was Ginmer. His youth had returned, but he no longer had an evil look about him. Instead, it was peaceful and happy as he held the Angels hand.

Suddenly a thought crossed Chris’ mind, could it be that this woman was.


The angel didn’t say anything by her smile broadened slightly. Chris shifted his gaze and the two men’s eyes met one last time. No words need to be said between these two that were only enemies seconds ago.

They both bowed to him then with a shimmering light floated into the sky and slowly disappeared.

So in the end, you were able to be together with her, huh. Could this be called a happy ending? Chris mused to himself. With everything was done Chris wanted to sit and rest for a long time, but he couldn’t, after all, he had a lot to do.

With a sigh, Chris vanished moving with great speed to where the Arc Soul Stone was to quickly receive his wins from their bet, after all, he didn’t have much time left!

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