Ok, I guess there has been a few confusing things since I don't think I explain things in great detail so I will try and clear things up.

1. the different space isn't like VR at all it is a place separated from the MC reality. Death can happen but as said in an earlier ch Burdock modified the dimension box so that the person is forcefully ejected it before the person dies. As seen when Chris defeated Aldear he was still hurt and was lying on the ground. That means that it only prevents death it does not restore someone to before entering.

2. I think how the core was stolen was very reasonable. Chris was restrained and couldn't move as well as his mana sealed meaning that he couldn't use his skills. I mean what do you expect him to do he might me strong but he's no god. Also, this chapter will explain a little more on the situation.

3. I don't know why everyone expects the MC to know every little detail in the world I mean if he knew everything and how to deal with it would any of you actually read this. If there is no challenge what's the point, I think that kind of story is beyond boring. besides do you really want an FF were nothing goes wrong for the MC and its just him beating the shit out of everyone effortlessly that would make this crap. While I do like my character to be strong i got bored of "oh a new enemy" and then a few ch later "hahaha, you actually thought I would lose" and the enemy is toast.

4. the core...well just read this ch it might satisfy you

5. for those who continue to read this I promise you won't be disappointed with what's coming in the future for this arc

6. I write for my entertainment, not for yours that's just a bonus :)

Everyone stared at Ostan, he smiled meekly. Claira was the first to speak her tone was calm, but one could tell she was holding back her worries.

“Only 20%? What happens if your fail.” [Claira]
“Both me and Chris will die.” [Ostan]

Again the room was silent.

“Ostan, if you succeed will I have enough power to kill Dadicus?” [Chris]
“That I don’t know, how strong do you think he is?” [Ostan]

Chris thought for a moment before answering in a nonchalant tone.

“Most likely an SS rank of the middle realm.” [Chris]

Everyone’s mouths dropped to the floor.

“Chris if he is that strong how did you let your guard down and let him restrain you so quickly even versus Aldear you never let him get the better of you truly.” [Clows]

Chris sighed as he thought of the right way to explain, he decided to put it bluntly.

“Dadicus is a strange one, his skills seem to involve magic items. Though I know he was strong, it seemed that he had an item that concealed his real strength at the same time the chains he used were odd. I didn’t have time to avoid them, no it was more like I couldn’t the moment they appear I was frozen in place.” [Chris]

Clows nodded in agreement.

“As I thought, his job is most likely an item master type. They are capable of taking even the most common magic items and enhancing them to become terrifyingly strong. Item master type jobs are rare and highly respected and feared since even though they are not meant for combat if they enhance certain items they can become as strong as any combat oriented job. But what makes them truly difficult is that high-level item masters can create their own magic items that usually have more dangerous effects than anything they enhance.” [Clows]
“You seem to know a lot about item masters.” [Sara]

Clows puffed out his chest with an arrogant grin.

“My father does business with a few of them and out of curiosity I studied the class. Before I knew it, I had become fascinated and learned everything I could about them. I must say, though, judging by Dadicus’ arsenal of items he has at least a few self-created one which will make thing more difficult. To be honest I’m not surprised Chris was restrained so easily, especially against someone with such a high rank.” [Clows]

Chris understood completely, Dadicus was someone that had several items that would make thing troublesome in a fight.

But at the moment Chris didn’t care.

“Back to the main topic Ostan lets start already.” [Chris]
“Absolutely not.” [Helina]

She walked up to him and looked into his eyes, he could see her anger and looking deep her fears of him dying. Claira also was glaring at him for sounding so reckless, Sara, however, was calm and she her eyes was fixed on Ostan.

“Is there any way to increase the rate of success even by a small amount?” [Sara]

Ostan began to think while scratching his head. After a minute, he looked to think of something, but hesitated. Helina was the first to speak out of being impatient.

“Is there a way or not!?” [Helina]

Ostan glanced over at Chris, who returned his gaze with a questioning look that held a bit of irritation.

“Well, there is a way but I doubt Chris will approve.” [Ostan]
“Ostan just say it.” [Chris]

Ostan took a deep breath then exhaled before continuing.

“If I had linkers to help me then it would make it easier, but if I fail then they will lose their lives as well.” [Ostan]
“haaaa, yeah your right I-“ [Chris]
“Let me help!” [Claira]
“Oi Claira what-“ [Chris]

Before Chris could shoot down Ostan’s idea Claira had already stood.

“And me as well.” [Sara]
“Obviously me as well!” [Helina]

When he tried to question Claria he was interrupted by both Sara and Helina causing him to become furious.

“No way in hell are-“ [Chris]
“If all three of us help how much with the chance rise?” [Sara]

Again Chris was interrupted veins had started to appear on his forehead.

“I’d say it would increase it to about 45%.” [Ostan]
“Alright, it’s better than nothing.” [Helina]

Helina shrugged and sounded as if she had haggled for a cut of meat down only a couple dollars at a butcher shop.

“Alright let’s do this!” [Claira]

With Claira’s enthusiastic cheer Chris finally exploded.

“Enough, there is no way I’m going to let you three take the risk.” [Chris]

As he finished speaking the girls fixed him with terrifying stares.

“What the hell is with that do you think we will just sit back!?” [Helina]
“If we join in, then the chances of success increase to 45% why wouldn’t you let us help!?” [Claira]
“Because it is dangerous there is a chance you could all die!” [Chris]
“So what if we don’t there is an even greater chance you could die. I don’t know other Claira and Helina, but if I just sat back and did nothing to help in this situation I could live with myself if you died.” [Sara]
“Yeah you always do your best to keep us out of danger, while I appreciated that we are not helpless.” [Claira]
“That’s right I tired of only letting you do the protecting and helping me, I feel I never help or support you at all.” [Helina]

The four continued to argue and the others in the room remained silent.

{Jeez, they finally say something.} [Ostan]
{Right, my sister isn’t the type to let someone else be her shield and it was obvious the sisters were getting fed up with it.} [Clows] (Note: {} = Whispering)

From Helina’s words Chris was stunned for a moment, he had no idea that they felt this way.

“That’s…” [Chris]

Claira saw the opportunity for a finishing blow, she walked up to Chris and grabbed his hand with both of her own.

“Chris, please understand, you go through danger for us and we do nothing for you. Let us help you, I for one sometimes feel like I am a burden to you.” [Claira]

Both Helina and Sara were behind Claira and they gave nods confirming that they felt the same way.

Chris stared at the three with complicated feeling running through his mind. Finally, he lowered his head and sighed, looking up at the three he smiled weakly.

“Fine, if that is how you feel it would be wrong to deny you three, but understand that I have never thought of any of you as burdens. You are more precious to me than my own life, I would do anything to keep you three safe.” [Chris]

The three women gave him warm smiles and hugged him. After separating the four left with Ostan to start the ritual.


Chris stood in a dense forest every direction trees kept you from seeing more than five meters in front of you. Anyone that tried to navigate his forest would instantly become lost. However Chris somehow understood where he was going.

He walked through the woods for around ten minutes until he found a large clearing with a massive tree in the middle. The clearing itself was close to forty meters in radius while the tree took up ¾ of the clearing. Chris gazed at the tree, he could even see the top since it broke through the clouds. The roots themselves had to be three meters thick and wove around each other creating gaps big enough for a full grown man to walk inside without having to bend over.

“That is the source of our power you know.” [???]

Chris quickly looked around and found a figure sit on one of the humongous roots of the tree. The creature looked to be 6’6 and had a humanoid body. Its skin was pure white, its head looked more reptilian, the creature had no eyes and its smile showed its countless razor sharp teeth. Above its head was a halo of woven branches that had thorns curved upwards giving it the appearance of a crown. The crown floated only a few centimeters above its head just enough to notice it wasn’t touching the creature head. It slow rotated and was covered in a faint transparent inky black aura. The creature had tribal looking vein like tattoos covering its body that pulsed with dark green light. Its body wasn’t bulky but Chris could tell even if he still had the [Five Elemental Core] he wouldn’t last even a second in a contest of physical strength with the creature. The long arm of the monster ended with large, slender hands that looked to be used more for meticulous work rather than fighting. The hands, however, had two inch long black nails that looked sharper than any sword. The finally piece that caught Chris’ eye was a whip-like tail that looked to be at least seven feet long and ended in a sharp point that Chris didn’t doubt could pierce even the thickest of armor. The tail swayed like it had a mind of its own and if Chris wasn’t careful would strike like a snake.

“So, by now I going to take a guess and say this is my mind or mental world and you are some demon that inhabits my body.” [Chris]

The monster started to laugh from Chris’ nonchalant tone. It's laugh could be mistaken as a human’s but only for a second, if you focus it defiantly sounded something inhuman.

“Well, I guess you got one right unless you consider yourself a demon!” [???]

Chris stiffened for a moment making the monster laugh even harder.

“I never thought I would get such a laugh out of looking at myself be stumped over something simple!” [???]

Chris finally realized what the monster meant and slapped his forehead for being so stupid.

“So you are me, but how is that possible?” [Chris]

The monster’s laughter died down and Chris could tell he felt amused.

“Well, I am you but a separate you. When we went through the process of becoming a different race with the power of the core our soul and heart were separated so that we could handle the stress of the immense strength of the core.” [???]
“I don’t understand, so you’re saying that you are something separate, another conscious?” [Chris]

The other Chris nodded and a smile that could be linked to satisfaction cover his face.

“Yes, I am our soul while you are our body or heart. When we were changing the amount of power was too great for us to handle so the core split us and sealed me away that is why your race has sealed next to it. From what I discovered was that the core separated us for more than just one reason. It not only increased my healing process but allow me to intake the cores power while you grew stronger.” [Soul]
“So you’re saying that some of the cores power is already merged with you?” [Body]

A fierce smile emerged onto the Soul version’s face.

“Yes, but the power I have obtained from the core is far greater than you had before it was stolen. As you got strong, the ratio of power we received was you getting 10% percent while I who could handle more gained 90%. Also you must have notice that our minions or any of our jobs skills were getting any stronger, well my guess was that the job Combat Gardener only grew on my side while you instead only received power from the core itself widening the gap between us even greater.” [Soul]

Body Chris was appalled, this means that this Chris was several times stronger than him.

“The best part was the core strength our job making it now more focused.” [Soul]
“Focus?” [Body]
“Yes, before we had both spell caster like skills like the minions and long ranged attacks as well as close ranged skills for warriors as well as Orthos was more of a close ranged weapon. I, however, am a pure caster type while I can’t say I’m weak in terms of close combat I won’t be attacking them physical. While it does have some draw backs, I can honestly say now that we have more of a focus the skill i have are better integrated with each other. While i can’t just use a skill to get out of every situation, it wasn’t always like that. Do you remember the troll, Barbos, Helina, or Gunther? Back then we didn’t rely on our skills but our ability to think and command turn situations where we should have had the disadvantage to our advantage. That is where you come short while I don’t have a vast array of skills I am still more adaptive than you.” [Soul]

Chris understood what this other Chris was saying, he did feel his skill were lacking something.

“So then are you able to show me these new skills?” [Body]
“ahahaha, I thought you would never ask!” [Soul]

With a wave of Soul’s hand, a status window popped up and Body broke into a cold sweat just looking at it.

Status Page
Name: Chris GelvonRace: Forest Overlord
Lv: 427EXP: 1993840284/2828810300
Age: 17Gender: Male
Job: Combat GardenerCombative Rank: SS (Middle Realm { 1st stage} )

Troll Killer, Variant Slayer, One Accepted by Nature, Monster of the Forest, Chosen of the Five Elemental Gods, Lady Killer, Unintentional Harem Maker, Tyrannical Forest Emperor, One Man Army, Poison Expert, Overlord of the Forest , One of a Kind, One Who Commands Nature, True King of the Trees, One Who Revels in Blood, Master of Legends

HP 93550 / 93550MP 20304500 / 20304500
Str: 24550Agi: 28620
Def: 19400Magic: 167350
Luck: 360Charm: 380

Generate Plant MinionRank: 21
Summon LordRank: 3
Emperor of the Green ArmyRank: 21
Extreme GrowthRank: Max
Battle StateRank: Max
AnalyzeRank: Max
Overlord SystemRank: 121
Fortress of BrambleRank: 101
Overlord’s AuraRank: 120
Overlord’s Domain of AuthorityRank: 119
PromotionRank: 110
Minion FusionRank: 100
Wave of PoisonRank: 105
Toxic BlastRank: 97
Wisps of the Deep WoodsRank: 102
Blooming Lotus BombRank: 109
Razor Petal ShieldRank: 109
Overlord’s Battle ArmorRank: 118
Enchantment: Life EaterRank: 106
Enchantment: Savage EdgeRank: 106
Enchantment: Touch of DeathRank: 106
Mark of PowerRank: 102
Mark of SwiftnessRank: 102
Mark of StoneRank: 102
Five Elements Refined BodyRank: 5
ShapeshiftRank: 89
Pressure of the ForestRank: 112
Tree WalkRank: 114
Endless VitalityRank: MAX
Overlord’s DecreeRank: 113
Wrath of NatureRank: 104

“Hahaha, pretty awesome right, with this we can take almost anything that stands in our way.” [Soul]

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