The Strongest Job... Gardener?



Chapter 48: The Power Of The Oppressed


Chris sat cross-legged on the back of the [Wyvern] he had created. To his right were Ron and Gram.

Gram stood on an upside down black pyramid. The pyramid was 4 ft2 at the top and 6 feet long. A foot of the pyramid starting from the tip was a clear crystal that released waves of magical energy that keeping it afloat.

Ron was standing on a stone that resembled a skateboard without wheels. On the underside of the board were to clear crystals that emitted the same magic as Grams mode of transportation.

To his left Behemoth was ride a pyramid similar to Gram’s only Behemoth’s was twice the size.

Just slightly in front of Pazuzu glided through the sky with the help of two beautiful, violent bird wings that sprouted from her shoulder blades. Her wingspan was a little over 15ft and with each flap of her wings she flew at an incredible speed. It was obvious she was doing her best to not speed ahead too much.

Suddenly Chris’ eyes snapped open and condescending smile appear on his face. Up until know he was processing the information that his [Archiver] minions had sent him.

Once he was done, Chris laughed and smiled sinisterly.

“Ginmer, you have made this too easy for me.” [Chris]

In the distance, Chris’ group could see the fortress city, Adamus.

“Now then, let’s get started.” [Chris]


Adamas a massive city that is 250 miles in diameter and boasted a population of several million people. 100 meter high walls completely surround the city. It's only gate was 50 meters tall and 30 meters wide was rectangular and was covered in an uncountable amount of runes. In the center of the city was a castle on a notably elevated hill, it took up a tenth of the city. Along the walls that surrounded the city was magic cannons that could fire magic embed cannon balls that had the destructive power of an A rank’s attack.

However, the reason the city got the name Adamas was because for 500 years this city had been attacked many times by demons yet it still withstood all of these sieges. The reason for this is the magic barrier that surrounded the city, it is powered by 15 mana generating located throughout the city.

This barrier even an SSS rank like General Lorn it would take everything he had to break through.

“Hey, what is that?” [Male Citizen]

Over the city, there was a green cloud, is what the citizen thought until it started to shine and the image of a hood figure stood looking down on them.

“Greeting people of Abamas, I am Chris Gelvon and I want to ask you a question. Are you happy with your life?” [Chris]

Many people looked at themselves and around them. 80% of the people wanted to shout no in response.

In Adamas, there is a 1% class of nobles that have their everyday needs met and more. There is the 19% that is made up of high-ranking soldiers that do not have to worry about their next meal or families making it to the next month. Then what is left is the low ranking soldier and citizens.

Most of them were starved, if not like the soldier they are used as disposable tools to make the other 20% stay happy. As much as they people hate their lives, there was nothing they could do. Most of these families had lived in Adamas for generations as such they had nowhere to go. Maybe a relative in the countryside, but there it was even harder. Along with high taxes, hunger and disease there was also monsters and bandits.

It is sad to say, but Adamas was the best place to live in Earl Ginmer’s territory. People could, of course, try and leave his land, the only thing stopping them is monsters, roadside bandits, harsh weather, and not to mention a mountain that they need to cross. While they could go around the mountain, the only other route was known to be infested with powerful monsters so the mountain in the end was a safer option.

From Chris’ question buried hatred emerged as well as a curiosity as to what he will say next.

“If you are dissatisfied with how you live now then take arms, I wish to reform this city and the territory with it where food is not something anyone needs to worry about. A place where disease though not gone does not take hundreds of lives every month. A place of prosperity and happiness. But to do this I need your help storm the rooms with the mana generators that power the barrier then my army can enter the city. Once I am inside anyone who knees and accepts me as your ruler will be spared and will be a part of a new era of joy. Now ask yourselves will you continue to live in misery or will you stand and for once have a choice to bright happiness to yourself and your loved ones.” [Chris]

Having finished what need to be said the image of Chris vanished.

Staring for a moment at the sky where the lillusion of Chris had been for only a moment the citizens looked down at each other.

It only took a few seconds to recover from the shock.


Time since rioting began: 30 minutes
Number of mana generators remaining: 15 ( 12 lesser, 3 main )

Only 30 minutes later at one of the guard posts that protection a mana generator.

“Captain, we can't hold them off for much longer. The traitors are starting to give them weapons.” [soldier]

The captain stared down from his command tower at the horror before him. The roads were filled with people wielding any form of object that could be used as a weapon from pitchforks to blacksmith hammers. Some soldiers were even killed with kitchen knives.

Not only that but more than half of his men had usurped and were helping the citizen fight.

The captain cursed, he had worked hard for 10 years to get his position. Even with his small influence, he could still live a carefree life filled with food, booze, and women. But now that was over, because of one man saying some sweet words.

Suddenly the ladder rattled with people trying to make it up to kill him and take the key that unlocked the door to the generator room.

“Hiiiii, men protect your captain with your lives. I can't die here I don’t want to!” [Captain]

The tower could hold five people and still have a little room. Right now three soldiers that came from noble families and the captain stood to wait for the first head to appear.

But nothing happened, well from where the ladder was at least. A man had scaled the tower’s wall and appeared behind the Captain.

“Die you fat fuck!” [usrper]

The captain turned and stared in terror. The man before he knew, not long ago he had beaten him for scoffing his shoe as they passed. As punishment, he was give 10 lashes as the captain watch and laughed.

The captain could help but laugh at himself for the irony in this. He continued to laugh like he had gone crazy, no maybe he had as he watch his world crumble in only 30 minutes.

“Damnit!” [Captain]

He gave one final curse as the sword of the vengeful soldier separated his head and body.


Time since rioting began: 60 minutes
Number of mana generators remaining: 10 ( 7 lesser, 3 main )

Jone Blackhammer 1 hour ago was a simple blacksmith. Now he was a warrior wielding a war hammer. He was fully armed thanks to the fact that his shop was meant for soldiers and adventures. He was only 27 years old and never picked up a blade before other than in the forge. But because of his intense work his body was toned to near perfection allowing him the strength the could rival a B rank in physical abilities.

He was fighting for his wife Jil and their child that was yet to be born.

He right now was acting as a commander for the mob that was surging through the streets. He was seen as a significant figure in his community so when he gave them orders they followed. One of the reasons was even though he didn’t know how to fight, But Jone loved books on war play and tactics. Because of this though he was no general, Jone could at least command with some efficiency.

Leading the torrent of people they found their goal, the small base that housed a mana generator.

Jone knew from listening to the soldiers that came to his shop that there was only one way to take down the barrier. First you must deactivate the 12 lesser generators that not only powered the city barrier, but also the barriers for the 3 main generators.

Suddenly Jone heard a mighty shout that sound more beast than human.

Searching the battlefield he found the creature responsible for the shout.

An ogre.

This 10 foot tall mass of muscle was something that was enslaved through magic, they were used only in emergencies. Well to the nobles this would count as one.

The monster had a full set of armor and wielded a club that could be mistaken for a tree with metal plates on it. It was devastating the untrain civilians.

An ogre was an A ranked monster an existence that only ones in the higher ranks of the military could take down. Jone clenched his teeth, he was most likely the strongest one here. He franticly looked around and noticed that the ogre was currently standing near the storage house.

A chance.

Jone quickly searched for someone with a bow and found a allied soldier firing arrows at the ogre, but they only bounced off his hard flesh.

“Hey, can you light one of your arrows on fire!?” [Jone]

The soldier for a second was confused then realized where the ogre was standing and quickly torn a bit of cloth off his undershirt and wrapped it around an arrow. The soldier quickly ran to a nearby torch and lit the air and gave a signal that he was ready.

"Get away from the ogre now!” [Jone]

Taking aim, the soldier let his arrow fly.


The barrels exploded right behind the ogre sending it toppling forward.

Many of the people were able to make it away in time, some were not so lucky. What was important was that the ogre had taken substantial damage. Not wasting a second Jone charged raising his war hammer high. With a sickening crunch, the ogres head was crashed.

Jone let out a battle cry and the others responded with their own shouts of victory.

“It’s not over yet, lets deactivated this generator and go help the others.

Another round of cheers and shouts came from the endless mob of people as they once again stormed the base.


Time since rioting began: 130 minutes
Number of mana generators remaining: 5 ( 2 lesser, 3 Main )

With only 4 lesser generators remaining, the nobles made their move. 100 S ranks entered the streets, these people wore black armor or robes and had the symbol of a white wolf somewhere on them. These were the honor guard of Adamas, the White Beasts. The White Beasts were only to be used as a last line of defense, but with only 4 lesser generators remain the nobles went into a panic. They deployed the White Beasts earlier than necessary, but it was effective.

Still, even with the White Beasts defending the generators, keep millions of people from entering the base was impossible. Even though their defense was near perfect, a few soldier managed to shut down the generators since they knew their way around the bases better than the White Beasts.

Now with only 2 lesser generators left it had become a stalemate. The White Beasts had killed the usurpers in the 2 bases and now were turtling while slowly kill the mob off with ranged attacks.

It had begun to look hopeless, or that’s what the White Beasts imagined what the rioters were thinking.

“Make way, help has arrived!” [???]

The commander of the White Beasts, Norm Calfer, stared at the group that was approaching and almost started to cry.

Steel Tigers, an S rank adventurer team, made of 10 people. This team and Blue Roses another S rank adventure team was the reason the White Beasts had not been able to stop the rioting.

The leader of the Steel Tigers, Hon Steeltooth, was a monster of a man. He stood 7 feet tall and was a mass of intelligent muscle. He wielded an oversized red war hammer that didn’t look to special other than its size.

Hon had family that live in Adamas even with him sending money to support them, they still barely survived. He to had been sweeped up into this conflict in hopes that Chris would really do as he said. If so then his family would be able to live happily, not having to suffer, if that actually happened then Hon planned to try and become a guard so he could protect this city, its people, and the man that saved them.

On the other hand the leader of Blue Roses, Rimmy was an orphan and had no family. The reason for why she fought was because she wanted to see if Chris would keep his word. The orphanage she was raised at [Little Sheep] was nearly forced to close because the money they receive was decreasing each month. If something weren't done, then it would be shut down and thousands of orphan would starve or died from the cold. Rimmy hoped that she could convince their soon to be ruler to spare money to the orphanage and let it rebuild itself.

At both ends of the city battles between S ranks had started. Though the two adventure groups were outnumbered, because the White Beasts had to focus on defense more than offense they were managing to leave an impact.

“Charge!” [Hon]

Hon swung an oversized war hammer at the bases entrance gate. Hon was a berserker so his Strength was at the level of a high realm S rank, even without using a skill he blasted the gate’s doors off their hinges in one swing.

The White Beasts know this fight was lost and was forced to retreat to the main generators. While it might have been better to stay and defend the last 2 lesser generators, it would only have stalled for time. Even if they killed the 2 S ranked teams, it wouldn’t matter there were too many people. Of course, they could wipe out the citizen quickly, but because of the level of force need, if they did the chances of damaging the generators was extremely high.

Norm watched as the last of the two lesser generators were shut down and cursed.


Time since rioting began: 250 minutes
Number of mana generators remaining: 3 main generators

“Rimmy, I think we should go after the generator on the northeast side first then circle around going for the northwest one and deactivating the south generator last.” [Hon]

Hon, Rimmy and several leaders of other high ranking adventure teams were gathered along with some of the citizens that lead the charge in the beginning, like Jone.

Rimmy was 19 years old with a slim figure that was meant for speed. Being 5’7 with short blonde hair and a delicate face most men would fall for her. She wore a set light leather armor that hide what little curves she had. On her waist was a rapier with a red sheath that had a snake coiling around it.

“The White Beasts numbers have reduced to 85 thanks to using proper teamwork. Still we are at a disadvantage since they have turtled themselves in the 3 bases.” [Rimmy]

The group was studying a map of the city, it was going to be hard to get into those bases. The 3 main generator bases were several times better defended and had thicker gates. Even with someone like Hon he would need to attack several times to break through, but in that time he would undoubtedly be killed.

“What if we use the sewer system, it goes directly under the bases. I know the sewers like the back of my hand, after all I help maintain them.” [Citizen Leader]

Hon and Rimmy exchanged glances and seemed to come to a decision.

“Alright here's the plan!” [Hon]


Time since rioting began: 325 minutes
Number of mana generators remaining: 3 main generators

“Ugh, this is gross.” [Adventurer]

A group of 100 people were making their way through the sewer. Leading them was Hon’s and his Steel Tigers. The plan was simple, two groups would infiltrate 2 of the bases and shut off the generators, then attack from the inside out. This plan could only work with the first 2 bases as the White Beasts would then be cautious with the third.

Still if they managed to get the first 2 down, then the last one would be easier.

Sewer tunnel took Rimmy and her group just inside the base. I now was night time only light source were large torches that were placed around the base. Rimmy slowly slid the cover to the sewer tunnels aside. Silently she lifted herself up, followed by the rest. The guards were too busy with the crowd outside to notice them just like planned.

The group moved through the shadows, quickly they found the door to the generator room. Rimmy signaled for a short, thin man to come up and pick the lock. He started to fiddle with the lock when a glint of cold light followed by a thud sound caused the group to pale. The man that had tried to pick the lock had an arrow lodged in his skull, killing him instantly.

“Damn we’ve been found, scatter!” [Rimmy]

In a second they were surrounded, though some tried to run back to the sewer, they were killed before they could take more than three speeds.

Each person that surround them had a white wolf on what they wore, in total there were close to 30 White Beasts.

“Looks like this is the end.” [Rimmy]

A sad smile could be seen on her face, Rimmy looked around everyone’s eyes were filled with despair. Rimmy clenched her fist, what could she do to get everyone out of this situation.

Suddenly she heard a voice whisper.

“Shall I lend some assistance?” [Chris]

Just as the White Beasts were about to attack, Chris appeared in front of them.

“Greeting” [Chris]

Everyone froze, how did he get in here and where did he come from. That was the thoughts on everyone mind. Of course, this was only an illusion created by an [Archiver], but no one knew that. Rimmy stared like the rest until Chris glanced at her, in that instant she understood everything.

She little time before someone realized what was happening.

Unsheathing her sword, it suddenly was coated in flames and with a single swing she cut the metal door in two. Without wasting time, Rimmy rushed in and saw the mana generator. It was a blue stone that was floating above a magic seal that pulsed every so often.

Running up to the stone she brandished her rapier and to her surprise it bounced off.Still, it created cracks in the generator that quickly spread, in only a few seconds the cracks spread across the stone and it shattered.

The stone exploded causing the ground to shake. Rimmy slumped to the floor, her job was done, now only death awaited her.

She slowly closed her eyes trying to be calm, in her mind the images of her past as a child flickered.

“Is this my life flashing before my eyes?” [Rimmy]

She saw herself abandoned on the street, surviving every day by stealing, she saw the beats she took when she was caught. Sad, bitter memories suddenly transformed into happy ones as Rimmy saw the memories of herself and her friends at the orphanage. Next was her days as an adventurer, the thrills of slaying monsters, helping those in need. Tears began to flow as she remembered back when she was only a B rank her lover died because Rimmy insulted a high-ranking noble.

“Fuck, why did that have to be the last thing I remember.” [Rimmy]

As she cursed, Rimmy could hear the clanking of armor.

“Like hell I’m going to die like this, not until I pay that midget Vild back!” [Rimmy]

Suddenly she stood and thrusted her sword at the approaching soldier, a snake of fire burst from the tip. The snake pierced the man and coiled around him, he screamed as his armor melted and he was burned to ashes.

“I’m going to survive, rebuild [Little Sheep] and get my revenge!” [Rimmy]

She ran outside and another earthquake shook the city. Looking up at the sky she smiled.

“That old man did it, now all we have to do is-“ [Rimmy]

She was interrupted by a third quake.

Everyone stopped fighting and stared at the sky, over the city a glowing membrane could be seen dissolving.

Cheers and screams were heard in every direction. However, Rimmy was confused.

“Someone deactivated the third generator? Was it an soldier inside the base?” [Rimmy]

She casted aside the thought, it didn’t matter. All that mattered now was that Chris Gelvon the man that said he would bring everyone happiness could now enter the city.


Time since rioting began: 325 minutes
Number of mana generators remaining: 3 main generators

While Rimmy was starting her infiltration of one the main generator bases a man sat at an elegant wooden desk.

Norm Colfer sat his desk located at one of the 3 main generator bases. The room was only 20x20x20 meters in size, a box with a carpet and 2 chairs on the other side of the desk.

He had retreated to defeat his generator with his life. If just one generator stayed active the barrier would hold for a day, by then his White Beasts could get a handle on things. Even if they couldn’t the Earl would only send the [Five Beasts] to clean up everything.

Still, was this right. Norm was probably one of the only nobles that actually cared about the people of Adamas. He wanted to help them, but Norm had his own reasons to stay on the Earl’s side.

He pulled out a pocket watch. Clicking the release mechanism the watch opened to reveal a picture of his wife and himself on their wedding day. On the other side was a picture of his daughter Nana. Norm shut the pocket watch and gripped it tightly, tears began to flow.

“Having doubts?” [???]

Norm looked up from the desk to see a man covered in black sitting in one of the chairs on the other side of his desk. The only things showing were a mocking smile and a pair of green eyes at were so cold that they resembled icicles.

Norm know this man was the one that had caused the citizens to revolt. Anger boiled in him and stood up, Norm was about to call for backup to take the man down, but at the last moment stopped. He realized that this wasn’t the real one, only an illusion. Norm slowly lowered himself into his chair and glared.

“What are you here for?” [Norm]

Chris laughed and brought a hand to his face. His laughter was filled with mockery and veils appeared on Norm’s head.

“Are you only hear to laugh at me!?” [Norm]

The man forced himself to stop laughing and waved his hand.

“I apologized, I would think me appearing before you made it obvious.” [Chris]

He paused to let Norm speak, but when he didn’t Chris continued.

“I am here to give you a chance to save your daughter.” [Chris]

Norm slammed his fist on the table and directed a murderous gaze at Chris.

“Don’t bullshit me, many healers, doctors and other professionals have tried to rid her of the disease but nothing worked. What makes you think I would believe you could cure her!” [Norm]
“Oh, scary, but I am serious I can save your daughter.” [Chris]

It was true, he had spent an endless amount of time and money to find a way to cure his daughter. Norm’s wife had died in childbirth and his daughter had been sick since she was young. Her disease was something unknown so no one knew how to cure it. It slowly ate her vitality every year she became weak, his years she was only 9 and was reduced to a state that she could only stay awake for an hour a day at most.

“the reason they were not able to heal her was because she is not sick, but cursed.” [Chris]
“Impossible, even if she was cursed someone would-!” [Norm]

Chris raised a hand to interrupt Norm and shook his head.

“The curse is concealed and can only be seen as an odd disease. I am able to see it because my skills are related to nature, through them I could see that what was affecting her wasn’t something natural.” [Chris]

The reason Chris know about Nana was because earlier when he had his [Archivers] search the city one was tasked to find Norm. The reason was that all [Archivers] were to find and observe someone at a high-level position in the military to find someone that he could use. It was purely luck that Chris’ [Archiver] found Norm with Nana.

At first he brushed Nana’s sickly appearance as something like the flu as she looked to still be young. However after a short time Chris discovered he was very wrong. A curse that drained her life force was fixed to her, Chris guessed she only had a year or less to live.

Though he became curious why no one had noticed the curse. Though it was strong, the curse was simple and with the right magic could easy be erased. With some time, Chris found that it had several spells that conceal the curse. It seemed as though someone wanted Norm to suffer thinking his daughter had an uncurable disease.

After studying the curse for a short time, he questioned Ron and Gram if they had something that could negate it. Once Chris had shared the what he had discovered about the curse they said it wouldn’t be hard to cleanse her with one of their items.

Norm hesitated for a moment before giving Chris a look of caution.

“Can you actually save her?” [Norm]

Chris returned Norm’s gaze except in his eyes was endless confidence and chuckled which sent shivers down Norm’s spine.

“Obviously otherwise what would be the point of bringing it up in the first place?” [Chris]

Norm looked into Chris’ eyes as if he was searching for something.

“Fine, you have a deal, but if you are lying, I will do whatever it takes to end you.” [Norm]
“Hahaha, good to hear, I think I’ms starting to like you Commander Calfer.” [Chris]

With the deal struck, Chris left those final words before vanishing.

Norm leaned back in his chair and sighed. He had once heard that before the demons unified some would go to the other kingdoms and make contracts that for the desire of the one signing the person had to give up his soul or do something terrible.

He could help but wonder if he had just signed a contract with a demon.

Again looked at the two pictures in his watch to solidify his resolve, then stood and took a deep breath before heading to the door while whisper under his breath.

“Nana, Daddy will survive this and get you help, please just wait a little longer.” [Norm]

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