The Strongest Job... Gardener?



Chapter 45: Minions, Minions, and More Minions


“Ostan seems to be about half way done.” [Soul]

Soul looked up at the sky as if he expected to see a progress bar.

“So what’s going to happen are you taking over or am I?” [Body]

Soul shook his head.

“We will merge, you will gain my power and I will gain a physical body.” [Soul]

With that Soul raised his hand, a window popped up.

Generate Plant MinionRank 21

Creates a plant minion anywhere as long as caster can see target location

Minion List
MinionMana Cost

Body’s eyes bulged in surprise at the long list of minions.

“Hahaha, don’t worry I plan to explain all the new skills you will be getting. Actually I could just transfer the knowledge I have but that seems boring to me.” [Soul]

Soul snapped his fingers and a Colossal’s head burst out of the ground.

“Not much has changed on these guys all I did was make their armor stronger and add a burst fire skill that can be fired in rapid succession compared to its one-shot cannon skill.” [Soul]

Body looked over the minion and nodded, it did seem to have changed much other than it now looked more bulky.

“Next” [Soul]

With a wave of his hand, dozens of small flies appeared and started to buzz around. The flies were about the size of a pinky nail and moved extremely fast. Something Body noticed is that the flies had odd mouths that looked similar to drills.

“These guys are an evolved form of the Swarm minion you have. The Burrower is some that could be best described as sinister, these little suckers while latch themselves onto a target and burrow into them. From there they can do one of three things. The first is entering the skull and take control of an enemies mind by either releasing a special poison or eating the brain and taking its place. I decide on two options because in case we need the target to still have free will the burrower can simply stop producing the poison and they would return to normal. The second method is that the burrows will reproduce inside a living host by eating its organs, I designed this mostly for torture since it does instantly kill them. The last option is that the burrower is capable of turning the host into a walking bomb, so if one takes control of the brain the other can make the corpse a bomb creating the perfect suicide bomber.” [Soul]

Body looked at the little fly that had landed on his hand and smile in a way that could scare even the most battle-hardened men. Chris had already thought of a few ways to make us of the little flies.

“Okay, now for the Bulwark .” [Soul]

Before Body, a creature very similar to the Guardian minion grew from the ground. The difference between the Guardian minion and this one was that the one in front of Chris was a dark gold color and the minion didn’t have a spear unlike the Guardian minion . Also, embed in its chest and shoulders were large diamond shaped crystals that seemed to be pulsing like hearts.

“So this guy I stripped him of any offensive abilities and remade him to be a near perfect shield. I kept the skills of the Guardian as they didn’t need change but what I did add was a regenerative skill call [Shield’s Endless Willpower] . Also, I add those crystals that absorb mana from the surrounding area as to increase the durability of both its shield and its body.” [Soul]

Soul was about to continue when Body stopped him with a question.

“You keep saying that you added or changed something about the minions. Does that mean you have a skill that does that?” [Body]
“Yes, [Promotion] does two things, it allows me to alter my minions to an extent with the experience they receive in battle. Also, I can create a completely new minion if I want, the draw back though is that creating a minion from scratch uses up a lot of mana since they have no experience to spend.” [Soul]

Body nodded showing he was satisfied with Soul’s answer.

“Alright next is the Ravager .” [Chris]

Suddenly a mass of roots erupted out of the ground and wove together to form a cat-like shape. The cat was half meter tall and from head to tail was one meter long. Its eyes were two purple flames that gave it a ghostly appearance, its claws which were 3 inches long also were made of the same purple fire.

“The Ravager is my answer to fast-paced battles they focus on swift and precise attacks. As you can guess they are an alteration of the Striker , I felt that something like that was too large so shrinking it down allowed me with more room to increase its skills. As such it now has five skills; [Stealth] , [Death Stare] , [Haunted Flame Burst] , [Ghost Fire Claws] , [Ghost Fire Flicker] . Obviously [Stealth’s] effect is self-explanatory, now [Death Stare] is an intimidation skill that will stop the moments of an enemy of equal or lesser power for 2 seconds. If the opponent is stronger than the Ravager , then it will only be slowed for 1 second. [Haunting Flame Burst] is a charge skill that coats the Ravager in the purple flames from its eyes and claws and launches forwards dealing damage to anyone in its path. I find this skill useful for narrow flat battlefield or because it boosts their speed covering a short distance quickly. [Ghost Fire Claws] is the Ravagers beard and butter, it increases the minions attack power as well as applies a curse that slows an enemy when injured by the attack. Lastly [Ghost Fire Flicker] , this skill allows the Ravager to move at a speed that is close to teleportation which will aid in escape and closing the distances between it and an opponent.” [Soul]

Soul noticed a puzzled look on Body’s face and paused, Body then took the opportunity to ask his question.

“If we have something that powerful then what is the point of other combat-type minions?” [Body]
“No, it’s not that strong though it has speed its actually attack power is every low and it also has low HP making it more suitable to hit and run tactics than direct combat.” [Soul]

Body took in the information and signaled for Soul to continue with a thumbs up.

Siege is the next minion on the list.” [Soul]
“…” [Body]
“What?” [Soul]

Body stared blankly at the creature in front of him. The monster had three thick long legs that were made of countless intertwining roots. The three legs connected to a wooden sphere, in several spots all over the minion’s body holes, bore into the center, but one could not see into the depths as it grow to dark inside the holes. The monster had to be five meters tall and took up and area of at least eight meters in radius. The holes were one meter wide and from some at the top a cracking sound came with 5 worms with teeth filled gaping mouths

“That thing looks weird.” [Body]
“Wwweeellll eeeeexxxxxccccuuuusssseeee me, I didn’t know I had to be making a work of fucking art.” [Soul]
“You're excused…I guess.” [Body]

Body sighed as he spoke and a vein appeared on Soul’s white forehead.

“…I'm going to hurt you.” [Soul]

Body trembled and remained quiet which told Soul that he could continue speaking.

“The Siege minion is best for just what it sounds like sieging an enemy fortress. It has a total of ten heads that are protected by its hard carapace and because to the holes covering its body the minion can attack from numerous angles. Now, I remade its skills to better suit its role, it has three forms of attack. A long range bombardment skill that fires a ball of fire that when hits its target will explode. This skill is call [Burning Blast Shot] . I also added a close range skill called [Blaze Stream] , when using the skill the heads will breath fire making it quite simple to deal with foot soldiers that try to kill it. The last skill is [Rolling War Machine] it…actually it would be easier to show you.” [Soul]

Suddenly the three legs supporting the minion retracted into its body. As soon as the massive ball of wood touched the ground it started to roll forward, after only a few meters its speed picked up to the point where it had to be doing 30mph. Its speed increased by the second it rampaged through the forest, the tree gave no resistance as the ball of destruction made a path. By the time it had returned to its original position, countless trees were toppled and turned into toothpicks. Body guess that while it raged the minion had reached close to 80mph, even a steel gate would have trouble resisting continuous strike from multiple Siege minions.

Body turning from his thoughts found that a little green orb was in Soul’s hand. The little thing was smaller than Soul’s hand maybe only five centimeters in diameter. It looked like a ball leafs that were tightly wrapped around each other, suddenly the little ball shook and the leaves unraveled to form six wings. After the leaves had completely unwrapped, Chris now was looking at an eye with six wings that came together and extended for a stock that grew from the top of the eye. The wings or what Chris realized were similar to blades of a helicopter spun and the eye lifted off Soul’s hand.

“This is an Archiver which I created from the Seeker . This little guy has many more applications than the Seeker , it can still track things and act as a communication device. But that wasn’t enough so I started to mess around with it and ended up giving it several new skills. Pulling the idea from the sight and vision stone, I gave it a skill that let it either record or live feed to another which will project an image. It can also cloak itself making it even easier to spy on others, I also gave it a skill that will let it share information with others should we allow it. Now then, the next one is the Ambush which I created from the Leecher .” [Soul]

Soul and Body stood there for a moment before Body turned to look at his other self.

“Nothing happened.” [Body]
“Oh, really?” [Soul]

With a smile, he again raised a hand this time a worg appeared three meters away. Body realized that the worg in front of them looked just like the worg pack leader he had defeated before.

“How did you do that?” [Body]
“Well, this is our mind so it should be easy to recreate an opponent we defeated.” [Soul]

Body didn’t know the specifics, he assumed that Soul was correct since he had just done.

Body then watched as the worg walked away from them and after a few steps the ground opened up reveal a mouth fill with razor sharp teeth. The mouth opened up only a foot away from the worg and from it a long tongue like vine stretched out wrapping around the worg and dragging it back into the mouth. From when the mouth opened to when it closed only two seconds had passed.

“Hmm, so that is way its call ambush.” [Body]
“Yes, it will ensnare and devour its prey in seconds. Once the prey is inside its body it will be either slowly digested will being pumped full of paralyzing poison or can be instantly absorbed and be converted to HP and MP. If the prey is converted you will receive HP and MP equivalent to the prey’s life force.” [Soul]

Without wasting time Soul created the next minion. The easiest way to describe it would be a white tree ent that had a tree growing from its back. The ent was eleven feet tall rather thin and had a long beard made of white moss. The tree on it's back looked like a cherry in bloom after only a few seconds cherry petal swirled around the tree humanoid.

“This is the minion I created from scratch, the Sacred minion. This guy is basically a healer from an RPG, he can heal wounds remove curses and purify areas. Just remember that the Sacred minion has no defensive capabilities so it’s best to have him guarded. Now he has three healing skills, one curse removal skill, and a purification skill. His skill [Sacred Petals] can heal anyone within 20 meters that are dubbed allies. The longer-ranged version of this is [Sacred Winds] which effects a range of 100 meters. The last one is a passive skill called [Sacred Land] any ally that is standing up to 10 meters away from the ent will have a massive bonus regen effect.” [Soul]

Soul briefly paused to see if Body had any questions, but Body shook his head giving the green light to continue.

With Body’s signal Soul smiled with excitement as he waved his hand.

“Now for my favorite minion and another one I created from scratch the Wyvern !” [Soul]

Before the two a massive creature form. Two powerful hind legs supported its body along with a pair of wings that had two large claws just like bat wings. Its head had two sets of golden eyes that held an intimating light that flickered inside. Its head was arrow shaped and had two short branches that looked like horns coming from the back of its head curving up slightly then leveling back out. It had a long thick tail that ended with a flail like bulge that was covered in large thorns that could easily rend armor and flesh. Its body was covered in hard segments of bark that resembled scales and the webbing of its wings were made countless leaves that stuck together to from semi transparent sheets. The beast stood at 3 meters while hunch over to stand on both its legs and wings, while its body had to be 12 meters long from head to tail.

“This is…amazing!” [Body]
“Haha yes, this is my masterpiece. The Wyvern is something too terrifying and even though the mana cost is insane, it’s well worth it. The Wyvern has a total of seven skills; [Fire Cannon], [Gale Shield], [Stone Scales], [Thundering Charge], [Instant Regrowth], [Forest Connection], and [Final Spark]. [Fire Cannon] is a necessary skill of something that looks like this to have. It fires an eight feet wide ball of fire that after reaching its target explodes. [Gale Shield] creates a spherical wall of wind to protect the Wyvern along with anyone riding it from harm. [Stone Scales] increases the Wyvern’s defensive stat by 80% by making the bark that acts as scales as hard as stone. [Thundering Charge] clads the Wyvern in lightning increasing both its attack damage and movement speed. [Instant Regrowth] is a regen skill that instantly regenerates his wounds, pretty self-explanatory. One of its most useful skills is [Forest Connection] allowing it to act as a connection point for our skill [Tree Walk] which I will explain later, all you need to know is that it is a useful skill. Ok the last skill, [Final Spark] activates when the Wyvern is killed cause an explosion that covers around 150 meters so if you do allow it to activate make sure you are not near the blast zone.” [Soul]

Body stood wide-eyed as Soul took a breath.

“the only drew back is that because of how much mental stress a Wyvern puts on our mind the safe limit is three any more than that would make us unable to command any other minions.” [Soul]

Body stood still blankly staring off into space while he took all the information in.

“That’s it?’’ [Body]
“Yep, why did you expect more? It’s not easy making minions from scratch and coming up with ideas for them is even harder!” [Soul]
“Oh no sorry, I just didn’t know if you were done.” [Body]

Body scratched his head as he agonized, but Soul waved his hand.

“Don’t worry about it, now lets move on to all your other skills.” [Soul]

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