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Chapter 51: A Wonderful Gift from an Enemy


“Damn, you're tougher than I thought, this is great bwahahahaha!” [Behemoth]

Behemoth and Cicella were both covered in cuts and bruises as they continued to exchange blows. Neither of them were defending any longer just attacking.

Behemoth through a left hook and Cicella swung Yami with the intentions of severing Behemoth’s left arm. However, Behemoth’s attack was a feint. He twisted his foot and along with it his body rotated allowing him deliver a reverse roundhouse kick to Cicella’s abdomen.

Cicella coughed out a mouth full of blood. Behemoth didn’t give her the chance to recover and grabbed her head. He was almost 3 feet taller than her so he could lift her high above the ground. Without hesitation, he brought her head down smashing it into the ground. An impression was left as he repeated the act many times, each time the impression got deeper and the cracks around it grew.

Suddenly Cicella’s body moved unnaturally and her arm twisted at an impossible angle to attempt to decapitate Behemoth. Fortunately, he reacted just in time, still a deep cut appeared on his chest.

“Ho, to survive a beating like that…that sword, so it really houses a being like myself.” [Behemoth]

Behemoth eyed Cicella’s sword, Yami, he was certain of it, something on the level of a deity was trapped inside, forced to supply power to the blade of that sword.

Behemoth glanced over at his master who was still sitting with his eyes closed. Behemoth knew that Chris was planning something as he wasn’t someone to just sit back and let others fight for him.

Behemoth turned his attention back to his opponent. Cicella’s wounds had fully recovered and he could tell she had gotten a power up from her sword.

“Looks like I can’t hold back any longer!” [Behemoth]

Behemoth roared, it didn’t sound anything a human could make. No, it sounded like a beast’s.

Behemoth’s body started to make cracking sounds and a ring of lava burst from the floor covering him in something like a cocoon. After a minute, the cocoon burst to reveal a monster that was a mix of different animals.

A head of a lion with a long flowing red mane and horns like a bull’s. The body structure of a gorilla with four muscular arms that were a thick as a man’s waist. Thick legs that held tremendous power with claws that had long sharp nails. A scaled tail extended from his waist and ended with the head of a snake. Golden fur that was stronger than any metal covered his body acting as a natural armor.

This was Behemoth’s true form, the Deity of War Beasts

Cicella glared at Behemoth, he knew she wasn’t afraid because of the being that was trapped in her sword.  Neither spoke, the time for words had long since passed.

Just when the two were about to clash once again a wave of energy sweep by. Behemoth saw out of the corner of his eye that Gram was surround by green lightning.

(Ho, they went as far as to us < Heavenly Dragon Lightning >. It would seem they have no intentions of wasting time, guess that means I can’t either!) [Behemoth]


Streaks of green lightning shaped like serpents coursed around Gram. He pulled the golden rod he had pierced into the ground out.

“Brother I’m done with the preparations!” [Gram]
“Good, then let’s end this!” [Ron]

Ron, who was still clashing with Dadicus and Hecnor, suddenly vanished. He reappeared behind Hecnor and his ogre, with a single swipe of his claymore the legs of the monster were severed.

The ogre howled in pain as it crashed to the floor. Dadicus tried to launch a sneak attack from behind, but Ron had again disappeared. This time he was beside Gram, who had transformed into a werewolf that looked like a mirror image of Ron, except that he had the golden rod instead of a claymore.

Lifting the rod the bolts of green lightning condensed into a fist sized ball of energy. Gram then pointed the tip of the rod at Dadicus and Hecnor, with it follow the sphere of green lightning.

“Fucking da-“ [Hecnor]

He didn’t even have time to finish before the ball of lightning let out a loud screeching sound and erupted into a massive dragon. The lightning dragon charged forward engulfing the two. They screamed as the lightning burned their bodies.

When the lightning had dissipated, Hecnor was reduced to ash, while Dadicus’ charred body collapsed.


Cicella ran dodge the balls of molten rock that flew at her.

“Bwahahahaha, dance girl dance, if you don’t speed it up-“ [Behemoth]

In front of Cicella, one of the lava balls appeared and exploded. From the force of the blast, she was flung backward.

“-You’ll die!” [Behemoth]

Four lava balls hurled towards her, Cicella couldn’t dodge and was swallowed by the lava. In the next moment, Cicella burst out of the lava. Her skin was burnt and her armor melted still she ran at full speed towards Behemoth her sword pointed forward ready to pierce his heart.


She roared as she drew near and Behemoth smiled like a mad animal. He pulled back to of his fists 2 balls of magma formed, thrusting his fist forward the balls of melted rock flew towards Cicella at terrifying speed. Without hesitation, Cicella didn’t slow in the slightest. Instead, she swung Yami slicing one of the lava balls in half and used the momentum of her claymore to dodge the other. Finally she was only a few meters from Behemoth, letting out another battle cry she raised her sword high above her head. With all her might, Cicella brought down Yami will jumping into the air so she could reach Behemoth’s face. Cicella could see victory, Behemoth hadn’t reacted fast enough to block her sword, she was going to split his head in two.

“Not bad, but this is the end.“ [Behemoth]

As her sword came closer, Behemoth opened his mouth and a stream of fire erupted forth enveloping Cicella. She fell to the ground with severe burns, still a moment later she tried to stand. However, Behemoth was bored of the battle between them so he raised his foot. In one swift action, he stomped crushing Cicella’s upper body. Her body squirmed for a moment before becoming limp.

Behemoth removed his foot, Cicella’s body had become a pancake from the waist up. Her blood and guts were scattered around her since they exploded out when Behemoth crushed her body.

He felt nothing from seeing the corpse of the women that would normal slaughter thousand without breaking a sweat.

With his fight done Behemoth turned his attention to Orthos’ fight, which he discover had also just finished.

He gave a ferocious smiled to the two werewolves and they smiled back in the same manner. Then making a silent plan the three turned to the Earl, who was looking down at them indifferently.

“It’s your turn you bastard!” [Behemoth]

Taking that as a signal the three of them rushed towards the Earl. Half way Gram stopped a bow like the one Ron had earlier in his hand. Drawing the string back, he released thousands of red aura covered arrows to bombard Ginmer while avoiding hit Mia.

Ginmer snorted and raised a hand and the arrows stopped as they hit an invisible barrier.

Behemoth roared as he leaped into the air launching balls of magma at the Earl. Sadly they were stopped by the same barrier that Gram’s arrows hit. However, Behemoth’s actions were only meant to distract the Earl. Ron appeared in front of the Earl his claymore swung horizontally destroying the invisible wall.

Ginmer slightly surprised raised a hand and made a flicking motion. Ron was suddenly assaulted by an immense pressure that pushed him backward. He flew for several tens of meters before smashing into the ground. Rocks flew and a crater five meters in diameter was created. The Earl then repeated the process with Behemoth and made a chopping motion that struck Gram. Both crashed into the stone floor like Ron creating large craters.

They each crawled out of their holes standing ready to launch another attack when Chris’ eyes snapped open.

“That’s enough.” [Chris]

His voice was soft, but it rang load, icy and emotionless.

Chris stood and slowly began to walk forward.

“You three go meet with Pazuzu and evacuate the city, protect the citizens as I do not have time to worry about them.” [Chris]

The three hesitated and Gram voiced his concerns.

“Master, I think that it would be better if we stay here to help you.” [Gram]

Chris immediately turned his cold eyes towards Gram.

“Rebuilding a city is easy reviving the dead is not! Now go, do you think I am that weak as I would be killed by the likes of this man!” [Chris]

The three lords again hesitated for only a moment longer before Chris shot them a menacing gaze, in which they responded to by dashing out of the room.

“You seem quite confident.” [Gimmer]

The Earl looked at Chris with eyes and smile filled with mockery. To Ginmer’s surprise, Chris returned his mocking look.

“I could say the same to you, I mean you don’t actually think you can kill me do you?” [Chris]
“I do indeed, Brat!” [Ginmer]

The Earl swung his hand and to his surprise Chris didn’t get cut in half. Instead, flower petals swirled around him and blocked the invisible blade that would have sliced him in two.

“Hmph, don’t underestimate me if you do you’ll die.” [Chris]

With a snap of his fingers, Chris used < Wisps of the Deep Forest > and created hundreds of tiny pale blue fireballs. The swarm of ghostly fire surged threating to consume the Earl. However, at the last second Ginmer’s body transformed into lightning avoiding the little balls of flames. The throne had been sitting on long with the area around it was completely destroyed as the wisps exploded.

Chris sighed with relief that Mia and the Crystal were protected by a barrier. He had planned to surround her in a < Bramble Fortress >, but when he tried the barrier repelled the bushes that attempted to cover Mia.

(That least she will be safe.) [Chris]

To his left the Earl stopped, pointed his finger at him and mumbled something under his breath. A torrent of fire erupted from nowhere, like a wave it approached Chris and crashed down on him.

The Earl smiled with satisfaction thinking Chris had perished. Suddenly the whole room burst with vegetation of all kinds. In a matter of minutes it had become a dense forest and the Earl heard Chris’ cold voice echo.

“Is that all you have, Ginmer? If so you should just knee now and accept death.” [Chris]

The Earl trembled with rage, he turned in the direction the [Arc Soul Stone], and suddenly a stream of white energy shot out of the crystal and flowed into the Earl. The stream only was there for a second before vanishing.

Ginmer smiled wickedly and mumbled something that sounded like a spell incantation. Suddenly, the forest burst into flames and was reduced to ash in seconds.

In the middle of the smoldering remains of the woods stood Chris protected by ten [Bulwarks] that had created a dome-like transparent green barrier.

The Earl clicked his tongue. Lightning started to crackle around him. The Earl glared at Chris who returned his look with a ridiculing smile.

“You brat!” [Ginmer]

Several lightning bolts launched spiraling to form the shape of a tiger. The lightning tiger roared as it charged, its maw wide open. The tiger slammed into the green barrier and the two forces entered a struggle. Finally after ten seconds the tiger dissipated to nothing leaving the Earl dumbstruck and angered even further when he saw Chris looking at him with condescending eyes.

Ginmer now was mad enough that steam might erupt from his head like a geyser at any moment. He moved his hands make a set of weird signs and a magic seal appeared in front of him.

“Hahaha, take this < Winds of the Winter Reaper >!” [Ginmer]

From the magic seal a grim reaper made of ice formed, it stared at Chris with emotionless eyes before letting out a bone chill wail. The Reaper flew at Chris with its scythe raised, a trail of frost followed behind it.

“How naïve.” [Chris]

Chris stretched out his hand and made a grasping motion. Instantly roots thinker than an a man burst from the ground. The Reaper tried to cut the roots, but its icy scythe was able to even leave a shallow cut. The roots then surround the reaper and pierce it countless times. It let out another terrifying wail as it blurred then vanished as if it was never there.

Ginmer stared at Chris with disbelief, how could anyone be that powerful?

Still, Ginmer had his a goal he must achieve no matter what.

Again a trail of white light entered the Earl give him even more power. Focus the Earl chanted a string of words and the rumble started to collect in front of him. Chris watched with interest as a 12-meter tall humanoid rock monster formed.

“Let’s see if you can handle something like my grand battle golem!” [Ginmer]

Chris eyed the golem and smiled, he slowly brought up his hand. When it reached chest level, he snapped his fingers and a massive amount of vegetation shot up from underground.

The vegetation condensed and formed a [Wyvern] with two heads, crimson scales, and was half a size bigger. This type Chris decide to call, [King Wyvern].

The [King Wyvern] roar and took to the skies with a single beat of its mighty wings. Soaring in the sky it belched out a two fireballs that were as big as a medium-sized car. The golem used its arms to block the attack, then countered by slamming both of its fists into the floor. It lifted a large chunk of stone that was carved out of the stone floor and throw it at the [King Wyvern]. Fortunately, the dragon-shaped plant was much faster than the golem letting it predicted the attack and dodge with ease.

The twin headed dragon then dived down to rake the golem with its sword like talons. The Golem, however, thrusted an arm towards the dragon its hand had taken the shape of a spear. The speed of the golem had double surprising Chris’ minion and at the distance between them it was unable to evade the attack. The golem’s spear-like arm pierced the [King Wyvern] through its heart and it screeched. As the lifeforce, the [King Wyvern] faded it bite down on the golems head with one of its heads. The head then twisted and tore off the golem’s head which caused it to stop moving. In that instant, the [King Wyvern] beat its wings and gripped the golems arm with its claws. The arm broke off and the dragon remove it from its chest. To the horror of the Earl the wound quickly closed and he cursed.

Raising his hand, the Earl poured mana into the golem at the same time yet another dose of white energy entered the Earls body. The Golem quickly regenerated, but now it was 14 meters tall and was covered in black rocks that made it look like it had armor.

Chris ignored the golem and let the [King Wyvern] fight it, what he was watching was the Earl.

(It seems it’s almost time.) [Chris]

Chris used < Overlord System > to check on Mia’s condition, it was stable. It seemed that the Earl was going to use Mia to finish the absorption process. Right now though, he was using the [Five Elemental Core] as his catalyst.

The Earl had already absorbed quite a bit of power, he was already an SS of the high realm. Chris knew if he continued to gain more power it would become troublesome, still he continued to way.

The Earl was also watching Chris, even with Chris continuously show that arrogant smile the Earl regained his calm.

(What is he after, he has only been playing defense and hasn’t tried to attack me once…something isn’t right.) [Ginmer]

Seeing that his golem was still being pushed around Ginmer once again absorbed power from the [Arc Soul Stone]. This time, however, was much more than all the other times. He immediately created another golem, the two working together finally pushed the [King Wyvern] into a corner. Ginmer became joyful when he saw that Chris’ expression was no longer brimming with confidence. Instead he had a frown and looked slightly worried.

The golems continuously produced rocks the size of cars that were hurled at the [King Wyvern]. It had little room to maneuver around the barrage of stones.

Chris targeted his [King Wyvern] with < Mark of Power > and < Mark of Swiftness >. With its boost in strength and agility, the two headed dragon roared as it dived towards the golems nimbly evading the stones they throw towards it. Chris then cast < Enchantment: Savage Edge > on the wyvern’s claws allowing it to tear the golems apart like they were made of tofu.

Still the Earl didn’t care, he snorted and a fierce wind blow sweeping up the stones that were the remains of the golems. The wind transformed into a rock filled tornado that instantly surrounded the [King Wyvern]. Though it struggled, the dragon was beaten to death by the constant assault of stones.

Chris clicked his tongue causing the Earl to laugh.

“Do you see? Your skills might be rather unique, but I am stronger!” [Ginmer]

Chris didn’t respond.

Suddenly six [Alpha Ravagers] formed in front of him. Two ran at an arced angle to the right while two went left, and the last two rushed straight ahead. They attacked simultaneously from all three directions.

It was now Ginmer who was acting confident, with a flick of his wrist a wall of wind blow forcing the six Tigers back. With a smirk, the Earl thrust out his hand that was covered in crackling sparks of lightning and a single bolt screech as it ran through the air. The bolt struck one of the [Alpha Ravagers] and to Chris shock leaped to the other five reducing them to ash.

Chris cursed under his breath.

“Hahahaha, where did that arrogance from before go, huh!?” [Ginmer]

With Ginmer heckled Chris eight balls of white flames that were 3 feet in radius formed and launched towards Chris. He didn’t even have time to react before the first three white burning spheres assaulted his [Bulwarks’] barrier. Cracks formed in the green dome and the next two fireballs shattered it letting the remain 3 reach their target.

Chris howled with pain as he and his minions were burned by the white fire. Smoke rose from Chris as he stood trembling, his eyes cold saying that the Earl will pay for that.

“Don’t look at me with those scary eyes. You can only blame yourself for being so weak!” [Ginmer]
“I’m not done yet!” [Chris]

He shouted with rage as his wounds recovered thanks to < Endless Vitality >. Still, it was going to be difficult for him, he need to last only a little longer.

Seeing Chris’ unshaken will, the Earl frowned. He pointed his palm at the crystal and received more power from it, however, this time Mia let out a scream. The stream of energy was several times bigger than the last time, Chris could feel Ginmer’s power continue to raise.

“You are a stubborn one, I’ll end this now.” [Ginmer]

Clapping his hands together, the Earl began to chant words from an unknown language. Chris could feel the mana flow from his body and take shape into thousands of icicles.

“Now, die < Frozen Hell Rain >!” [Ginmer]

Endless amount of icy spears rained down on Chris quickly the frost fog that followed shrouded Chris from view.


From the pain inflicted by the Earl using her as a channeling catalyst, Mia had finally opened her eyes to see Chris bombarded with a storm of ice.

Ginmer chuckled as he turned to Mia, his expression showed his satisfaction. He walked over to Mia and stretched out his hand.

“Now let’s begin the final ritual, then you can finally see your mother again.” [Ginmer]

His voice was soft and affectionate as he attempted to stroke Mia’s face.

Suddenly roots bursts from the ground and pierce the Earl in the chest, legs, arms, and head. The Earl turned his eyes as he heard an icy voice that reeked of blood lust.

“Don’t you dare lay a single filthy finger on Mia, you scum.” [Chris]

Mia felt relief and tears formed in her eyes.

“Chris,  you can do it I Believe in you!” [Mia]

Chris smiled gently and he spoke words of reassurance to the trembling teary eyed girl.

“I will save you soon, so for now wait a little longer.” [Chris]

The Earl was thankful that he had gained something similar to immortality otherwise he would have died. His body once again transformed this time into water. He moved out of the roots grasp relocating several meters away.

The Earl gazed that Chris, who was surround by his < Bramble Fortress >, < Razor Petal Shield >, and < Overlord’s Aura Armor >. A black smoke like aura was wrapped around Chris, the smoke was extending from his body and was touching the dome of bramble bushes. The bramble had also been enveloped by the black smoke adding to its defensive power. The pick petals were covered in the same smoke which seem to have made them even sharper than before.

“You are quite lucky to survive that, but that doesn’t mean you can beat me.” [Ginmer]

The Earl spoke in a haughty manner. He thought Chris was at his wits end and had used the last of his strength to protect himself.

However, though thoughts changed when he heard Chris begin to chuckle. The chuckle slowly became louder eventually turning into roaring laughter. He held a hand to his face and his head faced upward towards the ceiling as he continued to laugh harder, he now sounded like some crazed villain who had just attained victory.

Suddenly the laughter stopped and Chris turned to look at Ginmer with eyes so cold they threatened to freeze the Earl.

“You think that you were winning this fight, how idiotic.” [Chris]

Ginmer was dumbstruck, Chris was clearly at a huge disadvantage.

“You don’t understand? Let me spell it out to you, I was only pretending to be at a disadvantage.” [Chris]
“What, Don’t spout bullshit brat!” [Ginmer]

The Earl couldn’t believe that Chris had been faking the entire time, he could no it would be better to say he won’t believe it.

“I was going to let you continue to gain power until I felt it was satisfactory, but play time ended when you hurt Mia.” [Chris]

Ginmer didn’t know how to respond, his mouth gaped open as he started to think Chris was really mental challenged. This brat had been overwhelmed only a moment ago and yet he still can speak with such confidence. The Earl didn’t know what to say. Instead he received another shock as Chris spoke again.

“You still don’t get?” [Chris]

Chris heaved a sigh.

“Well, it’s better to show you what I mean.” [Chris]

Chris reached out his hand and clenched it like he was grabbing something.

“Come.” [Chris]

That single word was uttered with a calm and commanding tone.

For only a second the Earl didn’t understand what Chris did. Suddenly, The Earl’s chest burned as if it was placed in a furnace. He screamed and fell to one knee while clutching his chest.

Ginmer stared in horror as a ball of rainbow lights emerged from his body and a leisurely pace. Once the orb of lights had fully exited the Earl’s body it flew over to Chris and stop to float in his hand.

Chris smiled at Ginmer as if he had just came to pick up his pet that the Earl had been looking after.

“I must thank you for saturating this fragment of the [Five Elemental Core] with so much power. Right now it no longer is equal to 10% but 80% of my current power, honestly I must thank you, Ginmer.” [Chris]

Ginmer had fallen to the floor, he had turned pale and looked much older than before. He Glared at Chris with immeasurable hatred as Chris took the fragment into his body.

the [Five Elemental Core] has been completed.

< Five Elements Refined Body > has been reactivated with the completion of the [Five Elemental Core].

Do to intake of massive amounts of spiritual energy you have gained high resistance to soul based attacks.

You have now reached level 550!

“Hahaha, I can feel it! So much power is flowing through me!” [Chris]

Chris was beyond excited, he could feel it he was now several times stronger.

This had been his plan from the beginning. Chris had originally planned to immediately take back the fragment from Earl Ginmer. However when he saw that the Earl was using it to help absorb the energy within the crystal Chris decided to let him continue. The reason was that Chris noticed that the fragment was absorbing some of the energy itself.

Though he only stripped the Earl of a tenth of his power, it was more than enough for Chris to gain a distinct advantage over the Earl. After all, Chris had been holding back the entire time. He only prolonged the fight so the Earl was forced to take in more power from the [Arc Soul Stone].

Even with that thought in mind Chris couldn’t stand to see Mia be hurt. Even though he want to wait longer this was good enough, he figured after he killed the Earl he could continue to absorb the Crystals power by himself since he had the [Five Elemental Core].

After a minute, Earl Ginmer recovered and stood, rage and humiliation were plastered on his face.

“Brat, you think now that you gained some power you can win!? Don’t make me laugh!” [Ginmer]

Chris, who had returned to his calm haughty attitude, only smiled mockingly at the Earl before reply.

“Then come, I still have to thank you for giving me such a wonder gift.” [Chris]

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