“My Lord please allow me to introduce myself first” [Woman]

Hearing no words of disagreement she stood, with her directly looking at him Body could now see under her hood. Unexpectedly she wore a mask that resembled a raven which match the two bird eyes that could be seen through the eyeholes of the mask.

“I am Pazuzu, The Lord of Violent Wind it is truly a pleasure to meet you, Master!” [Pazuzu]

Her voice gentle but still held more power than most men. Her gaze was filled with respect while having a warmth that couldn’t be explained so easy, Body didn’t think it was a love of just a man and a woman. It looked similar but different at the same time.

While pondering Soul whispered the answer into Body’s ear.

“She is loyal to us to an extreme extent, but do not worry her love is not as the same as with those three she. Hers is more like a family member or guardian. Also, I warn you she is a little protective of us.” [Soul]

With Soul’s explanation, Body understood why he was unable to determine the emotions in Pazuzu’s eyes. He had not seen something like that since his mother and he had long forgotten about how that form of love looks like.

Body gave Pazuzu a gentle smile and returned her greeting.

“It is a pleasure to meet you as well, I hope to see good things from you.” [Body]

Pazuzu only nodded her head, but it was obvious she was smiling under her mask.

Body then glanced over at the giant man, in response he stood with a fierce yet joyous expression on his face.

“Bwahahaha, it is good to meet you, master, I am Behemoth, the Lord of Savage Earth, I hope to have fun by staying by your side, master!” [Behemoth]

The large man laughed heartily.

Body could tell he was like himself, a battle maniac.

“Yes likewise, also if you wouldn’t mind I would like to see your strength first hand.” [Body]

Behemoth spotted laughing for a moment then burst out laughing again only even louder than before.

“Bwahahaha, just what I would expect from my master, I also would like to have a friendly match with you!” [Behemoth]


The men front the center seal stood

“I think it would be our turn, I am the right head Gram.” [Gram]
“Kekeke, and I am the left head, Ron.” [Ron]
“We are Orthos, the Lord of Weapons.” [Ron and Gram]

They bowed deeply simultaneously. Ron then stood straight a broad smile on his face which remained Body of an excited child.

“So master, are we going to go a kill the Earl if so I’m ready!” [Ron]

Behemoth instantly rose his expression show his lust for battle.

“I am as well, let’s go and have some fun.” [Behemoth]

He clenched and unclenched his fist, they made cracking sounds.

Gram placed a hand over his face and Pazuzu heaved a sigh.

“They're hopeless.” [Gram]
“Agreed” [Pazuzu]

Behemoth turned to face the two and stomped his foot several times.

“Who are you calling hopeless!?” [Behemoth]
“They’re talking about you muscle head.” [Ron]
“What was that you want to fight laughing boy!” [Behemoth]

The two glared at each other releasing their killer intent.

“Enough!” [Soul]

His shout made both of the Lords stiffen and bow their heads like scolded children.

Suddenly the clearing with the massive tree started to tremble as if they were looking through a TV. Everything became fuzzy and blurred.

“It would seem the process is entering its final stage. All of you are dismissed.” [Soul]

The four bowed and disappeared along with the magic seals.

Soul turned to face Body, his expression somewhat solemn.

“I still have something to discuss with you, but have little time so I’ll make it all quick.” [Soul]


“What did you say!?” [Body]

Soul had just finished speaking when Body could no longer contain himself.

“You want us to forgive Darak and though bastards!” [Body]
“No, I said to let go, our revenge has been achieved now the lingering feels are only a burden.” [Soul]

Body knew he was right, but still after so long it wasn’t that simple to just “let go” of the rage and hatred in his heart.

Soul let out a sigh as he continued.

“We no longer have anything to gain by focusing attention on them in such a manner, they have more use as pawns.” [Soul]

Hearing the word pawn Body became intrigued.

“Oh, how do you plan to make use of them, I mean soon they will most likely be exiled or executed for their actions. While they are heroes that title will only help them for a little longer.” [Body]

Soul nodded in agreement and a smirk appeared on his face.

“Its simple. Darak is the head of the beast corrupt him and the others will follow suit.” [Soul]
“And how do you plan on “corrupting” Darak” [Body]

In response to Body’s question Soul gave a sinister smile.

“Haven’t you noticed that Darak has something he wants but can’t obtain?” [Soul]

Body thought for a second, then like being struck by lightning it became clear.

“Rosalina!” [Body]
“Correct, from the memories I have examined it is obvious that he want her to be his, but oddly not by force. I suspect even as a hero demanding that a princess of the kingdom to obey his commands is beyond him. Not only that, his feelings seem to be genuine and that is what we can use to our advantage.” [Soul]

Body nodded, he had seen it multiple times, Darak would often steal glances at Rosalina. Looking through Darak’s memories he saw the man was really in love with the princess. This could be used as leverage in more ways than one.

“So what do you think should be done?” [Body]

Soul shrugged and gave a response in a nonchalant tone.

“Once we completely merge I think the answer will come.” [Soul]

Body understood what he meant, this whole time memories from both sides were flowing to the other. Body could tell this Chris was much different than himself and not just by being stronger. His thought process was different; cautious, calculating, meticulous, and truly merciless. Unlike Body, Soul casted aside his emotions while planning and chose the best course of action after creating many options in an instant. Using < Overlord System > he formulated several plans by splitting his mind, then when they had all finished the split consciousness would be gathered. The information was picked apart to look at every detail finding every flaw then combine them to create a perfect plan.

If one were to compare the two, it would be a single genius VS thousands of others at his level. Even if one was a genius against a group who could help one another no only quickened the planning process but created something better.

Not only that, Body saw countless memories of Soul’s experiences in the [Land of Souls]. Unlike Body, who didn’t have much trouble fight and defeat his opponents, Soul always was up against enemies much stronger than himself and had to rely on his mind not his strength to survive. This created two separate people, one not having to grow strong only wanting to, the other forced to become strong or they would die. One never really had to put much thought into planning ahead because of his strength, the other had to plan to near perfection or risked death.

One might say that Soul is the better of the two, but that isn’t true. While Soul is better at survive and planning, what he lacks is the thing he casted aside to gain what he has now.


Even though emotion can cloud judgment, they can also sharpen one’s mind and resolve to give them the will to continue even in the face of defeat. Soul lacks emotions so things like taking the feelings of the others around him, he is unable to do.

While this might sound unnecessary it in reality is paramount. One must be able to read and opponents not only in tactics but their emotions so that they might be able to gain an upper hand in a flaw such as using a lover or attacking their desires.

If Soul was considered the master of the mind than Body was the master of the heart.

“It seems that the merging process is almost complete, you understand what must be done after everything is over correct.” [Soul]
“Yeah, but will it be possible, I mean the risk is enormous.” [Body]

Soul sighed showing his agreement.

“It wouldn’t be easy but, if my hunch is correct about the [Twin Swords Tournament], then I think it is a necessary risk.” [Soul]

Body clenched his fist, looking at Soul the eyes of determination burned brightly.

“Let's just hope after we merge and rescue Mia, that going there won’t cause the worst case scenario.” [Body]
“Yes, but I think going to the-“ [Soul]

Before he could finished a bright light flared and an ear piercing sound block out the last of Soul’s words.


Chris gasped as he regain consciousness. Slowly opening his eyes he stared at a stone ceiling, the air was cold and stale meaning they were most likely underground.

He shifted his body and sat up while surveying the room. It wasn’t large, a 5x4 meters room at most. Chris quickly notice that he was seated in the center of a large, complicated circular magic seal. The next moment he saw that there were four smaller circles located to his left, right, front and back. In each one a person was lying sprawled on the floor.

For a moment, Chris panicked when he saw that the four were the three girls and Ostan. For only a second the warning Ostan gave them surfaced but was dispelled not even a second later when Chris could still feel their life force and that they only fell unconscious from their mana being almost entirely drained.

Chris stood then snapped his fingers and a magic seal formed beside him. From it Orthos emerged.

“Help them recover and check for any unseen injuries.” [Chris]
“As you command.” [Gram + Ron]

The two went to opposites sides of the magic circle and pulled out potions from nowhere forcing the Claira and Sara to drink them.

Chris found that Orthos’ job, Item God was beyond useful. He could easily create high-class items that could have many powerful effects. Like those potions, they were considered high tier mana recovery potions, by drinking them the four would regain consciousness within a few minutes.

While Orthos treated the four lying on the ground, Chris generated 50 [Archivers] that hovered around the room silently. Chris walked to the door and pushed it open, instantly the tiny eyeballs flew out with blurring speed they traveled down a hallway up a swinging staircase and eventually found a window. As they approached the window, the [Archivers] cloaked themselves and smashed through speeding off in the direction of Adamas, the capital of Ear Ginmer’s territory.

Though the distance from here to the fortress city was close to 2100 miles away, they traveled at 550 mph so they would arrive at their destination in roughly 4 hours, which was acceptable.

Right now Chris need information before he attacked. He had sufficient power, but he need to know if the enemy had any hidden tricks or weaknesses that could be exploited.

By now Orthos had finished their treatment of the Claira and Sara, they now moved onto Ostan and Helina.

“Jenny” [Chris]

Jenny suddenly was behind Chris kneeling.

“While I go to deal with the Earl you and the Shadow Corp stay here and defend the others.” [Chris]

Jenny stiffened, she had only just recently seen her master almost killed now he talks about going to face an even stronger enemy by himself.

She tried to protest but was immediately stopped with a single word.

“Silences!” [Chris]

Jenny was completely surprised. Though she only knew her master for a few days, she could tell he had changed. Before he had incredible power, but only through it around not knowing how to use it to the fullest potential. Now she felt that he was not only strong and knew how to use his power, but he held an authority that only a ruler of great power should possess.

“Jenny once I have killed the Earl and have conquered Adamas I will send for you at that time escort the others there.” [Chris]

She stayed silent, but Chris now she understood her orders. He could feel her concern for him causing him to sigh.

“Jenny I am several times stronger now, not even Dadicus is considered a threat to me any longer. I need you to focus on protecting the ones I leave in your care. Also be prepared I will require your help on many matters once everything has started.” [Chris]

To Jenny hearing that her master needed her was something she wished to hear the most. Feeling overjoyed she gave her confirmation that she understood her tasks and vanished.

After waiting for a moment, Orthos was done with his treatment of all four people.

“None of them have any injuries to speak of they just need rest since their minds are more tired than their bodies.” [Gram]

Chris turned to the door and four [Bulwark] minions grew to form in an instant. With a word being said, Chris began to walk out of the room with Orthos close behind. The [Bulwark]’s shields shrank and seem to merge with them leaving both of their hands-free. Each one carefully lifted a person and followed their master in a single fill line.

Climbing the stair, Chris and co eventually found a door that was that the top. Opening the door, Chris found himself in the hallway that was connected to Burdock’s private quarters. The room they had used was one of Burdocks private studies as so no one was come to interrupt them without Burdock’s direct permission.

Moving down the hallway Chris entered the door at the end which brought them to a large room used for meets between Burdock and distinguished guests. Inside sat Burdock, Prince Qin, Princess Rosalina, Aldear and the heroes. He know Claus, Lily, Glen were out helping with various matters caused by the event with Dadicus.

Everyone turned to see Chris, each one of them were shocked. Not just from his appearance but also the aura he gave off. It was cold, oppressive and gave the feeling that he was superior. Even the 1st Prince of Invictus felt small in front of him.

Chris sweep his gave around the room as the four knight like minions entered the room placing the people they carried on couches or chairs.

After a short time of silent Qin managed to muster his courage and stand give Chris his most confident and willful glare he could.

“Chris, If you go to attack the Earl, you will be considered an enemy of Invictus. I ask that you stop this foolishness.” [Qin]

Silent once again filled the room, but not from a shock like last time. Instead, it was dread. Dread from the fact that Qin most likely just poke a gigantic bee’s nest. Aldear was prepared to at least buy time for the prince and princess to escape. Although he knew that was impossible, Aldear could feel that the two at Chris’ side would be enough trouble. If Chris joined in as well not even if he used <Phoenix Ascension> he could last a few minutes at most.

Surprising everyone yet again Chris laughed, it was fill with the arrogance that drained Qin of what little courage he had.

“You say I am making an enemy of you? Are you not the one that is calling me going to save a precious friend foolish? Is Invictus not the one should be claiming responsibility for the Earl’s men for ruining the festival. It was the Earl who started this fight, I am only going to end it.” [Chris]

Qin was at a loss, he was right. Earl Ginmer had been the one to show hostility first. As a lord that is a vassal of the king, his father should claim responsibility. It was an act of idiocy for calling Chris action foolish he had the right to act this way, but still.

“Chris please then let me handle this if I personally go to speak with the Earl retrieving your friend would be easy.” [Qin]
“Are you that worried about the Demon’s taking advantage to breaking through the border if I attack?” [Chris]

Qin, Rosalina, and Aldear all flinched.

(Bingo) [Chris]

“I know it would be impossible for you to arrive Adamas in only a day and a half. By the time you reach the Earl, Mia’s life would have ended. How then would you compensate for that? To me, nothing you could offer would quell my anger.” [Chris]

Chris’ voice was level and had an icy tone that was even more terrifying than if he was shout with rage.

Through this Chris had pushed Qin into a corner, he knew that what he said made no sense. Let Chris go however was even worst, despair had broken Qin. Before meeting Chris he and his sister were considered excellent when it came to negotiations, But Chris had all the answer every time.

This time however Chris was several times harder to speak against. Not only did he retort everything that Qin said, but from the beginning Chris had a significant advantage. Coupled with that he was will make Invictus his enemy without hesitation and that he was using calm reason to destroy anything Qin thought of made it worst.

Though Qin had said little to try and stop Chris, there wasn’t much he could say. Chris held all the cards either way Qin had lost.

It was then that his sister made her attempt.

“Chris I understand that you wish to save your friend, but the danger it poses for the rest of the kingdom is too great, please allow us to work something out on this matter. I promise you that nothing will happen to Mia.” [Rosalina]

Chris stopped while letting out a short hum he crossed his arms. Rosalina inwardly brightened she thought that Chris had been swayed by her words. Though she had a few plans on how to deal with this situation Rosalina who still have to speak to her father first before taking action. By doing this she might not be able to keep her promise, but she also had already planned for that. In the case that her plans fail she planned to offer herself to Chris and any punishment that he requested. His power was more important than her life as a princess that had no chance of ascending the throne. Still she was afraid, Rosalina knew of Chris’ cruelty. Still she was prepared.

Sadly, little did she know that Chris was waiting for something along those lines?

“Then tell me, what do you have in mind?” [Chris]

Rosalina bit her lip, she realized that if she failed to convince Chris right now it was over.

“I will talk to him using a vision mirror to tell him of the current situation and tell him to return Mia.” [Rosalina]

Chris started to chuckle then it turned into a long hearty laugh.

“Are you a fool!?” [Chris]

Rosalina was taken aback as was everyone else.

“What?” [Rosalina]
“it seems since the beginning that you have been missing something. Earl Ginmer is planning something. Dadicus called Mia a “Catalyst”, but for what. He even risked to anger Burdock something that could destroy his standings in court and bring his army to his knees by refusing to trade with him. I believe he plans on something that would make him a danger to Invictus. So he will obviously decline to release Mia, for that reason in the end Invictus would end up fight him.” [Chris]
“That’s…” [Rosalina]

Rosalina had no idea what to do. If one does analyze the information, they have it makes sense. Not only from what Chris said but also rumors of dark things happening in Adamas were spreading like wildfire. If that were the case, she could request that a force was sent to Adamas to stop him.


(That wouldn’t work, to break through the cities defenses could take weeks. Maybe if General Lorn was called even for him to travel over 4000 miles with difficult terrain it would be impossible for him to make it in time. Even by dragon he couldn’t get there in time, damn I have no choice.) [Rosalina]

She looked up from her thoughts and glared at Chris, who was smirking at her.

(He knew this would be the conclusion and purely spun me around to get the best results. This fucking cunning bastard.) [Rosalina]

“Chris can you stop him in time?” [Rosalina]
“Of course, do you think I would have this confidence if I didn’t have the ability to do so?” [Chris]

(Yes!) [Everyone]

“Sigh, very well I leave his in your hands.” [Rosalina]
“Good then we will discuss the matters of compensation later.” [Chris]
“What, compensation for what!?” [Qin]

Qin had immediately stood up when Chris mention compensation.

“Well, there are a few reason. I am going to solve a potential threat to the kingdom, I will have to guard against the demons if they try to invade, the part about you guys taking responsibility for this incident, also-“ [Chris]
“Alright I get it, you will be compensated later!” [Qin]

Unable to bare Chris any longer Qin interrupted him with his agreement.

“Good to hear.” [Chris]

Chris gave a mischievous smile that actually fit his look surprisingly well. Qin almost walked over to a corner of the room to cry when he heard Chris’ casual reply.

“Now then, before I go…Darak I want to talk to you about something, come with me.” [Chris]

Darak flinched but quickly recovered then stood and followed Chris.

Darak now was afraid of Chris, he thought Chris was going to torture him before he left.


The 2 walked to Chris’ private quarters. Entering the room Chris motioned to a chair and Darak sat down with slight hesitation.

“now let me start with that I will no longer torture you or the rest of your group.” [Chris]

Darak made a stupid face while Chris continued.

“I have let go of my hatred that was directed towards all of you. Now I don’t ask us to be friends, but I want to see you become a real hero, as it would be beneficial to both of us.” [Chris]

Darak coming back to his sense glared at Chris with caution.

“How is it beneficial, I don’t care what happens to this world. What is the point of doing all that unnecessary stuff?” [Darak]

(This guy is seriously retarded!) [Chris]

Chris heaved a sigh then spoke in a friendly tone.

“It’s simple, one word, Rosalina.” [Chris]

Darak stiffened hearing the princess’ name and Chris now knew for sure that his idea would work.

“Do you think that a princess like her would love a man like you? She most likely sees you as the worst kind of scum, but it is never too late to change. If act like a real hero, her opinion of you will change, then you will have a chance. No, I believe with enough effort she will definitely be yours.” [Chris]

Darak had a stupid look on his face as he stared blankly. He was obviously daydreaming of his love and him being together.

Chris took this time to strike the final blow.

“So will you change for your love or stay the same and eventually be run out of Invictus or executed for your crimes, it's your choice?” [Chris]

Without hesitation, Darak chose to become a hero. He stood and stared at Chris for only a few seconds before taking a deep breath.

“I…I will become to gain the approval of Princess Rosalina and…” [Darak]

He paused for a moment, then continued with an even greater resolve and bowed deeply.

“I am sorry for everything in the past, I don’t ask for your forgiveness I merely want to say I’m sorry.” [Darak]

After he finished, Darak immediately left the room leaving Chris stunned.

After a moment he smiled.

“Well, he was easier to manipulate than expected.” [Chris]

Slowly standing up Chris waved his hand and two magic seals appear. From them Behemoth and Pazuzu appeared while Orthos had silently entered the room.

“It’s time for us to go.” [Chris]

With that they left.

If citizens at that time looked up, they would see a dragon-like creature flying overhead.

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