Ok so I'm giving this story another go.

I plan to at least finish this arc then i will go from there whether i do rewrite the story or simply continuing. though I do actually want to continue this story i do want to correct the long list of mistakes i have made.

still have to think but for now simply enjoy this chapter.

Esperreal out!


At the edge of the forest that was deemed a safe distance from Adamas that would soon become a battlefield that no one could survive in the millions of citizens whispered. As they watched the place that was once considered their prison some had looks of hop, some with fear, and some with amazement.

Though they didn’t exactly know what was happening inside the fortress city’s walls, they understood that the final battle was taking place.

Standing between the sea of bodies was four figures. These four were Chris’ four lords that he had ordered to protect the citizens of Adamas.

Pazuzu watched the high walls of the city with worry. “Shouldn’t we help him!? the enemy’s strength goes far beyond what we predicted!” she exclaimed without shifting her gaze in the slightest.

Gram shook his head and said in a solemn voice, “we were given explicit orders to protect these humans… and besides –“

“- we would only get in the way at this point.” Ron finished his brother’s words with an equally dark tone.

“But-“ Pazuzu wanted to argue but was stopped by hand that was placed on her shoulder. Looking back, she saw Behemoth his face was twisted with anxiety and rage that even made his hand tremble.

“Don’t think you’re the only one that wants to go help!” Behemoth’s usually overbearing and confident attitude was nonexistent in his words. It was evident that he like the others was using all his will power to stay where he was.

Suddenly an explosion along with a pillar of golden light erupted from the city and reached towards the heavens. The power of that was released by the pillar of light could clearly be felt by the four lords even with how far they were away from the city.

Tremors shook the earth and a shockwave that was like a tsunami roared along with a gale of wind that could lift a man off his feet and send him flying for yards.

Reacting to the shockwave Gram and Ron instantly raised their hands and a shield the size of a small house appeared. From it, a bluish-white aura spread creating a wall that stood between the destructive shockwave and the many citizens of Adamas.

At the same time, Pazuzu sent her own gale of wind to try and lessen the force of the storm coming their way while Behemoth punched the ground. From where he hit the earth glowing red veins spread like a spider web traveling with lightning speed in front of him. After reaching a certain distance magma bursts from the molten veins and formed a V-shaped wall of lava that upon coming in contact with the brute wind force cooled and diverted some of its power.

Though they all moved without a second of delay each of the four lords were shocked because the power of the shockwave crushed the wall of cooled rock like it was never there, devoured Pazuzu’s counter wind, and still had enough strength to heavily slam into Gram and Ron’s barrier.

After a moment, the powerful force ended leaving the four lords to exchange glances of worry. If forces like that continued to come from the city like that they might not be able to complete, protect the humans behind them.


As the pillar of light diminished, Ginmer floated in the air. His left leg was now gone along with one of his wings and his left lower half of his arm, yet he didn’t look worried in the slightest.

“Hmph, you’re going to have to do better than that to kill me, boy!” Ginmer sneered as he looked down at Chris with a condescending expression. He thought that by now Chris would lose himself in rage over the death of the girl he was trying to save. However, those expectations were denied. To his surprise Chris didn’t even look at him. Instead he turned and vanished reappearing by the Arc Soul Stone.

This brat, how dare he ignores me! Ginmer thought in fury. He wanted to go down and kill his overconfident opponent to destroy that attitude of his, but he could hundreds of Colossal Emperors bursts from the ground throughout the city each speeding forward in an attempt to devour him.

Seeing the mass of white worm-like creatures Ginmer snorted and with a wave of his hand, a tornado formed and expanded tearing any of the beasts that got to close. Even with the minions die continuously they didn’t let up and instead increased their furious assault.

With the Colossal Emperors’ relentless attacks Ginmer was forced to stay in the same position to maintain his barrier of fierce wind.

After a moment Ginmer became annoyed and with a furious shout, a sphere of fire burst out with his body at its center. The ball of fire rotated while expanding vaporizing any of the minions that were touched.

Finally, the giant worm monster retreated. However, they didn’t lessen their attacks. Since they couldn’t charge at Ginmer instead opened their mouths and began firing balls of golden light which bombarded the ball of fire.

The bright red fire and golden light clashed. Somehow the golden light that the minions fired were halting the ball of flames and an intense struggle began. Neither gain the other side an inch both putting in everything to try and overtake the other.

Suddenly the sphere of fire collapsed and opened on one side revealing Ginmer. The mass of fire then condensed changing into an eight-foot-long spear made of pure blue flames. With the bombardment of light still happening Ginmer was surrounded by the seemingly endless miniature suns that threating to turn him to ash.

Just before the first orb of light touched his skin he vanished. In the next instant roaring blue flames engulfed one of the Colossal Emperors. It let out a scream of agony as it burned to nothing. Not even a second later another was burning, then another. It was by the time the seventh worm-like minion was burning did the rest finally lock onto Ginmer’s movements and attack.

If one were to see the battle from a distance, they would relate it to the legendary battle of Hercules and the Hydra. As the Ginmer slew one ‘head’ after another, a new one would take its place and join in the pursuit to capture the flying demon.


During the time, Ginmer and the Colossal Emperors were fighting Chris stood in front of the Arc Soul Stone.

“Very well mortal, our new deal has been made.” The ancient voice said in a monotone voice. With a nod, Chris raised his right hand and closed his eyes.

After a second he whispered, “there you are.”

Suddenly there was a sharp ringing sound then a shadow sped towards Chris. It flew right in front of him and like he was casually catching a baseball, he plucked the shadow out of the air. In his hand was the massive claymore, Yami.

Chris looked at the claymore and poured his mana into it. Instantly there was a respond and an old man’s voice rang in his mind.

“You desire power do you not? If so form a contract with me and I, Yami, The Sword of Destruction shall be your weapon!”

Chris casually responded, “I desire your power, what does this contract entail?”

The old voice chuckled, “you must feed my lust for blood and sacrifice someone you hold dear to you then I will give you the power you seek.”

Chris’ brows furrowed as he glared at the blade then a calm smile appeared on his face.


That single word was spoken directly with great power. Why should he sacrifice anyone he holds precious for his desires, after all, one of his greatest desires was to keep those people safe.

Yami was silence naturally it didn’t expect Chris to be so adamant.

“Then what will you offer me in exchange for my power?”

“I will offer you my own life, after a kill my enemy you may have it.”

Again there was silence then Yami began to laugh. Through its laughter, it said, “Truly you are an interesting one! Very well, I accept my power is yours to wield in your final battle!”

Suddenly the massive claymore changed in an inky black liquid. The liquid changed from the shape of the claymore to a katana with a handle that was two feet in length and a blade that was six feet long. The entire sword was pitch black and was covered in a dark aura that flowed off the blade like thick smoke to Chris’ surprise this aura reminded him of his Overlord’s Aura Armor.

Chris activated his skill and a similar black aura surrounded him. The two auras then connected and seemed to feed off one another. The combined aura of the two suddenly took shape becoming a suit of armor that looked like it was made by twisting interwoven vines. The vines that surrounded his head changed into a skull with a toothy lipless smile. His eyes now glowed with a sinister purple light and the whites of his eyes were now black. White hair flowed from the back of his head reaching his waist and a halo of rainbow light swirled above him On his chest, a jewel that that glowed with constantly changing colors appeared and a web veins spread throughout the black vine armor. From his back, four sets of branches emerged to form bone-like wings and a slender whip-like tail.

He now looked like some type of tree demon mixed with an angel.

Looking at the sword with interest Chris smiled savagely.

“Now then its time I ended this!”

Time remaining: 1 minute

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