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Ginmer glared at Chris as he slowly picked himself up. A surge of white energy burst from his body and wrapped around him.

“Don’t think just because you stole the core fragment, you can kill me!” [Ginmer]

When the white energy faded, The Earl was younger again.

Chris know that Ginmer was going to be difficult to kill. Lucky because Ginmer was using the [Five Elemental Core] as both a catalyst and the absorption point for the [Arc Soul Stone’s] power, he could no longer absorb any more energy from the crystal. Chris relaxed slightly knowing that Mia was out of danger and steeled himself for the intense battle that was to come.

During this time, Chris split his conscious to check his stats.

Status Page
Name: Chris GelvonRace: Forest Overlord
Lv: 550EXP: 1424 / 203940290
Age: 17Gender: Male
Job: Combat GardenerCombative Rank: SS (Middle Realm { 3rd stage} )

Troll Killer, Variant Slayer, One Accepted by Nature, Monster of the Forest, Chosen of the Five Elemental Gods, Lady Killer, Unintentional Harem Maker, Tyrannical Forest Emperor, One Man Army, Poison Expert, Overlord of the Forest , One of a Kind, One Who Commands Nature, True King of the Trees, One Who Revels in Blood, Master of Legends, One with the Five Elements

HP 115520 / 153020MP 225430200 / 248160400 (31020050)
Str: 67390 (33695)Agi: 75840 (37920)
Def: 54980 (27490)Magic: 590800 (295400)
Luck: 360Charm: 380

Generate Plant MinionRank: 21
Summon LordRank: 3
Emperor of the Green ArmyRank: 21
Extreme GrowthRank: Max
Battle StateRank: Max
AnalyzeRank: Max
Overlord SystemRank: 154
Fortress of BrambleRank: 126
Overlord’s AuraRank: 142
Overlord’s Domain of AuthorityRank: 153
PromotionRank: 125
Minion FusionRank: 118
Wave of PoisonRank: 136
Toxic BlastRank: 124
Wisps of the Deep WoodsRank: 128
Blooming Lotus BombRank: 126
Razor Petal ShieldRank: 132
Overlord’s Battle ArmorRank: 146
Enchantment: Life EaterRank: 118
Enchantment: Savage EdgeRank: 118
Enchantment: Touch of DeathRank: 118
Mark of PowerRank: 115
Mark of SwiftnessRank: 115
Mark of StoneRank: 115
Five Elements Refined BodyRank: Max
ShapeshiftRank: 102
Pressure of the ForestRank: 137
Tree WalkRank: 131
Endless VitalityRank: MAX
Overlord’s DecreeRank: 135
Wrath of NatureRank: 127

Chris felt that the amount of stats he gained was way too high, at the same time he noticed that < Five Element Refined Body > was max ranked so he checked it and everything became clear.

Five Element Refined BodyRank: MaxPassive

x2 to all stats
x4 to max MP
Mana regeneration increased by 1000%
High resistance to earth, water, fire, lightning, and wind based damage

Seeing the amount power he had gained, he could help but laugh inwardly. He could feel it, a new level of destructive force coursed through his being. The current Chris was around 10 times stronger than before he completed the core. While his physical capabilities skyrocketed, his magical prowess was in a whole new dimension.

Still, the Earl was someone that Chris couldn’t be careless towards. Just like Chris he seemed to have a regenerative skill as well as that skill to become an element such as lightning was troublesome.

Looking at Mia, Chris’ anger jump up two levels. She had only around 20 minutes before her life force was extinguished. He quickly calmed his rage, it would do neither he nor Mia any good if he acted rashly.

Chris and Ginmer exchanged bloodthirsty glares. Suddenly Ginmer pulled out a palm-sized black stone orb. He held it high as he gazed at it in wonder, then looked down at Chris with concedent eyes.

Earl Ginmer suddenly reached into his robes and pulled out a black orb that seemed to be made of some sort of stone. The orb pulsed faintly with a dark energy and Chris cursed. Chris could tell that the stone was something that could replace the [Five Elemental Core] as an absorption point.

"Hahaha, you fool! Even without the core I still have this, a present from Demon Empress Roxana herself, the [Black Mana Vault]!” [Ginmer]

The Earl pressed the orb against his chest and it sunk half way then stopped. Black veins sprouted around the orb and quickly covered the Earl’s body. Suddenly Mia screamed as a trail of white light flowed from her body and connected to Ginmer.

Instantly Ginmer’s body changed becoming younger and more muscular.

“Hahaha, amazing, I have regained my youth from 600 years ago!” [Ginmer]

600 years! That should be impossible for a human to live that long is what Chris thought. Then he remembered that when someone reached S-rank their lifespan greatly increases and that increases further with each stage. Really by SS rank someone could live up to 2000 years in the lower realm 1st stage.

Still, hearing that the Demon Kingdom was involved meant trouble.

(So this is why Fate said this is part of my duty as a balancer. If Ginmer were to succeed in his ritual, there is a good chance it would give Nocturnia some sort of advantage over Aurora.) [Chris]

“Now let’s end this if you’re going to kill me you’d better hurry Mia won’t last long.” [Ginmer]

Chris bit his lip to quell the immense anger rising inside him. Giving into his emotions would not help him in the least, he had to remain calm and fight with his head as well as his body.

Mind games were a key to this battle, Chris knew that.

Suddenly the Earl was coated in flames and charged forward as a sword of fire extended from his hand. Chris reacted instantly kicking off the ground propelling himself backward. At the same time, trees burst from the floor where he had just stood. From that point vegetation erupted and the area expanded at an insane rate before the Earl even reach where Chris originally was the entire room had once again become a dense forest.

Ginmer stopped and looked around before snorting in irritation.

“Hmph, this pety trick again, burn!” [Ginmer]

A ring of fire formed at his feet and moved out in all directions. The fire ate at the forest and began to turn everything to ash. However, that only lasted for a moment. In an instant, the forest had regrown to the point that it looked like the fire had never happened.

From the depths of the darkness, a cold laugh was heard.

“Ginmer my domain cannot be destroyed so easily.” [Chris]

Suddenly roots burst from the ground and pierce the Earl’s body. The roared in pain and swung his fire sword to remove the roots burning them instantly.

Chris watched from high in a tree, he sat with one leg dangling and the other close to his chest. He saw Ginmer’s wound became filled with flames and closed almost immediately. Chris had created over a thousand separate conscious to try and come up with a plan to quickly kill the enemy and rescue Mia before too much of her life force was used.

An idea came after only a few minutes.

Chris smirked and from where he sat a cloud of purple fog formed. From the cloud, five small streams extended towards the Earl.

Ginmer saw the trails of fog when they were only a few feet away. He tried to dodge by transforming into lightning. Even though he was fast, the forest moved faster. Trees and bushes instantly formed a wall that blocked his path. Even though he was made of lightning, that didn’t mean he could pass through solid objects. Ginmer attempted to force his way through the wall of vegetation, however when he meet the wall he could only make a small burn mark on it. Having exspended his skills strength he once again regained his human form.

Ginmer turned to see the trails of purple fog were speeding his way. Each one moved like a snake twisting back and forth as it advanced. The Earl in panic took a deep breath and released a torrent of fire when he exhaled. The flames met fog and the two forces canceled each other out.

Suddenly from nowhere a hole opened in the ground. The hole was filled with dagger-like teeth, an [Ambush] lashed out its tongue like vines and gripped the Earl’s legs.

“What is this!?” [Ginmer]

Though the Earl struggle, he noticed the purple fog from before had surrounded him. He couldn’t move his body and could only watch helplessly as the [Ambush] swallowed him.

Chris chuckled using < Wave of Poison: Paralyzation > along with an [Ambush] minion was the fastest way to suppress the Earl’s power. However the fight wasn’t over, with the way the Earl’s body is this type of strategy won’t kill him.

His body was immune to this like decay and petrifaction, so using < Wave of Poison > would be useless at that point.

While Chris was thinking a violent wind exploded from the [Ambush] minion and in the next moment Ginmer was standing in another tree 6 meters behind Chris. Chris sensed Ginmer instantly and used < Razor Petal Shield > just as a bolt of lightning flashed attempting to strike him.

Chris closed his eyes and fully submerged himself in the network created by his < Overlord System > skill. The branches of the tree Ginmer were standing on twisted throwing him off as well as moved like spears to try and pierce his body.

The Earl evades the attack by coating himself with a layer of wind that allowed him to fly at incredible speed. Even with his speed Chris was able to clearly sense the Earl and predicted his movements. As the Earl moved through the forest branches swiped at him whenever they had the chance.

Suddenly an [Alpha Ravager] burst from a densely leafy branch and gripped the Earl by biting at his arm. The two plummeted to the forest floor. Looking down Ginmer saw countless tiny roots had sprouted to create a spike that could easily impale him.

“Let go you damn beast!” [Ginmer]

Ginmer’s body transformed into lightning burning the [Alpha Ravager] in an instant. He then moved to avoid the trap and land safely on the ground.

The Earl waited for Chris to launch another attack. Chris, on the other hand, had distracted the Earl so he could reach Mia.

Chris was frustrated, nothing worked each time he thought he had Ginmer the bastard always survived somehow. So he tried to approach the situation in another way.

Chris touched the stone in an attempt to find some answers on how to break the link between it, Mia, and the Earl. After pouring his mana into the crystal, Chris immediately jump back.

“So…that’s how it is!” [Chris]

Deep within the [Arc Soul Stone] was something equivalent to a deity like his lords.

It seemed that for the crystal to fulfill that order, there needed to be a sacrifice, in which case was Mia. As for the Earl order, it was to give him the power to resurrect someone call Nirvana.

Chris racked his brain creating tens of thousands of split conscious to find a way to break the link the three shared. Suddenly the answer came, if the stone could the Earl’s request why can’t it do the same for Chris.

Chris again poured mana into the [Arc Soul Stone] and this time he was met by a voice that could not be identified as a man or a woman.

“What is your wish human?” [Stone]
“Make a contract with me and become one of my lords.” [Chris]

The voice didn’t respond for a moment.

“Interesting, no one has ever asked for something like that. What do you offer in return for this contract?” [Stone]
“I don’t offer anything, instead how about we make a bet?” [Chris]

The voice responded immediately, it sounded both confused and amused.

“Oh, and what would that bet be?” [Chris]

Chris smirked as he spoke his words with confidences.

“I bet I can kill Ginmer in 5 minute if I lose you can have my life force, but if I win you will form a contract with me as well as return Mia’s life force.” [Chris]
“You think that your life force is worth that much don’t be ridiculous! Not to mention that Fen Ginmer is someone you can’t defeat in 5 minutes!” [Stone]

The voice had changed to sound anger. However Chris knew it was a bluff to make him lessen the conditions of the deal. He knew that because he was near immortal in the sense that he could live for ions meant that the amount of life force he had wasn’t small. As for why only giving himself a minute in time was because Mia could only last 10 minutes at most, he needed to end this quickly as possible.

“Let me tell you something…do not underestimate me. I can kill him, now will accept or not?” [Chris]

The voice again was silent as if in hesitation, then.

“Very well, I accept this bet of yours.” [Stone]

Chris didn’t waste any time and slipped into a tree beside him. He exited onto a large branch of at tree that was 20 meters away from Ginmer.

“Ginmer, the real fight begins now!” [Chris]

[Time Remaining: 5 minutes]

Ginmer turned looking in every direction. The reason was, Chris’ voice had come from his mouth, but the entire forest. His cold, tyrannical voice boomed and created an echo within the densely packed trees. His voice alone made the Earl feel a tinge of fear. This was from Chris using < Overlord Aura > which since ranking up decreased his stats by 20% and < Pressure of the Forest > which was eroding his mind. Since he was the only target of < Pressure of the Forest > the effectiveness is increased by 100%. Right now he was clearly affected by the skill as his calm demeanor from before had completely vanished.

Ginmer spotted Chris from his perch and with a mumbling of words the Earl pointed his index finger at Chris and a bolt of lightning flashed. Nearby branches moved to block the lightning leaving smoking charred marks. However the attack didn’t break through.

Chris had already observed the Earl’s skills and concluded that his skills were almost all offensive based. Except that skill that allows him to turn into an element and regenerative skill Chris had only seen him use attack based skills. He had never shown a defensive skill, so that meant that Chris had to overpower him.

At the same time, the lightning struck the branches that had defended Chris Ginmer was surrounded by a group of lotuses. They had crimson leaves and transparent azure colored petals, in the center of each one was a small ball of purple mana that flickered like a flame. They floated in the air revolving slowly and bobbing up and down rhythmaticly.

“Boom.” [Chris]

That word was full of malice at the same time it was spoken in an amused tone. Immediately follow his words several of the lotuses flashed with a purple light and exploded. Ginmer successfully evaded the explosions by transforming into lightning and distancing himself from the exploding lotuses. However, Chris was going to let up, as soon as the Earl landed on another branch over a dozen lotuses were waiting for him.


Chris continued his assault, each time the Earl was forced to avoid the blasts the amount of time he stayed in his lightning form lessened.

Time Remaining: 4 minutes


Another attack caused Ginmer to flee and he was ready to dodge another explosion. However this time no lotuses appeared. Instead the branch he stood on wrapped around his feet keeping him in place. While he struggled to free himself, Ginmer saw a sphere of green liquid speed towards him.

He again was forced to use his skill to become lightning and dodge the ball of liquid. This time Ginmer didn’t distance himself even more from Chris. Instead he accelerated towards him. Returning to his human form a blade of flames appeared in Ginmer’s hand. He brandished the fire sword and swung to cleave Chris in two, even then Chris didn’t even flinch.

In an instant, Chris had activated < Overlord’s Aura Armor > and just before the blade reach him Chris’ body was covered in a black liquid like aura. Reaching out his hand Chris caught Ginmer’s fire sword and at the same time as he thrust his hand forward a < Toxic Blast > at the ready.

“Gaaaaaaaaah!” [Ginmer]

Ginmer reeled back in pain as the orb of acid burst covering his face and neck. The Earl flashed backward appearing again on a tree branch, his wounds already healing.

“This won’t do, I need more power!” [Ginmer]

Ginmer raised his hand towards Mia and the stream of white energy tripled in size.

“Stop it you bastard!” [Chris]

Chris roared with rage as he witness with < Overlord System > that Mia’s life force was decreasing several times faster than before. Chris estimated that she had only 6 minutes left.

Chris’ mind worked at light speed quickly studying all the information he knew from his fight so far.

His conclusion.

Time Remaining: 3 minutes

Suddenly it seemed like the entire forest converged on Ginmer. Layer after layer of trees, roots, bushes, grass, and any other form of vegetation wrapped around him creating a prison of green.

Chris stood in front of the cocoon of vegetation and raised an arm to stretch out on his side. From the ground, three roots burst out spiraling to create a pillar. Chris grabbed at the pillar and it cleanly broke at the base which narrowed to a fine point forming a spear. Chris lifted the spear over his head and posed to toss it. Before he did, Chris used < Enchantment: Life Eater >, < Enchantment: Savage Edge >, and <Enchantment: Touch of Death >. The Spear was instantly enveloped in three separate auras one red, one black, and one blue. The three colors swirled over the tip and spread down sometimes overlapping other times avoiding each other if it wasn’t for the terrifying pressure coming from the spear one might say it was truly a beautiful sight.

Chris drew back taking his time to aim and then with all his might hurled the spear at the cage of green. Like the obstacles in front of it were made of marshmallow the spear of twisted roots borrowed deep and pierce the Earl.

Chris knew this ended their fight, the reason was because of his enemy’s greatest strength, his regenerative skill. Chris had noticed that it consumed a good amount of mana, along with his the skill that turned him into an element to escape or evade attacks also consume large quantities of mana. Taking this into account, Chris realized that the only way to actually defeat him was to drain his mana. Thus by applying both < Enchantment: Life Drinker > and < Enchantment: Touch of Death > he could not only drain his mana but continue to inflict damage. Since this skilled seemed to be automatic, he knew this was the best course of action. If Ginmer deactivated his regen skill he would die of poison, but if he didn’t then he would die anyway when his mana ran out.

To be safe Chris hurled two more spears into the prison of plants, he hear screams of pain as he did. Suddenly a mass of magic energy erupted from the cocoon.

Chris' face was ghostly white, he felt it, Mia in an instant had the last of her life force drained. Chris didn’t speak or move, his mind was blank except for one thought.

(I couldn’t save her…) [Chris]

Emotions filled that one thought, it threatened to swallow him. tears unconsciously began to flow and Chris had bitten down on his lip so hard that blood began to trickle down his face.

Silence only lasted a moment before a laughed echoed from deep within the cage of green. With a violent, fiery explosion Ginmer appeared and his appearance had changed.

The best way to describe him was a demon. His skin had turned several shades darker, his hair was now gray and had grown to his hips covering his face giving him a savage look. Two black feathered wings sprouted from his back and a whip-like tail grew from his tailbone.

Chris fixed his gaze on the demon before him, for some reason he was completely calm. His heart was like a lake without a single ripple while his mind was a layer of ice over it keeping it unmoving. One could say that right now Chris was completely emotionless, if so then they would be wrong, very wrong.

Anger, hatred, regret, sorrow, all these emotion didn’t flare up . Instead they were what allowed him to be calm. Typically anger and hatred would be described as fiery emotions, but right now they brought unequaled coldness.

Ginmer smirked as he looked down at Chris from where he floated in the air 30 feet off the ground.

“Oh no, did that poor girl die, how sa-“ [Ginmer]

Ginmer suddenly stopped his words, because he felt a dominating pressure ooze from Chris. This pressure was caused by any of his skills, no it was simple his blood lust transformed into a truly suppressing force. Ginmer couldn’t help but tremble, even though he was strong it meant nothing.

“Ginmer…” [Chris]

Hearing his name the now demonized Earl’s conscious returned to his body. He felt something inside of him telling him to run and as fast as he could.

Up until now Chris’ rage was creating something inside of him. Since he now had the [Five Elemental Core] many possibilities had opened up, but for now Chris didn’t care. His only thoughts were to kill his enemy.

“Pazuzu!” [Chris]

Chris contacted his Lord through their mental connection, instantly she respond.

“Yes my master?” [Pazuzu]
“Has the evacuation of the citizens been completed yet?” [Chris]
“Yes, everyone is safely outside the city.” [Pazuzu]
“Good, now I can go all out without worrying about them.” [Chris]

Chris end the conversation, with a deep sigh he collected himself. Suddenly he looked up and glared at Ginmer in response the Earl flinched.

(Why do I feel fear, he is weaker than me I can feel it, so why?” [Ginmer]

He could explain it, this fear was created by Chris’ action it was more of instincts. Yes, he was naturally afraid of Chris since Ginmer’s mind had been continuously eroded by < Pressure of the Forest > he now was easy to over power in terms of mental attacks.

Chris snapped his fingers and the massive room trembled with the force of a level 5 earthquake. The stone floor that was already heavily damaged by the fighting up until now was cracked and destroyed even further. The wall were also beginning to crack and chunks of polished rock fell from the ceiling. Still, the Earl didn’t care about that, even if they whole castle collapsed on him he would survive.

What he was worried about was the mass of mana that is snake around the room under the floor and inside the wall even up on top of the ceiling. Ginmer watched carefully then without warning a large worm-like creature emerged from the wall it was the fusion version of the [Colossal], [Emperor Colossal].

Its body was pure white as if any color that touched his skin was be destroyed. The shape of its body was similar, except now it had a mane made of red leaves. As the massive worm creature opened its mouth a golden sphere of light formed in its mouth.

Ginmer moved with unseen speed instantly reaching the [Emperor Colossal] and with an outstretched palm blasted a torrent of flames to envelop the minion. It was reduced to ash in a moment and the Earl felt this was going to be easy.

However, that way of think quickly put to a halt.

Only a few moments after, from the walls, ceiling, and the floors burst hundreds of [Emperor Colossals]. Ginmer looked in every direction to see endless balls of light aimed towards him.

“I’ve had enough of all this, so this is no longer going to be a fight, but a slaughter.” [Chris]

[Time Remaining: 2 minutes]

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