2000 meters away from Adamas.

Chris’ group was resting on a platform made of trees with tightly woven branches covered in leaves to act as cushions. Chris laying down with his hands supporting his head. Ron and Gram were tinkering with something while Behemoth lay on his side with one of his hands propping up his head. Pazuzu was perched like a bird on a thick tree branch that grew up and arcced.

Suddenly Chris’ eyes snapped open and he sat up while looking towards Adamas.

“The Barrier is about to fall, let’s get moving.” [Chris]

The others looked at each other though they wanted to ask how Chris knew this, they guessed it had something to do with his skills so they left it alone.

“Oh, master please wear these, my brother and I just finished them!” [Ron]

Ron handed Chris 5 rings, there were 3 different types. 2 of them were made of black metal and had a clear gemstone that glittered like a star. Another 2 looked to be made of a light blue crystal, at first it looked relatively normal though on closer inspection one would see tiny darker blue veins that gave off a very faint light. The last 1 was silver in color and had snakes carved into it.

Chris inspected the three type of rings and nearly had a heart attack see what their effects were.

First the black rings:

Chris’ Ring of Mana SurgeRarity: SS

+ 50% MP

Next the blue crystal rings:

Chris’ Ring of Mana GatheringRarity: SS

increase MP regen by 50%

Lastly the silver ring:

Vault RingRarity: SS

Capable of storing up to 1 mile cubed in objects, items will be catagorized

Chris didn’t know what to say, these items were seriously OP. Now he had 40000000 MP and regenerated 300 MP per second, truly outrageous. With these rings running out of mana was the least of his worries.

“Forgive us, master, these low-grade items are all we can make that the moment since our power is still limited.” [Gram]

(You call these low grade, fuck what is ordinary or high grade to up!? Even the Storage ring is ridiculous!) [Chris]

Though Chris was shocked, his calm expression didn’t change and merely nodded his thanks. To his side, Pazuzu followed closely and Chris noticed she was pondering something.

“Thinking about something?” [Chris]

Pazuzu flinched, she looked over at Chris and gave a sheepish smile.

“Well, I was just wondering why you made the citizens riot, not that I’m questioning your judgment master.” [Pazuzu]

She became flustered after asking her question, to calm her Chris patted her head.

“there are a few reasons why. The barrier surrounding the city is too powerful for us to force our why in. By using the citizens that are abused and oppressed it kills two birds, one it lowers the barrier, two it allows me to observe and weed out any potential threats before I start to rebuild. Whether it is people that openly oppose me like the soldiers fighting or those who choice to be secretive, it doesn’t matter. The ones that are openly resistance will be killed, as for the ones hiding their loyalty by observing the rioting I can see through them. Out of near 13 million people that supposedly sided with me, I have discovered 42064 people that are pretending most likely in hopes to rot my rule from the inside out.” [Chris]

Chris paused and saw that Pazuzu still didn’t understand so he continued.

“While my goal is to take down the barrier with the time restraint I had few options. While it would have worked better to manipulate several high ranking individuals to break down the Earl’s control. That would have taken time, beside by using the chaos it shows a person’s turn nature allowing me to judge who is best to target. For example, the reason the barrier will fall is because doubt was created in a particular high ranking officer. By using that doubt and tempting him with what he desired the man is now under my command and once I heal his daughter I will also gain his loyalty. Loyalty is more important to me than numbers. While it is easy to raise an army, it is difficult to acquire truly loyal subjects.” [Chris]

Pazuzu finally nodded her head and made a sound of understanding.

Just when Chris was finished Behemoth increased hs stride to walk on the other side of Chris.

“Master, will you allow me to have some fun once we enter the city. I really want to fight these [Five Beasts], guys!” [Behemoth]

To Chris, Behemoth was acting like an excited child that was going to the amusement park. Chris let out a controlled laugh while nodding.

“Yes, but remember keep the destruction to a minimal and do not injure any of the citizens. While rebuilding will not be hard it will be annoying and while contractures can be rebuilt people can not.” [Chris]
“Yeah, yeah I will remember.” [Behemoth]
“Hey, Behemoth do not disrespect the master!” [Pazuzu]
“Jeez, calm down, when it comes to the master you're so easily agitated.” [Behemoth]

Though no one could see her face, Chris could practically hear the veins on Pazuzu’s head pop as she started to lecture Behemoth.

Chris sighed, she was like the big sister of the group.

(I have a weird family.) [Chris]


Under the castle in the center of Adamas, Ginmer sat on his throne and looked at the center of the room. A clear crystal the three times the size of an average man floated with chains wrapped around it. The chains seemed to be holding it in place so the crystal didn’t float away, but it wouldn’t take long for someone to realize that a young girl was bound by the chains. Though she was pressed against the crystal completely immobile, her eyes were full of life.

“Give up girl, in 7 hours you will become the catalyst to help me absorb the power inside the Arc Soul Stone you are chained to. Once I have that power I will be able to res-“ [Ginmer]

Suddenly the Earl was interrupted by an earthquake that shook the entire castle.

Earl Ginmer’s eyes hardened and he snapped his fingers. Out of nowhere five people appeared, he glared at them and a woman in a gothic dress with a veil covering her face stepped forward.

“My lord it would seem that the citizens have formed a mob under the influence of a man named Chris Gelvon, the mob has now deactivated the barrier.” [Gothic woman]

The woman was named Geena Firnen, she was one of the five beasts. Because her job was Arch Necromancer she is known as the Mistress of Death.

“Milord, if you don’t mind I would like to test my hounds.” [???]

Everyone turned to look at an elderly man hunched over a cane with salt and pepper hair and wearing a white robe the made him look like a scientist or doctor.

“Doctor Bernor, can your hounds get rid of this man that is being a pain in my side?” [Ginmer]
“Yes, through my work I have managed to create 10 hounds, I’m sure they will be able to easily complete the task.” [Bernor]

Just before the Earl was about to give his approval, a man in black stood. The man was Dadicus though he face his master his words were directed at his comrade.

“Doctor, I warn you, that boy is not to be underestimated.” [Dadicus]

Suddenly a low chuckled could be heard coming from an ogre that had white hair and was covered in armor. on the ogre’s back was a midget riding on an odd design seat, it almost looked like a baby carrier.

“Dadicus, isn’t that brat the one that previously had the [Five Elemental Core]?” [Midget]
“Yes, what of it Hecnor?” [Dadicus]

Hecnor, a man that stood at 2 feet tall, was a half-breed between a human and a goblin. His appearance was even more revolting than goblins, but this skills to create through his job Tinkerer were second to only a select few.

“Hehehe, well, it's odd for the high and might Dadicus to talk about someone else like that.” [Hecnor]

Dadicus scowled and spat out his words filled with poison.

“Don’t misunderstand that kid was stronger before losing the core, if he has come that means he has found something equal to or greater in power. It is only logical to not underestimate someone like that. Now shut your mouth or would you rather I put you on one of the stretching devices, I mean you could use it to grew another foot and at least look semi-normal.” [Dadicus]

The ogre turned towards Dadicus, the monster gave Dadicus a death stare as its master spoke.

“What was that you bastard, how about Glog knocks your head off that “perfect” body of yours.” [Hecnor]

Both parties released their killer intent, it looked as though a fight was about to break out.

“Now, now that’s enough you 2 we are still in the presence of our master.” [???]

Both men stiffened and returned to look straight ahead, they didn’t want to anger the one asking them to stop. The feared person was a middle-aged woman that wore a suit of white plate mail. Her white hair and gray eyes, along with her pale skin made her look like a walking corpse. Her name was Cicella Burt, the strongest of the [Five Beast] and the wielder of the cursed sword Yami.

Though she wore a gentle smile that made her look like a kind aunt, everyone knew that couldn’t be further from the truly. Cicella was the most violent of all of them, she is such a terror, many call her the Smiling Slaughterer.

Ginmer sighed as he watch his subordinates argue and was grateful that Cicella stopped them.

“I do not care about trivial matters, just make sure that nothing hinders the plan.” [Ginmer]
“YES!” [Five Beasts]

Each one saluted before vanishing.

“Chris will come and stop you, those five are no match for him.” [Mia]

The Earl laughed, then walked over to Mia. When the Earl was half way to Mia, he started to levitate. With his face level with her’s, Ginmer sneered.

“No one will come to save you, that brat is powerless without the Core, just give up.” [Ginmer]

This time it was Mia’s turn to laugh.

“Powerless? I think you are mistaken, Chris is far from powerless and as for what you took from him, it doesn’t really mean anything. Besides it the fragment you stole will soon return to him.” [Mia]

The Earl glared at Mia and swiftly walked out of the room. He didn’t want to show the worries on his face.

(She said that I stole only a fragment if something that powerful is only a fragment…I must prepare for the worst.) [Ginmer]


Atop the wall, the fighting between the nobles and resistance had stopped.

The reason wasn’t just because the barrier had been deactivated, No, the reason was because of the hundreds of thousands flickering ghostly flames approaching the city at terrifying speed.

“To the people of Adamas, those who are loyal to me will be spared, those who are not…try your best to survive, though it will be in vain.” [Chris]

The soldiers that had stayed loyal to the Earl’s panicked.

“Hey don’t worry, I just got word that the [Five Beasts] are going to come fight that bastard. Besides how is he going to even get in, the gate is protected by a spell that would take at least 5 SS ranks to destroy.” [Soldier]

Many of the soldiers agreed that it would be difficult if not impossible for Chris to enter the city.

Unfortunately, they were wrong.

A monstrous roar that shook the heavens sounded causing every man no matter what side he was on to look out over the sea of ghostly fire.

From nowhere a massive shadow rushed towards the city, it had to be 15 meters tall and didn’t resemble anything that could be call human. No one could make out the appearance of the shadow. When it reached, the gate nobody expected that the door would shatter like it was made of glass.

“The gate…” [soldier]
“It was destroyed so easily.” [soldier]

No one could believe it, what kind of being was capable of destroying that gate that could withstand the combined attack of 5 SS ranks.

Many people looked trying to see what kind of monster was the cause.


Nothing was there, only dust and the shattered gate.

Suddenly footsteps echoed throughout the entire city. It should have been impossible for something like footsteps to echo like that, but whether it was the soldiers, citizens, or adventurers they heard it. The rhythmic steps were both gentle as well as fear inducing.

Through the dust, a figure stepped into the city. Along the main road, hundreds of thousands of people looked to see who or what was coming.

Just as the figure stepped into the city, the morning sun peaked over the horizon. The light of the new day revealed a man shrouded in black robes and behind him was thousands upon thousands of cat-like creatures.

Just behind him were four individuals that instinctively invoke fear.

A blanket of intense blood lust covered the city. Even people like Rimmy and Hon who were near the peak of S ranks couldn’t help but fall to one knee.

Many saw the black clad man raise a hand and with the snap of his fingers the army of monsters surged into the city like a tidal wave. Shrieks and growls resounded as over one million [Ravagers] entered the city moving through the streets and back alleyways. As they rushed through the city the cats like creatures killed anything that was considered unloyal to their master.

Blood soon filled the streets as high pitch screeches and the shouts of terrified men filled the air. Even with all the fight beforehand the amount of deaths only added up to a little over 500000. In only 10 minutes, the death count had risen to over a million, all of the fresh ones were from the Earl’s side.


It had been only 15 minutes since Chris and his group had entered Adamas.

“People of Adamas, there will soon be a battle between Earl Ginmer’s forces and my own. For your safe I ask that you gather at the one of the four main plazas, I have created shelters to protect you from the destructive battles that are to come.” [Chris]

The reason Chris hadn’t moved directly towards the castle after entering the city was to extend his “influence”  through the city. Already vegetation was beginning to grow everywhere. There was only a moment of hesitation before people started to move towards the shelters Chris had created by using < Fortress of Bramble >.

To the people on the main street who saw Chris, they could only describe him as power, mysterious, and one that possessed the aura of a ruler. Someone that held a natural authority, making you want to follow them, a commanding presence that made you feel safe.

“The distractions are gone, would show yourselves already.” [Chris]

To Chris’ call, 10 men wear black leather armor, black mantles, and black dog masks appeared. They stood on top of various buildings surrounding Chris and his group.

“Nofofofofo, to be able to sense my black hounds, you really are interesting.” [Doctor]

The voice came from all the black hounds at once. Chris showed a confident smile.

“These lowly creations of yours are nothing but insects in front of me, so it's only a given that I could sense them.” [Chris]

Bloodlust erupted from the 10 figures, and the once gentle elderly voice transformed into something that would give children nightmares.

“Fucking brat, calling my greatest work lowly insects! Each one of them is an SS rank! Let's see what you have to say about them once you are lying on the ground with your guts spilling out!” [Doctor]

With the Doctor’s roar of anger, two of the hounds jumped down in their hands swords of fire formed. Chris slowly walked forward, his pace unhurried his smile had widened. Pazuzu was about to move to block the attackers when Chris raised a hand.

“Stay back, I want to test my power. While these guys aren’t really what I had in mind, it's better than nothing I guess.” [Chris]

As he spoke four pillars of vines and branches burst from the ground in a square formation and molded into [Bulwarks]. Instantly their tower shields emitted a faint green light and a dome of transparent green formed.

The two hounds fire swords struck the dome and ripples formed. The ripples spread over the barrier and then as though time reversed itself the ripples went in reverse. The two hounds were sent flying backward by a powerful shockwave that was created by the return effect of the barrier.

Chris chuckled and slowly raised his hand.

“Is that all you have, if so then this will end quickly.” [Chris]

Chris pointed a single finger at the ground 6 feet in front of him. where he pointed a [Ravager], however, this one was different than the others. Using < Minion Fusion > Chris created a [Ravager] that was a combination of 100 normal [Ravagers]. It was triple in size and instead of having green moss that resembled fur. Instead the moss was white with sky blue stripes making it look like a tiger. The fire it had for eyes and claws were also sky blue.

This [Ravager] was 10 times stronger than ordinary ones. Also, Chris was able to modify it to have superior destructive capabilities as well as unreal agility.

He decides to call this kind of fusion minion an Alpha.

The massive tiger that was over four meters long reminded him of the [Striker] in size, but comparing them in terms of strength was impossible.

“Hmph, just because you can defend against two of my hounds doesn’t mean you can stop all 10!” [Doctor]

The two black hounds that had been through by the shockwave before stood back up. 3 of the remaining 8 hounds leaped from where they stood and fire swords appeared in their hands just like the previous 2. The remain 5 had bows of the same flame, arrows of fire were notched. In less than a second the arrows were released and split into 50 each quickly creating a barrage of fire arrows.

“Such idiocy.” [Chris]

2 more [Bulwarks] grew and added their strength to the green shield that surround Chris. At the same time, the [Alpha Ravager] leaped into the air swiping at one of the hounds with its claws. The black hound that was being attack raised it sword and it transformed into a kite shield. The hound was prepared to block the attack of the [Alpha Ravager], but at the last second the monster turned into a ball of blue flames and moved behind its opponent. The poor man didn’t even have time to react before the [Alpha Ravager] was again a tiger. Again it lashed out its claws dicing the man to pieces.

With one down Chris’ minion didn’t stop there. It again turned into a ball of fire and sped for another hound this time it gripped the man with its teeth and with single attempt bit him in half.

Even with 2 of them dead, the black hounds didn’t even flinch as they tried to swing their swords at Chris once again. Though this time, Chris acted first, a ring of purple smoke appeared at his feet. The smoke then shot forwards like a snake instantly engulfing one of the hounds. The hound melted away almost immediately as its body decayed. The smoke unexpectedly curved after consuming the first hound moving on to surround the other 2 which meet the same fate as the first.

“Im-impossible, how did my perfect creations die so quickly! With their level of ability, they should have only taken some damage!” [Doctor]

As the rain of arrows approached Chris, Doctor Bernor hoped that they could at least do some damage so he could take away the enemy’s arrogance. Sadly, to Chris those arrows were like flies flying at a moving car.

The arrows stopped on the barrier and ripples yet again formed. Just like last time the attacks were returned to their owners, the hounds how shot the arrows were pelted with their own attacks.

Bernor was dumbstruck his most prized creations were so easily defeated. While he had to admit that any of the other [Five Beasts] could manage to do the same. The difference was that they still would be hard pressed while doing so, yet this man killed them as easily as…

“swatting insects…” [Doctor]

Chris carefully watched as his minion reach the five-archer type hounds and tore off their heads to make sure they were dead, except for one. Chris had his [Alpha Ravager] slice off the arms and legs of the last hound and bring it in front of him.

“I know you're still watching, if you want to know why your creations lost it is because not only are they weak, but they couldn’t think for themselves making their movements rigid and easy to predict.” [Chris]

Bernor’s mouth dropped open though his black hounds did have no way of self though he never thought of that as a problem. If they could think for themselves there would be a chance for betrayal, so he removed the problem.

Doctor Bernor couldn’t help but laugh. What he thought was a flaw was actually what he need, he mocked himself as he thought of his failure.

"Such overwhelming power, it seems that I should have listened to Dadicus after all." [Doctor]


Chris had his [Alpha Ravager] crush the head of the last hound after he had finished delivering his message to the Doctor.

“Master, it would seem that a large force is coming out from the castle. Judging by their…nature, they may be an annoyance.” [Gram]

Chris nodded and clicked his tongue as he observed the new enemy that was flowing out of the castles main gain with his [Archivers].

“Undead, and a lot of them. This must be the work of that necromancer, how irritating.” [Chris]
“Hohohoho, is that any way to talk about a lady as beautiful as myself.” [Geena]

From a cloud of black mist, Geena appeared rather far away, though her voice could be heard clearly by Chris and his lords. She placed her hands on her narrow hips and leaned forward to pose in a manner that showed her abundant cleavage.

“Now, how about we go somewhere private. Though you are supposed to be an enemy, if you surrender I will let you be my food source until you die, in return…” [Geena]

She lifted her breast as to showcase them and giggle in a seductive manner.

Chris was about to give a cold reply when to everyone surprise Pazuzu had appeared in front of Geena. Before the necromancer had time to even realize that she was being attacked a hole appeared in her chest and Pazuzu’s arm was drenched in blood.

Geena screamed in pain and clutched her chest only to be kicked which sent her crashing into a building behind her.

“Don’t think an ugly whore like you can talk to the master like that!” [Pazuzu]

From where Chris, Ron, Gram and Behemoth stood a breeze blow by as they got an over there shock.

“Yet again I’m reminded why Pazuzu is feared by many in the [Land of Souls].” [Gram]
“I’m more terrified of the boss since that girl is willing to kill someone over such a small thing.” [Behemoth]

Chris slide a hand down his face.

Suddenly the strange mood was shattered when an intense blood lust erupted from the building where Geena had crashed into.

“You Bitch, you will pay for ruining my clothes!” [Geena]

From the building a figure rose. It was Geena, but the hole that Pazuzu had created was now closed and looked like it had never been there in the first place. The horde of undead that came from the castle finally reach their master’s side. With moans and groans, they stood waiting for their orders.

Sweeping her hand in front of her, Geena commanded her army of undead with a single word.

“Kill!” [Geena]

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