The Strongest Job... Gardener?



Chapter 46: Skill and Demonstrations


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“I guess I should first show you the skill pages before we start.” [Soul]

Overlord SystemRank 121
This skill increase mental capacity, analyzation skills, gives you a 3D map of the world around you, and allows you to focus on multiple thoughts at once.Passive
You are connected to the elements through them you feel the world

Fortress of BrambleRank 101
generates a protective fortress of poisonous bramble bushesCost: X Mana
the form of the fortress size and shape is determined by your will. The fortress also will regenerate over time and can be accelerated by supplying mana to it.

Overlord AuraRank 120
Anyone within your domain loses 15% of their statsPassive
this skill can be suppressed if the need arises. If you wish your aura can exclude certain individuals

Overlord’s Domain of AuthorityRank 119
any plant in 3000 meters of you is under your complete controlPassive
The plants under your control can be manipulated to grow faster and more resilient allowing them to take more damage.

PromotionRank 110
this skill allows you to upgrade and alter your minions or create new ones.Cost: X mana
the cost to alter a minion can be decreased by using Seed Point, which the minions obtain through combat or in the case of noncombative minions they will receive points over time naturally. Creating a new minion has a base cost of 2000000 mana

Minion FusionRank 100
This skill allows you to fuse minions of the same type together to increase their stats and effectiveness of their skills.Cost: 5000 mana
The minions that are created by using this skill cannot be classified as a new type so when they either die or are dismissed, they will not be saved.

Wave of PoisonRank 105
you release a mass of poisonous mist that can be controlled100 MP per second
Poison types: Paralyzation, Decay, Hallucination, Pain, Berserk

Toxic BlastRank 97
fires a ball of toxic acid that will explode when target is hit covering a 5 meters area in acidCosts 1000 MP
The ball of Toxins can be remotely detonated at any time.

Wisps of the Deep WoodsRank 102
generates up to 1000 fireballs that will light anyone who touches them ablazeCost: 4000 Mana
once a target is set the wisps will follow until they hit their target or something that blocks their path

Blooming Lotus BombRank 109
creates a lotus that will detonate when an enemy is with 2 feet of it causing an explosion with a blast radius of 3 feetCost: 3000
the lotus bomb’s movements are full controllable and can be set to explode only on command

Razor Petal ShieldRank 121
a spherical shield is created by tens of thousands of extremely sharp flower petalsCost: 100 Mana per second
each petal is as sharp as any sword while they can’t be used to attack a melee fighter will have to be more cautious. The petals will group together in accordance with the strength of the attack they are blocking.

Overlord’s Aura ArmorRank 118
you are enveloped in a defensive aura armor that doubles your defensive statCost: 30000 Mana to activate
Your armor is capable of changing shape according to your will

Enchantment: Life EaterRank 106
Casts an enchantment on target weapon(s) that will leech HP and MP when it injures an enemy for 15 minutesCost: 2000 Mana
You can only enchant 10 targets with this enchantment at a time

Enchantment: Savage EdgeRank 106
Casts an enchantment on target weapon(s) that boosts its cutting ability for 15 minutesCost: 2000 Mana
You can only enchant 10 targets with this enchantment at a time

Enchantment: Touch of DeathRank 106
Casts an enchantment on target weapon(s) a coating of extremely deadly poison for 15 minutesCost: 2000 Mana
You can only enchant 10 targets with this enchantment at a time

Mark of PowerRank 102
Applies a magic seal that will increase the target’s Strength by 50% for 10 minutesCost: 1500 Mana
You can only apply 10 people with this seal at a time

Mark of SwiftnessRank 102
Applies a magic seal that will increase the target’s Agility by 50% for 10 minutesCost: 1500 Mana
You can only apply 10 people with this seal at a time

Mark of StoneRank 102
Applies a magic seal that will increase the target’s Defense by 50% for 10 minutesCost: 1500 Mana
You can only apply 10 people with this seal at a time

Five Elements Refined BodyRank 5
All stats are increased by 50%Passive
this skill inactive while the Five Elemental Core is not complete

ShapeshiftRank 89
Allows you to change your appearance at willCost: X Mana
the mana used for each transformation is determined by size shape and complexity

Pressure of the ForestRank 112
On activation you release a pressuring aura that will slowly erode target enemy’s mind causing them to lose their ability to make judgment in battle as well as reduce their concentrationCost: 150 Mana per 3 seconds
The effects of this skill can be reversed by the user

Tree WalkRank 114
this skill allows you to use trees as a gate and path to move around your domainCost: 7500 Mana
to use this skill you must be in contact with a tree before using this skill

Endless VitalityRank MAX
This skill drains your mana to regenerate your bodyCost: X Mana
the effectiveness and speed of this skill allows you to regenerate from anything with the exception that of your body being 100% destroyed

Overlord’s DecreeRank 113
Within your domain other living things cannot disobey your commandsCost: Passive
This skill only works on beings that are weaker than you

Wrath of NatureRank 104
Nature becomes a refined weapon and shieldCost: 3000 Mana per second
any type of attack done through Overlord’s Domain of Authority is quadrupled in strength and agility, as well as defensive capabilities when defending against attacks

“Alright we don’t have much more time so are there any questions?” [Soul]
“Hmm, yeah clothes” [Body]
“What?” [Soul]

Body pointed at Soul’s naked body when he responded with a confused answer.

“I think this form of ours should have some clothes I mean you don’t have a dick. I think it would be kind of weird for both us and the girls when we want to have sex and suddenly a dick grows from out of nowhere. Also, I think our appearance should be more human like since it would cause fewer misunderstandings.” [Body]

Soul looked down and frowned.

“Yeah I see your point, so what do you have in mind?” [Soul]
“Just hear me out.” [Body]

Body explain what he thought they should look like and Soul nodded with a smile of excitement that grow as Body gave more details.

“Alright let’s try it!” [Soul]

As he gave an enthusiastic shout clothes started to appear. The base of the body was human, his skin was still pale but had more color than before. His body though muscular was thin with no excess body fat to be seen. His hands and feet had short black claws that looked like they could tear flesh with ease. His face had returned to its original human appearance though his ears were pointed they weren’t long like an elf’s. Long bright red hair draped over his lower back and chest giving him a savage at the same time noble look. A set black eyes with light green pupils looked more beast-like than human.

Once his body had finished forming a tattered black cloak surround his body covering nearly everything only allowing his pale hands and feet to show. A hood covered most of his face reveal only his mouth down, though if he looked at someone they could still see two green beast like eyes that glowed under his hood. From under the hood, red hair flowed out retaining its wild appearance. Above his head remained the floating crown of twisted crystal branches, except now at various spots the color of the crown changed from green to blue then red followed by red and ended with purple before merging with green.

Right now Soul gave off a feeling of mystery and immense power, a being that should not be angered.

“So how does it look?” [Soul]
“Good, before you looked like a last BOSS, but now you look like the ultra-hard hidden BOSS that even strong than the last BOSS even after doing to new game +” [Body]
(A’s note - I think most gamers will understand what I mean here.)

They gave each other a high five, if anyone saw this, they would only sigh and shake their head at the level of nerdiness they had just performed.

"So is there anything else?” [Soul]

Body thought for a moment before speaking.

“I would like to see you demonstrate [Wave of Poison] , [Toxic Blast] , [Wisps of thee Deep Woods] , [Blooming Lotus Bomb] , and [Razor Petal Shield] .
“Sure” [Soul]

Suddenly a group of 10 fire trolls appeared a few meters away, at the same time flower petals of different colors, shapes, and sizes gently fluttered around him.

“I guess I’ll start with the petal shield.” [Soul]

On cue, the trolls charged forward while flames wrapped around their bodies’ attempting to kill Soul. Sadly, when they were 7 feet away from him the slowly drifting petals began to spin around Soul forming a moving dome. The trolls that swung their clubs grunted in shock, their clubs looked to have been grinded away by a sander. Chuckling Soul took a few steps towards the trolls and the dome matched his pace. Body didn’t even flinch as he saw the troll look as if they were being press against a meat grinder sending bits of blood and gore everywhere. When it was over only a ring of blood, that wrapped around the raging barrier of petals. The petals slowed and returned to the drifting movements.

“Hmm, a defensive meat grinder that cool.” [Body]
“Hahaha, yeah I think it’s a fun skill!” [Soul]
“Looks like it.” [Body]

Body was thinking of ways to make use of the skill other than defense when Soul continued. In his hand, a ball of green liquid formed starting at the size of a marble then quickly expanding to the size of a fist. The liquid looked to have countless currents that all surged violently but never broke its spherical shape.

Suddenly 20 goblins appeared out of thin air and charged Soul shouting wildly and swing their sticks around.

As the goblins approached, Chris hurled the orb at the group of little creatures. It hit one of the leading goblins dead center in the face, it screamed as the ball exploded melting its body. The others shrieked as the acid that was thrown by the explosion covered them, melting limbs and creating holes. Soul threw another [Toxic Blast] to silence the goblins’ cry since they annoyed him.

“That was pretty brutal, now I’m excited to see what’s next.” [Body]
“I guess I’ll show you [Wave of Poison] next.” [Soul]

With a wave of his hand, 3 groups of goblins came into existence. In the next moment a ring of thin dark green mist that immediately surged towards the middle group of goblins.

“Now watch his.” [Soul]

Soul raised both his hands and as if he was directing something his spread outwards. With Soul’s commanding motion, the stream of green mist split going left and right to envelop the two other teams of goblins. Shouts of pain and horror echoed as the goblins began to decay at a rapid pace. The mist, however, didn’t stop and with Soul bring his hands together the mist pincer attack the last group making their screams of pain add to the others.

“Ooooo, that was awesome.” [Body]
“Yeah, but the last of the five are my favorite.” [Soul]

Yet another 10 goblins appeared and instantly they were surround by countless fist-sized black lotuses that had yet to bloom.

“Now for some fun.” [Soul]

The goblins started to try and make their way through the minefield. A few were doing pretty good, one of them had almost made it out. Just when the goblin that was closest to the edge of the field of death was only a few steps away from getting out of the field his face showed a hopeful grin.

“That one is getting cocky.” [Soul]
“Looks like he’s going to make it out.” [Body]
“Hmm, I wonder.” [Soul]

The goblin was only a step from leaving the death zone, tears of joy streamed down his face. As he took the last step one of the black lotuses moved to where his foot was about to land and his face paled, the flame of hope in his eyes vanished. He could redirect his foot and stepped on it, in response the lotus quickly changed from black to a bright red and exploded. The explosion caused a change reaction that killed most of the poor little green monsters.

“Alright, now it’s time for the best that was saved for last!” [Soul]

Completely ignoring the soft moans of the surviving goblins, suddenly close to fifty goblins suddenly stood in the grass. Soul raised his right hand and one hundred little bluish-white flames flare into existence and the goblins turn their attention to Soul.

“Run, I’ll give you a minute head start.” [Soul]

Immediately the goblins knew Soul was serious and franticly scattered trying to escape into the forest. No even five seconds later the little flames sped off to chase the fleeing goblins.

“Hey, I thought you said you would give them a minute.” [Body]
“Yeah, I lied.” [Soul]
“Ok, just checking I thought I might have heard you wrong.” [Body]

The two continued to chat in nonchalant tones while from the forest blue lights, occasional flared up of a moment followed by a pitiful cry. After around five minutes, it was silent.

“So you want to know anything else?” [Soul]
“Nah, I’m good.” [Body]

If anyone saw how the two were talking so casually after slaughtering countless defenseless goblins, they would dub them as psychopaths, not like they would be far off anyway.  Even if they weren’t real, the sounds and deaths seemed all too real, for someone to remain unfazed something was wrong with their noodle.
“Alright, now I need to introduce the 3 lords under our command.” [Soul]
“3 Lords? Jeez, we do sound like some sort of BOSS character.” [Body]
“I know right!” [Soul]

Both started to laugh as they thought of the countless RPGs, manga, light novels, and anime that had BOSSes characters that they thought were so cool. To get them back Soul coughed and when Body was paying attention continued.

“Alright now first I’ll show you the skill window.” [Soul]

Summon LordRank 3
This skill opens a gate allowing the soul of your Lord to enter this world and take a physical formCost: 500000 Mana
Current Lords under your command: Behemoth, Pazuzu, Orthos

“Alright, so I have to explain a few things about this skill. The way I obtained the first two was because they had no physical form at the time they found me sealed in the Land of Souls where the [Five Elemental Core] had placed me to heal. I made contracts of loyalty with the two of them so they won’t betray you though I doubt they would even without the contracts. Orthos was a little different because he is a weapon that houses a soul he can’t be summoned as a Lord without his weapon form being destroyed so his soul can be released. Sadly this way we will lose him as a weapon, but as we are now Orthos, who is a close ranged weapon is useless to us.” [Soul]

Body raised a hand so Soul would tell him speak.

“Ok so two questions, first how did you get those guys to make contracts with you? Second, am I able to make more contracts or because I’m not in the Land of Souls I can’t?” [Body]
“The answer to the first question you can just as those guys yourself. As for the second there are many being in this world like them so you can make them your lords if they willingly accept the contract. Just to let you now I have discovered that in this world there are being stronger than SSS ranks our three lords are such beings. Unfortunately, because our own strength is lacking I would say that when they are summoned they would only have the power of an SS rank of the middle realm like us.” [Soul]

Body’s jaw hung open, three SS ranks at his disposal would make him nearly as strong as the three major powers. While body thought of the possibilities three magic formations appeared on the ground in front of the two.

From the left a gargantuan figure slowly rose. The man looked to be 9 feet tall, his skin was a dark brown. His yellow beast like eyes held a violent light and one could feel his overflowing blood lust. His face couldn’t be call good looking, but ugly would be an overstatement. His ears were pointed and a mane of dark gray hair wildly flowed to his lower back. Scars covered his body proclaiming that he was a veteran of the battle. His body looked to be molded from stone, not one ounce of fat could be found on his body. While his muscle couldn’t be called exaggerated, they were quite intimidating.

On the right a mysterious cloaked being emerged. While Body could tell, it was a woman from her slender figure. Under her cloak, Body could see a set of purple armor that had an unusual white colored pattern carved into it that resembled clouds and wind. The hood of the cloak hid the woman’s face and her armor didn’t reveal either, but Body did see that her feet were bird like with massive talons that looked like they could rend flesh and armor with ease.

The center seal larger than the other two. From this one two men rose looking like mirror images of the other. Short neatly combed black hair that cover one of their eyes, the left’s covered the right and the right the opposite. Both wore extravagant suits and white gloves, along with their handsome young faces they gave the feel of refined nobility. Even though they had a small frame with little to no muscle Body instantly knew that these two were a level above the other two. A pressure that made him feel somewhat uneasy came from them, something that the other two didn’t possess. While the large man and the cloaked women were obviously powerful, Body knew that they were a level lower in power than the two noble like men.

Though the two men appearance were symmetrical, they held a few differences. The left man had a wide smile and his eyes seemed to be more playful. The right man was the opposite having a stern face and held himself in a more rigid manner. Just from something like that Body could tell their personalities were completely different.

While thinking about this, the four knelt on one knee and bowed their heads.

“We greet our master!” [Lords]

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