“Master, please leave this sow to me.” [Pazuzu]

As the undead army surged forth towards Chris and the other three Pazuzu, sweep her hand in front of herself. Immediately a surging force of wind raged through the city and the undead that numbered in the millions were ripped apart by the savage wind.

“Very well, just don’t waste time.” [Chris]

Chris didn’t hesitate, he didn’t need to. Pazuzu is the best choice to deal with an opponent like Geena, who relies on her servant to fight for her.

A tree twice as tall as an average man burst from the ground. Stretching out one of his hands 3 vines grew from Chris’ palm and wrapped around Ron, Gram, and Behemoth.

Though Geena didn’t know what was happening she knew that Chris was trying to escape, she couldn’t let that happen.

“Like I will let you leave!” [Geena]

She waved her arm and the pile of shredded undead began to move. Instantly four skeletons with bone wings flew up and dive bombed towards Chris’ group. Chris didn’t even bother to look at the winged skeletons that had white spears in their hands ready to pierce his body.

Before the winged skeleton even got 4 meters in distance of Chris a tornado engulfed them and they were cut apart by blades of wind. Geena turned her gaze to glare at Pazuzu, who was looking at her with even greater hatred than before.

“You bitch, to attack my beloved master! Execution is your only option as to repent!” [Pazuzu]

Powerful winds began to blow through the city. The wind started to condense where Pazuzu floated in the air, quickly it became a massive hurricane.

“Shit, the woman made a big mistake by pissing off Pazuzu.” [Behemoth]
“Kekeke, rest in peace, stupid woman.” [Ron]

To the side, Chris and co watched for only a moment before Chris touched the tree and they vanished with a green light.


Pazuzu looked toward where her master had just stood, then she focused on the one releasing masses of murderous intent.

“Hmph, to think he actually left, well this is better for me.” [Geena]

She snapped her fingers and the piles of undead once again trembled and from the remains millions of winged skeletons rose into the air. It looked as if a thick white cloud had risen from the city below. The sound of clattering bones was deifying, still Pazuzu was indifferent.

Geena had an ugly grin on her face, with a wave of her hand the cloud of skeletons surged forward resembling a swarm of bees attacking a bear.

Geena was confident that Pazuzu would die, after all she was only one person. In the face of so many enemies how could she make no mistakes?

Through the endless rattling of bones, Geena heard a voice that was like honey but held an insurmountable level of bloodlust.

“It this the best you have?” [Pazuzu]

Suddenly a tornado burst through the white cloud of skeletons destroying tens of thousands of them. The twister moved like a snake and turned reentering the white swarm destroying thousands more.

Geena’s already pale skin turned white. Through her skeletons, she saw that Pazuzu was avoiding their attacks with speed that looked more like she was teleporting than flying. Blades of wind flew in all directions as Pazuzu wove her way through the mass of undead.

“If that isn’t enough then try these guys!” [Geena]

With her shout, a black aura shrouded the bones of the undead that Pazuzu had cut down. The bones rose and started to link together, in only a few seconds hundreds of skeletal dragons took to the sky.

Pazuzu sped towards the nearest skeletal dragon and ran her long talons along its body. To her surprise though the dragon’s body had been damaged it wasn’t enough to destroy it. Pazuzu moved out of the way when the skeletal dragons belched black fireballs at her.

Pazuzu reappeared several hundred meters away and clicked her tongue.

“Tch, this is going to be difficult!” [Pazuzu]

In the distance, Geena laughed haughtily, from her point of view Pazuzu was afraid.

Pazuzu’s expression became ice cold, for her to be laughed at by such a person was beyond irritating for her. Still, those skeletal dragons were tough, while they were slow their regenerative rate was high. This was turning into a battle of attrition and at this rate Pazuzu had doubts about her victory being flawless as she thought before.

Pazuzu ground her teeth, she didn’t want to use too much of her mana. If she did, later when Pazuzu returned to Chris, she might be of much use. She decided to take down the one controlling the dragons, Geena. By doing so Pazuzu hoped it would end.

Geena watched with a twisted smile, the woman that was looking down on her just a few minutes ago was now having trouble defeating her pets it brought satisfaction to her.

Suddenly Pazuzu vanished and reappeared in front of Geena. Thrusting her hand forward, her aim was Geena’s head, a quick and decisive blow. For a moment Geena’s body swayed and blood flowed from the hole in her head. But to Pazuzu’s irritation the hole closed and Geena’s face filled with rage reformed.

“You damn bitch, to attack my face!” [Geena]

With the veil destroyed Pazuzu could now see her opponents face. It was covered in scars and was no longer recognizable as a human’s face. She had no lips just some skin that lined her furious frown. Countless scars and burn marks covered her face, her nose seemed to have been burned off long ago. The only thing intact was a set of beautiful blue eyes that were filled with a bottomless hatred.

Geena attempted to touch Pazuzu with her hand covered in a blood red aura. However, Pazuzu quickly disappeared and reappeared several meters away.

The two glared at each other until Pazuzu for the first time since the battle started spoke.

“The way you heal, you use the souls of the dead to power it right?” [Pazuzu]

Geena stopped, the skin around her mouth curled upwards and her eyes flashed with an amused light.

“That is correct, those that die in this city became fuel for my power, and as such I am nearly immortal, unaging, and able to heal from even fatal wounds. With my power even if you are strong your stamina has its limits, just give up and I will give you a swift death out of respect for forcing me so far.” [Geena]

Pazuzu floated silently for a moment before responding.

“If you can heal yourself from fatal wounds why do you not restore your face?” [Pazuzu]

Pazuzu was honestly curious, that was the kind of being she was.

Geena’s eyes suddenly looked pained as she remembered her long and painful past. She heaved a sigh and looked at Pazuzu with a conflicted look. She couldn’t understand why her enemy was asking her this, still she spoke.

“If you want to know I will tell you.” [Geena]

Pazuzu again was silent indicating Geena to speak. For some reason, Pazuzu felt that she wanted to hear this woman’s story, as she too had a rather difficult past before contracting with her beloved master.

“Around 70 years ago I was born in a small village in the Earl’s territory, which at the time belonged to his father, Voc Ginmer. For the first 12 years of my life, I lived happily with my parents and older brother and on my 12th birthday my power awoke. I never knew what my job was so when I learned it had awakened I was overjoyed and practiced to master it. At first I was scared of my own skeletons I created but quickly got over that. My father and mother praised me as my skeletons were a big help around the house and village. My brother like myself was a necromancer so no one was afraid by the time I gained my skills. For 4 years my peaceful life continued, then war stroke. At that time, Invictus had completely conquered all the human kingdoms and one called Vercil had managed to hold its own for some time. One day a skirmish broke out near the village and fleeing Vercil soldier came to my village to use us as hostages in an attempt to escape. However, my parents were retired adventurers and both were A-ranked mages. Though they weren’t necromancers, they were powerful and managed to hold off the Vercil troops until the Invictus’ soldiers arrived. After that peace returned to the village, but only for a short time. 2 months later 300 Vercil soldiers came to claim my village as a command post as it held a strategic advantage of some kind. That is at least what they told us, but it was obvious that they were out to crush the village that my parents protected. Apparently, the commander of the troops that my parents fought against before was the younger brother of the leader of the soldiers that came to attack my village. Though my parents, the villagers, and even my brother fought hard, there was no hope to win. The commander offered that if they surrender and simple and over my parents that the village would be spared. Without hesitated the people that were like a second family to me knocked out my parents, bound and gagged them so they couldn’t use and spells. I watch as they gave presented them to the commander like a fucking reward.” [Geena]

Geena had been trembling more violently as she continued, tears were starting flow down her disfigured face.

“I watch as my parents were beaten until they woke up, then killed. With my parents’ death, the villagers thought that it was over. However, they were wrong. The commander ordered his men to tie all of the remaining villagers including my brother and me to stakes and burn the village to the ground. The flames ate at my skin and I heard everyone screams, but I didn’t care, to me they could just die. My brother and I summoned our skeletons to untie us and try to escape. When we started to run, the villager had the audacity to beg for our help. We didn’t. Instead, we shouted that they got what they deserved and ran. However we didn’t get far, the soldiers caught us almost instantly. My brother sacrificed himself so I could continue running. Still I was heavily injured even with my skeletons carrying me they ran slower than a human so again I was caught. Out of madness, the soldiers lit my body on fire. As I screamed, I heard the pounding of horse hooves. A week later I awake to find that the young master of Adamas, Fen H. Ginmer had led a group of soldiers to kill the Vercilions. It was the young master that saved me and showed me kindness even with my horrible body. After some time I sworn to serve the young master and gain the power to defend him from any threat. As for the reason why I do not heal these old scars is to remind me of the cruelty humans can commit, as a warning while protecting the Earl.” [Geena]

Pazuzu looked at her with a respectful gaze. She too swore to protect Chris from what might harm him for a similar reason.

Still, they were enemies so sympathy was not allowed.

Neither women had anything left to say. Geena’s face hardened and she pointed both her palms at her skeletal dragons. The skeletal dragons suddenly stopped moving then their bodies began to converge becoming a mass of bones. The bones suddenly started to turn black and compress with a sickening cracking sound.

At the same time, a small hurricane shrouded Pazuzu’s body from view. With each passing second the hurricane expanded and the shadow of Pazuzu’s body was quickly changing shape into something inhuman.

They had come to a silent understanding that they both would hold nothing back.


Chris and co walked out of a tree that was growing in the central courtyard of Ginmer’s castle. Chris didn’t waste any time and headed for the front entrance. Rushing inside the guards soon blocked their path.

They shouted for them to stop, but who would really do that in a situation like that. In moments, hundreds of guards stood further down the hall armed to the teeth.

“Out of the way” [Behemoth]

Behemoth charged ahead of the reason and shouted. He leaped up into the air and came down bring his hands together and slammed them into the stone floor. The floor cracked and spikes of stone skewered the guards.

Slaughtering their way through group after group of guards Chris’ group finally found the stairs to the lower levels where Chris knew Ginmer was keeping Mia.

“There are two lower floors, once we make it to the next set of stairs the Earl will be right ahead.” [Chris]

They descend the stairs and quickly came to a long hallway. Running down the hallway Chris used < Overlord System > and found most of the room were meant for storage.

“There!” [Chris]

They stopped in front of one of the doors and quickly opening it they saw a flight of stairs leading downwards.

As they descended the stairs Chris was being cautious and sent several cloaked [Archivers] ahead. Getting to the part was too easy with only two of the [Five Beasts] appeared Chris knew they should have met some resistance.

No, after a moment Chris understood what was happening. His [Archivers] had made it to the chamber where Mia was being held. The room was massive being 600 meters wide 800 meters long and had a ceiling that was 300 meters high.

Chris could tell this was a space created by magic similar to the dimension cubes.

It was the stage created for the final battle.

Entering the room, Chris saw three figures a middle-aged woman, a goblin riding an ogre, Dadicus. Behind them stood a man in extravagant robes whom he assumed was Earl Ginmer. Next to him was Mia, chained to a large crystal that released a faint light that flowed into the Earl.

Suppressing his rage, Chris looked at his enemies and smiled coldly.

“I will give you this one chance, release Mia and leave MY city and I will spare your pathetic lives.” [Chris]

Of course Chris was lying, but if they let down their guard from such simple words than killing them would be easy.

However, the Earl’s servants responded with a mass of killer intent sweep over them and the woman stepped forwards an equally cold smile on her face.

“Don’t act so arrogant, you will die here.” [Cicella}

The other two behind her smirked and the goblin even started to laugh.

“Oh, really, you think you can kill us?” [Chris]

In an instant, the bloodlust release by Earl’s side was completely crushed by Chris’ group. Both sides glared at each other. A slight fear could be seen in Ginmer’s group since they had their bloodlust so quickly pushed back.

“Behemoth, Ron, Gram, you guys take care of this, these fools aren’t worth my time.” [Chris]
“What, you dare to look down on us!” [Hecnor]

Though Hecnor shouted, Chris already had lost interest and had moved back to the entrance to sit cross-legged with his eyes closed.

“Don’t worry we are more than enough to kill you three.” [Behemoth]
“Right, now come at us, Kekeke!” [Ron]

Eyes red Hecnor pulled out what looked like a keyboard from out of nowhere and pressed a few of the keys. Suddenly the white ogre got on all fours and like a machine the sides of its upper arms split open in the form of 2 square plates. From the openings 2 cannons that resembled gatling guns came out and aimed towards Chris. With a cruel smile, Hecnor hit a key and the gatling guns started to revolve and after a second fired countless bullet sized balls of orange light.

Chris remained in is seated position unmoving as the swarm of orange balls came closer. Suddenly Gram was in front of Chris raising his hand and a golden light flared forming a kite shield with what could be described as an angelic pattern on it and was big enough to hide his entire body. The orange lights hit the shield dissipated to nothing. The balls that missed the shield and continued passed hit the wall leaving small areas gouged out.

At the same time, Cicella rushed forward her sword raised.

“I’ll take on the swordswoman, you guys handle the other 2!” [Behemoth]

Behemoth stomped the ground and cracks spread. From the cracks molten rock flowed out like it was inside a lava lamp. The blobs of magma collect on Behemoth creating a layer of rock armor that made him look more like a monster than man.

Letting out a battle cry he charged to meet Cicella. Fist met sword and both sides became shocked. Cicella's sword managed to cut into Behemoth’s armor but not enough to injure him.

Cicella was send flying backward, she somersaulted in the air, then landing on her feet sliding back a few feet. She looked up and saw Behemoth staring at the cut in his rock armor.

He started to laugh, loud and unrestrained. He then turned his gaze towards Cicella for a moment she felt fear. She felt he wasn’t looking at her as an opponent but as a new toy.

“Girl, other than the boss you’re the first being to damage my < Molten Armor > in 5000 years. Well, that doesn’t mean much since my power is nothing compared to what is usually is. Still, you’re interesting.” [Behemoth]

As he spoke, his grin became more and more savage.

“Now let’s have some real fun.” [Behemoth]

He let out a roar that was more beast than human. The cut in his armor started to steam and to Cicella’s horror repaired itself. After the cut had closed the entire armor began to glow red and steam. The heat concentrated into veins of magma that course over the rock armor.

Behemoth looked at Cicella and lowered his body.

“Here I come!” [Behemoth]

Kicking off the ground Behemoth shot forward, in an instant his fist was moving to strike Cicella’s face. She barely managed to bring her sword up to block and again was sent flying back only this time she flew over 100 meters before skidding on the ground and rolled to a stop.

Cicella stood bloody and bruises now covered her body.

“Fine if that’s how it’s going to be then I won’t hold back either!” [Cicella]

Raising her sword to point its tip at Behemoth she chanted something under her breath.

“Sword of darkness devour the light, Consume the sinless, savor the blood of the weak, lend me your power so that. YOU CAN FEAST!” [Cicella]

She shouted the last three words and a black liquid burst from her sword. The liquid covered her body and became an aura that shrouded her body.

The two stared at each other for only a second before vanishing. A shockwave appeared where the two met, either budged an inch.

Behemoth swung his free and aiming for Cicella’s head. She stepped back to avoid the attack and stepped heavily on the ground thrusting her sword forward to pierce at Behemoth. He pushed away her sword with his arm and attempted to knee her in the stomach. However she put her hand in the way and used his attack as a springboard to gain distance. Before she landed Behemoth was already in front of her, reacting quickly Cicella thrusted her Yami into the ground and used it to rotate her body to evade Behemoths oncoming fist. She countered with a kick to Behemoth’s chest which made him take a few steps back.

Both were laughing as they once again ran towards each other unleashing attacks and blocking or parrying the other.


“Damn, they’re really going at it.” [Ron]
“It seems that we have to fight more seriously to keep up.” [Gram]

The brothers’ opponents Hecnor and Dadicus were both item master type jobs, just like the brothers. Because of this Orthos had an advantage, after all you could compete with them when it came to creating items, including weapons.

Hecnor once again typed on his keyboard and to plates slide back on the ogre’s chest. Pointed metal cones flew out of the opening, it made one thing of missiles.

Ron responded by raising his hand like Gram did earlier and with a flash of golden light he held a bow. The bow was black with gold vein like symbols covering it. Ron pulled back the string and a red magic seal appeared in front of it. Releasing the string the magic sealed flared brightly and from it hundreds of arrows clad in the same red light shot out. The arrows collided with the missiles causing them to explode kicking up dust. Through the cloud of dust more arrows flew their target was Hecnor and his ogre.

In panic, Hecnor's fingers flew across the keyboard and the ogre let out a roar as it slammed his knuckles together. Sparks of blue electricity move around the two creating a protective dome. The arrows struck the barrier and made a high pitched screeching sound like metal scraping against a blackboard.

Dadicus made a fist and punched the ground, causing a magic seal appeared. From the seal a crimson sword rose, without hesitation Dadicus grabbed the sword and ran towards the brothers.

The brothers exchanged a glance then nodded. Suddenly a golden rod appeared in Gram’s hand which he stabbed into the ground. He closed his eyes and while having one hand on the rod, he began to chant words from a weird language.

At the same time, Ron waved his hand and the bow became a claymore sized sword. He moved to meet Dadicus though their exchange wasn’t as flashy as Behemoth and Cicella it still created a small shockwave from 2 powerful forces colliding.

From the side, Hecnor had the ogre move forward and attack Gram. His theory was that whatever Gram was doing took time meaning when it was done something big would follow. Not wanting to deal with that he took the opportunity of Ron fight Dadicus to close in on his prey.

With Hecnor’s stroking the keys at intense speed, ogre raised its fist and spikes emerged from its knuckles along with being coated in an orange aura.

When Hecnor had entered a distance of 4 meters from Gram a golden chain that had a spearlike end shot towards him. He order his ogre to dodge and look over, Ron had his palm pointed at Hecnor and a gold chain was attached to it.

“Don’t think you can touch my brother just because I’m over here!” [Ron]

Pulling on the chain Ron accelerated towards Hecnor with his sword raised. Under Hecnor control the ogre retreated, still Hecnor smirked because Dadicus was about to bring down his sword on Gram.

Suddenly a black blur smashed into Dadicus forcing his to be sent back several feet. Dadicus looked at his attack and both he and Hecnor were distracted for a moment.

In front of them was a 7 foot tall black furred werewolf. It had an eye patch covering his right eye along with a large golden claymore.

“I told you, don’t think you can harm by brother while I’m around, You Bastards!” [Ron]

Ron spoke in a human-sounding voice, but his appear was the opposite. The 2 hesitated from the aura that Ron had released.


“Brother I’m done with the preparation.” [Gram]
“Good then lets end this.” [Ron]


Pazuzu looked down at Geena’s almost unrecognizable corpse. She had to praise the woman for she held out longer than most.

She slowly descending to the ground no longer in her human form.

This form was her original one, a massive bird that was three times the size of an average man and her wings span was over 40 feet. Her feathers were sky blue with specks of white. She resembled a hawk with a slender body and large talons. An image of savage beauty, she walked on the ground her nail making a clicking sound as the scraped the ground.

She looked at the corpse for only a moment, a feeling of sympathy washed over her. They both had fought for their masters, their saviors, the ones they loved and respected. Pazuzu wished that they hadn’t be forced to kill one another, because maybe they could have been friends. But that was impossible after all Geena’s master was an enemy of Chris, her beloved master.

Taking to the sky, Pazuzu glance once more at the woman’s unmoving body before speeding towards the castle.


The citizens in the shelters Chris had created stood mouths gaping, it had been almost 10 minutes since the fight between the two women.

“Such power!” [citizen]

After one had broken, the silence others began to speak as they looked at the city, or what was left of it. Buildings were destroyed reduced to rubble. Bones littered the streets and in the street walls and other areas shallow cuts were everywhere. The reason was the violent winds Pazuzu created were so power that even if she didn’t target the building and streets the sheer strength of the wind couldn’t avoid deal damage.

The citizens didn’t know whether to feel happy or be afraid.

They could feel the mana that was flowing from the deepest part of the castle as the city shook almost continuously. Their only hope at that moment was that their new king hadn’t lied to them.

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